50 IS NOT OLD | LONG AND FLOWING AND PERFECT FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40It is a beautiful yet windy Saturday here in Virginia. I just loved how the wind was whipping my dress around as I was trying to take pictures the other day. I know that this is not your typical Saturday outfit but occasionally you have to shake things up a little. Lol! I am starting to do some planning as to what I need to pack to go on my trip to Cancun and I wondered if I would need a dressier dress on the trip. 50 IS NOT OLD | LONG AND FLOWING AND PERFECT FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40When I first opened this dress and took it out of the package I was not sure that I was going to like it. It looked like a nightgown to me at first. Lol! Don’t tell me that your nightgowns don’t look like this. Hahaha! I stuffed it back in the packaging and thought that I would try it on later when I got home from work. I am partial to blue and cobalt blue especially. This was a case of don’t judge a horse by its color because I ended up loving the effect once I tried the dress on. 50 IS NOT OLD | LONG AND FLOWING AND PERFECT FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40This maxi dress is by Felicity & Coco and it was in my recent Trunk Club shipment. I am loving my Trunk Club shipments and as my stylist gets used to my style and as I get used to telling her exactly what I like and dislike, my shipments are getting better and better. I asked my stylist to send me dresses for the most part in this shipment. So many of you have mentioned weddings and events that I wanted to try and show some summer dresses that might be what you are looking for. Plus, I wanted some to take with me to Cancun in the coming weeks. If you like this dress but you don’t want this bright of a blue then the dress also comes in black. Click here to register for the Trunk Club50 IS NOT OLD | LONG AND FLOWING AND PERFECT FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40The Moana geometric earrings that I have on are already sold out on the Plunder website. But, I was looking around on their website as was surprised that there were a couple more earrings that were also in Cobalt. There was one called the Fern, the Aila, and the Anika, and all were sold out except for the Anika. Evidently, cobalt blue must be really popular. The art deco cuff is a piece of my vintage jewelry. I bought this at a vintage fashion show and I loved how it had a geometric shape also. 50 IS NOT OLD | LONG AND FLOWING AND PERFECT FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40Can you believe that I already had these cobalt blue pumps that matched the dress perfectly??? These shoes are actually several years old and I bought them from Old Navy. I love having a few pairs of shoes that are not your typical black, brown, or navy. Every once in a while you need to have some “pretty” shoes. You know what I mean, the ones that make you feel cute and sassy!

50 IS NOT OLD | LONG AND FLOWING AND PERFECT FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40You can’t see it very well because I don’t have any light shining behind me but there is a sheer insert in the dress right below my hand. It is about 3-4 inches wide and it really gives the dress a unique detail. The dress is partially lined, it stops before the insert line. This is a slip-on style dress so there are no zippers or buttons to fuss with. Lol! I am 5’6″ tall and I have on the high heel pumps but this dress was still touching the ground. The website says that it is 60″ in length but it seems even longer. It is 100% polyester and hand-washable.50 IS NOT OLD | LONG AND FLOWING AND PERFECT FOR SUMMER | FASHION OVER 40If you didn’t read my blog post yesterday then go here and see how to enter for a sunless tanner that I will be giving away on Monday.

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    • Tania Reply

      This dress was WAY prettier on than it was straight out of the bag.

  1. That is a stunning dress by itself but even more so on you, Tania! You’ll really enjoy wearing it and feel fabulous while doing so.

    • Tania Reply

      Don’t you just love items that make you feel “pretty?”

  2. Absolutely gorgeous dress! I think its perfect for your trip to Mexico.

  3. Brenda Foxy Lady Reply

    Your look beautiful in this color and style dress. Also, yesterday I didn’t notice any of the things you saw about yourself. You looked so pretty.

    • Tania Reply

      Brenda, I think we are all guilty of picking ourselves apart while we show grace to others.

    • Tania Reply

      Wow! Mary, that was so sweet o you to say. I just loved how the wind was whipping the dress around. It did feel like a fashion shoot for a magazine. Lol!

  4. Blue is your color! The dress-the shoes-the lady wearing them=FABULOUS! Excited for your Cancun adventure. That dress needs to go into your suitcase before you jet off!!

    • Tania Reply

      I need to start packing and decide what is going and what is staying. I end up packing things that I won’t wear.

  5. love the cut of the dress, really flattering for your shoulders and neck. Great color, and I also have cobalt pumps! one of my favorites! Great look, enjoy your trip.

    • Tania Reply

      Mary, we should take pictures of our pumps and post them together. Lol!

  6. Stunning. When I look at you I think, “less is more”. The dress says it all.

  7. This color just pops on you! I love the earrings and bracelet too. It would be fun to dress up at least once on your trip but with that being said…first thing I thought of was you will have to pack those shoes just for one wear…LOL. Maybe you get your own suitcase and don’t have to share with Joe!

  8. This dress is stunning on you. Make sure you pack it. It would be perfect for a wedding or any dress-up event. 👍🏻

  9. Linda Bunger Reply

    This dress is gorgeous! You look stunning! I love the color. Another classy and sassy look!

  10. Love that color Blue. Glad it is beautiful, but windy there today. I am in Minnesota and we are getting dumped with a lot of snow. ERRRR.

  11. I betcha that if Emersyn saw you in this she would call you a pretty mermaid. Excellent color for a vacation dress to Cancun. You look wonderful.

  12. That dress looks AMAZING on you. Blue is your color. Beautiful Tania 😁

  13. Simply gorgeous! This blue is definitely your color! Have fun in Cancun…

  14. Oh my gosh, you look gorgeous! Love the flowing skirt picture. Simply stunning!!

  15. Melesa Garrison Reply

    The wind here in the panhandle would’ve ripped that dress right off of you! Joe would’ve liked that. All kidding aside, you look gorgeous ❤

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