50 IS NOT OLD | SWIMSUIT TRENDS | FASHION OVER 40I feel like a school kid playing hookey. Joe and I have NEVER done anything this impulsive since we have been married. But, on Friday night I spent a couple hours packing all of our things back into our suitcases because we had a flight back home the next morning. I got everything done and then we decided to go grab supper in the little restaurant that is open and overlooks the ocean.50 IS NOT OLD | SWIMSUIT TRENDS | FASHION OVER 40While we were eating, Joe just kept saying that he didn’t want to leave.The funny thing is that every vacation we have ever taken he starts getting restless around Wednesday and is chomping at the bit to get home. This was so unusual for him and I was the one saying, “but we need to get home.” Finally, when we were finished eating, I said, “fine, let’s just stay a few more days.” He said, “are you trying to call my bluff?” Lol! I was just a little but I also thought that it would sure be nice. We walked to the front desk and told them that we wanted to stay. It wasn’t quite that easy. They had to rearrange everything and told us that they would call us in a little bit if they could accommodate us.  In about 20 minutes we got the call that said they had fixed everything and we could stay and even stay in the same room that we were already in. I can’t say enough about the Ritz-Carlton and how accommodating they are. A quick call to the airport to change our flights and we were giggling like kids. It is nice to still be spontaneous. Remember, Age Is Just An Attitude, Keep Yours Young!!!

50 IS NOT OLD | SWIMSUIT TRENDS | FASHION OVER 40While I was sitting around the pool, I got to thinking about how many requests that I had gotten about swimwear. So, I have gone shopping for you gurls and I am showing you the “must have” looks this year.

One-Shoulder Look

This look is elegant and reminds me of the Greek Goddess look. Click on any of the pictures to be taken to the website.

Off The Shoulder

I should have known that as “hot” as the off the shoulder look has been that it would make the jump to swimwear. I admit that I have purchased and off the shoulder swimsuit and it is beautiful. Very stylish and very trendy!


The crochet look is HOT! This look is everywhere I look here at the pool. I ordered one before I came down but it didn’t really look good on me so I sent it back. However, I will still be trying more out until I find one that I like.

Tummy Control

A tummy control swimsuit will always be in style for me! I love how these suits can literally make you look like you have lost 10 pounds. I own a couple and I purchased one of the ones listed below to bring with me on this trip. It made me feel more confident down here with all of the size 2 ladies in their bikinis running around. Lol!


White is very trendy this year. White is a classic color and never really goes out of style but there are times when it is more popular. I love a white swimsuit but until I get a better tan they don’t look that great on me. Even though several of these swimsuits linked is showing other colors they do come in white. The website just wouldn’t let me pick a different color to show you.

Tomorrow I will be linking to cover-ups, hats, sunglasses, etc. Those are all essentials for lounging by the pool, lake, ocean, etc. I hope you liked this post. Leave a comment about the most spontaneous thing that you have ever done to be entered into a giveaway for some Plunder Jewelry. Since I am not home, I can’t tell you what it will be because I can’t see my stash. Lol!!! I’ll announce the winner on Thursday and tell you what it is that you have won!This was my office this morning. I went outside on the balcony with my cup of espresso, my granola bar, and my laptop. I sat down and worked (if you want to call it that 😆) for about 30 minutes before we headed down to the pool. One of the reasons that I started a blog was so that I could work from anywhere as long as I had wi-fi. I didn’t know that I would be adding an e-commerce side job or two to my job list but I am loving both of them. They both allow me to work from anywhere, neither one makes me have inventory, make deliveries, or collect money. And, both make women look and feel better about themselves!!! I believe in these companies 100% and would never be associated with anything that I didn’t believe in. I would LOVE to have you join me and see for yourself what this opportunity can do for you. There is a 60-day MONEY BACK guarantee associated with Rodan + Fields. You have nothing to lose by simply trying! Message me today and we can get you signed up. Also, I will be gifting anyone who signs on with a business kit a Free (full size) Intensive Renewing Serum, Eye Cream, and Lip Renewing Serum for your enjoyment!

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  1. I had the exact same thing happen to my husband, Dennis and me. We went to Cancun in 1998 and we scheduled for 7 days stay. Day before we left my husband said I will be right back and went to the lobby. He came back and said we were staying 5 more days. I did not believe him but it was the first time he ever did something like that. Like you, it was a wonderful surprise.

  2. Susan Benton Green Reply

    I talked my husband into not booking a hotel when we flew to Hawaii. I just wasn’t sure where I wanted to stay! I’m glad we didn’t because we got to see much more of each island. I figured if all else failed sleeping on the beach wouldn’t be so bad it was Hawaii after all!

  3. I was 5 months pregnant and had severe nausea so I told my husband I could not meet him in Isla Mujeres after a sailboat Regatta. It was a trip that we took every other year, it’s so beautiful and fun and I hated to miss it. A couple of days after he left my nausea subsided so I booked a flight for my 14 year old son and I to fly to Cancun, then take the ferry to Isla Mujeres. My husband did not know we were coming and we wanted to surprise him. When we arrived, we walked to the beach and spotted my husband right away, he was telling some friends that his wife and son couldn’t make the trip and he missed us. When he turned around and saw us he was blown away! The look on his face was priceless! Needless to say, we had a great trip!

    • Oh my gosh. I love Isla Mujeres! We stayed there during a regatta! It was wonderful even though we weren’t part of the crews. It was just a coincidence of vacay timing. I can imagine how thrilled your hubby was, and how you enjoyed the trip, even pregnant and all. Bravo.

  4. Thank you Tania for taking us along on your trip! I can’t wait to get up each morning as see what your up to! By the way… loving your new office! (wink)! Enjoy!

  5. Soo happy for you and Joe!! How fun..being spontaneous is a great way to be at times. It’s like being child-like (different from childish!)
    While I’m sure you did a lot of work looking for on trend suits…I’m more of a Lands End style for the beach. None of those suits would be comfortable or flattering on my body. 😀
    Have a great week ahead!! Safe travels!!

  6. Many years ago after seeing my son graduate from boot camp decided to take a few extra days driving home. I remember laughing a lot and feeling FREE. I think its been too long since Ive done anything spontaneous like that – may have to rethink that.

  7. We have also stayed longer than planned many times at Disney world when the kids were small. We were having so much fun we hated to go home! Joe a smart man and is taking advantage of spending time with each other. Enjoy!!

  8. I decided on the “day of” to attend my class reunion — and ended up meeting my husband! Can’t say that is the most recent spontaneous decision, but it certainly was the best!

  9. Good for you two! We have never done that but now i”m thinking about it!!! Time together is so important!

  10. How wonderful for you and Joe to extend your vacation! It does look so relaxing!

  11. I love the dress u had on at the beach restaurant where did u get it? Love reading your blog.

  12. Hi Tania. I really like that your photos of the swimsuits aren’t showing just skinny models. I was just thinking yesterday (while I was online shopping), that it would be nice to see the clothes on regular sized people – not just skinny models. Can’t they just use a size 10 or 12 model sometimes! Glad you are having fun. Oh the most spontaneous thing we ever did was buy a vacation home while on a rainy weekend trip to the beach. Nothing else to do but look at houses for sale, ended up buying one!

  13. I love spontaneity! Not as good as it as we use to be but I just planned a last minute, surprise getaway to a mountain resort for my husband’s 60th birthday. I had so much fun booking the BnB. We took the Jeep and hit a couple Jeep trails then relaxed by the creek in some hammocks. It was wonderful and he couldn’t quit thanking me!
    Enjoy your extra time! ☀️🍹👒

  14. Your “office” view looks heavenly. And I can’t wait to check out the swimsuit links. (Thank you.) Umm, regarding altering trips – When we were younger, my hubby and I flew to Reno/Tahoe on a few night package. While there, he hit a $700 jackpot. Since we had the whole week off of work, we (gulp) tossed our return air tickets! – rented a car – and spontaneously drove down to Vegas for a night, on the way to the Grand Canyon. As further luck would have it, it was National Park day and our entry was free. From there, we ended up in Albuquerque for 2 days and flew home from there since it had the best return air ticket prices. His family was upset because we missed an annual humongous family picnic – instead of being happy for us. (Surely with 80 people or so attending we couldn’t be that missed!) That was probably when we began our black sheep/independent minded life journey. LOL!

    Anyway, good for you two for being so youthful and open minded! Savor every splendid moment.

  15. We were on a cruise one year and one of our ports was Cabo. When you stop at ports you’re only there for so many hours. In our limited time we purchased a timeshare at a beautiful golf resort. I’m pretty sure that spontaneous decision was fueled by one too many margaritas 😳 that was 10 years ago and we still enjoy going every year.

  16. One of my more spontaneous moments happened on a Friday evening after work around 5:30. My husband and I looked at each other and said we wished we were going out of town. At the same time, we both said, “Why don’t we?” We raced around the house and packed ourselves and our two young boys up in ten minutes, and were on our way north to my inlaws for the weekend. Now, it wasn’t a resort or the beach, but it was a step outside the norm, which was just what we needed. 🙂 Glad you got to extend your vacation!

  17. While I was visiting England, my traveling companions and I decided to book a day trip to Paris. So glad that we did. One of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I would hate to think I was that close and did not go there, since who knows if I will ever be that close again.

  18. Brenda Domagala Reply

    We were bored of staying home on a summer holiday so packed for a couple of days and flew to Las Vegas. We saw a dew shows hit the Casino’s. Lots of fun.

  19. You and Joe look so happy. Enjoy! and thank you for all the pictures from your trip. If you ever want to visit Amelia Island – we have a Ritz Carlton.

  20. Probably marrying my husband after only knowing him for 4 months ( I did know his uncle’s and aunts for a few years before though). Now we have been married 15 years and have 4 boys ages 6 month to 11!
    So glad you are taking the opportunity to stay longer!! Yay for you!

  21. My husband, our 2 kids and me flew to Las Vegas from New Jersey to visit longtime friends who moved there from the east coast a few years earlier. Their home was spacious and beautiful with a built-in pool surrounded by palm trees. We went to the Strip, Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, ate ourselves sick and didn’t want to leave. We loved it so much that when we got back to New Jersey, we sold our home, shipped out our belongings, packed up the van, took the kids out of school and headed back. It took us 10 days to cross the country and we had a great adventure along the way. We’re still loving it, and every day is like a vacation!

  22. Good for you, girl! Happy to hear about you two having a great time. The most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done: buying all the equipment for my Pilates studio off a Craig’s list ad. I’d been praying on “what can I do on my own?” and shortly thereafter, a po.st popped up from a studio that was selling off a ton of equipment. I didn’t have a complete plan, but I knew that equipment could be the start of a new business or I could sell it again. It all worked out fabulous!

  23. Isn’t it nice to try something new. Glad you guys are having a great time!!!

  24. Janet Batchelor Reply

    Two years ago I went to a wedding in Orlando and the hotel upgraded me to a 2 bdrm suite. I called my sister in Buffalo and talked her into coming. We had the best sister adventure ever and ended up going to Ft Lauderdale and Marathon! Sweet memories.

  25. I’m so glad you got to be spontaneous and stay a few more days and enjoy yourselves!

  26. Charlcy Green Reply

    You guys are always SO busy and I”m so glad you decided to stay and enjoy life a little longer! How amazing Joe is enjoying it! Has he been doing all the crazy fun excursions, zip lining, rapelling into a Cenote? I love all those off the shoulder suits but just dont think I can pull off the one piece figure hugging suit anymore. Mine are all tankini and boy shorts. Do something crazy today!!

  27. You look like you are having a blast! So fun! I love spontaneity! I also love road trips, one long weekend we decided to drive the 700 or so miles to see the Mall of America and even stopped at the Wisconsin Dells and a few other stops along the way! Love your blog!

  28. I bet these last couple of days are so relaxing and that you can just enjoy “each other” with no meetings, no small talk with your groups, romantic dinners just the two of you AND….I am wanting that floral dress you have on…LOL. Now that our weather has finally gotten warm, springy dresses are looking cool and comfy!

  29. My.brother rented a house on Fripp Island, SC one summer when our boys were babies. He called that afternoon and told us to come stay. We packed up and went and had the best family vacay. Still remember that trip 25 years later as one of the best!!

  30. We took an impromptu weekend vacation to the hill country here in Texas. I know. We’re wild!!!😀

  31. Jacqueline Niggli Reply

    Good for you, enjoy the extra days.
    My husband and I do things like that once in a while, so important if you always work crazy schedules.
    I like the swim suits you posted. There are a lot of great one piece suits in the stores right now and I found a couple of real nice ones for myself.
    I love the pink dress you wear in the third picture, what brand is it?

  32. I am so EXCITED that you two decided to extend your vacay! Sometimes it just needs to happen!

    And, I will tell you that there is a reason Ritz Carlson has the rep it has. The first one we stayed in was Naples, FL and I cannot brag enough on the service.

    I am at a momentary loss for what I’ve done “on the fly” as they say. Too bogged down in end of year prep at school. 22 more school days……………………..

  33. Rebecca Purdie Reply

    I am glad you guys extended your stay. Life is too short. Enjoy every moment while you can.

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