50 IS NOT OLD | WOULD YOU WEAR A JUMPSUIT | FASHION OVER 40Sooooo, the first night in Nashville was so much fun up until the point that I thought I was literally going to die. We went to eat at a nice seafood restaurant called the Fin and Pearl. When we started talking about getting an Uber one of the ladies mentioned going downtown and checking out the world famous Tootsies Orchid Lounge. Sounds fun, right? The Uber dropped us off and there were people everywhere! It was amazing to see that many people out on the streets since it was a Monday night. When we went up to the entrance it was packed and there was a line waiting to get in. Then we saw a separate entrance that took you to the second floor.50 IS NOT OLD | WOULD YOU WEAR A JUMPSUIT | FASHION OVER 40 I looked up and there were like 3 flights of stairs that you had to go up. Off took Energizer Bunny Friend flying up the steps and not looking back to see if we were following her. One of the ladies with us said there was no way that she was going up all of those steps. The other lady with us said that she couldn’t leave her friend down on the street alone so she wasn’t going up either. Well crap, I couldn’t leave EBF alone so I took off after her. I made it up there and we only stayed a minute before we headed back down to be with the other ladies. They had decided to go to a different place a couple doors down that wasn’t quite as crowded. When we got to the next place guess how you had to go in??? Up an even longer set of stairs!!! They all took off and I huffed and puffed and huffed some more before I finally made it all the way to the top. Then a hot flash started, then the claustrophobic panic started setting in, then I started to feel nauseous. I thought I was going to throw up with all of those people around and that would not have been something that I wanted to post on the blog. Lol! I found a chair and got a glass of ice water and in a few minutes, I was feeling back to normal. In about 30 minutes we thankfully left to go back to the apartment we had rented. Want to guess where my bedroom was? Yep, you guessed it…….up 3 flights of stairs. My booty better be looking good by the time I get back home is all I can say. Hahaha!
50 IS NOT OLD | WOULD YOU WEAR A JUMPSUIT | FASHION OVER 40Do you like to wear a jumpsuit? It is like a dress in the fact that it is a one-piece garment. Pick out one item and you are done except for shoes and accessories. However, unlike a dress, you don’t have to worry about your slip showing or your legs needing to be shaved. Lol! BUT, the biggest drawback that I have with a jumpsuit is the whole bathroom issue. The palm or island print is almost as big this year as floral prints. This is by Vince Camuto and it is super cute. I like the belt at the waist, the side pockets, and the fact that it is machine washable. It is sleeveless but the way it is made, you could easily wear a top under this if you don’t like having your upper arms showing.
50 IS NOT OLD | WOULD YOU WEAR A JUMPSUIT | FASHION OVER 40Here are a few pieces of the new Spring line of Plunder Design jewelry. The Edna earrings are as light as a feather because they are feathers. Lol! The light and airy white feathers have a 5″ drop and they are cute as a button. I paired them with the Reece gold disc necklace. I have the necklace doubled here but when worn long it is up to 34″ long. I really like the long white tassel and this will be gorgeous on a black shirt or dress. May is my 2nd year anniversary with Plunder and I am celebrating all month long. When you make a 50.00 purchase (excluding taxes and shipping) you will receive a FREE piece of jewelry from me as a gift! Join me in the business of Plunder Design this month and I will gift you 2 pieces of jewelry. Go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and hit the shop tab. Pick a party with my name on it and then have fun. 50 IS NOT OLD | WOULD YOU WEAR A JUMPSUIT | FASHION OVER 4050 IS NOT OLD | WOULD YOU WEAR A JUMPSUIT | FASHION OVER 40

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  1. I usually love your put together look, but I gotta say this isn’t one of them. I don’t know anyone who looks good in a jumpsuit. It’s pretty much shapeless, which just isn’t flattering. Maybe a short jacket or cropped sweater would break it up. The earrings would be ok, but that necklace is just overpowering. Maybe with something simple and black.
    I’m typically of the “don’t say anything if it’s not nice” school of thought, but this was so out of character, I just had to. Thanks for all your ideas even though I feel this one missed the mark.

  2. I love this jumpsuit! , so much so, I’m going to look for one….I haven’t wore a jumpsuit since I was a teenager ! I seen a cute one from Old Navy, I hope it’s on sale! Lol…. Have a great day Tania!

  3. Karen Mulhern Reply

    PLEASE don’t run up 3 flights of stairs again and PLEASE contact your Dr. when you get back to let him/ her know of your symptoms when you did so. As a nurse and someone who enjoys reading your posts, I feel like I had to comment. I don’t want to be an alarmist, but we’d all like to keep you around😎.

  4. I love this jumpsuit and I think it looks great on you! So springy and refreshing! My daughter (almost 16) is wearing a solid black pantsuit tonight for her band concert at school. It has some ruffles and detailing also so that it’s not boring or matronly. She’s a little hesitant because that style hasn’t completely caught on here yet but it looks great on her! Thanks for showing us some different options!

  5. I have been eyeing up a shorts jumpsuit, the one you have on is a similar print, so I am loving it today. The very first thing I noticed was the necklace! Total love! I also love those shoes, you look great today. I am glad you survived your adventure.

  6. Lovely jumpsuit but not fr me +I dont think the earrings + necklace go with it….its too much….praps something smaller….love yr blog😊

  7. You are rockin’ that jumpsuit! Love the look! Stairs are my nemesis; good for you on conquering them.

  8. You are too Funny. Loved the comment about your booty!!
    Cute outfit, but I agree on the Bathroom issue !!

  9. I dont think I could deal with the potty issue of taking it all down to go☺️ It is a nice summery print tho.

  10. I know jumpsuits have made a come back and though I think this one you’re wearing is beautiful the whole bathroom thing is an issue for me…especially when you’re trying to increase your water intake 😉

  11. Love the jumpsuit! I think the necklace is too much and an odd length. But everything else is gorgeous.

  12. I thought No Way when the headline said jumpsuit, but then I saw the pictures. I love this cool, gorgeous look, and you look like perfection in it. But it’s to be worn out “somewhere”, and restrooms these days seem to be getting more cramped and less clean all the time, and it’s hard to imagine how to successfully work a jumpsuit under those unfriendly conditions. But, wow, this is a great look!

  13. Such a pretty print on this jumpsuit but I will stick with a maxi so I don’t have to worry about the tush view from the back as I feel like jumpsuits accentuates that area and definitely not what I want to draw attention too…LOL I think I would go with a smaller necklace also like some have already mentioned. Extra credit to you for exercise for doing stair climbs !

  14. Love the print on the jumpsuit and really love those earrings with it! I’ve been eyeing those on the plunder website but not sure if I’m bold enough to wear them. I won’t wear a jumpsuit either because of the bathroom issue. Lol!

  15. You look adorable and very stylish! I’m happy jumpsuits are back in style!

  16. I like jumpsuits but I must say that as soon as I saw pictures I thought it just didn’t flatter your nice figure. And I hate to be negative. The colors are pretty on you and it looks super comfy but I’m sure there’s one out there that will suit you better. Otherwise you look pretty as ever. Hate that you had rough evening in Nashville. It’s always crazy on “the strip” no matter what night it is. Look forward to more fun stories. You’re trips alone make R & F interesting to me.

  17. Though I am all for honesty… Fashion is an expression of oneself. I say if it makes you feel fabulous as long as it is appropriate, go for it! I might make other suggestions if it were a major event but for day to day… I think you look super cute and I love that you try different things like the feather earrings! Be bold blessed and fabulous!

  18. Katalin Gerstenberger Reply

    Lol, I would NOT wear one…. and the reason is simple; I’m too lazy to undress every time I have to go… Lol! But I like the look on others and I adore the one you are wearing! Lovely colors and pattern! Not run of the mill!

  19. On jumpsuits in general, as long as you don’t have to use the bathroom, you might be okay. Another problem with them, (I did wear a few back in the 70’s, but never again), is that they are cut ‘in general’ for an ‘in general’ body shape. So, if you’re long wasted, the body of the suit is usually too tight, top to bottom, if you know what I mean. If you’re high wasted, the waste part of the suit doesn’t hit in the proper spot, just as it doesn’t with long wasted. Yours looks good in blue and white, which are always great colors on you. But, for comfort, personally, I will pass.

  20. Teresa Spivey Reply

    I love the jumpsuit on you, but I think the jewelry is too much. You look very slim in that jumpsuit!

  21. I love the pantsuit and I think you look great in it. I don’t love the jewerly. I think with this large print, the jewerly should be understated. Enjoy hearing your stories.

  22. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Love this whole look! Those earrings are amazing! Not too much jewelry with the outfit. I love it all!

  23. You look darling! I have to say, though, as much as I wore jumpsuits when I was in my 20s, I don’t now. And they are sssssoooooooooooo cute! I just hate having to undress to go to the bathroom. It just irks me. FYI, I wore a chambray jumpsuit and red heels on my first date with my now husband. He wore a madras plaid shirt and khaki pants. It’s weird that I remember that, right? LOL

    • I guess I should’ve said that our first date was in May, 1988. Now you understand why it’s weird that I remember. Ha!

  24. Rhonda Christopher Reply

    You look amazing in this jumpsuit! I agree, its an easy go-to solution….no coordinating of a blouse and slacks. It has that effortlessly put together look. Perfect!

  25. I’m so glad you wore a jumpsuit!!! How pretty! I love jumpsuits, and will look for one at Ross on senior discount day lol!

  26. love your blog,look forward to it every day,have purchased a few of you suggestions,the blue lace dress from Chadwicks,got so many compliments on,but the Black hi-low dress from Halston Wow,could not compliment a figure better,I wear a size 10 or Medium in most clothes,but they only has a size x-small I love it,would never have brought anything like this,if not for you,I feel like you are my fashion police LOL

  27. Rebecca Purdie Reply

    I bought a denim “romper” I guess you call it, from Target. It is a one piece short set. Not to short. It was around 25.00. Hope I looks as good as you do.

  28. I agree with Diana! I am tall and long-waisted, so either the legs of the jumpsuit looks like high-water britches, or the body length is way too short. And the whole bathroom thing! Maybe jumpsuits should be made like onesies for babies with snaps in the crochet, lol! This one does look cute on you but I agree with the other comments about the necklace not big a great choice. Thanks for all your posts!

    • Charlcy Green Reply

      Ooh, I love jumpsuits and just worw one last night. Looks adorable w all those cute accessories!

  29. Rosemary Carpenter Reply

    Love jumpsuits butvthecprice on this is way out of my league! Have one in Navy that I paid only 20-25 for been looking for more ever since, about two years!

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