50 IS NOT OLD | BRIGHT AND FESTIVE ACCESSORIES | FASHION OVER 40Today was the dreaded but very necessary visit to the “female” doctor. When you live in a rural area like I do then going to a “specialty” doctor can be an all-day event. The doctor that I go to is two hours away. I can just hear most of you literally gasping at the thought. We are just used to driving long periods of time in order to do normal things that most of you take for granted. Since the nearest mall (not a large one by any means) is in the same area I also take at least an hour or so after my appointment and go shopping for a little while.50 IS NOT OLD | BRIGHT AND FESTIVE ACCESSORIES | FASHION OVER 40 Joe is on his way home from his golfing trip but I knew that I would have plenty of time to shop but I just wasn’t in the mood to buy clothing. Did I hear another gasp? I had cushions on my mind for the lounge chairs that we have out by the pool. We ordered these chaise loungers (a 2-pack) two years ago and they still look brand new. They are heavy and sturdy but they aren’t comfortable to lay on without a cushion. So, I decided to remedy that today. Joe will be surprised when he gets home and sees the lounge cushions. Even though he doesn’t like throw cushions you know that I had to pick up several of those too just to make everything look festive. Honestly, since I live beside the railroad track I am probably just wasting my money. At least I was smart enough to buy navy cushions for the chairs. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | BRIGHT AND FESTIVE ACCESSORIES | FASHION OVER 40This top by Halogen was in my Trunk Club shipment this past month but I ended up sending it back. Although navy is a very versatile color and I could really use a nice navy top, I just didn’t think this one was the one. I never like anything that gathers at the waist unless I can hide the gathering. I am at my widest through my waist and I don’t need anything bringing attention to that fact. If I was wearing a cardigan or a jacket that would hide my sides then I would wear the top. If you can’t see “exactly” where my sides are then your mind will think they are smaller than they really are. Lol! I did like the drop shoulder style sleeve but not enough to outweigh the waistline. The top is machine washable which is a plus and it just slips over the head for ease of putting on. 50 IS NOT OLD | BRIGHT AND FESTIVE ACCESSORIES | FASHION OVER 40Bright and colorful would be the perfect description for this month’s Plunder Posse. I didn’t think that I would like this set, in fact, I thought that I would probably just give this set away as a gift. Too bad for my DIL because I ended up loving it. Lol! In case you are new to my blog let me tell you what the Posse is. It is a subscription service that costs 25.00 per month including tax and shipping. Each month you will get between 1 – 3 pieces of jewelry. This month it was the earrings and necklace. You can enroll and un-enroll with no penalty or fees. The shipment occurs on the same date that you sign up. The gold tassel bracelet is the Mary Ellen. It is an 8″ bracelet cuff and the unique detail is the closure and the beaded tassel. I will be sending out the free Plunder jewelry to those who have made a purchase over 50.00 (excluding taxes and shipping) from the 1st of the month through the 15th. Then those who purchase from the 16th through the 31st will receive their free jewelry the first of June. That way I don’t get confused. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | BRIGHT AND FESTIVE ACCESSORIES | FASHION OVER 40 I ordered these Sam Edelman gold metallic slides back when I won the 1000.00 Nordstrom gift cards from R+F. It was winter time but I bought these to take on my trip to Cancun. It has been so long since I ordered them that they are not on the website any longer. I wasn’t sure how I would like the slides. I was afraid that when I walked that they would fly off. Lol! That hasn’t happened (yet) but it could at any time. Haha! I wore these to Nashville and when we went shopping at the mall I got several compliments on them. I even had one saleslady try to get me to let her buy them. Lol!!! No, she wasn’t just buttering me up because I didn’t buy anything in her store.

50 IS NOT OLD | BRIGHT AND FESTIVE ACCESSORIES | FASHION OVER 40 My Old Navy pixie pants are new this year. I haven’t been shopping much lately so I treated myself the other day and ordered a couple items online. Since I shop at Old Navy a lot I was familiar with what size I would wear. This is a watermelon color to me but the website calls it Dragonfruit Punch. This style pixie has a plain front with the slant pockets and I find it to be more flattering than some of the other styles. It has 5% spandex so that means that I order up one size. Normally I wear a 10 but I know that with this style pants to order a 12 and they fit perfect.
50 IS NOT OLD | BRIGHT AND FESTIVE ACCESSORIES | FASHION OVER 40As my 2-year anniversary gets closer an closer I have been thinking about my R+F business and how it has impacted my life. I love helping all of you feel better about yourselves and I get emails constantly telling me about how this blog has impacted your life. I am always amazed and so very grateful that you have found value in what I am doing. Building up confidence and encouraging women has become a passion of mine. I have been involved with women’s issues for a very long time in my woman’s club work but this is different. With the woman’s club, I don’t think that I ever met anyone that was directly impacted by something that I did or said. However, with the blog, I have been able to help so many women with their fashions and also their skincare. The two actually go hand in hand since both of these things bring about confidence. I have two women who recently became partners with me who have lost their jobs. I hope and pray that this business can help them through a very rough time in their lives. I love this business, I love helping women look better, feel better, and have some financial freedom. If you need any of that then just let me know, I would love nothing better than to just talk and see if this is a good fit for you.

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  1. Nicky turner Reply

    I think the top looks really really nice.. you should of kept it. 👍 x

  2. I think the top is very flattering Tania it draws your waist in and the navy color is very slimming I think if it had been a slight bit longer it might feel more balanced I would have kept it 😊 the navy and pink combo is lovely on you x

    • Tania Reply

      I think the other problem is that I have a long torso. When items are gathered they never seem to hit me in the right spot.

  3. I am with Tania and would not keep the top. You have many more things that make you look great and this top just does not look like a good fit.

    • Tania Reply

      Susie, if I don’t think that it looks good then it will bother me the whole day. I will fidget and tug at the top. That is why it went back.

  4. I am interested in some r and f. I have a ruddy complexion and have tried many products.

  5. I think the top makes your waist look smaller, and I love the color of those pixie pants! Very cute today!

  6. I love the outfit and the colors! Im not creative enough to think of combining those colors. The top is pretty and I think it looks great on you. However, I completely understand your feelings about the area around the waist. I’m with you. PS and BTW just wait til you reach the next decade! Ordering pants from Old Navy today! Thanks for helping me spend more money! (That’s what friends are for!)

    • Tania Reply

      Oh no, Nancy. Don’t tell me the next decade has some wonderful surprises for me. Lol!

  7. I have silver slides and love them! Great outfit today. Great colors and accessories. Best… Kathy

  8. Such a fun colour combo! I have to say after seeing several angles of this top that it was a keeper. I think it brought a definition to the narrowest part of your waist and was very flattering.

  9. The colors go well together and they look great on you, but I also agree about the top.. We all know when an outfit just clicks!!

  10. Love the jewelry you put with this…really sets it off. I think too you may have liked the top better if it had been a little longer so if you weren’t comfortable in it, best to send it back. I still would love you to do a hair tutorial as it is so cute and love the back of it also!!

  11. Angie Whitley Reply

    I love this total outfit! I have several navy tops and coral pants/jeans and have never thought to put those together! It looks so cute! I would LOVE to have that necklace and earrings! Can I order them from Plunder??
    Thanks! Angie

    • Tania Reply

      Thank, Angie. I really like pairing navy with coral, I think they “pop” off of each other. Yes, you can order the necklace and earrings. Just follow the link in the blog to the Plunder Posse. Pick a party that has my name in it. If you don’t want to be on the subscription service you can just log back in and cancel.

  12. I love your jewelry. Have been looking for something like this myself. I love that top, btw. I think actually it accents your waistline and creates a very pretty hourglass figure for you. You might reconsider this type of a waist gathered top, and also because it fits and is not blousy or droopy at the waist, which don’t work for me. But a fitted gather is ideal. I think it accents you very nicely. Your outfit is lovely.

  13. Charlcy Green Reply

    Love the outfit and cant wait to get my Possee! Hope your Dr. App. Went fine!

  14. I’m going to match my coral and navy pieces more this year because this has inspired me. I live 2 hours away from my doctor and great shopping too, so I completely understand!

  15. I just pinned one of your Plunder looks to my Getaway Style board on Pinterest. Wow, your Pinterest traffic is awesome! Congrats!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Mary. It still takes me by surprise when I am scrolling and see my face looking back at me. Lol!

  16. Hi Tania, what are the chances Plunder will restock the Frankie Bracelet? I of course am putting in an order for some great pieces, but came across this bracelet when looking at some of the options (Judith necklace). Do you have the Judith necklace? If so can you please use it in an upcoming fashion post?

    • Tania Reply

      Karen, I love the Frankie and was going to order it in my last order but it was out of stock. They will be re-stocking shortly and they send out emails to previous customers when they bring something back. I do not have the Judith yet. I am on the fence about it but when the Frankie gets back in stock I will probably order them both.

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