50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A BUTTON DOWN IN A MODERN FASHION | FASHION OVER 40I had to laugh at some of the comments that were made when I was on my trip to Nashville the other day. You know that my Energizer Bunny Friend and I travel together to events but we also met up with a couple of ladies from nearby counties. We rented an apartment and the four of us had a great time. We went out to eat each night and hit the shopping malls during the day. Lol! What could possibly be more fun?
50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A BUTTON DOWN IN A MODERN FASHION | FASHION OVER 40 While we were at dinner one night one of the ladies looked at me and said, “Can I ask you something and you tell me the truth?” That is always a scary start to a question because you have no idea where this is leading. I simply said that I would try, go ahead and ask. She said, “have you been using Botox?” Hahahahaha! I am glad that I didn’t have anything to drink in my mouth because I cracked up laughing. These are Rodan + Fields consultants so you would think that they would know that I don’t use Botox. I told her no and then she said, “well, you don’t show any aging at all in your face (I wish she had stopped right there) and the only place you show any aging at all in on your chest.” Well, yay and crap all at once. Lol! I guess I need to start using the products on my chest. Hahaha! Anyway, then one of them said, “Is that why you named your blog, Not Old?” Ooooh, that was a great point and I wish I could have said YES, but I hadn’t even heard of R+F when I started the blog. I guess when I first started the blog that it was just wishful thinking on my part. Lol! I was thinking more about attitude than actual looks but I’ll take either one or even better, BOTH!. I will be having a live Facebook virtual party on Monday night and I will tell you more at the end of the blog.50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A BUTTON DOWN IN A MODERN FASHION | FASHION OVER 40 I loved this cotton-blend button-up shirt by Halogen. It is crisp and white and perfect for summer. The added double ruffle statement sleeve adds character and style to just a normal white blouse. This one is collarless but I opened up the neckline to have the v-neck showing. I love a v-neck!!! This is the shorter crop style top that is so popular right now. It is also a high-low top since the front of the top is a couple inches shorter than the back. Instead of tucking in the top or leaving it to hang straight I decided to tie the top in a knot. This reminded me of Rosie the Riveter. Lol! I should have worn a bandana also to complete the look. Hahaha! This is machine washable and I am wearing a large. The shirt also comes in black, coral, and even a stripe.

50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A BUTTON DOWN IN A MODERN FASHION | FASHION OVER 40This is a different look for the statement earrings than I have been wearing. These Jeanette earrings have a 4″ long drop and they are either black and white or dark gray and white striped. I am not sure which and it is so close that it really doesn’t matter. I love how they dangle and move when you walk. The matching Marissa necklace is in a gold bar design with dangling charms and even a small tassel along with a striped disc. You can buy the items separately or you can buy the Darby set. By buying the set you will save 10.00. There are several different sets that combine up to 3 different items and they are very reasonable. Be sure to check those out. May is my 2nd year anniversary with Plunder and I am celebrating all month long. When you make a 50.00 purchase (excluding taxes and shipping) you will receive a FREE piece of jewelry from me as a gift! Join me in the business of Plunder Design this month and I will gift you 2 pieces of jewelry. Go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and hit the shop tab. Pick a party with my name on it and then have fun. 50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A BUTTON DOWN IN A MODERN FASHION | FASHION OVER 40Normally, I would wear a more casual shoe with this look. But, I decided to style it with a dressier shoe just to give you another option. Sometimes you just have to try something different and see what you think. I could have worn a plain black or a plain white pump and it would look cute. I also thought about wearing a pair of red espadrilles but I couldn’t locate them because I haven’t put all of my summer shoes out yet. Lol! In the end, I decided to put on these beautiful G.I.L.I. asymmetrical pumps.

50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A BUTTON DOWN IN A MODERN FASHION | FASHION OVER 40I am wearing a pair of black pixie pants from Old Navy. These are the stretch version with spandex and not the chino version. I will size up from my normal size 10 to a 12 when I wear the stretch version. These are a mid-rise ankle pant and I like the fact that they have pockets. I hate pants that don’t have at least a small pocket even though I hardly ever put anything in the pockets. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A BUTTON DOWN IN A MODERN FASHION | FASHION OVER 40I am going to go live in Facebook on my birthday, which is Monday night the 14th. I am always preaching about getting out of your comfort zone so I am trying to be an example. I will be going live at 9:00 pm EST and I will be telling you why I started R+F, about the business, and going over some of the products with you. I will also be having giveaways and a special deal for those that attend since it is my birthday. I will be giving away a full-size Active Hydration Serum and a Bright Eye Complex along with a few other goodies. Here is the link to join and there will also be a special giveaway for those who invite their friends. Be sure to ask them first, I don’t want anyone added to the group that doesn’t want to be there. Lol! People can get ill when that happens. I hope you will come out to support me and cheer me on. BTW, Joe will be out of town (don’t worry though, I bought myself a VERY nice present for him to give me) so it will just be us gurls. I hope to keep this around 30 minutes or less but I know that I get carried away sometimes when I am talking about R+F. Hahaha!!!

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  1. That shirt will possibly become one of your go to items for many years to come. If looks great especially unusual sleeves. It’s one of those shirts that will always look new. Good luck with your Facebook live, I may not be able to join you as I don’t know the time difference for here in the UK.

    • Tania Reply

      I think the classic button-up is such a wonderful look and the ruffled sleeves just add so much style to it. You can always go back and watch the replay but R+F doesn’t ship to the UK YET! They are really focusing on expanding globally so it might not be long until they do.

  2. Really nice outfit. Love your shoes. Again. I’m a shoe freak. I worry about my neck/chest too because of sun and aging. If you know of anything to help that please pass along.

  3. This outfits colors, proportions and heels all combine for a slimming and classy look. Reminds me of Hollywood stars of the Golden Age.

    • Tania Reply

      I told Joe that I am going to start using Redefine on my chest. That is a sensitive area for me so I am crossing my fingers that my skin will tolerate it.

  4. Tracy Iredale Reply

    It’s true you dont look a day over 25. Jealous really! You need to do a side by side comparison before r&f and today. I wish i could afford that stuff, but you honey, are precious!

    • Tania Reply

      Awww, thanks so much, Tracy! That is so sweet especially since Monday will be the big 58 for me.

  5. I always struggle with the tie in front. However do you do it without ending up with a gap where your tummy shows? Guess I need a tutorial!

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