50 IS NOT OLD | FLUTTER SLEEVES AND POMPOMS | FASHION OVER 40The long weekend is over and it is time to get back to work. I ended up working on Monday until about 2:00 and then I came home and did the blog. Our plan was to head over to my Energizer Bunny Friend’s house for some relaxation on the patio. It would have been nice just to sit around and have a few drinks without having to be in a rush to go and do something. The weather didn’t cooperate and I hate that we had to cancel. I admit that Joe and I don’t normally go places anymore. There is usually a trivial reason like I’m tired, I don’t want to have to clean up, or even that I haven’t gotten the next day’s blog post done.50 IS NOT OLD | FLUTTER SLEEVES AND POMPOMS | FASHION OVER 40 Here is something that I know, we can make the time if we WANT to make the time. It is funny how “un-tired” we will get when we actually go and do, cleaning up takes all of 30 minutes, and I have until 1:00 am EST to get the blog published. I think that making excuses can become a habit. I have actually caught myself saying no to an opportunity without even really giving it an consideration. They say that the best way to fix a problem is to be aware that you have a problem so maybe I am on my way to a new me. Anyone got anything that you want to invite me to? Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | FLUTTER SLEEVES AND POMPOMS | FASHION OVER 40Cute, cute, cute! I just love this cutesy top from the Loft! I bought this adorable top when I went to Nashville for the 10 Year Anniversary of R+F. I bought it at an outlet store so the top is not on their website. I asked once what the difference was between an outlet and a regular store of the same brand. I was told that the outlet had overstock merchandise or perhaps items that might have been “off” color from the dye lot they wanted. Some also say that it might be last years styles and then others say that some stores make certain styles to be sold in outlets. I am not really sure the real reasons but I do know that the merchandise is still good and that for the most part, it will be quite a bit cheaper.

50 IS NOT OLD | FLUTTER SLEEVES AND POMPOMS | FASHION OVER 40I wasn’t sure when I bought the Constance necklace that I would like it but all the different colored strips of cloth intrigued me. I can already see some of you rolling your eyes and saying, “no way Hosea.” But, for the rest of you who are willing to get outside of your comfort zone, you will love this necklace. The different textures and prints really make this necklace a statement. I chose to add the Sydney fringed earrings with the look. You can’t go in a store and not find some version of fringe earrings this year, they are the “it” earring to wear. The Sierra, Suzie, and Tanesha bangle bracelets are all half tortoiseshell and the other half being a pastel color. May is my 2nd year anniversary with Plunder and I am celebrating all month long. When you make a 50.00 purchase (excluding taxes and shipping) you will receive a FREE piece of jewelry from me as a gift! Go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and hit the shop tab. Pick a party with my name on it and then have fun. 50 IS NOT OLD | FLUTTER SLEEVES AND POMPOMS | FASHION OVER 40These gold mule/slides have become my favorite shoes this summer. I was afraid that I would have a hard time walking in the shoes because I could just envision me slinging them across the floor as I was walking. That has not happened once since I started wearing them so I guess I was being paranoid for no reason. I really like the gold color because it is a great neutral and will look fine with a lot of colors. Metallics are in style right now and are always a good go-to.

50 IS NOT OLD | FLUTTER SLEEVES AND POMPOMS | FASHION OVER 40I thought the dark denim of my Diana jeans from Kut From The Kloth looked great against the light blue of the top. I just can’t make myself get into shorts yet even though it has been plenty warm. I got a small tan when I went to Cancun but I haven’t maintained it since I got back. It just hasn’t been pretty enough to sit out in the sun. (As I write this it is raining AGAIN) And, I have been too lazy to take the 5 minutes it takes to put on my sunless tanner. Lol! And, because Nordstrom is having their half-yearly sale these babies are on sale! 50 IS NOT OLD | FLUTTER SLEEVES AND POMPOMS | FASHION OVER 40The month is quickly coming to an end. May is almost over and it seems like we just blinked our eyes. It is crazy how fast time flies by. I wanted to remind anyone who was interested in the AMP tool from R+F that the extra 20% discount ends on May 31st. Here is a visual to help with the price breakdown. To place an order yo go to tstephens5.myrandf.com and I always recommend becoming a Preferred Customer (if you aren’t already) to get the best possible price. Not sure what a PC is? Then email me at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com and I will give you the low-down.

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  1. The top looks great. The fabric looks soft and yet still has some body about it. As for the necklace, well, it brings the outfit together -i love your smart but casual outfit. 10 out of 10 from me. 😍

  2. funny I always thought you scheduled your post to go live our midnight MST – just realized your up that late writing them. You are a dedicated lady. Thanks for all your hard work. I love the flutter top too.

    • Tania Reply

      I do schedule my posts. They go live at 1:00 EST but if I am running late on getting my posts done and scheduled, I know I have until 1:00 to get the post done. Lol!

  3. I guess I have to write that I like the top, …since I have one quite similar! Sort sleeves and pom-poms like yours but not flutter. Fun top!

    • Tania Reply

      Lol! Diana, this top is so cute that I have already worn it twice. That is not normal for me. Lol!

    • Tania Reply

      I already have been to your blog. Lol! I guess your house is next on my agenda. That peanut butter pie you posted is one of Joe’s favorites. I get him a couple around Thanksgiving and they never last over a day in my house. Lol!

    • Tania Reply

      Angie, I love wearing all shade of blue. I guess I am a 50 shades of blue kind of girl. Hahaha!!!

  4. Katalin Gerstenberger Reply

    These type outfits just say happy and playful to me☺️😎

  5. We are in the mountain time zone so I hear your blog buzz in about 11:02 pm here. I like the necklace but as long as it is on you, it would hit me mid thigh since I am so short. Ha! I like the top too.

  6. Charlcy L Green Reply

    I just love that top & necklace! I have to order the necklace & those earrings too! I’m glad you are getting another vacation soon! Sorry you had to work yesterday! Hope you got to your Energizer Friend’s house for the drinks!

  7. The necklace looks fabulous on you but is a bit over the top for my personal taste. I love everything about the outfit. I’m a big fan of Loft as well, usually my husband is with me at the outlet mall so I don’t get to shop there as long as I’d like, but quite a few Loft packages mysteriously show up on our porch, lol!

  8. Every one of the blues you are wearing really compliment your complexion and Your Blue Eyes Just Pop! Beautiful. Thanks, Tania. You encourage me!

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