50 IS NOT OLD | ADDING A POP OF COLOR FOR INTEREST | FASHION OVER 40Oh my goodness, the rain just keeps coming and coming. I have seen several places flooding and I hate seeing that in the news. It is so sad to see people work all of their lives and then it wash away in a few hours. The rain here hasn’t been quite that bad but I came home yesterday to a surprise. The wind had picked up the patio umbrella and thrown it into the pool. 😱50 IS NOT OLD | ADDING A POP OF COLOR FOR INTEREST | FASHION OVER 40When Joe and I were in Cancun he became especially fond of the umbrellas he would lay under at the pool. When we got back home he started looking for the ones that he wanted to get. I do wish he had asked me first since he ordered “red” and that wasn’t a color I would have chosen to go with our furniture. The crisis was averted when I found some throw pillows that would bring it all together. I told you, ladies, that it is all in the accessories. Lol! Anyway, I fished the umbrella out of the pool since it was in the shallow end and when Joe came home he tightened it back really well and told me to make sure that the umbrellas were closed when we weren’t home. Message received, Skipper! Then, today a storm blew up and we had no idea it was even coming. I heard a noise from outside and I got up just in time to see an umbrella go flying into the deep end of the pool. It was like watching the Titanic as it slowly sunk to the bottom. I told Joe and he asked if they were closed. YEP! They were closed and it still found its way into the pool. While I was talking to him the second umbrella decided that it wanted to go swimming also. Lol! At this time all I could do was laugh. Lol! SO, if any of you have any suggestions that will keep me from umbrella fishing every day I would appreciate the help.50 IS NOT OLD | ADDING A POP OF COLOR FOR INTEREST | FASHION OVER 40 This top is really old, like maybe 4 or 5 years if not older. I looked for the brand but it was something that I had never heard of. I think that I might have bought this at TJ Maxx but I am not positive of that either. Lol! I liked the crispness of the top and I liked the color block style. The colors are the same but the print is broken up by the blocking. It just gives the top some added interest. I would have sworn that I had worn this top on the blog before, I really meant to if not, but I looked and searched and can’t find it. If any of you can find it on the blog I will gift a free Plunder necklace to the first person who finds it. Lol! I am either half crazy or blind. I am not sure which.

50 IS NOT OLD | ADDING A POP OF COLOR FOR INTEREST | FASHION OVER 40How do you like this teardrop pearl necklace? This is the Chantilly and I love it. I had this and the matching earrings on my “want” list to order and when I went to the mailbox after I got home on Sunday, there it was. I had a package from Plunder with catalogs and jewelry!!! I have no idea what I did but I’ll take it. Lol! I need to still get the earrings so they will be on my next order. The Torilyn bracelet just same in too. It is a magnetic closure type bracelet with 7 rows of pearls. I really like how elegant this bracelet looks. It has a link or two that can be removed and it is adjustable to 8.5″. Today is the LAST day to take advantage of my MAY special. When you make a 50.00 purchase (excluding taxes and shipping) you will receive a FREE piece of jewelry from me as a gift! Go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and hit the shop tab. Pick a party with my name on it and then have fun.50 IS NOT OLD | ADDING A POP OF COLOR FOR INTEREST | FASHION OVER 40 I keep seeing this style flat this year. The first pair that I saw was by Michael Kors but they didn’t have the size that I wanted. Then, I found this pair by Aerosoles at TJ Maxx and I fell in love with the color. Shoes are my Achilles heel. Lol! (Get it) I don’t have a lot of shoes and they all tend to be the same style. This was out of my norm and I love that! A pop of color is fun and it makes you feel alive. Try it and let me know if you agree.

50 IS NOT OLD | ADDING A POP OF COLOR FOR INTEREST | FASHION OVER 40My white pants are my favorite. These are Lisette and they were c/o Purple Poppy. I love the tummy panel that helps with control issues. These are thick and a great quality so I don’t have to worry about panty lines showing through. A trick that you might want to use is to wear beige or nude panties when you wear white. If you wear white they will show against your legs but nude just looks like part of your leg. Of course, you might get asked if you are going commando. 😱50 IS NOT OLD | ADDING A POP OF COLOR FOR INTEREST | FASHION OVER 40Today is the LAST day for the extra 20% savings on the AMP tool. Today is the end of several good things. Lol! 

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  1. That top is ever so pretty. I think for me it is the fact it is so unfussy sells it and white trousers are a must for everyone, a girl can never have too many pairs of white troysers😊. I will be wearing similar trousers today but with a red top. 😁

  2. I have those shoes in almost every color. Very comfortable. I have been holding off on that pink pair. Love it with the blue. Might have to get them

  3. You would never know the top was years old. It looks fresh and stylish against the white. Love the shoes. I’m trying to do more pops of colour instead of matching so much. Hard habit to break though

  4. Very cute today Tania! I love that white pants will go with anything, I just found my favorite ever white pants and they are from J Jill….just a pull on pant, no pockets or zipper, the most comfortable pant I own, I definitely need them in black! They look so nice under longer, tunic style tops. You should check them out. I always find I have to match either earrings or necklace when I wear bright shoes, I don’t know why, but I just do…lol. Wondering does your umbrella have a weighted base? My patio is usually always windy, and when I had an umbrella we use to fill the base with sand…certainly helps! Lol

  5. Great look Tania. I had to giggle on your comment to me yesterday about a northern girl! Lol! I guess when you marry a boy from the south you think your northern! Lol! I asked Greg if I was a northern girl, he said “Yep”! …to funny! I love the classic look your styling! Cool and crisp! Enjoying your blog, you make me laugh every single morning!

  6. Maggie Fieger Reply

    You look great as usual! I wish you could send us some of your rain!!!

  7. I have those shoes in Cream & Pale Pink they are the most comfortable shoes ever!

  8. Tania, I have just begun following you on Instagram and receiving your emails. I am enjoying your posts! May I ask how your pictures are taken? The lighting is great.

    • Tania Reply

      I use a tripod and a timer and take the pictures myself. Thanks, for following

  9. I worry about our umbrella lifting off like a rocket, too! Tie a strip of fabric around the closed umbrella about a fourth of the way up from the bottom, similar to how a regular umbrella is secured. That should keep most of the wind from going up inside it and causing it to fly away. Perhaps some fabric belts or scarves that you don’t use/wear and would coordinate with your furniture. Just make sure the color won’t bleed onto your umbrella if it gets wet! BTW tell Joe my next umbrella will be red.

    I don’t comment much (this might be the first or second time) but your style has helped me get out of a fashion rut. Like so many others have commented, I, too, appreciate the back view. 50 is not old and neither is 60!

    Love the pop of color from the shoes. And that top is very cute! I definitely need to find some decent white pants.

    Thanks for your daily posts and inspiration.

  10. Cute look. And like the pop of color. I struggle with that sometimes but you make it look easy. We have same problem with our umbrella by pool. Sometimes no matter how tight we get it in the base it will take the whole table over. I need some tips on that too. 😊

  11. I love me a “cap sleeve” — it makes your shoulders look a bit wider, which makes your waist look a bit narrower. Same trick that MM used with her boatneck wedding dress.

  12. Please tell plunder to make their website work on iPhone! Trying to shop at work but the website never works. None of the shop links work. I’ve tried multiple times on different days and always the same.

  13. I have just begun following you. Enjoying your posts! How are your pics taken? The lighting is great.

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