50 IS NOT OLD | ROMANTIC BOHEMIAN MAXI DRESS | FASHION OVER 40I am really loving my destination pictures. I may have to start a travel blog so that I can go and have my pictures made. It really brings some interest to the outfits. I love my front porch because it is easy but it is so much nicer to see the ocean and the sand than it is to see painted brick and dirty concrete. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | ROMANTIC BOHEMIAN MAXI DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Joe and I were trying to find a place to take my pictures and I wanted to have them made at the end of this boardwalk. The problem was that there was this young couple all huggy and kissy in the very spot that I want to go to. Joe suggested that we take pictures in this spot until they moved. That was a fantastic suggestion except that it didn’t work. We took pictures and even changed locations twice and they were STILL there. Awww, young love. I wanted to yell, “go get a room and move!!!”50 IS NOT OLD | ROMANTIC BOHEMIAN MAXI DRESS | FASHION OVER 40I know that you gurls are sitting there going, blah, blah, blah, just tell us about the dress already! Lol! Don’t you like this beautiful maxi dress,  (Plus/Peiite) I bought this a couple weeks ago at Cato Fashions and I could just see this on the beach with the wind blowing in my hair. The funny thing is that we didn’t have plans to go to the beach when I bought this dress.    50 IS NOT OLD | ROMANTIC BOHEMIAN MAXI DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Leave it to my husband to take a picture of me pulling down the lining of the dress. Lol! Do I look a little crazy in this photo? It is because my husband drives me CRAZY! Lol!!!!50 IS NOT OLD | ROMANTIC BOHEMIAN MAXI DRESS | FASHION OVER 40 The dress is multi-tiered with a crocheted bodice and a gauze dress. The dress is lined down to the bottom tier so you can see through the bottom half. This has a romantic/boho feel to the dress which I love. It is sleeveless and I know some of you aren’t comfortable wearing sleeveless. You would have to add a cardigan, a wrap, or even a collared shirt under it if that is the case.50 IS NOT OLD | ROMANTIC BOHEMIAN MAXI DRESS | FASHION OVER 40 I have soooo many people ask me about blogging and about Rodan +Fields. I try to help and explain both businesses in every way that I can to help people to get their own businesses up and running. The main ingredient in both businesses is “consistency.” No matter what or when you want to post you need to be dependable and consistent. One of the number one questions that I get is “I am not a blogger so how can I work the business of R+F?” I snicker just a little bit because 95%-99% are NOT bloggers. I am the one that has the harder time working the business, I don’t have anyone who is like me to help pave the way for me. The ones who are the 95%-99% have had thousands and thousands of other consultants who have already paved the way and can show you how to work this business. So, if you have been watching me and wondering that same question, don’t worry any longer. Email me and we will talk about the opportunity.

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    • Tania Reply

      I loved the dress and it looks like buying it will get you too go to the beach. 🏖

  1. Beautiful dress and fun photos!! Joe is a great photographer! How do you keep your hair so stylish on the beach??
    My parents had a place for about 10 years at Seawatch. We loved going there as a family… my boys have great memories of our vacations in MB!
    Enjoy your time!!! God bless!!

    • Tania Reply

      My hair is everywhere in these pictures. I had one where you could’ve ended see my face. 😂

  2. Love this dress Tania you look beautiful and very happy and relaxed beach living obviously suits you 🏖🍹🌞

  3. Judy Stallings Reply

    Love seeing the vaca pics but always look forward to seeing you by the cross on your front porch…love that you’re not ashamed of the cross. God bless! P.S. I look forward to reading your blog every morning with my first cup of coffee.

  4. Cute dress! Love the pics! Joe captured your Marilyn Monroe moment with the lining pic–great smile!!!!!

  5. I love that dress because I have been to Cato’s twice and stood there trying to decide if I should try it on because I love it; then I thought….I’m not heading to the beach OR vacation and I was afraid it would be way too cold at a wedding reception as they keep those places so cold and really couldn’t see me wearing it to church so I didn’t try it on so that I wouldn’t want to buy it if it did fit…LOL This was the perfect place for it and looks so nice on you.

  6. Janet Batchelor Reply

    This dress is darling!! Loving the ocean views and yes, we girls do love Joe (because he loves you so well) and he is doing a great job as your photographer!!

  7. You look great in the dress and that scenery!! The beach is my happy place!

  8. Very pretty pictures of you. Especially the close up. I think Joe should be your full-time photographer. Lol! Dress is perfect for beach or anywhere you want to be cool in the summer. I love maxi’s for that reason.

  9. Jayne Finkbohner Reply

    Absolutely love the dress! Great multi event dress!! Perfect for many settings and looks great on you!

  10. Love, love, love the slightly leaned in picture of you on the pier. You look so summery and relaxed! That dress is the epitome of casual classy for the season. <3

  11. Love this dress Tania you look beautiful in it and obviously beach life suits you you are looking happy and relaxed 😎🏖🍹🌞

  12. Annette Brockman Reply

    Beautiful! Love the whole look. What jewelry are you wearing in this one?

  13. Great dress! I really like the “sand” color and the gauze like fabric. So pretty for a beach vacation. I’m headed to the Pacific Northwest coast in July and can’t wait to shoot photos there, too. I think your pics are great…right where you took them! But how funny about the smooching couple!! 😉

  14. Ramona Puckett Reply

    Love the dress and the scenery! The beach anywhere is my happy place!

  15. Charlcy Green Reply

    Isn’t that what we love about them too? They have a crazy side and don’t care about decorum. Taking that pic just proves he still thinks you’re sexy and thats awesome! Cute dress too!

  16. Love the dress! Thanks to you Tania, I went to Cato here in town and got some cute items. You are a great model for their things! Great backdrop and Joe did a great job photographing.

  17. Hey just wanted to tell I am really upset with you. lol I went to our local Cato yesterday with the intention of only looking for the dress. Not only did I get the dress but several other things too. My pocket book is much lighter because of you. Haha. I can’t wait to wear the dress it is not only adorable, it is cool & comfortable. Love it. I told the cashier at the store what happened, she just laughed.

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