50 IS NOT OLD | WHEN YOU'RE 801 POUNDS AND 80,000 FEET TALL | FASHION OVER 40Two weeks from today is the 4th of July. How, did that happen? It seems like only yesterday I was talking about resolutions and grumbling about it being colder than I wanted. I always look forward to this time of the year though because I will be having houseguests. Well, not really guests since they are family, but my house will be full and running over. Emersyn celebrates her 5th birthday that week and my other grandchildren will make the trek to good old Virginia.50 IS NOT OLD | WHEN YOU'RE 801 POUNDS AND 80,000 FEET TALL | FASHION OVER 40 My granddaughter Matti has always loved coming to visit. When she was tiny she wrote a note about coming to see me. I still have this note and it is in my cabinet so I don’t misplace it. It said, “This summer I wont to go to the fergiy. I love fergiy bekoes I git to swim.” If you haven’t figured it out, fergiy is Virginia. Lol! Things like this are waaaay more special than and diamond necklace or the most expensive perfume in the world. My son was sharing over Father’s Day some of the things that the kids had written about him. I about spit out my coffee when I read the answers to the questions they asked his youngest son who is 5. According to Jett, his father weighs 801 pounds and is 80,000 feet tall. I guess he is bigger than life. Lol! And, he also thinks that his dad is 86 years old. Remind me not to ask him how old he thinks that I am. 😱50 IS NOT OLD | WHEN YOU'RE 801 POUNDS AND 80,000 FEET TALL | FASHION OVER 40I am in the 4th of July mode. I just keep finding myself wearing red, white, and blue. 🇺🇸 This dress is an extremely simple dress. This just goes to show you that you don’t have to have a lot of bells and whistles to have a great look but you do need to have a few. The only special or unique detail on this dress is the grommet and lace-up feature around the neckline. This is a hand-me-up dress since my younger sister gave it to me last year. She is more boobylicious than me and she didn’t think that it flattered her. I might not have helped the matter out since I told her that it made her look like she was wearing a tent. (No, I didn’t really say that, she said that) Since I wanted the dress, I didn’t see any reason to correct her. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | WHEN YOU'RE 801 POUNDS AND 80,000 FEET TALL | FASHION OVER 40Because I am feeling the “4th” I wanted to accessorize to make the outfit more festive. So, I added my latest Plunder addition. I stinkin love these earrings!!! These are called the One Nation earrings and they can be found under the Specials tab. These have navy fringe and are bound with the red and white accents. They have a 3.5 drop and are a real statement. There are several other pieces under the specials tab so make sure you check out all of the other items. Then I added three bling bracelets, the Candy, the Opal, and the Sequoia. Accessories make the difference in an outfit. The great thing about most accessories is that they are not horribly expensive so you can have different colors at your disposal. Someone described me as “showy” one day and I guess that my choice of accessories and my love of color is why they said that. It did not bother me that they said that, I would rather be showy as invisible. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | WHEN YOU'RE 801 POUNDS AND 80,000 FEET TALL | FASHION OVER 40This pair of espadrille wedge shoes were c/o Nina Shoes. They are a red bandana pattern and they are a pair that I find myself reaching for often. I love the pattern and they are really very comfortable. Unfortunately, these were last years shoe model and they are no longer on their website. I like a wedge shoe and for those who don’t wear heels very often, you will find them easier to wear than most other heels.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHEN YOU'RE 801 POUNDS AND 80,000 FEET TALL | FASHION OVER 40You know that I had to have a picture taken with our flag and this outfit. Lol! I was hoping that a small breeze would blow so that you could see it waving. Oh, well, at least you can see that I have lights that shine on it at nighttime. 50 IS NOT OLD | WHEN YOU'RE 801 POUNDS AND 80,000 FEET TALL | FASHION OVER 40Can you believe that I have been asked to participate in this 3 Leaders Business Opportunity? I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that this is an amazing opportunity. This business will continue to rise and the opportunity is truly unlimited. What I can’t say is whether YOU would be able to seize the opportunity and make it a reality. However, I can tell you that if you don’t give it a shot or even listen to what I am talking about then you will never know. Here is another thing that I can honestly tell you…..if you had told me that I was going to be selling skincare, then I would have declined the opportunity. I am so thankful that I was just so vain that I wanted to try the products and fell in love with them. Lol! Please join me on this call tomorrow night. I will put the information in the comments to be compliant.

I really appreciate all of the shares and the pins of my outfits that you have been doing. PLEASE continue to do that, you won’t believe the difference it has made in my number of visitors to my blog.

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  1. I think it’s great you get a hand-me-up now and then, I alway’s thought it would be fun to share clothes with a sister. No sister, just two brothers! Lol!
    I have a couple EASY pies for you over at the blog for your house guest to try. I just had family over this past weekend and they went crazy over the peanut butter and brownie pie!! (wink)!

  2. Tania Reply

    Please join me on the ZOOM call tonight!!!! ZOOM is a FREE app that you download on any device and then you can type in this number in the Meeting ID or the Join A Meeting slot. 575-241-0946.

    • Kim Caudill Reply

      Clothes are beautiful. I’m looking for some swimsuit and covers!

  3. Congratulations. What a great opportunity for you. Very well deserved. We are now in Spain having travelled through the UK into France and now enjoying 30 degrees heat of Spanish sunshine.

  4. Congratulations and well deserved. You have worked hard for this opportunity. We are at present now enjoying the sunshine in Spain having travelled through the UK and then through France.

  5. Charlcy Green Reply

    You are amazing and I’m proud to know you! Unfortunately I’m on vacation in TX. w my grandkids and have been w no cell service since last week. I’m sorry I will miss your pod call. But I love those 5 yr. old comments about your sons weight & height! Thank God he wasn’t describing me! Love those earrings and all the other fun tassel jewelry!

  6. Melesa Garrison Reply

    Congratulations and you look super cute as always! My 85 yr old mother still has a letter my daughter wrote when she was about 8 yrs old (now 34) She talked about her Nana’s house being the best quiets place to be and she loved “mud lake” where the ducks went. It was a pond next to their house and she did have some ducks. My mom has it framed on the wall and Audra reads it everytime she visits.

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