50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FRIDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Joe is back home and he is worn out. Lol! He had an absolute blast playing golf with his buddies. He called me Tuesday afternoon just thrilled with the round of golf that he had played. He said that he hadn’t played that good in probably 10 – 15 years. He was on cloud nine and was almost giddy. Of course, half of the fun after that round was in getting to rub it in on his friends. And then, it got even better on Wednesday……..50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FRIDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40When Joe called me Wednesday I could tell that he was outside talking. Normally, he will call me after they have dinner or sometime before he goes to bed. He sounded so excited. He got a Hole In One!!! The funny thing is, he has made 3 hole in ones in his life and 2 of them have been at Myrtle Beach when he was playing with this group of friends. I told him they must be his lucky golfing buddies. I am sure those poor buddies lived hard the rest of that night too. Lol! Men! They do love to brag when they do something and getting to have your buddies witness your accomplishment was just icing on the cake. Lol! I teased him that his head would have a hard time getting through the door when he got home. Hahaha!50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FRIDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40 I really really liked this high/low knotted top by Halogen. EXCEPT, the low part was just too low for my taste. The top is 95% rayon so it has the slinky feel to it and felt so nice when I had it on. I think that the little knot in the front combined with the stripes makes this top very flattering on. The stripes bend to the center fooling your eye into thinking you look thin. I loved the effect but I just felt like I was Liberace or something and that I was wearing “tails.” I could just see me walking over to a piano and flipping out my tails to sit down. Lol! The top is so affordable that I almost kept this top (it was in my Trunk Club shipment) and took it to have the back cut off and hemmed. But, I was afraid that it would always “look” like it had been cut off and that I was just wasting my money. I really hated to send it back though. It also comes in a navy with a bold stripe and I am not sure that I don’t like that color even better. Which do you gurls like the best? 50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FRIDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Fringe is the newest trend and statement earrings are “the” jewelry to wear this year. The Paula silver hammered look pair of earrings from Plunder combines both trends in one look. These have a 3″ drop and I love where they fall on your neck, it is a very flattering placement. The marbled bracelet with the dark gray tassel was part of a Plunder Posse set but everyone liked it so much that they added a bracelet to this catalog that is almost identical, it is the Becca. Plunder has come out with a whole slew of the magnetic closure bling bracelets. I love all the different colors that they are offering and I need to get some of those ordered for you to look at. The ones that I have on today are the Ezra and the Chalon. I will be sending out the free Plunder jewelry to those who have made a purchase over 50.00 (excluding taxes and shipping) from the 1st of the month through the 15th. Then those who purchase from the 16th through the 31st will receive their free jewelry the first of June. That way I don’t get confused. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FRIDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40 My leather flip flops are Tory Burch. I wanted something easy to slip on but I really didn’t want the rubber flip-flops like I normally get. I wanted something that looked a little nicer so that I could wear them with a nice sundress and the look still seems polished yet casual. I wanted the gold color but they were sold out so the black was my 2nd choice. You know that I like to feel like I got a good deal on my things so I ordered these when they were having the bi-annual sale at Nordstroms. If you want higher priced items you need to watch for those sales.
50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FRIDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40On yesterday’s post, I had on watermelon colored pants from Old Navy and today, I am styling the black version. I wear a lot of Pixie Pants from Old Navy because they fit me well, they wash up well, and they are super affordable. I think that these are on sale for 29.00 right now. For that price, you can buy more than one and add a color to your wardrobe that you might not normally. The black version comes with a “never-fade” technology so that your pants will stay looking new for a long time.50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FRIDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40 Joe told me that when he went out to dinner one night that there were these two ladies that looked around my age sitting at a table across from them. He said that they looked “put together” and that they looked like they took pride in their appearance. When he got up to leave, he went over and spoke to them. If he told that he had noticed them and that he thought they would love my blog. He also told them that since they obviously took care of themselves that they would love my skincare products. He must have seen the horror on my face because he quickly said, “I told them that I wasn’t telling them that because they looked like they needed the products but because that people who take pride in their appearance WANT the products.” I am going to have to start giving him some of my business cards. Lol!!! What do you think those women said as soon as he walked away from the table? Lol! I sure wish that I had been a fly on the wall. Hahaha!!! If you are interested in the products or seeing which products that you would use, then go to tstephens5.myrandf.com and check it out.

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  1. Well done Joe sounds like you will be out there with the professionals soon 🤗. That is a lovely casual top you are wearing today and yes I agree the back is too long. Would prefer it to be shorter however it has the effect of looking like two different items.

    • Tania Reply

      Joe had the best time this past week. I am so glad that he had the opportunity to play.

  2. I like the look, I’m just not sure I’d be comfortable with the back length either. I have to hand it to Joe. That was thoughtful and supportive. I’m not sure what the ladies thought though!

    • Tania Reply

      I popped over to your blog today and you look adorable. I especially like your tips on what to take while you are traveling.

  3. I don’t like the top…if it had been a long tunic or shirt all way around-I would have liked it better. I also don’t care for the sleeve. A nice Sandler is essential and Tory B. Has nice selection. Congratulations to Joe on the hole in one and back peddling very fast. Best…Kathy

  4. Tania, I recently hemmed a top with the same problem. I love it now. When tops are too long in the back I feel shorter than I already am! You looked great in the outfit!

    • Tania Reply

      I wish I had known that ahead of time, Mary. I would have kept the top because it really was flattering.

  5. Go Joe! I say if the ladies were as put together and take pride in their appearance as he noticed, they were probably pretty savvy and knew he wasn’t being insulting but taking the time to let them in on a great opportunity to read a blog that would interest them. I wouldn’t have been offended, I would have whipped out my phone and looked at your blog right away! : ) Sounds like you have a great business partner in Joe! So nice he had a great golf trip. Hope you both have a wonderful weekend! And yes, I agree, the top was too long in back. But those vertical stripes were nice! Got to get some of those pixie pants! They are very versatile and affordable. Double win!!

    • Tania Reply

      Casey, I can’t imagine what they really thought of Joe. Lol! He is so funny sometimes.

    • Tania Reply

      Me too, Isabella. The closet that I have ever gotten is about 6 inches away.

  6. Way to go Joe. You said the trip to Cancun opened his eyes to what you wanted to accomplish and obviously they did. It’s great he’s helping you out. And like other commenter, the women were probably flattered and will look you up. That’s how you get it done. Cute flip flops. I like shirt too but is little long in back.

    • Tania Reply

      He was really sweet to have even bothered. It doesn’t even matter if they look it up or not, it was just the thought.

      • Exactly. That’s a good man. And my husband will be envious of his hole in one. He has yearly golf trip and they are competitive. Tell him nice going.

  7. Love the black and white , and have a weak point when it comes to stripes, I love them, but I’m with you on the tails, way too long! I for one would love to see you styling clothes that you keep , rather ones you send back….lol Have a great weekend!

    • Tania Reply

      Kathy, I love stripes too and I would have kept this top in a heartbeat if I could have had it hemmed. The reason that I show things that I sent back is because I have SOOOOOO much in my closets that I send back things that I would have kept and like but I already have similar items. Plus, because I put items on the blog I don’t feel like I can repeat the exact look twice. I am more choosy about what I keep.

  8. Daria Armstrong Reply

    Love reading your posts each morning with my cup of joe. You’ve been so inspiring to me. I now want to wear all my clothes that I felt I were to dressy to wear in a rural area. Keep up the good work. You’re touching lives.👍❤️

    • Tania Reply

      Daria, don’t let a rural area hold you back. You might inspire others to dress up more often also.

  9. Way to go Joe ! That’s so funny. He must still be basking in the after glow of your free trip – helping to work on your next one😉

    • Tania Reply

      He actually tells people about the blog all the time when I am with him. It is pretty embarrassing. I am glad that he is proud of me but I prefer him to do it when I am not around. Lol!

  10. Love the way those pants fit you so much so that I made my first trip ever to old navy and purchased the exact same pair ($35 + tax). Couldn’t find petite so bought a smaller size and can see now by this post that I really need petite, mine hit below my ankle bone.
    I think Joes sharing speaks volumes about you and R&F. Way to go Joe and congrats on the hole in one.

  11. O h Tania I love your Joe bragging on you story and I think he should….but so thought you were going to say the ladies said …..we look put together like this because of your wife…thought for sure t hey were followers already. Haha.

    • Charlcy Green Reply

      Love those earrings! The top is cute but I agree, way too long in back. That is so cute about Joe boosting and promoting your business! Good hubby! And kudos for all the great golfing! I know youre glad to have him home!

  12. Congratulations to your Joe! I loved the top, …until I saw how long the ‘tail’ was, too. I think I’d just cut it off higher up and hem to match more of the hem in the front. The pants are a nice slim fit on you and love the sandals.

  13. Your Liberace comments gives me the giggles. I have two t-shirts styled exactly like your top above, with the front knot and the longer “tail.” The knot tends to hit at the right place, but it can shift and expose my stomach. The back covers my rear, which is what I want, but the t-shirt material can stick to it. I found that I was having trouble styling them, so I ended up getting things to make them work, which isn’t cool. Your shirt above seems to lay better than my t-shirts.

  14. I agree that the top looks great when viewed from the front. The back is a definite “ NO” in my opinion. Congrats to Joe on his golfing!

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