50 IS NOT OLD | DON'T FADE INTO THE BACKGROUND | FASHION OVER 40Fading into the background is a real issue with women as they age. We have put so much time and energy into raising our families, building careers, or taking care of our husbands that we don’t have an identity of our own. We are known as “her” mom or “his” mom or maybe “his” wife, etc. that some people might not even know that you have a name much less an identity. I know when we moved to Grundy back in 1992 that Joe’s mom experienced this to some degree. She was an elementary teacher and she also taught college courses but when we moved back she became “Joe’s Mom.” 50 IS NOT OLD | DON'T FADE INTO THE BACKGROUND | FASHION OVER 40She was very very proud of Joe but she had also worked hard to become her own person. I think that it might have bothered her a tiny bit because she said that she thought about having personalized license plates that said, “JoesMom.” Once our “role” of mom or wife or accountant, etc. is over how do we become ourselves again? Do you even know who you are? Maybe this is where the poem about wearing purple when I am old comes from. Or, maybe it is just about being able to express yourself and not giving a flip about what others think. Either way, when you are wearing these pants, you won’t be fading into the background anytime soon. Lol!!! 50 IS NOT OLD | DON'T FADE INTO THE BACKGROUND | FASHION OVER 40Today I am wearing my birthday suit! Lol! Today, I turn 58 years young and now I can just hear the Ray Stevens song now saying, “Don’t look Ethel!” Hahaha! Joe is on a golfing trip so this morning before he goes golfing I think I am going to send him a text that says that I will be sending him a picture of me in my birthday suit. I really doubt if he is going to expect to get this picture. That makes me giggle just to think about it. Because I have on soooo much color on the bottom half I decided to just go with white on the top half. This is an old top and I think it came from Cato’s several years ago. I bought it because of the details that made it stand out. In this top, the details are the raw fringe look at the sleeves, the crochet trim in the center and also the crochet lace hemline. Be on the lookout for clothing that has details that make it stand out from all the rest.

50 IS NOT OLD | DON'T FADE INTO THE BACKGROUND | FASHION OVER 40I am mixing a little old and new together today in my jewelry. The two bright yellow bangles are vintage bakelite and I have been collecting bakelite bracelets for a long time. They are unique and I love them. The turquoise earrings and bracelets are discontinued items from Plunder. Plunder just announced its new spring and summer line and this 5 strands multi-colored necklace was one of my very first purchases. I love the Nettie necklace because it is fun and also because it will go with almost anything. It is adjustable from 24″ to 27″ long which means you can just put it on over your head without having to worry about a clasp. I love that!!!  May is my 2nd year anniversary with Plunder and I am celebrating all month long. When you make a 50.00 purchase (excluding taxes and shipping) you will receive a FREE piece of jewelry from me as a gift! Join me in the business of Plunder Design this month and I will gift you 2 pieces of jewelry. Go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and hit the shop tab. Pick a party with my name on it and then have fun.

50 IS NOT OLD | DON'T FADE INTO THE BACKGROUND | FASHION OVER 40Who is bold enough to wear these pants??? I love them, they are so colorful and fun! This wide leg crop pant could be dressy enough for work or just fun for an afternoon going shopping. They are a flowy crepe material and are machine washable. You have a wide variety of colors to choose to wear with this pant and I added a turquoise crop cardigan to show a different look. You can choose to be wild with these pants or more sedated by the color you choose to wear with them. Black or navy would really tone down the look. There is a sash belt that comes with the pants but since my waist is my widest part I chose not to highlight that fact. Lol! If you are looking to stand out and not fade into the background then these pants are perfect. And, they are actually very affordable.

50 IS NOT OLD | DON'T FADE INTO THE BACKGROUND | FASHION OVER 40My little fashionista granddaughter came over to visit. She might be a fashionista but she is still having trouble figuring out which foot her shoes go on. Lol! She wanted to know where I was holding my birthday party and just couldn’t understand why I wasn’t having one. Lol! I told her not to worry because I would make sure that she got a piece of cake. That is really what she was worried the most about. Haha!50 IS NOT OLD | DON'T FADE INTO THE BACKGROUND | FASHION OVER 40 There is one good thing about blogging every day and taking your picture. I have an easy reference to look back and see what I looked like a year or two ago. Tonight is when I am going to go live on Facebook at 9:00 pm EST.  I will be telling you why I started R+F, about the business, and going over some of the products with you. I will also be having giveaways and a special deal for those that attend since it is my birthday. I will be giving away a full-size Active Hydration Serum and a Bright Eye Complex along with a few other goodies. Here is the link to join. I hope you will come out to support me and cheer me on. BTW, Joe is out of town so it will just be us gurls. I hope to keep this around 30 minutes or less but I know that I get carried away sometimes when I am talking about R+F. Hahaha!!!

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  1. Love you in your birthday suit! All those lovely cheerful colours. They give the appearance of being much taller and are very flattering. Big bonus machine washable and with so many colours you can wear numerous different coloured tops. Have a lovely birthday. Jill x

  2. You certainly won’t fade into the background Tania and with your blog you have encouraged your “gurls” not to either 😊 have a very happy birthday and I hope you have a lovely day 🎂🥂😘

  3. Happy Birthday! 🎉 The pants are definitely bold and I think the last two photos with the turquoise cardi look better than just the white blouse – beautiful as always though. 🙂 Have a blessed day.

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday Tania! I agree with Angie on adding the cardigan. It really pulls the outfit together. I’m looking forward to watching your live event tonight!

  5. Angie Chronister Reply

    Celebrate BIG for your birthday! I love the pants. I like the cardi best. Looks more “put together” & makes you look tall & lean. 😀

  6. Happy Birthday!!!! Love the outfit with the sweater the best! Those pants…. awesome! Have a very happy birthday and blessed year ahead!!

  7. Happy birthday! Yes the top came from Catos about 5 years ago ….I have the same one lol and I love it

  8. Karen Miller Reply

    Happy Birthday! Love the outfit, either way! By the way, you look amazing!

  9. Happy birthday! You look great and the pants/sweater outfit is the bomb! Best… Kathy

  10. Bdickes Designs Reply

    Happy Birthday Tonia! Love the way you styled them in the last picture. Not sure if I could wear them that wide but I would wear the color.

  11. Ramona Puckett Reply

    Happy Birthday, Tania! Today is my daughter’s birthday, also. Love this outfit!

  12. Ella J GREENMAN Reply

    Happy Birthday, I love the pants. I bought some similar ones but haven’t been brave enough to wear them yet. I think I’ll give them a try thanks to your encouragement. 🙂

  13. Happy Birthday Tania! These pants rock and so do you! Yes, I definitely would wear them. Because of you I bought palazzo pants a couple of years ago in a boldly coloured paisley that I still wear and love. p.s.I’m not waiting to wear purple. I wear it all the time!

  14. Happy Birthday, Tania! 🎉 Are you letting your hair grow? Looks darling! Your granddaughter is following in your footsteps, she’s a mini-me of you! Have a fabulous day, love your style.

  15. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!! The turquoise cardi just really brings the whole outfit together!!!

  16. 🎈🎂Happy Birthday Tania!!! 🎈🎂 Love, love your outfit!! Since I have been reading your blogs, I’ve gone out of my “comfort zone” when it comes to color choice – I wanted to thank you!! Also, you really hit the nail on head when it comes to your topic for today.
    Have a beautiful day and enjoy!!

  17. Happy Birthday Tania,hope you have a wonderful day. Cute outfit today🎉

  18. Happy Birthday, Tania! You are a breath of fresh air! Love the pants. Think I’d be more inclined to wear them if they were full length. Though in either case, I can hear my husband calling them “clown pants”–lol! Joe will no doubt get a kick out of your birthday suit pic. You really ARE aging backward!!!! A very beautiful 58!

  19. Perfect colorful outfit for your birthday…our granddaughter is all about the cake too for anybody’s birthdays since that is a special treat that she doesn’t get very often. Happy Birthday and enjoy your day!

  20. Happy Happy Birthday, Tania! 🥂 I love that wide leg pants are coming back into style. I just bought a pair for summer. =)

  21. Happy Birthday 🎈. Those pictures are amazing. You look great. Cute outfit, especially with the cardigan.

  22. I absolutely Love you’re outfit!!! I hav a long pair of pants like that!

  23. Carrie Wallace Reply

    Happy birthday Tania and wishes for many more happy years to come. Enjoy!

    • Charlcy Green Reply

      You know I totally love this fun outfit, especially w the turquoise sweater! It is so summery and fun, and I could have really used it on my recent vacation where you were sometimes very hot and at evening very chilly! I hope you have the happiest of birthdays you dear, bold, beautiful, enterprising, funny and generous blogging friend of ours!! You inspire us all in so many ways! Happy Birthday to “notjustJoeswife”!

  24. 🎉Happy birthday 🎉 I don’t think you could ever fade to the background. Have fun celebrating being 58 and beautiful

  25. Happy Birthday Tania! Love the outfit and still enjoying your blog after a couple of years!

  26. Happieat of birthdays to you and thank you for bringing us all along by sharing your blog!

  27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANIA!!🎉🎂Please make time to have cake with your grandaughter!!! Enjoy!!!!

  28. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Happy Birthday to you! You just keep getting better every year! Like fine wine!! Have a wonderful day and enjoy your cake

  29. Happy Birthday, Tania. Today is my granddaughters 6th birthday. Mine is the 23rd. What a difference R&F has made you look beautiful! Love the outfit today with the cardigan. Have a wonderful day. Love, Jeni

  30. I would have left those pants on the rack – and MISSED OUT on so much! They’re gorgeous on you and I’m inspired!! I especially love it with that adorable white shirt and necklace! TRULY the perfect summer outfit!

  31. The Funny Things is, I just got me a pair similar to the capri’s you have on………I So Love Them……..I bought a blue with trim shirt to wear with them, but after seeing You, I am definitely going to try the white too…….I am a little older than You, but I still feel So Young……Sure, I have some down days, but Overall , I feel Great, keep myself fixed up & am now in the process of cleaning & planting flowers…….Washed my own car last week…….I Hope YOU have THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER…….LOVE & HUGGS & TY FOR ALL YOU DO FOR US….GOD BLESS……

  32. Happy Birthday, Tania! Now we’re the same age. 😉 Hope you have a great celebration, whichever day it ends up being. Btw, you and your mini-me granddaughter are both adorable in that pic!

  33. Linda Snyders Reply

    Happy Birthday. You look gorgeous. Love your daily email. 🎂🎂🎂

  34. Happiest of birthdays to you! Prayers for many more! You look beautiful and the pants are fabulous!

  35. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tania!! You look fabulous! Love the outfit… esp with the turquoise sweater!

  36. Happy Birthday Tania! Hope you get a chance to celebrate with a nice glass of wine (or 2) lol .

  37. Kim blackwell Reply

    Happy birthday! I just turned 60. Kinda hard but oh well I’m enjoying my life! Love the pants especially with the stunning blue sweater!

  38. Melissa Currie Reply

    Happy birthday, Tania!!!!! God bless you real good on your special day! I hope it is filled with love, fun, friends and family!

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