50 IS NOT OLD | HOLA FROM CANCUN | FASHION OVER 40Hola from Cancun! This is a beach bag that I was greeted to Cancun with from Rodan + Fields. When we arrived on Sunday afternoon we went to register and were told to proceed outside where we would find some “swag.” Thye had these extremely cute beach bags waiting for all of us and if that was the end of our gifts, it would have been plenty.50 IS NOT OLD | HOLA FROM CANCUN | FASHION OVER 40It was filled with all of these goodies PLUS a prepaid VISA card with a little something extra loaded on it for us to enjoy some purchases on R+F. Every time I turn around my jaw is flying open. I have never been pampered or had this type treatment before and it actually takes a little getting used to. The Siestas For Fiestas “throws or blankets had this tag sewn on them, “This Siesta Blanket provided a Christmas meal for a family in Mexico living in poverty.” Rodan + Fields is always finding a way to “give back” and I love that about the company. You can see lots of snacks which Joe chowed down on immediately. Also, R+F gifted us the Sunscreen, the Lip Balm, and the Step 2 of the Soothe regimen. Those are the ESSENTIALS of being at the beach. The sunscreen and lip balm is to keep you from getting burned and the Soothe Step 2 is for those who might refuse to put on their sunscreen. No names mentioned (Joe Stephens) but I am sure that those people were grateful for the gift. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | HOLA FROM CANCUN | FASHION OVER 40You might have also noticed two journals in the tote. Those were Lead The Way notebooks which came in handy on Monday morning. There was a wonderful breakfast provided for us and then a small “learning” session. There ended up being one for us consultants and one for the spouses. I thought Joe was going to die when I told him that “HE” as going to have to go to a session. LOL!!! When I went in I sat down and started talking to another lady. Then, someone came up and asked if the seat between us was taken and we told her to join us. She sat down and introduced herself. Guess what her name was???? Tania! Can you believe that? What were the odds that there was another Tania here and that she would come and sit right beside me?50 IS NOT OLD | HOLA FROM CANCUN | FASHION OVER 40Joe was taking a few pictures for me and evidently, he found this fountain to be soothing and picture worthy. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | HOLA FROM CANCUN | FASHION OVER 40This little guy was going UNDER my lounge chair. I was not the least bit happy about that but Joe found it very entertaining. My daughter got an Iguana when she was young. As far as I know, no one in my family ever touched the thing. We kept it in food and water but never once picked it up. It never moved for 3 days and we were sure that it had died but we still didn’t touch it. Finally, on day 4 the dang thing moved. I am so glad that I didn’t try to pick it up because I would have had a heart attack right then and there. We gave it and the entire tank away to someone I hope would love it. That was NOT me!!!50 IS NOT OLD | HOLA FROM CANCUN | FASHION OVER 40I am not being mean or trying to rub in the fact that I am in Cancun and you are not. I truly mean that I wish you ALL were here. I wish that I could help you see the vision that I see. Joe has always indulged me in this journey. He has put up with my trips, he has put up with my phone conversations with ladies interested in the business or products, and he has put up with my weekly team ZOOM calls. BUT, until this trip he hasn’t “gotten” it. Now, he understands and is finally seeing the vision of what is possible and what is starting to happen. I know that you don’t “see” it yet. I know that the “light bulb” moment has not happened for you. That is alright because it has happened for me and I can help it happen for you too. What I have learned is that you are never too young or old for this business. Ladies in there 20’s are seeing that they can take 4 to 5 years of hard work and then have a life ahead of them that most can’t even begin to imagine. Ladies my age are starting to realize that they are capable of doing so much more than cooking and cleaning and raising a family. Those are wonderful things but it is nice to have something to be proud of that you have accomplished by yourself. If an extra 500.00 would make a difference in your life then you need t message me. That is just a start of what is possible.

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  1. Joe’s photo was definitely photo worthy…it’s beautiful! I can only imagine how much fun you are having and Joe supporting you in your endeavor makes this journey for you so much more fun and meaningful. And…watch out…he may be pushing you to work harder to get more of these wonderful benefits of being part of R&F !!!

  2. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your trip! You’ve definitely earned it!

  3. Charlcy Green Reply

    So glad you can treat your husband to this over the top vacation! Looks fabulous! Have you snorkeled, zip lined or anything yet?

  4. Wow! Must say I envy you just a little with all that beautiful sunshine and beach. Happy you arrived safely. You and Joe enjoy. The tote is really cute! And I used my sunless tanner and couldn’t believe how quickly my legs looked tan. I love it!!

  5. Susan Stancliff Reply

    So much fun! What is the name of the resort you are at? it looks like a great place to visit!

  6. Malu Vascones Reply

    Have fun and enjoy your trip, you deserve it for always giving us a touch of fashion! And as we say here in Perú: que la pases muy bien!!

  7. Laura’s comments before me is right…your enthusiasm is infectious indeed!! Gosh, what an awesome trip!!!

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