50 IS NOT OLD | AN UPDATE TRENCH COAT | FASHION OVER 40Do any of you have Netflix or Lifetime marathons? Joe and I very rarely even turn on the television anymore. I hear people talk about giving up television in my Rodan + Fields groups so that they can concentrate on their business. However, I gave that up a long time ago. Lol! But, once in a while, we decide to start watching a series. In the past, we watched ALL of the episodes of West Wing and that is a lot of episodes. Joe is now talking about watching Justified again.50 IS NOT OLD | AN UPDATE TRENCH COAT | FASHION OVER 40I loved watching Justified and if you call me you would know that. My ringtone is the theme music on Justified! I went back and forth between who was the cutest, Raylan or Boyd. Raylan was the “hot” one and the mostly good guy in the series and Boyd was the “scruffy” loveable bad boy. I have always been drawn to the bad boy which is why I ended up with Joe. Lol!!! Are you sitting there scratching your head and thinking, “whatever made her think about this for a topic?” I looked at these photos and thought I looked like I was ready for a gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | AN UPDATE TRENCH COAT | FASHION OVER 40As you can see, it was just a tad bit windy on the day that I took these photos. That is why I decided to put on this duster jacket. I think of this as an updated trench coat. This is lightweight and so cute. When I wore this the other day I got a ton of comments and compliments. My DIL asked me about it and mentioned that she had seen Kim Kardashian wearing something like this. WHAT? Me wear something like Kim? I like that this is more feminine than other trench coats that I have owned plus the material is silky and not stiff. This is flowy and light. It does come with a tie-belt but I have it tied behind me in these pictures. This jacket is not lined so it will not be heavy or for really cold temperatures. Also, it is a handwash item so remember to factor that in.

50 IS NOT OLD | AN UPDATE TRENCH COAT | FASHION OVER 40I used this infinity scarf from Cato Fashions to pull the colors together. See how the scarf has the burgundy and shades of steel blue in it? Then I added a pair of Navy Rhombus earrings from Plunder Design. I also added one of my favorite bracelets from Plunder. It is the Clementine bracelet with a monogram charm. This bracelet is on an elastic thread so it is easy to get on and off. I can’t wait for the new jewelry to finally launch, I think the date is the 16th! To place orders just go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and be sure to pick a party with my name on it.50 IS NOT OLD | AN UPDATE TRENCH COAT | FASHION OVER 40I am sitting here looking these jeans up and down trying to figure out which pair I had on in this photo. I can’t really say for sure but I am thinking it looks like the Diana from Kut From the Kloth. I love that pair and I will wear them quite often. The fit is perfect and I really love the dark color. Sometimes I take a couple pictures over the weekend just in case I have a set of pictures that don’t turn out very good through the week.

50 IS NOT OLD | AN UPDATE TRENCH COAT | FASHION OVER 40The burgundy peplum sweater is one that I bought at an Ann Taylor outlet when I went to Charleston for an R+F convention. I take every opportunity that I can when I go out of town to get some shopping in. It is funny how a person with NO shopping opportunities in town (other than a few boutiques) started a fashion blog. Lol!!! The last time I wore this top was back in November when I wore it with tan. I wasn’t sure if I would like this peplum top since I carry most of my weight through my middle. However, this actually looked really cute on.

50 IS NOT OLD | AN UPDATE TRENCH COAT | FASHION OVER 40You probably know that I love Alex and Ani bracelets. I am not sure if you know why I love these bracelets. The biggest reason is that these are what Rodan + Fields send to you when you promote in the company. Each one represents a different level, the blue one is Level I, the topaz is Level II, the amethyst is Level III, the red one is Level IV, and the final one is the green one which is for Level V!!! I am so thrilled with what these represent. This represents a lot of women who gaining confidence in their looks through skincare. This represents women who are starting to actually experience aging backward. These tiny little bracelets represent how one decision can change your life and all of the lives of the people you come in contact with. These were earned not by me selling products but by me training my consultants under me to promote in the business as well. When you become a consultant I don’t just throw you to the wolves, I will train you and help you understand the business. I will talk to your prospects and help you with social media. My job is to try to give you every advantage that I can to make sure that YOU succeed. I would LOVE to talk to you about the products which can change your looks or the business which can change your life. Email me if you would like to learn more and we will jump on a phone call.  PLUS, as a sign-on bonus, when you buy one of the business kits then I will gift you this Spring Renewal set that is a retail value of 217.00 if purchased separately. It contains 3 of my favorite products from Rodan + Fields.

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  1. Catherine Clarke Reply

    Tania, you are the queen of colour, fabulous mix n match. Go girl.

  2. Love the trench coat, looks super cute and love love love Justified, have watched it all the way through at least twice. I vote for Raylan, he’s hot!

  3. You are right…the peplum top does look really cute on and love how you pulled all the colors together. I think the duster jacket looks more comfortable then an actual trench coat. This outfit would be perfect for the cold weather we are still having here.

  4. Love the duster, I’ve been looking for one with no luck so far. Love how the scarf ties it all together.

  5. Purple my favorite color! Not familiar with Justified but will check it out!

  6. I loved Justified and was sad when it ended. I’m with you Boyd was so lovable. I love the color of your trench. My daughter Jordan loves every shade of purple now.

  7. We enjoyed Justified too! Give Longmire a try! I always love seeing what you are wearing!

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