50 IS NOT OLD | GETTING A SUNTAN THE EASY WAY | FASHION OVER 40I had a friend of mine reach out to me and ask about the foaming sunless tanners that I have been posting on Facebook about. We got to laughing about some of the crazy things we did as children in order to get a tan. I mentioned that I used baby oil and iodine (didn’t everybody) and that I even took some aluminum foil and laid that under me trying to get the reflection of the sun to tan me even faster. She mentioned that she used motor oil! What!!! I don’t think that I had ever heard of that one unless you were trying to catch a greased pig. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | GETTING A SUNTAN THE EASY WAY | FASHION OVER 40I am fair complected anyway and adding the baby oil and iodine was not the smartest thing I could have done. I would normally end up looking like a boiled Lobster and then I would peel. Even when I did manage to get some semblance of a tan, it was red and not that pretty brown color that I wanted. I never understood why my daddy was so dark and brown and I looked like sliced bread. Then we went to the lake and my dad put on shorts to go riding in the boat. That is when I realized that I was more like him then I knew, he had the whitest legs I had ever seen. Lol! My dad worked outside day in and day out and he stayed tan all the time, except on those legs. Lol!!! I KNOW that I am not the only one who would climb on the roof to lay in the sun. What are some of the crazy things you have done in order to get a tan?50 IS NOT OLD | GETTING A SUNTAN THE EASY WAY | FASHION OVER 40Here I am in another open front cardigan. I am sure that you are so surprised. Lol!!! I do love cardigans and especially in the early springtime. They are fantastic for adding a little warmth but more importantly, they make you look more “put together.” It is funny how adding one extra clothing item takes the look from just a white t-shirt and jeans to looking like an “outfit.” This color blocked cardigan is one that I found on clearance at Cato Fashions so it is no longer on their website. Make sure that you always check out the clearance section in every store first and then go to the regular priced items.

50 IS NOT OLD | GETTING A SUNTAN THE EASY WAY | FASHION OVER 40I have on the Bree necklace today. It looks backward in the photos but I had it on correctly. Lol! I have been thinking about ordering the “T” also but I don’t know if I like the way that it hangs on the chain. The Anyssa earrings I have on are sold out at the moment. The new product line for Spring will be launching in just a couple of days so hang tight. Until then, go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and snatch up some great deals. Pick any party with my name on it when you first go to the shop tab.
50 IS NOT OLD | GETTING A SUNTAN THE EASY WAY | FASHION OVER 40My dark colored jeans are from Old Navy but they are the Original, not the Rockstar. These are still the mid-rise and skinny version that I normally wear. I like the all over dark color, no markings and no distressing. These jeans come in three different rinse options and I think this is the medium color. I buy my normal size in Old Navy jeans (10) and they fit me perfectly. If you are in doubt then go to a store and try them on or if you are like me and have to order mostly online, then order your normal size and the next one up. Then, cross your fingers that the smaller size fits. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | GETTING A SUNTAN THE EASY WAY | FASHION OVER 40It is funny that when I look at this photo I probably see things that you would never notice. The first thing I notice is that I look as wide as a barn. Moving on from there, I see my Plunder necklace tag hanging down my back, I see my #5 plainly on my Alex and Ani bracelet (my reminder that I was going to hit Level V by the end of last year) and I also notice that my jeans look baggy from this angle. Don’t even get me started on my hair. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | GETTING A SUNTAN THE EASY WAY | FASHION OVER 40Remember to tell me the crazy things that you did to achieve a tan. And, if you want to get a nice healthy glow without the baby oil and iodine, just let me know. I placed an order for the foaming sunless tanner from Rodan + Fields and I would love to get this in your hands. It is 25.00 for the tanner and add 3.00 for the shipping and tax. Message me if you want to get a bottle or two. Before you ask, it doesn’t have a strong smell, it doesn’t turn your orange, and it doesn’t streak. Lol! Plus, as an added bonus, I will include a micro-dermabrasion paste pack for you to exfoliate first before you apply the tanner. AND, if you leave a comment about sunless tanners then I will enter you into a drawing for a FREE tanner!!!

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  1. I have numerous pairs of the Rockstar jeans. They fit my apple shape well with just enough spandex for comfort in the waist. The whole outfit looks really nice on you.

  2. I love your outfit today–I wear something similar most days and am partial to blue. I used both butter and olive oil to get a tan. YUK! I also had a silver reflective tanning blanket. Remember when a tan was all the rage of looking healthy?

  3. All I could think of was “QT” tanning lotion. I never used it, but many girls I knew did. It turned your skin a lovely shade of orange! I think self tanners have come a long way!

  4. Oh my gosh…..love the description of your Dad! My dad w was a farmer for years. He wouldn’t wear a short when he was on the tractor in the fields. He never wore shorts but once he our swim trunks on and he too had the whitest legs I had ever seen!!
    I did use baby oil but never iodine. I use to use sunless tanners and loved them….except some of them smelled funky. However,, about 10 years ago, I suddenly wholesale an allergic reaction to them. The first time I thought i got into poison ivy but then realized it was the tanner on my legs. I’ve tried many different brands but can’t seem to find one I can use. Funny thing is I can use it on my face and neck with no issues. I wish I could find one I can use 😞

  5. Blue is definitely your color! The sweater is very pretty and looks so comfortable. I used baby oil and foil (like a casserole!) and burned like crazy. We bought a cheap sunless tanner in high school and a group of us shared it. I looked like an orange and got some on my hair line! Icky turned my hair line orange as well…messy, smelly and very un attractive! Oh the things we do as kids! Best…Kathy

  6. I too have used the oil and the iodine back in the day, oil and carrot juice, and then went straight to baby oil.. Used it for years. Do you remember sun in? ha.. I talked my (older) brother into using it one summer and man did his hair turn orange.. I think I got in trouble over that one.. Love the cardigan. Funny how seeing it on the website, versus seeing it on someone else makes a total difference. Now I’m sad I didn’t buy it..

  7. Tania, like you, I tried baby oil and iodine. I was so jealous of my sister, who has beautiful olive skin. Aren’t we always jealous of our siblings for some reason? I have been trying different self tanners lately and just have not found the right one.

  8. I remember using the baby oil. My sister and the two neighbor girls would lay out for hours every summer. The one neighbor would tan so nicely but her sister and us would just burn. We were so jealous.

  9. Jeni Underwood Reply

    When I was a high schooler, in the 70’s, I decided to use a sun lamp to get some color. It was the old style, probably from the 50’s. I decided to do it topless, so locked my bedroom door, laid on the floor, and turned it on. Warmed up quickly, I decided to cover my breasts with my hands and laid there for about 10 minutes. Needless to say, I had hand imprints on my breasts for several days, and was red as a beet every where else.
    Every morning, while drinking my coffee, I read your post first. I’ll be 62 in September, and I love your style, and love looking at the Plunder jewelry.

  10. I used butter, motor oil, and baby oil, and Avon sunless tanner. It was SO orange and smelled terrible. I hated laying in the sun, so my redheaded, fair skinned friend and I gathered black walnuts, boiled them, and added the liquid to lotion. It was a disaster! We thought we could stain ourselves like the walnuts stained our hands. Instead, we ended up with a runny, streaky mess that made us look like we were way overdue for a shower!
    Sunless tanning has come a long way!
    You look great! Blue is beautiful!

  11. Good morning, Tania,
    First, I love your outfit. No kidding, I think you look at least 10 years younger than you have said that you are. You look really thin! You are an inspiration for me in my weight loss odyssey.
    Sunless tanners, where do I begin!? I love them but my large freckles (aka age spots) that I got from using baby oil and iodine in my teens. But, I looked great with that tan. 🙂 Anyway, I would love to order the R&F sunless tanner and give it a try. What is the best way to do it?
    Have a blessed day!

  12. QT tanner, turned me organ, Sun-In on the hair with lemon juice, and sometimes the reflective blanket. Boy, I wish I knew the what I know now about sun exposure!

  13. Hi! I definitely used to love laying out in the sun with baby oil slathered on, but not any more! And every sunless tanner that I have tried has caused me to itch! I wonder if R&F would be different ? I’ve been enjoying your everyday outfits!

  14. Baby oil was it for me. I love reading your blogs and your outfits. I also want to thank you for getting me hooked on the Old Navy jeans! I have to say the associates at my local store are awesome and have helped me order online at the store since I need the jeans in a long. (ordering at the store avoids the shipping fee).

  15. Lisa Everett Reply

    Baking in the sun behind the barn so I could avoid bra strap lines. Yep baby oil was in the picture. Any thing for a glow… Even though it sometimes was a very rosy glow. Hey we had to look good in our tube tops back in the day 😎 sunny regards Lisa

  16. Elizabeth Raymond Reply

    Yup! Baby oil and iodine was the go to concoction! I now spend the majority of my time trying to get rid of the damage it created! LOL!

  17. Using a mitt really helps applying sunless tanner. I found mine at Ulta

  18. I remember using baby oil also to try to get a tan. I’m fair complected so never get much of one.
    I’ve had trouble with sunless tanners making me itch. I’ve tried several different ones. Haven’t found one yet that I could use consistently.

  19. love the sweater today! you look great as usual, have a great weekend. i also am fair and tried most of the stuff mentioned to get a tan. the best sunburn relief is cool wet towels laid on the burned part to help you sleep.

  20. I used a sunless tanner back in the eighties and it definitely turned me more orange than tan. As a redhead I never tan, but I tried oil, tanning beds, and even Crisco! Would love to win some of yours!

  21. I have always wanted to be tan but instead look like a ghost. Burn, peel, repeat! I’ve been looking once again at sunless tanners. I’m sure they must have come a long way.

  22. Beckie Beiro Reply

    I was pleasantly surprised to see you wearing my sweater this morning! Lol
    Baby oil and iodine what were we thinking, but I had no idea anybody else climbing on the roof to sun bath, I also took my radio up with me after all you had to have music. Lol
    Anything for that red glow, Today it’s sunless tanning only way to go!
    Have a great weekend,

  23. Glenda Gordon Reply

    Love your outfit! The blue looks really good on you! When I was in high school, I used the QT sunless tanner that someone else mentioned. I am fair-complected and it did not work well at all for me. I looked like an Oompa Loompa from Willy Wonka, lol. And it went on really streaky, which didn’t help the situation at all!

  24. I used baby oil also and later tanning beds would love to find sunless tanner that doesn’t leave me orange and smelling funny ..love your outfit today you look great.

  25. Ella J GREENMAN Reply

    I would sit out on the concrete driveway with baby oil to try and get the reflective white concrete to help the sun burn me to a crisp. Also, with “Sun-In” sprayed on my beautiful auburn hair to turn it blonde. Ugh! Why did we even think these were good ideas!!!!

  26. I’m also fair skinned and worked hard at turning this pastey white body brown. I used coco butter and baby oil and spent hours in the sun baking June-September. Boy am I paying for it now 😎

  27. Good Morning Tania!! I woke up this morning at 4:30 and read your blog. I just want to let you know that when I looked at the photos , I didn’t see what you were saying. It’s funny how we always point out the negatives that we ourselves notice. You always look well put together and have inspired me. I love your style!! Thank you!! Happy Friday!!☺☺

  28. My sister would do the oil and iodine, but I never could be still long enough to lay out in the sun. I like this look and there is nothing like a bright crisp white t-shirt!

  29. I love the necklace you have on today, Tania. It’s fun and really helps make your outfit. All the sunless tanners I’ve tried have either streaked or looked orange, or both. I’m curious about the R&F one.

  30. Count me among those who used baby oil and iodine, lemon juice in my dark brown hair to give me highlights, a silver reflector blanket to get a summer tan! Back in my younger years I would turn so brown, after having my girls that all changed! I have some great memories of laying out with girlfriends tanning and listening to music! Can’t wait to try the R+F sunless tanner!

  31. This outfit looks amazing on you! Tall-thin-bright-something very nice!! The color and style are right!

  32. I used baby oil too, many moons ago! Love the R&F sunless tanner…love your pretty blue on you today!

  33. Love this whole outfit and sad that the cardigan is no longer available. I need to take time to make a trip to Cato and Old Navy and you are right…did NOT notice any of the so-called “flaws” that you pointed out. And hair..still waiting for your hair tutorial 😉 I was the baby oil user and slathered it on while mowing when living at home. My farmer husband..yep the tan arms year round and white legs. Thought I would help with “tan” his legs with sunless tanner when we went to Hawaii for our 30th anniversary but I didn’t get it rubbed in good enough and the whole trip he had a big orange blob on one leg and a long streak on the other. I felt so bad since it was my idea to do it and he didn’t want to do it in the first place. He was proud of his farmer tan!!

  34. I was a huge sun worshipper. I can’t even begin to tell what I’ve tried. I still love the sun, but am much more careful than I was in my youth.

  35. Definitely used baby oil and sun in on my hair !! Would love to try this sunless tanner.

  36. Sherry Jackson Reply

    As a child, spending all day outdoors, I turned the most beautiful shade of brown without using anything. As a teen however baby oil was my “go to” !! I am blessed with olive skin unlike my sister who’s freckles had to meet in order for her to look like she had a tan!!

  37. I used QT and turned orange, LOL. Boy, did that stuff stain anything it touched. And used Sun In and lemon juice on my hair. We had a pool, so my foster sister and I would be out in the pool, or on the pool deck from sun up till dark. We tanned back then. Now all I do is make my freckles explode if I get in the sun. Have tried a couple of the new tanners but haven’t found one that didn’t streak. The R&F one sounds very interesting!

  38. Charlcy Green Reply

    I too put foil under me to tan faster as a teenager! And stayed in the pool all day w/o sunscreen! I love those earrings! And the necklace is too cute too!

  39. Ginger Huskey Reply

    Tanning on a trampoline….it’s cool and the black really draws the sun in. Of course I looked like a pickled beet after 30 minutes.

  40. Angie Whitley Reply

    Ha ha!! Did you and I talk about motor oil because I did this as well! But…it was the day before prom-in the 80s… I wanted to get a tan – quickly… I went to my dad’s shop cabinet and got the oil out and slathered myself with it. (I may have had the foil or the reflective mat too) It smelled pretty bad but I really wanted to get a tan! After I had sunbathed for hours in this oil, my brother came home from school and said ‘what are you doing with brake fluid’?? I don’t guess it really really mattered but I had used brake fluid instead of motor oil!! Those were the days!!
    LOVE the blue on you – it brings out your eyes!!

  41. I, too, used baby oil and hadn’t heard about the iodine! Maybe a good thing! 😉
    I tan easily, although I wish we knew about sunscreen back then. I’d love to try the R&F tanner!

  42. Maxine Bower Reply

    Baby oil and iodine was the way to go back then.Love the outfit today!👙

  43. Susan Radtke Reply

    I did the baby oil as well. Not good if you are fair skinned. I love the sweater.

  44. Sunless tanners are the ONLY way I tan anymore. I still love sitting by the pool, but now it is under an umbrella with a hat one, shades on and SPF 30 applied every 90 minutes-I set the alarm on my phone. May be that I’m a little to anal….I wonder?! Tried so many, guess it’s time I bit the bullet and give R&F a try…..

  45. I used baby oil but not iodine. Just Coppertone suntan lotion. I couldn’t stand just lying in the hot sun though one time I lay on my stomach and the backs of my legs burned badly! That was painful!

  46. I remember looking like a giant carrot from QT and the unappealing smell of the lotion. Plus, in berween my fingers is where it worked the best!

  47. Never heard of using iodine “back in tha day,” but have heard multiple people mention that they used it then. But, BABY OIL…oh yea! I have light blue eyes and am pretty fair naturally, but always tanned well. By the end of the summer, I looked like a blue eyed Polynesian. LOL Oh, the damage I did to my skin! I’ve had 3 basal cell and one squamous cell skin cancers already removed. Which is why I always paid for my daughter to have a spray tan for events, and never allowed or paid for tanning booths. Thankfully, Syd was a dancer and not a cheerleader. One of her friends that did competitive cheer said they were REQUIRED to tan, or they’d lose their spot. Can you imagine?

  48. Julia Rodriguez Reply

    🎶Bain de Soleil for the St. Tropez tan🎶….Remember that jingle? That, Hawaiian Tropic oil, and straight baby oil were my go to products. I loved the smell of each, and I tanned pretty well, but all that time in the sun catches up to you! Blue is a great color on you! Happy weekend. 🌞

  49. Kim Blackwell Reply

    Love your outfit today as I love cardigans as well. I feel put together when I have one on. I would love to find a self tanner that goes on evenly and doesn’t smell lol! I had a melanoma on my leg from laying out too much in the sun growing up with my girlfriends and not to mention even the tanning beds. Ugh! Needless to say I need to be careful in the sun. I’m fair as well but would love a little color.😎

  50. Margaret Walters Reply

    Hello!! I’m like you— burn and peel only!! Never any tan!!!! So I eventually gave up sitting in the sun, in babyoil or in Coppertone! Remember the little girl on the front of the bottle??? I’ve ordered your R&F sunless tanner, and I can’t wait to try it!! —- where do I get a url to send to you??

  51. Dian Sommers Reply

    I remember my mom had a small electrical tanning machine. It looked like a small electric heater. You laid in front on it to get a tan. The problem was it was only about 16 inches long so you had to move it down the length of your body and flip on all sides. To help get the tan I would apply Coppertone self tanner.

    In the past twelve months I am paying for those crazy days using baby oil and iodine, tanning on a roof, and using the aluminum sun screens. I have had skin cancer removed from my legs and chest multiple times. The scars are my reminder.

    But I still love the tan look and use a sunless tanner.

  52. Tina morris Reply

    I would like to order the tanner. Please tell me how to order and pay.

  53. I love this outfit too. Its cute and casual! We used sun lamps in my day to tan. I burnt my face more than once as a teen. ugh. I will order your sunless taner.. I messaged you from fb. Thanks Tania!

  54. Sure, baby oil and aluminum foil to reflect the sun back on my face was a normal thing back in my day. I have red hair and many of the sunless tanners turned my skin the same color as my hair. Not a good look. It will be nice to try yours.

  55. I love to use sunless tanners now, but I used to go the old school way – burn to a crisp! I’m a brunette who is fair-skinned and I’ve always loved to swim. So my arms, back and chest always got tan just by being in and out of the water, but my poor legs!! They were always the brightest shade of white!! I would love to try Rodan and Fields’ sunless tanner – please enter me in the giveaway.

  56. Oh my gosh! I used the sun lamp while I was in college! I went to class a little burned! Needless to say, my professor felt sorry for me and sent me back to my dorm! What girls didn’t do back in the late 60’s to get a tan!! Would love to try the Rodan + Fields!

  57. I love the outfit Tania. Blue is definitely your color. I too tried the baby oil when I was in high school and fried myself! I am interested in trying the sunless tanner. How do I go about ordering? Thanks.

  58. I was a sun worshiper for many years until I had three basal cell cancer spots removed. No more sun without sunscreen for me!!! For everyone out there, please use the sunless tanner and sunscreen instead of baking in the sun. My next body check is on the 23rd.

  59. Right there with you – baby oil, iodine and foil! Would fry myself to get a tan, and my dad is the same with his farmers tan as we called it!

  60. Tar Beach!! Up on the roof where the shingles are dark and attracts the sunlight. Combined with baby oil and aluminum foil, you’ve got your own personal tanning bed!

  61. I have never tried a sunless tanner, am thinking about trying one….I live in Florida so you wouldn’t think I would need one but I am careful about the sun……

  62. Love you’re blog! It seems the older I get the less time I have for sun and I look like it! I live in the south and I am white as a sheet. I look like I’m here on vacation from the north! Would be so nice to try a good quality sunless tanner.

  63. Linda Bunger Reply

    I like the outfit because it’s cute and looks so comfortable.
    Oh do I have a story about trying to get a tan. My ex-husband was a military pilot many years ago. His squadron was deployed for 6 weeks. So I went home to Pensacola, Florida. I have olive skin and always tanned nicely. I had not tanned for a few years. So my girlfriend and I went to the beach and stayed all day. I got fried! A few days later my husband joined me in Pensacola. I had fever blisters all around my lips. I was cooked! As soon as I saw my husband I said don’t touch me. Not what a young husband wanted to hear after returning from a 6 week deployment!

  64. Have tried several sunless tanners but never a foaming sunless tanner. Sounds like I should and also should look into a mitt to apply. You look great and I look forward to reading your updates daily!! Happy spring!

  65. Melesa Garrison Reply

    You look so cute and I too love cardigans.
    Girl, I would get on our flat roof over the patio and tan. Sometimes my girlfriends and I would tan in our backyard. We would also use baby oil and iodine, but sometimes I would use shortening, yes Crisco, out of the can. I would get extremely dark. I remember my brother asked me to show his friends my stomach bc he couldn’t believe it would get almost black. My poor brother had such white skin and blue eyes. Me and my other siblings had brown eyes and dark skin like my Dad. My oldest brother would tell him that he was adopted. Ok, I got off on a tangent, sorry!
    Have a great weekend. I’m going to go get my nails done now.

  66. I too am guilty of getiing on the roof with a bottle of baby oil with iodine 😶 You are right, the crazy things we did. Thank goodness for sunless tanner! Just used my R&F foaming sunless tanner today. And poof, just like that my legs are tanned! And it looks natural. Love it. And mt favorite SUNSCREEN of all time is the R&F essential. Gotta check my Cato and see if they have this cardigan, love it.

  67. Omg! Some of the things we did for a tan–paying the price now! Baby oil, Hawaiian Tropic Deep Tanning Oil on my alabaster skin for 7 days of vacation at the beach, laying on the black shingle tool shed roof, and hours on the flat gravel roof of my 3 story dorm. No amount of blisters and suffering could teach us mot to do it again!

  68. I had a “towel” that I laid on that looked like a big piece of aluminum foil. It was towel-shaped, but silver and crinkly. I never used the iodine, but used baby oil and Sun-In in my hair. My hair turned orange and my body turned red. I have only had a spray-on tan a couple times before a special event and have never used a self-tanner so would be very interested in trying this one! Thank you for the opportunity.

  69. Sharon Hurley Reply

    I did some crazy things to tan too! I too will be using sunless tanner this summer. My sister is thinking about selling Rodan & Fields. I’ll definitely try it.

  70. My sister and I loved to tan with baby oil, our dog used to lay out in the sun with us! Ha! I would love to be entered to win!

  71. Brenda Marenich Reply

    Great outfit. I had to laugh thinking back of all the crazy tanning things I did in my youth, baby oil, QT and much more. Still love a good tan but I’m more careful now. Haven’t found a sunless tanner that works well for me.

  72. I would love to try the tanner – My sisters talked me into using cooking oil once – crazy doesn’t even begin to describe some of the things older siblings talk you into.

  73. Lori Fitzgibbon Reply

    I love the outfit! Blue is your color. I’m late 50’s and just retired and lost a lot of weight. Crazy combo I know, lol. I found you on Pinterest and have been following you as I update my wardrobe.
    I used the QT in the 70’s and always looked like a short pumpkin. These days, I just don’t worry about it.

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