50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING PATTERNED PANTS | FASHION OVER 40One of the reasons that I started the blog was that I wanted to be able to work from anywhere. I used to love to watch an HGTV show called House Hunters. My daddy has been in the building business all of my life and I love watching any kind of show that has to do with houses. Yes, I especially like the shows that show remodeling an older or a fixer-upper. Anyway, when I would  watch the show and they would ask everyone what they did for a living. The answer always seemed to be that they worked from their computer.50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING PATTERNED PANTS | FASHION OVER 40 I loved the concept but I had no idea exactly what that meant. I thought they worked for a company that didn’t require them to come into the office every day but that was not a possibility for me. So I started trying to think of ways to work on my computer and blogging was what I came up with. Anyone can start a blog, that is the easy part. The harder part is to acquire readers and followers but I had no idea that was hard. Sometimes ignorance is bliss because if I had known the odds were against me then I probably would have never even tried. Blogging opened the door for my other two businesses which are also worked on my computer. I would have never even considered a direct sales company before but those are actually much easier than blogging. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING PATTERNED PANTS | FASHION OVER 40This top doesn’t show as bright a color as it really is. This is a really bright green almost like grass. I bought this top a month ago at Old Navy but it doesn’t seem to be on the website any longer. I have noticed that a lot of off the shoulder tops this year that they have the larger elastic band or even an elastic ruffle. I really love the look that creates. You can see that I don’t have this pulled down for a true off the shoulder look so don’t feel like you HAVE to. There are a ton of shades of green so you can pick the one that speaks to you.

50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING PATTERNED PANTS | FASHION OVER 40I wanted to add a pop of color in addition to the green top. I am not sure why I chose hot pink but that is just how I roll. Haha! The earrings were part of last months Posse set. The Posse is a monthly subscription service from Plunder that is a flat fee of 25.00 (including taxes and shipping) and you will receive between 1 – 3 pieces of jewelry each month. The bracelet is a new type of bracelet for Plunder. It has an adjustment method that is the thread pull. It will adjust from 6″ to 10″ so even a child can wear this. This bracelet is called Violet and it has multi-colored beads on a navy thread. 50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING PATTERNED PANTS | FASHION OVER 40Printed pants are all the rage this summer! I love printed pants even though Joe will sometimes tell me that I look like I am wearing curtains. Hahaha! You have to love a man that has a sense of humor and can dodge a frying pan. Lol! These pants are a pair that I actually bought at a street fair years ago. I loved the slinky material because they felt like pajamas. The colors in this pant are navy and white even though on my screen it looks like black and white. I don’t know if I am the only one but I have been known to not notice the difference until I was out in the sun. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING PATTERNED PANTS | FASHION OVER 40I added a pattern and a pattern together. The scarf and the pants have the same color scheme going so they go together. I don’t do a huge amount of pattern mixing because I am not that skilled at this trend. I guess this goes under the “HIt or Miss” category. So, what do you gurls think?

50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING PATTERNED PANTS | FASHION OVER 40The winner of the book that I am LOVING, Girl, Wash Your Face, is Robin Staley!!! Congratulations, Robin! I promise you that you will love this book and I want to hear from you once you start reading it. If you didn’t win this giveaway, don’t fret! I am doing another giveaway starting on Wednesday, BUT, it is going to be on Instagram. Make sure that you follow me on Instagram to see the details.

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  1. Love the pants. I have a similar pair which I bought at C&A in France a couple of years ago. (I do wish we still had that store in the UK) They are so comfortable to wear. Also I think the way you are wearing your top is cute, I prefer to wear it that way because i feel when worm off the shoulder it gives the impression of having very broad shoulders.
    Enjoy your holiday with the family. We are off to France. I do hope the weather brightens up again!

    • Gorgeous outfit! The scarf is a perfect addition of a coordinated pattern…makes the whole outfit pop. Love the look.

  2. Love the pattern pants and the idea of throwing a scarf on in the summer. Who does love to look stylish and yet comfortable at the same time? Great choice!

  3. Love the scarf and pants together. I want to see you put something in that purse!

  4. I would only wear these pants with a plain white or plain navy top and ditch the scarf and the earrings. But I’m a more classic dresser not as flamboyant as you are.

  5. I’ve been wearing patterned summer pants for a few years now. I love them! They are my travel clothes that I pack to work in. They don’t wrinkle, pack nicely and I can dress them up for my workshops. Looking good!

  6. Mary Beth Culpepper Reply

    Love the pattern mix! The green is really refreshing and the hint of hot pink is perfect.
    Thanks, Tania 💖

  7. Have you changed up your blog? The written part is much smaller and a lot harder to read.

  8. Well after I left the comment the blog came up as it always has looked. Computers…go figure. Have a great day Tania!

  9. Love this combination. I would have never thought of green for the blouse but perfect.

  10. I love the whole outfit. Perfect mix of patterns and colors. Great job. Looks so fresh.

  11. I love this look! You did great with the pattern mixing, I thought your earrings looked orange…not pink….so there’s another color choice …lol

  12. Love the pants. Look so cool and comfy for summer. At first glance wasn’t sure about scarf but decided it worked. I’m just little unsure when I mix patterns but this helps me see it can be done nicely. I thought earrings were orange too but either way nice contrast to the navy.

  13. Love this outfit! I bought green and navy printed pants from Chicos! I like the color combination. But now that I have seen your version I may add a pop of color. I like to mix patterns or things that are a little outside the box! I thought the earrings were coral! You look great! Loving the purse….

  14. You are a master at mixing and your color sense is epic. You put things together fearlessly and that makes your outfits unique and fabulous. Today’s mix looks terrific, Tania.

  15. Traci Fuller Reply

    I think you were spot-on with your mixing of patterns! That’s a really cute outfit!

  16. Jayne Finkbohner Reply

    I love the pants and top on you but not a fan of the scarf. Normally I love scarfs but this almost drapes like a bib. Just doesn’t do it for me! But totally love the rest of the outfit. Awesome purse as well.

  17. Robin Staley Reply

    Imagine my surprise today reading your blog that I’m the winner of your give away! Thank you so much. I love reading your blog each day.

  18. Christine E. Falk Reply

    I do love that combo! The pants are so cute how they fit you, more fitted up top but wider down the leg. I love the scarf with it too! I wish they had that green top on Old Navy’s site still. I would buy it immediately! I love the pop of the earrings. I have the May Posse waiting for me when I get home. I’ve been out of town since May 18th so I can’t wait to see the Posse in person! Great outfit!

  19. I love the c9lor combination of navy and green. My latest StitchFix box contained a kimono with these main colors in the print! I’ll wear it with a white top and blue shorts or blue top and white capris. Now I’ll know to add that pop of color!

  20. I love that scarf! I have seen you wear it with another outfit and I stay on the lookout for one similar.

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