50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKING STYISH ON A BUDGET | FASHION OVER 40Happy Friday! Today is my last day at work for at least a week. Woohoo! I am counting down the days until we leave and head to North Myrtle Beach on Sunday. I love going to the beach and having some relaxation time but that is not the only reason that I am excited about this trip. This will be the FIRST time that we have gotten to stay at the condo we purchased a month ago. We did a quick 10-minute walk through to look it over but we haven’t gotten to stay there before. That has me really excited!50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKING STYISH ON A BUDGET | FASHION OVER 40 The other reason that I am excited is that Joseph and Kayla and the kids are going with us. I wish Ashleigh could go but she lives in Alaska and that is just a tad too long of a trip. I also asked my other son in Tennessee if he and his family could come down and let’s all have a fun time. Bu, it is Vacation Bible School week and he and my DIL both teach classes. So, I guess it will just be Joe and me along with Joseph’s family. Emersyn is starting to make plans and wanted to see what the pools looked like. Lol! She did a little dance when she got in my car and found some beach toys that I had bought. It is amazing how a sand bucket and little shovel can make you so happy when you are four. I doubt if that will thrill her when she turns 16. Lol! This will be little Beckham’s first trip to the Atlantic Ocean. I am already starting to lay out all of my R+F sunscreens, the last thing I want is anyone to get sunburned. It will be interesting with all of us being under the same roof. Joe and I are not used to having a lot of noise or kids running around so there might be a small adjustment phase. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKING STYISH ON A BUDGET | FASHION OVER 40You know that I believe that looking good is not dependent upon how much you spend or where you purchase your clothes. On my way home from Tennessee the other day I stopped at Target and went in to buy a few things. While I was there I decided to check out the clothes and I came out with this dusty lilac top by Knox Rose. I am not sure if it was the color, which I adore, the embroidered panel down the front, or the cute tassels on the sleeve that caught my eye first. It didn’t really matter which was first because they were all important. This is an off the shoulder style but I didn’t feel like wearing it that way so I didn’t. Problem solved. Lol!!!

50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKING STYISH ON A BUDGET | FASHION OVER 40I am seriously in love with these Dawna earrings. These are 4.5″ long and I love how they just dust the top of my shoulder. Yes, I know that they are large and showy. SO WHAT? You can rock these earrings and not only that, you will have people want to know where they are from. They are pale pink with navy accents and I like to wear these with jeans. When I wear statement earrings you will notice that my necklace is either dainty or very long. I don’t want two statement pieces close to each other. Because of the panel on the top, I didn’t feel the need for a necklace at all. Notice the cuff bracelet? It is the Kensie multi-colored leather magnetic bracelet. It mimics the layered look without the hassle. This is adjustable from 8″ to 8.5″ and the magnetic closure makes it very easy to put on and take off. If you are interested in any items from Plunder just go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens.50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKING STYISH ON A BUDGET | FASHION OVER 40Did you guys all buy this clutch when I posted it the other day? This was a purchase that I made when I was in Nashville at a store called Francesca’s. The clutch was available online but now it is sold out! I bet it is because I posted about it. Lol!!! Never fear, I found some more cute summer bags all under $50.00.

50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKING STYISH ON A BUDGET | FASHION OVER 40These jeans! 😍 Here is a fun way to wear the raw hem jeans if you don’t like the hem hanging down. Also, if you think that ankle pants look like they are just not long enough and that you have outgrown your jeans, then turn up the hem and all at once they are super cute and look perfect! This pair is by Sneak Peek and they are several years old but here are some that would work just as well.

50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKING STYISH ON A BUDGET | FASHION OVER 40Today is June the 1st and I wanted to start the month with a giveaway! I am loving the book, Girl, Go Wash Your Face. Every chapter starts with a “lie” that she used to tell herself and how she has learned to overcome the lie. Such as “I am shy and timid.” That was a lie that I always said but the truth is that I was just afraid of rejection so I kept quiet. I am learning to overcome the fear and to let my voice be heard. What is a lie that you told, or tell, yourself? I will be giving away this book to someone so be sure to comment. Also, if you know someone who could use some encouragement, send them here and maybe they will see that what they have been telling themselves is simply a lie.

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  1. Elsie Dennis Reply

    A lie I told myself is that I was not ready to be a leader, that I needed to take one more workshop, listen to others speak, and then maybe some day I would feel comfortable enough to speak out myself. I remember that Moses felt similar as he asked God to send his brother Aaron instead to lead the people of Israel. God equips us with everything we need to do the work He needs us to do. We don’t need titles in front of our names or letters after our names to be leaders. We just need to ask our Creator to guide us … “Here I am, Lord.”

  2. Have fun at your condo with the family it will be great spending time together. 5 days and we become gypsies travelling through France with our caravan.
    Today’s outfit looks great. A real relaxed style. The colour of your top really suits you x

  3. Love your outfit and the bracelet you are wearing. The book sounds interesting. Have fun at the beach with your family. So nice to spend time with family. I’m sure Emersyn will keep you busy!

  4. Janet Batchelor Reply

    I love seeing your pins on Pinterest! It’s fun to see a whole bunch of looks at once. Have a wonderful time at the beach. You look relaxed and ready to go!

  5. Have a wonderful time at the beach.😊

    I think my life is full of those “lies”. I have so many ideas, dreams, etc., but there is always a “but”. Maybe I need to read that book!😊

    I look forward to your blog post each day. You are keeping it real, and I like that. Keep on doing what you are doing and push us out of our comfort zones.

  6. Love your blog – down to earth and REAL! When something is uncomfortable that is when real change happens. I am working on public speaking – even if only a toast! Would love this book

  7. I love reading your blog each day. I feel like I am full of lies each day. I feel like I’m slipping away of who I once was. Have a wonderful week at the beach.

  8. Cute top and color…I need a tutorial in rolling up my jean legs…LOL Yours look so nice and when I do it, they don’t lay nice. I get excited too when our kids go on a get-away with us!!

  9. Oh how cute is that top! I agree you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good and trendy, there are other options! Have a wonderful time in Myrtle Beach! I keep telling my hubby I want to drive to Florida some year, only because I want to stop in to Myrtle Beach, I hear it’s fantastic! He would rather fly….takes 3.5 hrs ….driving would take 3 days….lol. Enjoy your week! 😎

  10. Oh my gosh Tania, my daughter and I were just talking about how the lies we tell ourselves are the worst since they hold us back from our true potential! You look cute as always!

  11. Awww Tania, you look so cute, and your energy and encouragement are appreciated sooo much by the readers out here!! Thank you for sharing yourself with us!

  12. I just love this outfit! So fun, relaxed, and still fashionable. You are totally beach ready! The book sounds like a great read. I know there are many lies I tell myself. Happy June! And happy National Doughnut Day!

  13. A beach vacay! Enjoy! Sounds like everyone of us would benefit from reading this book. Pick me and I’ll share with girlfriends and coworkers!

  14. Enjoy North Myrtle, such a fun and beautiful place. I would love to read this book. I’ve been lying to myself for years and am just starting now to see my true value. Need all the help I can get!

  15. Love today’s outfit. It is right down my alley. We are going to the beach in the fall with the whole family! My husband and I are like you, we have got use to it just being us, but we can’t wait. Hope you have a great week. Enjoy!!

  16. Once again, Tania, you’ve sent me on an online shopping spree. The top is so cute and in my fav color. Had to have it. That and a Swiffer replacement. Saved me a trip to Target. 🤣
    I don’t think I would have purchased top based on website photo, it’s too big for model. It looks wonderful on you – a regular person. Same thing with a couple dresses you’ve recently posted. I’ve passed them by on website because they hung limp on model. On you the dresses look incredible so I go back and make a purchase. Thank you, as I have not been disappointed in my purchases.

  17. I love your information. I have to wear a uniform (for the last 7 years) so I don’t get to dress up often. And now I forgot how. Thanks for reminding me.

  18. Have a GREAT vacation, enjoy every minute of your family time! Would you consider including some tips on how you style your hair? That seems to fit perfectly in “50 Is Not Old”

  19. Pamela Goring Reply

    My lie is that my self worth is based on the numbers on a scale. Your blog has helped to show me that we women after the age of 50 need not worry about looking good! We can! I have found that if I can dress nicely and accentuate the positive assets, most folks don’t zerro in on my “fluffy” parts. LOL. I am enjoying reading Discerning the Voice of God, by Priscilla Shirer. She is a new author for me and I LOVE her way of teaching….practical and insightful! Thanks for your blog! You inspire me!

  20. I love the color of the top. Would never have thought it came from Target. We’re having VBS at our church next week. I am on the Snacks team! That book is definitely something I need to read, since I will soon be job hunting at age 58.

  21. Tania, when I saw your picture today I exclaimed, “Holy cow, how cute!” Love that outfit. Will check out that book too. I know how afraid I am of rejection. I’m sure I’m not alone in battling lies like “No one really cares” or “You have nothing to contribute.” Thank God that’s not what HE tells us!!!!!!!

  22. We will be there too, south of MB! Maybe we’ll get to meet by some chance!

  23. I always used to tell myself that “once I lose weight I can wear cute clothes again”. That’s what happens when you’re super skinny in high school and early 20’s but as two kids and life creeps up on you, I weigh a little bit more than when I was 20 and always into the latest fashion. My 23 year old daughter is the one that helps push me out of my comfort zone and helps me shop, but I still always have that nagging voice in my head that says “when you lose 20 lbs you can go buy some new clothes.

  24. Catherine McClamrock Reply

    Congrats on your condo! We have rented one for several years and have the family come with us!
    Change of pace but so much fun! This year I am taking puzzles and games for all and try not to be
    on social media all the time ( 5 and 9 year olds). You always look great and have great ideas to put
    outfits together. Keep up the good work!

  25. Oh so happy that you get to spend time with your family at the condo! Have fun! Love the top and jeans on you!

  26. Cato does mark downs on Sunday, a fun fact I learned. Enjoy your vacation!

  27. I just discovered your Blog not to long ago, I love it!! Finally outfits that make me look great! Thank you have a great getaway.

  28. Carolyn Piland Reply

    Love this and need this!! Thanks for doing the giveaway! I am ready for summer and some rest and relaxation… lol

  29. Thank you, as always, for “doable” outfits, great advice and food for thought. I would really like to read that book❣️ Safe travels.

  30. Charlcy Green Reply

    Love the whole outfit! I too love lilac and am gonna have to go look for that top. I already had the capri pants and love them. Cute eyelash clutch! Can you get all your things in it?

  31. The worst lie I tell myself is that I wasn’t a very good mom. Truth is that I was the very best mom I could be at the time given whatever the circumstances were then. Everything I did and every decision I made in my role as a mom I did out of love for my children. Really, what better mom is there than that?

    Love the top! Purple is my favorite color.

  32. Brenda Foxy Lady Reply

    I see clothes in stores that look like they would work for me but seeing how great you look helps me see that maybe they would. I lie by telling myself I’m too shy or not smart enough. I hope you make wonderful memories at the beach.

  33. The top is a lovely color on you. It would be great if you would do a post on how to chose the right colors for skin tones. Or how to make any color work.

  34. Congrats on your new getaway place. Hope it brings you many years of enjoyment. I’m glad you went with a condo so you don’t have to worry about grounds upkeep, etc. That’s what we chose too for our vacay home.

    I often tell myself I can’t do something, and prove myself true. So that book sounds helpful in changing attitudes…

    Have a great week with your family. Enjoy your new abode!

  35. The book sounds very interesting! Have a great time on your beach trip!

  36. I love your outfit today. I’ve been on the fence about raw hem jeans, but the way you styled them is so cute, I may have to give them a try. Enjoy your condo at the beach. Nothing better than family vacays – grandkids 24/7!

  37. My lie I tell myself is that tomorrow I will start my diet, eat better. Enjoy your blog and read the devotional to my husband on the way to church on Sundays.

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