50 IS NOT OLD | THE NEVERFULL HANDBAG | FASHION OVER 40Wow! I feel so much better today. Wouldn’t you know that a weather front has been sitting over top of me since Monday and I have been all tight and tense. I felt like a cartoon character that you see that always has the rain cloud following him around. As you can see, I opened the box and took out my new LV handbag. I usually say purse but I feel like I need to be fancy and say handbag for this thing. Lol! Thank you gurls so much for all the encouraging comments that you made about the purchase. Who knew that the hardest thing that I have done to come out of my comfort zone was buying a purse? I thought that public speaking was hard but this was much harder. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | THE NEVERFULL HANDBAG | FASHION OVER 40Some of you mentioned that I “deserved” the handbag but that is not exactly correct. Instead, I am going with those who said that I “earned” the handbag because that is how I feel. I know that for some people that purchase could have been a house payment or a car payment so I think that is where the “guilt” comes in for me. I would never advocate not paying your bills to buy something frivolous. But, at the same time, if you work hard for your money and you have extra to spend on clothing, jewelry, handbags, or in my husband’s case, golf clubs, then go for it.  Life is short so eat the cake, smell the roses, and buy the purse. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | THE NEVERFULL HANDBAG | FASHION OVER 40I bought this crisp white top when I went on my trip to Nashville the other day. Of course, this was on clearance. Lol! I bought this and a couple other things at Ann Taylor and you just wait until you see some of the other things that I bought. I loved this top because of the sleeves. I liked the cut-out details and I also liked that it was long sleeved. I can wear this year around by simply raising or lowering the sleeves. I prefer to wear my sleeves at the 3/4 length because I think it actually makes you look thinner. Maybe that is all in my head but that is my story and I am sticking with it. Lol! This is cotton and machine washable but I can also see an iron in my future with this top. I guess there is a give and take to be had with this top.

50 IS NOT OLD | THE NEVERFULL HANDBAG | FASHION OVER 40Let me start by saying that I did not think that I would like these earrings when I ordered them or even when they came and I took them out of the box. However, once I put them on just to see what they looked like, I loved them. I can’t even tell you why exactly. Maybe it is the spot where they hang, or the shape of the opening that sits right at your chin level, or maybe it is the little tassels. Whatever it is, I like the Dawna statement earrings. They are navy with pink accent beads and navy tassels. The Lottie necklace is one that has been in Plunder for a while and it is still one of the favorites by my customers. Pearls can be worn with so many things and this necklace can be dressed up or worn with jeans, it is up to you. The multi-pearl bracelet is no longer available for purchase from Plunder. I had someone message me today about the bracelets that I wear on my left arm. These are Alex and Ani bracelets. Mine were gifts from Rodan + Fields but I do have several that I purchased from Alex and Ani myself. I love them. Also, if you noticed, I am wearing my latest present from R+F, my Apple Watch. I swear I was almost as excited to earn the Apple Watch as I was the Cancun trip. Almost, but not quite. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | THE NEVERFULL HANDBAG | FASHION OVER 40 My capri pants are navy and white and I am telling you that because it is so hard to tell navy from black sometimes. This was a pair that I got in my StitchFix box when I tried that subscription service. I love classic navy and white and even though these aren’t a “true” polka dot, they are at least close. These have the spandex stretch material added and they are pull-on. That means that they are comfortable and I can live with that. These pants could be worn dressy or casual, it is up to you and what kind of shoes and accessories you decide to pair with them. The brand of these pants is Margaret M in case you were wondering.

50 IS NOT OLD | THE NEVERFULL HANDBAG | FASHION OVER 40So, here is a picture of my new purse. It is the Neverfull and it came with a wristlet also. I have the purse sinched up on the sides using the straps. When you let that out then the bag will look like a huge tote. I always carry large bags so this is not an issue for me. This is the larger size called the GM but there are smaller versions also called the MM and the PM. I chose the classic monogram design on canvas with the tan interior. I almost went with the bright raspberry color but then decided that the pink was all I saw when I looked at the purse. If I am going to carry this for a long time I decided to keep it neutral so that I didn’t get tired of it.50 IS NOT OLD | THE NEVERFULL HANDBAG | FASHION OVER 40 I had a great time on my very first virtual Facebook event on Monday night and I meant to thank all of you who watched and supported me on there. If you missed it don’t worry because I will be having these events fairly often. I know that most of you can’t come to my house to see what R+F has to offer so I will come to your house, virtually that is. Lol!

I really appreciate all of the shares and the pins of my outfits that you have been doing. PLEASE continue to do that, you won’t believe the difference it has made in my number of visitors to my blog.

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  1. What a great find your blouse is and such a versatile item. Also love your accessories – I do wish I could wear earrings but i must be one of the few people in the entire world who has not got pierced ears lol. (scared to get that hole put in).

    • Tania Reply

      The sleeves are what sold me on the top. It reminds me of the one you were wearing on your Monday blog post.

  2. Love the purse. My daughter has always wanted a LV but they are so expensive, One of these days though she will have one. You worked hard and earned to enjoy this purchase. Congrats.

  3. The purse is the bomb! Enjoy carrying it. I totally understand guilt related to an item purchased for me! I would give the same amount of money to my children but for myself I gravitate to sales or not getting it at all. That’s not a bad thing but hard to overcome. So enjoy and don’t dwell on the cost it was an investment. Best…Kathy

    • Tania Reply

      I just told Joe that it was like him buying ANOTHER set of golf clubs. He just smiled then. Lol!

  4. Tania, I love the handbag! so you. I actually was scrolling with anticipation to see it and noticed the earrings first! great look today, glad to hear it is comfortable. do you still use an iron? I switched to a steamer years ago and love it!

  5. Looks like a comfy outfit and such cute earrings. I remember a couple years ago I bought a pair of jeans that cost $125 and all the time that she was ringing them up I knew I wasn’t comfortable paying that much. I had 30 days to return and….yep, they went back as I just couldn’t spend that on one pair of jeans. Now that you have the tags off your purse, there is no looking back so Enjoy it. I like how you can change the length of the handles.

  6. I have that LV purse and love it. While they are expensive they hold their value if you ever
    want to sell. I carried my first LV everyday for eight years and sold it for half of what I (or my Husband) paid for it . Enjoy!

    • Tania Reply

      I have a very old Louis that I bought from someone selling their’s many many years ago. It needs to be cleaned and spruced up. I guess I’ll have to look into how to do that.

  7. Jennifer Shelton Reply

    Adorable outfit!! Love the handbag!! Thanks for this blog, I so enjoy it it’s the first thing I read in the mornings with my cup of coffee!!

  8. Awesome handbag! They are a great investment. I’ve carried mine over a year and it looks the same as day 1. Your outfits are always inspirational…. thanks!

  9. Hi Tania, I know exactly how you feel about such an extravagant purchase. I felt the same way. I got my first Louis Neverfull for Christmas. A gift from my husband. It took me a while to carry it because I was afraid I would damage it in some way. Never in my life would I have thought a little girl that grew up on a mill village in Georgia would be able to afford something like that. You are right, life can be very short so eat dessert first and buy the handbag (or shoes). I love the Ann Taylor top. I might have to check out the Ann Taylor website! Have a great day.

    • Tania Reply

      That is exactly how I feel, Peggy. It is sprinkling rain and I don’t want to get it wet.

  10. You will love your Neverfull. I have carried mind almost every day for the past 2 years. A wonderful treat!

  11. I love this outfit, you look fantastic. What a cute top. As far as the “handbag” goes, I’m with you – just go for it. Its a beautiful bag. Look at it as an investment. Life is too short!!

  12. Love the LV! You have absolutely earned it. I love the outfit today. I believe it’s one of my favorites.

    • Tania Reply

      You are going to have to be more specific here Bonnie. There are a lot of magazines out there! Hahaha!!!

  13. Love the purse. We all know you keep things for years and years so just divide the cost by how many years you’ll carry it and it won’t seem so high. xoxo – sister

  14. I’m in the “earned it” bunch with you. You mentioned how it could be a car or house payment for some people. That’s what gets me too. I want to be a good steward of what God has given me. I also believe that we can work for things that make us happy. Sometimes that is a LV purse, or a pair of Louboutins. So, yes, you have earned that bag and you need to enjoy it! My daughter loves her Neverfull. I’m a Speedy girl myself.

    Loving that top, BTW!

    • Charlcy Green Reply

      Im so glad you found a splurge purse you wanted! It is really cute and how awesome to have a LV bag! Deserve, earn, want…its all true . You work very very hard and you keep all us girls going, so enjoy! I LOVE that top!

  15. If it makes you happy to have a LV bag, then be happy! You earned it! I bought a Beautiful tote today on sale for 10.00 and I was excited, mind you it was no LV…..but still made me happy! Haha! I’ve never been big on spending a lot of money on purses, I’d rather use that money on vacations , or something new for the house….. We all have different preferences. My hubby is always telling his friends, he hopes I never sell his golf clubs after he is gone, for what he told me he paid for them….lol….

  16. Wow that top is so pretty!! It looks so crisp and the details on the sleeves are so feminine! The pants are cute also and that handbag!! 😍

  17. I don’t find the box where I can enter my email address to get your daily blog.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Reba, for wanting to subscribe. I entered the email for you. However, you need to watch for a confirmation email to make sure that this was something that YOU wanted and that I just don’t start entering people’s emails at random. Lol! If you don’t get it soon you will need to look in your junk or spam folder since email services just assume that bloggers are all spam.

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