50 IS NOT OLD | NASHVILLE BOUND | FASHION OVER 40You have probably seen the commercial where the Energizer Bunny is playing the drum and it says, “It keeps going and going.” There is one of those commercials where the bunny runs out of battery power and just kind of comes to a complete stop. When I was traveling with my Energizer Bunny Friend yesterday I felt like I was watching that commercial in real life. The bunny was grinding to a halt. 50 IS NOT OLD | NASHVILLE BOUND | FASHION OVER 40EBF had good reason to need some fresh batteries since she had been gone all weekend with several competition cheer teams. Her daughter is a member of one of the teams and they were performing at the US finals. This was the first year that Buchanan County had a cheer gym and the fact that they even qualified to go to the US finals is unbelievable. AND, one team placed 3rd and the other three placed 2nd!!! Pretty stinking incredible for the first year. Anyway, EBF left Virginia Beach early Monday morning around 5:00 am and then picked me up along the Interstate ( I was the one with my thumb stuck out and a Nashville or Bust sign) and then we drove on to Nashville. By the time we arrived in Nashville, she had been awake and driving for around 13 hours. She told me that she would still be able to outlast me and I told her to talk to me again in 20 years. It is hard to keep up with these younger girls. Whew!!! Keeps me young though.50 IS NOT OLD | NASHVILLE BOUND | FASHION OVER 40 Florals are everywhere in the fashion industry right now. Normally, the clothing will be bright and several different colors. However, this maxi dress is more subdued and almost monotone with using different shades of blue. This dress was in my Trunk Club shipment last month and I am just now getting around to showing the pictures. I had thought about taking this with me to Cancun because it just looks like a vacation dress to me but in the end, I didn’t because it is a heavier weight fabric. This was by Michael Kors and I don’t see it on the website any longer but you know that I found you some similar dresses.

50 IS NOT OLD | NASHVILLE BOUND | FASHION OVER 40The statement earring is also the BIG thing this year. This particular light blue pair is not in the current Plunder Design catalog because this was a special purchase as a Plunder Posse. The short necklace and another pair of earrings were that months special. The Posse is a monthly subscription service that is 25.00 (including taxes and shipping) and it will include 1 to 3 items. The longer necklace was a special purchase so you need to remember to check that tab to see what they have available. Once the special sells out it won’t be available again. May is my 2nd year anniversary with Plunder and I am celebrating all month long. When you make a 50.00 purchase (excluding taxes and shipping) you will receive a FREE piece of jewelry from me as a gift! Join me in the business of Plunder Design this month and I will gift you 2 pieces of jewelry. Go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and hit the shop tab. Pick a party with my name on it and then have fun. 50 IS NOT OLD | NASHVILLE BOUND | FASHION OVER 40I love my lattice style heels. These are some that I have had for at least a year or more. They are by Marc Fisher and whenever I wear these I always get a compliment. They are some of Joe’s favorites on me so I’ll take that. These are sexy and edgy which are two traits that I wouldn’t mind having. LOL!!!


50 IS NOT OLD | NASHVILLE BOUND | FASHION OVER 40I can’t wait for the BIG event to start tonight. It should have lots of gorgeous ladies with some beautiful dresses. I hope to gets some pictures of their dresses for you gurls to see. I am sure that there will be a wide array from the normal to the over-the-top (no, I am not talking about me.) Stay tuned for (crossing my fingers) pictures!50 IS NOT OLD | NASHVILLE BOUND | FASHION OVER 40 They literally tried to kill me our first night in town. Tune in tomorrow and see what they did to me and if I survived. Lol!!!

May is my BIRTHDAY month AND also my Rodan + Fields 2-year anniversary! Oh my goodness, can you say, “celebrating all month long!!!” It is MY birthday and anniversary month but you are going to be the beneficiaries.

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  1. Joyce Collins Reply

    Love your blog and also am member of plunder posse. Received the necklace set last month and love it. By plenty of complements when I wore set to church be Sunday.

  2. I can just see you along the highway with your thumb out hitch hiking! You made me laugh! I like the dress but love the color on you. Enjoy your time away.. Best…Kathy

  3. The dress is lovely on you and very slenderizing. Have fun in Nashville!

  4. What a beautiful maxi…I love wearing them as they are so comfortable. I am seeing a lot of that style of earring. Hope you are having nice weather on your trip

  5. Beautiful dress! Also the mobile Plunder site doesn’t seem to be working. None of the shop links do anything. I’m at work so my phone is the only way I can shop right now!

  6. You look fantastic! Great color on you. Enjoy Nashville….. it’s a great city!.

  7. Teresa Spivey Reply

    I think that is one of my favorite dresses on you. I love the ease and comfort of the maxi dress. Have fun, be safe!

  8. It’s such a nice photo and that dress looks fab on you!! Blue is definitely your color!!

  9. Shirley Click Reply

    Been meaning to tell you I love you in that little hot pink dress. Not sure what’s up with Joe saying you look frumpy but I think he’s absolutely wrong on that little remark!

  10. Absolutely beautiful on you Tania very classy 😌 I got a floral maxi for holidays I always wear flats with a maxi but seeing yours with a heel sandal I’m going to give it a go 😁 loving the Angelina Jolie pose 😋

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