50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU NEED A BLACK DRESS | FASHION OVER 40What is the one thing that we all have in our closets, or at least we SHOULD have? That would be a black dress! I think that I am becoming known for being colorful and I will admit that description fits me. My sister, however, is just the opposite. She is a gray, white, navy, and black girl with a huge emphasis on black. I used to tell her that she was adopted when she was young and now I have the proof. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU NEED A BLACK DRESS | FASHION OVER 40 Just because you are wearing black doesn’t mean you have to look depressing. Adding a pop of color takes the outfit from drab to fab quickly and easily. This swing dress is one from Old Navy and as you see, it can look dressy but it is also casual if worn by itself and with a pair of sandals or flats.50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU NEED A BLACK DRESS | FASHION OVER 40 If you don’t want to add a pop of color then look how adding some jewelry can change the look. I added tortoiseshell accessories in this look but you can go with silver, gold, pearls, or something colorful. That is part of the beauty of black, it goes with anything. This dress is by Halston and it came from QVC.
50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU NEED A BLACK DRESS | FASHION OVER 40I loved this little cold shoulder black dress that was c/o the Purple Poppy. This look is trendy and fun. It all depends upon the occasion what style dress will be appropriate. I would wear this out to eat, dancing, and to any kind of fun activity. I probably would not wear this to a somber occasion such as a funeral. Here are some reasons that you need a black dress in your closet.

  1. You can wear a LBD to almost any function and be dressed perfectly.
  2. A LBD is slimming and who doesn’t want to look slimmer?
  3. It is simple. It is elegant. Pull it out and throw on a pair of nice heels and you have an outfit that you can wear anywhere.
  4. Black dresses are sexy. There, I said it! Men love a woman in a black dress!!! Maybe it was that slimming thing I talked about earlier.
  5. Something we don’t like to think about but you need a dress that you can wear to a funeral.
  6. Any color of jewelry will look good with a LBD. Pearls, silver, gold, and colorful!

50 IS NOT OLD | DO YOU NEED A BLACK DRESS | FASHION OVER 40I hope you have enjoyed this black dress series of photos. Let me hear reasons why everyone needs a black dress.

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  1. Joanne Collins Reply

    Loved them all but especially the first dress, do you have details? And the jewelry in all of the pictures are great!

  2. Good morning Tania! I hardly wear black at all anymore. I wore it for too many years trying to look skinny. Now I wear colorful clothes. Happy vacationing to you and your family!

  3. Your sister and I would shop well together as I tend to sway toward the darker colors but I’m trying to add more color and I find I do feel good when I do. I don’t own a LBD so guess I need to shop for one.

  4. I have worked in corporate America (banking) my entire career & black, blue or grey were always the standard. Now we have gone to Business Casual & all I have are the dark colors. I do not own a LBD. I have big hips & a big but so I have also never felt comfortable wearing bright colors. So I am struggling with a colorful wardrobe.

  5. I prefer a navy dress to a black dress as it’s a better colour for me and functions in the same way. Thanks for all the great ideas on how to wear a dark coloured dress!

  6. I love each look! Gives me some ideas for tonight!! As always thanks for the tips! You look fabulous

  7. Yes! I didn’t have a nice black dress when my dad passed last summer so I had to go buy one. I got lots of compliments on it, which didn’t feel right to me at a funeral, but I know people were just trying to be nice and make me feel better. I love the dress though, it is stylish and not so somber that I can’t wear it for other occasions.

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