50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO GET A PERFECT CROPPED HEM | FASHION OVER 40I loved all of the comments you gurls made on the blog yesterday! Some of the graphic tee sayings that you gurls have made me laugh out loud. I read a lot of them to Joe when we went out to grab some lunch. Being Joe, he especially liked the one that said, “I am Blessed” and then hit right across the chest. He thought that was fantastic and said, “tell her to send me a picture.” lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO GET A PERFECT CROPPED HEM | FASHION OVER 40You ladies all know that I have given my friend a nickname of “Energizer Bunny” because she is always on the go and so upbeat. Well, yesterday I was given a nickname of my own by a business partner of mine who has been with R+F for almost 10 years. She now calls me, “Little Miss Fireball.” I laughed when she first told me that since I had never ever considered myself even close to being a fireball. It did fill me with pride though because she heads a team of THOUSANDS! I have never had a lot of nicknames before. Joe used to call me Tan Tan and Pan Pan since I ate A LOT of Little Ceasar’s pizza when I was pregnant with the kids. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO GET A PERFECT CROPPED HEM | FASHION OVER 40I loved the color of this top and I loved the paisley design of the top. But, unfortunately, the top was just too big for me so I ended up sending it back. This top is by Michael Kors and this is large so a medium would have been what I needed. The top is lined and has a blue chiffon layer at the bottom. I have no idea why I had it turned under and not showing, I must have had a reason. The top is 100% polyester so it is machine washable.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO GET A PERFECT CROPPED HEM | FASHION OVER 40The Dwana earrings have quickly become one of my favorites. I like the navy and very pale pink colors but it is the point of the drop that really makes me like these. The drop hits on your neckline but it is the triangle that really makes these stand out. It mimics the curve of your jawline and that is very flattering. The cute little tassels are just icing on the cake. The Mary Ellen gold bracelet with the gold bead tassel is something that can go with anything. Everyone needs a few items like this in their jewelry chest. It isn’t colorful so you never have to worry about it clashing with your outfit. Things like this work when nothing else will.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO GET A PERFECT CROPPED HEM | FASHION OVER 40 My cropped cuffed jeans are by NYDJ and the style is called the Marilyn. I like the fact that the cuffed hem is already done for me. I don’t know about you but I can sometimes take a long time trying to get the cuffs to the same width. I will think that the cuffs look the same and then look in the mirror and have to start all over again. Lol! If the cuffs are not the same it makes your legs look all wonky. Hahaha! No one wants wonky looking legs. These are a higher rise, which seems to be the norm here lately, and they have a lot of stretch in the material. If you like your jeans to fit nice and tight you might want to size down. I went with my normal size but a smaller size might have been better.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO GET A PERFECT CROPPED HEM | FASHION OVER 40 See, these look a little loose on me. I guess I will wash them in hot water and then throw them in the dryer, maybe that will help to shrink them. Don’t think that I forgot about the whole conversation we were having at the beginning of this post. I loved that everyone shared their favorite graphic tee with me yesterday so today I am asking for your nickname. Let’s see who is going to be a Snickers or a Cruella. Hahaha!

I really appreciate all of the shares and the pins of my outfits that you have been doing. PLEASE continue to do that, you won’t believe the difference it has made in my number of visitors to my blog.

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  1. My group of workout friends gave me the nickname of “princess” many years ago for two reasons. they think I am high maintenance, which I probably am. Why is it that if a woman takes care of herself and tries to look her best, she is considered high maintenance!?! And secondly they all think my husband treats me like a princess. To that I say “what’s wrong with that?”

  2. Love the colors of the top in you – makes your eyes really stand out 😁

  3. I really loved the way that top looked on you the colors and the scale are very flattering on you. How disappointing that it was too big! I hope you decide to try to get it in a smaller size.

    Thank you for your daily inspirations, I think you have a great talent for styling outfits and I really enjoy reading your blog.

  4. I have been “Stretch” for over 40 years. Not very flattering or endearing, but I guess it fits for a 6’1” Amazon woman!

  5. Karen Miller Reply

    Love the top! Blue and green are 2 of my favorite colors together! I also love the earrings and bracelet…gonna have to check those out! You look darling as usual! My dad called me Jabber Jaws ( an old cartoon from when I was a kid) cause I talked all the time! Lol! And you know what…I’m still talking! Hahaha!!!😁

  6. Charlcy Green Reply

    Tania, you have such a vibrant, fun, uplifting spirit and that’s why so many love you and can’t wait to dress, look like you! I can’t wait to hear your stories everyday! As always, cute outfit but yes, top and jeans are too big. I recently bought two tops that are way too big and I can’t take them back. Thank you SO much for the beautiful “Blessed” spoon necklace, and little dainty black earrings! That was a terrific Friday surprise, and you know I will wear that necklace often and love knowing its from my friend in Grundy!

  7. Beckie Beiro Reply

    My husband calls me doll (not sure why) lol sometimes he call me his bride although it’s has been 37 years. But I’m good with both.
    I totally agree that top make your blue eyes pop,

    • Paula Bearchell Reply

      My dad always refered to my Mom as “my bride”, which was so sweet! I love that. Enjoy your sweet nickname, Beckie.

  8. Daria Armstrong Reply

    Love the look of your outfit. It’s so me. Did anyone ever tell you, you have beautiful eyes. My husband says that he loves my eyes. I just don’t see it. They’re brown. That’s for the blog today. Needed a break from preparing for a graduation party for tomorrow. Our last of the bunch, Adam, graduated last Friday.

  9. I love the top! You said it was a Michael Kors but where did you get it? I am very interested. Thank you so much!

  10. My family called me Tessie Lou. When I worked as a teenager, there was already a Theresa who worked there and they called me Tess. To this day those are the only 3 people who call me Tess.

  11. Beautiful top, and you are wearing one of my top picks for jeans. I buy them 1 size smaller for the perfect fit.

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