50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A CLASSIC JACKET | FASHION OVER 40Buchanan County is a very small county without a lot of entertainment. However, over the weekend, I got to attend a wonderful theatre production of Beauty and the Beast put on the Theatre Guild of Buchanan County. The Guild is fairly new to the area but they have done about 5 or so productions since they were organized. This is all local children and adults who are doing the performing which was wonderful to watch. It had been a long time since I had seen Beauty and the Beast but it all came rushing back to me as I watched the play.50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A CLASSIC JACKET | FASHION OVER 40My son and his family and I all crawled into the car and went to the 3-hour play. I was the one who crawled into the 3rd-row seats and that was not a pretty sight. There is no graceful way to get in and out of the 3rd row since there are car seats in the middle row. My Energizer Bunny Friend’s daughter was in the play and she was a wolf, and fork, and a villager. I was really impressed with the level of talent from our local residents, especially with all of the singing and dancing. It was just wonderful to see the auditorium packed and I heard that it was almost sold out every performance. Emersyn declared that she wanted to do one of these plays before long. We already have a famous actress who came from Grundy, Jayma May, and who knows if one of these children I watched will become the next one. 50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A CLASSIC JACKET | FASHION OVER 40Are the rest of you having weather like mine? One day I am wearing short sleeves and the next day I am wearing a coat and freezing to death. I just recommend that you wear a jacket that you can take off if the day warms up. This navy blazer/jacket is one that I have had for years. When you buy a classic you will be able to wear it for a long time. This was one that I bought from JC Penny and I love the striped lining inside. When I roll the arms (which is often) the stripes show and give it a unique detail. I love a jacket or a blazer because they hide a multitude of sins, especially in the area around your middle.

50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A CLASSIC JACKET | FASHION OVER 40I am not even bothering with my Plunder jewelry today. It is like playing Russian roulette trying to figure out if the item is going to be in stock or not. I can’t wait until the new jewelry finally launches on the 16th!!! Instead, go to Alex and Ani and grab a few bracelets OR better yet, join me in my Rodan + Fields business and earn your own bracelets for FREE.50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A CLASSIC JACKET | FASHION OVER 40Speaking of FREE things because of Rodan + Fields, check out my Kate Spade blue handbag. I have been carrying a different handbag for the biggest part of the winter but I am ready to make the switch. I love this handbag because it is such great quality and it has a ton of room. It also came with a matching iPad carrying pouch and Joe looks really cute carrying his iPad in it. Lol! Especially since it is a floral print with the solid blue trim. He is secure in his manhood so it doesn’t phase him in the least. It is like when I wore sparkly reading glasses and he would borrow them when we went in restaurants. The waitresses always had a comment to make about his glasses but it never bothered him in the least. He would just ham it up and act silly with them. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A CLASSIC JACKET | FASHION OVER 40You can’t miss the white stitching on these Vigoss jeans. These are my bootcut jeans and I feel the need to wear them on occasions. I am normally all about the skinny jeans but the bootcut is great for balancing out larger hips. You wouldn’t think that by adding just a few more inches to the width of your jeans at the hem would make that big a difference but it truly does. I added my wine colored Isaac Mizrahi ankle boots to this look to keep in the same color scheme as the top. I never thought that I was brave enough to wear a bright colored shoe but I have found that if people are looking at my feet then they aren’t looking at my double chin. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A CLASSIC JACKET | FASHION OVER 40I was reading an article from CNBC today about fears. It was talking about what holds people back from success. I admit that I have or had SEVERAL of these. Here is the list:

  1. Fear of inadequacy
  2. Fear of uncertainty
  3. Fear of failure
  4. Fear of rejection
  5. Fear of missing out
  6. Fear of change
  7. Fear of Losing control
  8. Fear of being judged
  9. Fear of something bad happening
  10. Fear of getting hurt

For me, when I started the blog, it was 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, and 10! Wow!!! That is 6 fears that could have and probably should have stopped me from even trying. Now that I also have an online business with R+F the fears that I had were 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8. Don’t let FEAR keep you from starting a new chapter in your life. If you join me as a Rodan + Fields consultant I don’t just throw you to the wolves, I will train you and help you understand the business. I will talk to your prospects and help you with social media. My job is to try to give you every advantage that I can to make sure that YOU succeed. I would LOVE to talk to you about the products which can change your looks or the business which can change your life. Email me if you would like to learn more and we will jump on a phone call.  PLUS, as a sign-on bonus, when you buy one of the business kits then I will gift you this Spring Renewal set that is a retail value of 217.00 if purchased separately. It contains 3 of my favorite products from Rodan + Fields. These are all FULL Size and they are AH-Mazing! The doctors have said that if you could only use one product for anti-aging that it should be the Intensive Renewing Serum.

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  1. Vonda Seyna Reply

    Tania, have you heard the song, Fear is a liar by Zach Williams? If not, you tube it. It’s beautiful. Thanks for your blog.

  2. I love the picture in my mind of Joe wearing your bedazzled reading glasses! Hilarious!!

  3. This is such a dressy/casual look and I love it. I too have boot cut jeans with white stitching and I love them. They are the ones that I feel the most comfortable in and now I now why….they balance out my hips !!!! 😉 I have been looking for a purse that is “just right” and haven’t found it yet.

  4. Ramona Puckett Reply

    Well, since I have retired, I packed up my blazer to donate but now I’m rethinking it! I love your whole outfit!

  5. You look great! Love the cuts and proportions, …and blue always makes your blue eyes pop.

    • Charlcy Green Reply

      Lovely outfit! Our weather is exactly like that and its driving us crazy. Sat.was a high of 46 but Sunday was 92! Yeah what’s up w all the sold out specials on Plunder!?

  6. I am brand new to your blog and loving it. Just pulled out my (years old) navy 2 (brass) button blazer (Brooks Brothers). It is a couple of inches longer than yours but I think I can make it work. Do you?

  7. Great outfit! You look great in it! The blazer is a workhorse with any outfit for me, I love to wear them.

  8. Love this! And wow…the fears list….It feels so good when I do work through the fear! Like I can conquer the world! 🙂 Thanks, Tania!

    • Tania Reply

      It is amazing how we let what is between our ears keep us from ever accomplishing so much more than we ever imagined.

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