50 IS NOT OLD | CROP TOP WITH GROMMETS | FASHION OVER 40Happy Saturday everyone!!! It looks like it is going to rain all stinking day so I guess I will be getting a lot of my laundry caught up from being on vacation. I have been waiting to tell you all this story that happened while we were in Cancun. Joe thinks that I have forgotten but I can tell you that I am like an elephant when it comes to some things, I am not about to forget this anytime soon. Rodan and Fields were hosting a farewell celebration party the last night that “most” people were there. The dress code said cocktail but I know a lot of the ladies were going to wear the long flowey maxi dresses like you see on the beach. 50 IS NOT OLD | CROP TOP WITH GROMMETS | FASHION OVER 40I took several things to wear but I already had one dress in mind for this event. It was hot pink so it would be noticeable, it was sleeveless so I wouldn’t be hot, it was shorter but not too short, and it fit me really well. I got completely dressed with my hair and makeup already done and was ready to walk out the door when he said, “I don’t like you in that dress.” What the what!!! Here is where I wore it the last time. He told me that the ruffles made me look frumpy. I was livid! He waited until we were ready to walk out the door and then HE became the fashion know-it-all. I yanked off the dress and went to see what I had left that I hadn’t already worn. I pulled on this Eliza J dress, which I love, but I didn’t love it for the occasion. Also, in the picture of this dress, it looks much shorter than it was on me. Mine was all the way to my knees and that made me look frumpy in my opinion. I intend to have it altered about 3 or 4 inches to make it a little shorter. The rest of the evening did not go well. He knew that he had stepped in it but it was too late. Then he tried to get me to put it back on. Was he nuts???? Does anyone else have a husband like mine? You know, the kind that doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut! Lol!!! I told him that I didn’t ask him for his opinion and the next time to just keep it to himself! 50 IS NOT OLD | CROP TOP WITH GROMMETS | FASHION OVER 40This picture was taken AFTER I had a glass of wine. I was still made but I was feeling some better. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | CROP TOP WITH GROMMETS | FASHION OVER 40Remember the white dress that I wore in Cancun with the grommets down the side, (here) well I like this top just as much if not better. This cute, flirty crop top is by Umgee. I bought this at a local boutique when she posted online a picture. I immediately send her a private message and told her to hold it back for me. I loved the grommet and laced-up look but the coral color is what sold me. The color coral is so bright and it just screams summer at me. The cropped style shirts are really popular this year. This one is about as short as I want to wear one but this length looks cute and youthful. I am always up for cute and youthful! This top comes in three colors, white, mint, and they call this strawberry. 50 IS NOT OLD | CROP TOP WITH GROMMETS | FASHION OVER 40I have a pair of earrings on that I bought from Plunder last summer. These were in the specials tab and when they sold out they were gone. I love the big statement earrings but I know some of you might have to warm up to them for a bit. I just got a big shipment of the new jewelry so I will start showing it pretty soon. The Sofia bracelet is still available in the new Spring catalog. It has lots of colors in it and will look great with a lot of your clothing. May is my 2nd year anniversary with Plunder and I am celebrating all month long. When you make a 50.00 purchase (excluding taxes and shipping) you will receive a FREE piece of jewelry from me as a gift! Join me in the business of Plunder Design this month and I will gift you 2 pieces of jewelry. Go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and hit the shop tab. Pick a party with my name on it and then have fun. 50 IS NOT OLD | CROP TOP WITH GROMMETS | FASHION OVER 40My jeans are a pair from Old Navy Mid-Rise Step-Hem Rockstar jean. They have the popular raw or relaxed hem. If you notice, they also have an uneven or step hem giving them a little different look. Old Navy jeans are not very expensive so you can indulge and buy the latest trends without breaking the bank. I am wearing my normal size which is a 10. Here are a few other raw hew looks that you might like.

50 IS NOT OLD | CROP TOP WITH GROMMETS | FASHION OVER 40I took this neoprene bag with me to Cancun. I used this as a purse the entire time that I was there. I had intended to also use it as my beach bag but Rodan + Fields gifted me the cutest straw Hola bag that I ended up carrying instead. This bag was gifted to me by Purple Poppy and I am still really liking this bag. It was very handy while I was traveling on the plane since it is flexible and was easy to store under the seat. 50 IS NOT OLD | CROP TOP WITH GROMMETS | FASHION OVER 40I am just curious…….would you have let Joe live? Lol!

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      • Tania Reply

        Sandy, here is the official response from R+F:
        “We stand by our product, which is safe and marketed properly. We have a strong legal position and we are not going to discuss the details of this or any case, as we need to respect the legal process. We are confident that Lash Boost will remain an important part of our portfolio of products, despite the recent cases, which have become a fairly common aspect of business for successful brands.”

    • Tania Reply

      Good morning, Erin! Here is the official response from R+F:
      “We stand by our product, which is safe and marketed properly. We have a strong legal position and we are not going to discuss the details of this or any case, as we need to respect the legal process. We are confident that Lash Boost will remain an important part of our portfolio of products, despite the recent cases, which have become a fairly common aspect of business for successful brands.”

  1. Couple sayings come to mind regarding incident with Joe
    Quote from an episode of the show Mike and Molky “you want to kill him, but you can’t, cuz you love him”
    Or another saying.. Men; can’t live without them, pass the potatoes”. Lol

  2. Should have been “Men..can’t live with them, can’t live without them, pass the potatoes” lol. Guess that’s what you get when you can’t sleep and are trying to write comments at 4 am lol

  3. Debbie Sellers Reply

    Tania!! No!! That pink dress is awesome! Nothing frumpy about it! I love the hot pink and the ruffle!! I think hubby was wrong this time. Of course you looked beautiful in everything, but the pink is awesome!

    • Tania Reply

      I thought he was wrong too!!! I can’t wait to tell him that you gurls had my back!

  4. I like both dresses but the pink one was the perfect one. The way the ruffles frame your face instead of lying flat is beautiful!

    • Tania Reply

      I think he is a little bonkers but what can I do??? I still love him so I guess I will just have to put up with his Foot In Mouth disease.

  5. Love the coral top. Your hair color is perfect and you look healthy and rested. I hate sounding judgmental but these ARE compliments!!!

  6. Frumpy…that pink dress is the furthest thing from frumpy iit is gorgeous! You still looked lovely but that pink dress is hot!!! My husband of 45 years will sometimes say as we’re about to walk out the door, “is that what you’re wearing” seriously why do they say things like that 🙄

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Kathryn!!! I thought the dress was PERFECT for the occasion. Maybe I will wear it to my event in Nashville since he will not be there.

  7. I clicked on the link to see the dress. You did not look frumpy! nor was the dress frumpy, in my opinion No way.
    I bought a dress once I really liked for a party-it was a hot shade of magenta with a belt and flowy skirt. When I previewed it my husband proclaimed ‘you look like a school marm’. I dont even know what that means lol! I returned it. Men!!

  8. Ramona Puckett Reply

    The pink ruffly dress is gorgeous on you! Next time he pulls that comment on you, just tell him this is what I’m wearing (what ever you’re wearing, a potato sack, etc) and own it girlfriend! You look good in the striped dress, too, but oh well, what’s done is done! Happy you had such a great time and I love your blog! I learn so much from it.

  9. Oh, no! My husband has done this before. It really stings and hard to shake off comments like that! If he’s like my husband he just was trying to help and wished he would could take it back!

  10. Marilyn Soto Reply

    Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe ,Joe -now we know why he decided to stay those extra days !! Lol! He was trying to redeem himself. Oh well all’s well that ends well. But for the record the hot pink dress with the ruffle is “to die for” it is just gorgeous . Please don’t hold this one against him though….. He ‘s a great guy. (I remember my husband once saying to me as we were walking out the door “Is that what you’re wearing? “) Guys…….. you gotta love ’em.

    • Tania Reply

      I hadn’t even thought about him staying longer because of the comments. Lol! I told him that I expected “trinkets” to make up to me but I know better. Lol!

  11. I had to click the link to see the pink dress, and it is absolutely stunning on you! Make an appointment for Joe to have his eyes examined ASAP!🤣. 😊

  12. You look rested and happy! My husband has done the same thing to me several times. I initially was hurt and changed right away. Now I just laugh and leave the outfit on. I know if something looks good on me. I’m dressing fur myself. The next time you go out ask him if he is wearing that outfit out…cause it makes him look heavy! Pay back sucks sometimes!

  13. Sharon Ferguson Reply

    Husbands, gotta love them anyway. I have a darling pair of summer suede slip on sandals with 3 rows of ruffles across the toe, that go with everything……… but every time I put them on my husband says, “ your not going to wear those ugly shoes, they look like Hospital slippers”😄 I wear them anyway.

  14. Men just have no clue that they have no clue! The pink dress looked great on you, so far from frumpy! You should have worn it, you would have gotten so many compliments, he might have seen the light, lol!

  15. If you felt good about yourself, why let him ruin the night? I would have worn the pink dress anyways and held my head high. I can’t imagine you looking frumpy in any thing

  16. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Oh Tania, I have a husband just like that! I bought the cutest sheath dress and had it on for work one day. I have gained a few pounds but the dress looked fine. My husband walked in the bathroom, snickered and said you look like a cow in that dress! I immediately pulled the dress off and threw it in the trash! I was so angry with him! When I got home the dress was neatly hung up in my closet. He sure has diarrhea of the mouth sometimes! Your pink dress is awesome!! Don’t listen to the men. Their taste is all in their mouth!

  17. Tania I would have wore the dress that you wanted too. I would have told Joe if he didnt like it he could stay in the room. Everyone has an opinion but we can hear them and not listen. I guess this is why Im single too sassy! Have a great Saturday

  18. Love, Love,Love this outfit! I also love all your shoes too. I have such a narrow foot that I tread summer shoe shopping because my foot slides through any sandal etc. that isn’t a tong toe style. Any tips for me?

  19. Susan Harper Reply

    I agree! I love that pink ruffle dress! I don’t think it is frumpy at all! Next time Joe makes a comment like that tell him, “Tonight I am not dressing for you, I am dressing for me.” My husband is a bit more tactful but I wore my mother’s beautiful lace wedding dress and after our wedding my husband told me he doesn’t like me to wear lace because it is too “Grandma”.

  20. That pink dress was perfect! Don’t listen to Joe next time…he gets his style badge taken away from now on!!!

  21. Joe missed the mark this time……the pink dress is gorgeous and you look great in it! However the dress you ended up wearing also looks good on you. But you are correct….the pink is eye-catching and I love how the ruffle frames your face.

  22. Oh boy…he still may not live, lol! That pink dress is one of my all time favorites and you make it look amazing. Maybe he had sun- stroke?

    This crop top is so cute and I love that it’s t-shirt material.

  23. Oh Joe! No no no! That dress was perfect on you! And yes, mine has done the same with a similar reaction from me!

  24. Pamela Hudson Sola Reply

    No offense to Joe, but the pink dress is so pretty on you. Is he crazy! You look nice in the black and white dress too. And yes, everyone probably has a husband who says things like that!

  25. Lori L Fitzgibbon Reply

    Mine does the same thing. Worse,my son will say that doesn’t look as nice as the …..
    Men can be such stinkers some times!

  26. Well…I guess I am the minority here and even though the pink dress doesn’t make you look frumpy, I don’t care for the big ruffle but I think that’s because it’s something that I would not wear. I LOVED the dress you ended up wearing and would put that on in a heartbeat and I hope you aren’t saying that if we wear a dress to our knees, we are frumpy…LOL And…it reminds me of when I tell my hubby I don’t like what he choose to wear and he changes his clothes and I love when my husband tells me if he likes what I have on or not BUT…NOT as we are walking out the door. Glad you made the most of it and had a fun time.

    • Tania Reply

      I understand that the big ruffle isn’t something that everyone would like but it isn’t frumpy looking. He was flat out wrong! The reason that this dress didn’t look right being at the knee was that it had tassels at the hem. It needs to be shorter to keep the fun and flirty look of the tassels.

  27. DivaProfessor Reply

    Why would you ever change an outfit when you are ready to walk out the door? We should dress for ourselves, not for others. 🙂

  28. Tania, that pink dress was Gorgeous, just Gorgeous on you ! I know what I’d have told my hubby……”Suck it up Buttercup, coz I’m not changing!” 🤣But I’m sure you’re a better person than I am ! 😍

  29. So surprised your hubby didn’t like that dress! I think that it has been one of my favorite of all the dresses you’ve worn throughout the blog! So pretty and I don’t see frumpy at all, lol!

  30. I think the pink dress is one of the prettiest I have seen you wear. I just love it. I was away on a business trip with my husband and as we were walking into the ballroom, he looked over at me and said, “your hair looks awful.” What was I suppose to do with that? Sometimes men don’t think before opening their mouth. Joe seems like a great guy. You just have to forgive him and move on.

    • Tania Reply

      Oh my goodness, Dawn! That was bad. They have no idea how that messes with your mind. It takes away the confidence you felt about your looks and instead makes you nervous and fidgety.

  31. I loved your hot pink dress!! Next time wear it anyway!! My husband always gets after me if I ask him his opinion on something and then I do what I want anyways. Which is quite often😂😂. He is always asking me “why I bother to ask for his opinion if it means so little”😂😂. I told him I am just looking for double confirmation of mine!! And if I don’t get double confirmation my own opinion is still enough😂😂.

  32. First let me say today’s outfit is spot on. Love the color of the top. As for Joe’s comment, oh well, what do men know about fashion anyway. I’m sure he didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. May have thought he was helping. But I wouldn’t have changed dresses even though the one you wore was nice. You look so rested and tanned after your trip. I need a vacation too just for that. 😊

  33. Tania, I don’t think Joe is right about the pink dress. There is nothing frumpy about it. It is classy and face framing. There are times when we humor them and times when we ignore them. The striped dress is lovely on you, but the pink is perfect for a special night in a special place. Gently remind him that you are the one with the fashion blog, and then feed him frozen tv dinners for two months. He will learn.

  34. Oh, Joe, you were so wrong, but we forgive you! My husband once told me he didn’t like a new sweater of mine, but I kept it anyhow because it was beautiful. Two years later he complimented me on it. (Yes, of course I reminded him of his initial reaction.)

  35. I loved that pink dress on you. Absolutely beautiful! Sorry but your husband was wrong on that one.

  36. The pink one was it!!! He goofed. Go with your gut in the future…its usually right. Always enjoy your posts…love your sense of humor too. 🙂

  37. Sorry Joe but you’re dead wrong. That pink dress looks great on her.

  38. Teresa Spivey Reply

    Well, at least he gives you an opinion and doesn’t say, ” it’s fine”. Really, what does that mean? I always hate it when someone says this. I would rather have their honest opinion, even if they are wrong!! LOL!! I did like the pink dress better on you too!

  39. You’re a better wife than me, Tania. I would have stayed in the pink dress even if he pouted all night. Its adorable and perfect for that event!

    • Charlcy Green Reply

      I LOVE that pink dress and wish I had one! Nope, Joe needs a good swift kick in the booty for that huge faux pa! Im sorry he did that to you! “Bad dog! No biscuit!” The coral top and earrings are so cyte too!

  40. New subscriber here and I love your site. You truly inspire me to look my best every day but in this case, even though Joe should have spoken up sooner, you look fabulous in the backup dress! I love it better than the fuchsia one.

  41. Omg Tania, your story is so funny! My reply would of been….are you wearing it? Then don’t worry about it…..lol….my hubby has heard that a few times. I love the pink dress! I even showed it to my hubby and asked him what he thought….his words…I think it’s hot! Lol….maybe that’s why your hubby didn’t want you to wear it….hum??? Lol

  42. No! Joe would not be living and I would not have changed my dress. That dress looked gorgeous on you!

  43. I think he just didn’t like the dress and he’s entitled to his opinion! Men generally do not have a broad fashion vocabulary, so while he used the word “frumpy”, he probably meant something more like “old-fashioned” in that the ruffle is reminiscent of an Elizabethan ruffle collar. I think the dress is stunning and would have worn it anyway. Love the crop top – looks great on you.

  44. You should have worn the dress…I think it looked great on you. And I like it better than the striped. Not everyone can wear pink…you can.

  45. Allison Estes Reply

    Frumpy??? Maybe you should show Joe a picture of what frumpy really is! The pink dress looked great.

  46. That is too funny! A few years ago, I had what I thought was a beautiful purple top and skirt. I had shoes and earrings that went with it perfectly. Whenever, I wore it, I received many compliments. One day when I was getting ready for church, my hubby told me he didn’t like my outfit. He said it looked like something an old lady would wear. I was crushed. I actually gave it away after that. To this day I still think about that outfit and I even have a picture of me in it at my daughters wedding shower. I still think it looked good. And…I miss it. Husbands….you just never know what they are going to say sometimes…..IF, I had to do it again, I would have kept the skirt and top…..and shoes. 🙂 I would have said, “I’m sorry you don’t like it, but, I love it and I feel great in it. I just won’t wear it when I’m with you.” 🙂

  47. I think no one knows you better than Joe. He is entitled to his opinion the dress was not his cup of tea and that’s ok. I think it bothered you because it matters to you what he thinks of you and how you look. He might not like the dress, but he loves the woman inside the dress. And honestly in my opinion you looked pretty and carefree in the blue and white strip dress with the Lottie necklace. Just saying.😬

  48. Melesa Garrison Reply

    Tania, I think he just misused the word “frumpy” and maybe didn’t like the collar or something bc that dress is not frumpy at all! I think you look HOT in it! I know you were not happy with him! Poor ole Joe, blew it 😂 bc you were probably 😤

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