50 IS NOT OLD } MIDDLE AGE CRAZIES | FASHION OVER 40This time we really are leaving Cancun. Lol! I called work the other day to tell them to do something and they said, “where are you?” I asked them if they hadn’t been seeing my posts that we decided to stay longer? She said that she had seen it but that she thought we were joking. She said that it didn’t sound like something we would do. Lol!!! She is right, this is totally out of our comfort zone and like nothing we have EVER done before.50 IS NOT OLD } MIDDLE AGE CRAZIES | FASHION OVER 40I loved reading some of the comments that you ladies left on this post last Saturday. I thought this little-extended stay was spontaneous but I think packing up your bags and moving across country beat me by a long shot! However, Joe and I have been doing some pretty crazy things lately. I would say that we are having a mid-life crisis except that we are way past mid-life. Remember when we went to Myrtle Beach a couple of weeks ago? We actually ended up putting in an offer for a condo while we were there and they took us up on it. Eeeek! We have talked about doing that for 15 years and all of a sudden we just did it! Our plan is to rent it out through the September and then take October through December for us. Joe is already making plans to go golfing a lot. Lol! Anyway, if any of you are wanting to visit Myrtle Beach this year then call the Avista Resort and request unit 110. Lol!!! I need it rented!50 IS NOT OLD } MIDDLE AGE CRAZIES | FASHION OVER 4050 IS NOT OLD } MIDDLE AGE CRAZIES | FASHION OVER 4050 IS NOT OLD } MIDDLE AGE CRAZIES | FASHION OVER 40Okay, I think they might have put something in the water here. Lol! We are silly and just a little bit goofy. Hahaha!50 IS NOT OLD } MIDDLE AGE CRAZIES | FASHION OVER 40I haven’t worn jewelry much since I have been here. I didn’t bring much with me but I haven’t even bothered to put it on here. I normally travel with a silver set, a gold set, something fun, something sparkly, and then something with pearls. That will cover most basis when I am dressing. The off the shoulder floral top is one that I have had for a while. Here is the first time that I wore this top back when I went to San Diego. Florals are still HUGE this year and this is an easy way to look relevant and trendy. The different shades of pink really pop off of the navy background and the lace on the sleeves add another unique detail.

The white pants are a must for summer. I have at least 4 different pairs. Plus a few crop pants and shorts also. Lol! White can be worn with anything so be sure to grab a pair if you don’t already own one.


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  1. I will agree, Cancun is beautiful! Glad you had a great and extended time.
    Nothing like home though and mine is 20 mins. from Myrtle Beach. Lived here my whole 60 years and hope to have many more.
    I’ve stayed at the Avista with family from N.C.
    I’m sure you will love your time in M.B.!!!!

    • Tania Reply

      Suzette, we have always loved Myrtle Beach and have talked for YEARS about buying a place there. That was our first time staying at the Avista and we fell in love!

    • Tania Reply

      We are normally not impulsive about anything, this is so out of character!

  2. You look so pretty and happy in your floral top and white jeans beside your husband you were so right to be spontaneous life is for living and enjoying everything to the fullest and being goofy and silly is so much fun 🤪😘

    • Tania Reply

      Bernie, I agree. Maybe it is our age that is finally making us realize that life is too short to not enjoy it to its fullest.

    • Tania Reply

      The moon was full the last two night that we were here. It was beautiful!

  3. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for sharing with me!… I’m loving my R&F’s Reverse, and loving aging backwards with you! Lol! Have safe travels home!

    • Tania Reply

      Susanne, just you wait until you are saying, “thank you, thank you, thank you” for being a business partner with me!!!

  4. How awesome!!! Spontaneous adventures and decisions can be life-changing and empowering! You go girl!!! You look beautiful and refreshed!!
    Love Myrtle Beach!

  5. You did exactly what we did on vacation several years ago! Bought a vacation home. Good to know there are other crazy mid-lifers out there.

  6. karen buehler Reply

    Just wondering how you handle the “pantie” problem while wearing white pants. I am always so self conscious:)

    • Tania Reply

      Karen, when I wear white pants I wear beige panties. If you wear white they will show up but beige just looks like skin. I also get the kind that has no lines showing.

  7. Joe got a great tan! 🙂 You guys look like happy kids, and isn’t that the point? Yay!

  8. We’re at Myrtle Beach as we speak! Maybe we’ll run into you one day! Safe travels.

  9. This time of life is a great time to be adventurous if we let ourselves! Glad you had such a great time. You both look very happy! I think this has been life changing for you.

  10. You look so well rested, relaxed and rejuvenated. Love the fun you guys are having. Your outfit is perfect!

  11. Daria Armstrong Reply

    You guys are so funny. Love your selfies. I guess we,re never to old for them. Looks like your all rested up. .on our bucket list in the future.

  12. Katalin Gerstenberger Reply

    I totally agree, that they put something in the water there in Cancun, LOL! Spending time there totally brings out your silly side! Such a relaxing experience!

  13. Tania, did you mean North Myrtle Beach ? There is a huge difference between Myrtle & NMB ! NMB is about 36 miles north of regular Myrtle . NMB is a complete different city & way nicer! Believe me, this will be important for renting it out!
    Glad you had a wonderful vacation! Ya’lls pics are so cute !

    • Tania Reply

      Eva, yes, the Avista is in North Myrtle Beach. We always stay in NMB but when we talk about it we just say Myrtle.

      • Glad you bought in NMB ! We’ve stayed at the Avista, really enjoyed it. It’s easy not to know these are two different cities. MB has a south & north end & some people assume the north end is NMB, but it isn’t. Once you drive down to MB , you’ll see the difference, enough said. NMB is a wonderful beach city with such pretty beaches. You will enjoy that area so much & are so blessed to get all that time on the coast! I’m so happy for you ! Safe travels for all your adventures !

  14. Truly lovely to see you guys having so much fun together! It’s well deserved, I’m sure. <3

  15. So enjoyed your pictures and adventures from Cancun. An old post of yours popped up today, BFF’s partners in crime. I loved your adventures with them. I miss reading those funny stories. Do you still share adventures ?

  16. I think Joe’s photo taking skills are pretty good. The last picture of you with night sky behind you is beautiful. I only mention it because you joke about him not taking good pictures. You both look very happy. Cute top too.

  17. Such a cute outfit…just can’t go wrong with white jeans and pretty much any top! Looking at photos throughout your vacation, I have noticed that you can “part” your hair on either side…LOL !!! I think it was your swimsuit photos where you parted on the opposite side.

  18. A few years ago when we went to Mexico, I actually went so far as to look at “teaching English as a second language” ads and entertained thoughts of some day moving there. It was so beautiful, and so unlike anything I had ever seen being a native Nebraska girl! I know exactly how you feel! My husband was depressed for a week after we got back! Enjoy!

  19. Love the Avista. We stay there during Shag Week in September. You need to learn to Shag!!!

  20. You and Joe are too cute! Glad you enjoyed your Cancun trip. I have only been to Myrtle Beach once but if I go back I will keep your unit in mind. We are heading to the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area next week for our 34th anniversary. Looking forward to some beach time! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us.

  21. We have lived in Myrtle Beach for 4 years now and love it. WELCOME!! And it is warm enough here to pull out the white jeans too. Loving this outfit!

  22. We have a condo near the Avista … We love it . We will have to get together!

  23. Pure JOY is written all over your faces. Sooo glad you took the extra time…its inspiring!!

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