50 IS NOT OLD | A RAY OF SUNSHINE | FASHION OVER 40I didn’t think that I was going to get a post out to you yesterday. There were some extenuating circumstances that almost shut the post down for the day. I was sitting at my table working on the blog when I noticed that the internet wasn’t working correctly. I asked Joe if his computer was acting up also and he said that it was. I picked up my phone and made it a hotspot and just kept working. I asked him again in about 15 minutes but he said it was still down. Then, we got a phone call from my Energizer Bunny Friend’s husband and we learned out what the problem was.50 IS NOT OLD | A RAY OF SUNSHINE | FASHION OVER 40A transformer up the road had caught on fire and the fire ran down the lines into the boy’s dormitory at Mountain Mission School causing it and the hillside to catch on fire. This is an on-campus school for the most part with only a few local kids attending that go to their homes at night. Most of these children are from other countries and many of them are orphans that have no place else to go. Thankfully, no one was injured in the fire, but there was a lot of smoke and water damage to the building as well as some structural damage to parts of the roof and a few walls. Some of the children were taken to a Church Youth Camp that has dorms there but the rest was going to be sleeping on the floor in the gymnasium. The problem was that there was no electricity or lights for them to be able to see anything. That is why we got the phone call. They wanted to know if we had anything battery powered that could help. Instead, we loaded up a generator, another gas can, and then we went to the airport to get some huge lights that sit on a stand. These are what contractors use when they are working or a job in the night time. After we delivered the lights we went to my EBF’s house and took them some flashlights. Of course, we had to stay a little while and chat so I didn’t get back to the house until after midnight. The power was soon restored and the internet was back working by the time we got home. Clean up has already started at the school and they hope to resume classes today. It will be a while though before the children will be able to go back to the dorms.50 IS NOT OLD | A RAY OF SUNSHINE | FASHION OVER 40Sunshine is what this outfit looks like. I love this bright yellow short sleeve tee shirt from Cato Fashions. Yellow is not my best color so I added the navy cardigan to take help balance the color palette. Yellow reflects on your face making it appear to have a glow to it. I just love this color for that reason. This tee shirt is pretty thin so you might want to shop for a different one or maybe wear a camisole under it. I have on the shapewear that I was talking about in Monday’s post.

50 IS NOT OLD | A RAY OF SUNSHINE | FASHION OVER 40This outfit from Plunder sure looks like spring and summer. The Tory necklace shows that it is in low stock right now so if this beautiful necklace catches your eye then you need to go ahead and order. I love all of the different colors in this necklace!!! The matching Sofia bracelet is one that I will wear a lot in the coming months. It is just so bright and colorful and it matches so many things. I added the Mandy earrings to this look and I am going to tell you a secret……these are out of my comfort zone to wear. Lol! I have no idea why wearing a bright yellow tee shirt doesn’t phase me but wearing these bright yellow earrings is hard. They are sold out right now so evidently plenty of other people don’t have an issue with wearing them. Hahaha! I am in a waiting pattern just dying to see the new catalog and new jewelry that will soon be launching. I can hardly wait to see everything.50 IS NOT OLD | A RAY OF SUNSHINE | FASHION OVER 40How cute are these pants???? I knew the minute I laid my eyes on these pants that I would be leaving the store with them. Lol! These wide legs striped linen blend pants are from Cato. I love linen for spring and summer, it is so cool and light. Joe is not a fan of the wide leg pants but in the words of my granddaughter Matti, “I not care.” I love the large, wide legs and when I wear them I will try to wear a tighter fitting top with them. 50 IS NOT OLD | A RAY OF SUNSHINE | FASHION OVER 40Adding the short sleeve navy cardigan helped to make me appear thinner than I am. Remember to use every tool that you have at your disposal to make you appear taller, thinner, shorter, or whatever is your objective. Keeping prints in perspective to your body also helps So, ladies who are taller or larger in stature can wear larger prints than ladies who are petite.

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  1. Linda Bunger Reply

    Love the outfit! Yellow is my favorite color! You look so slender!! Classy and sassy!

    • Tania Reply

      Linda, you picked a great favorite color, it is so sunny and happy. 🙂

  2. Hi Tania, I live in Australia and even though we are at the start of Autumn now, I love to look back at your older posts and I just love your daily posts, you give me lots of inspiration and I only discovered you a few weeks ago. I look forward to your next post.

    • Tania Reply

      Welcome to my crazy blog, Jacqui! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I hope that you will come back often!!!

  3. Teresa Spivey Reply

    I love the outfit, blue and yellow look so spring/summery! I am short and it is hard to wear that style pant. It looks great on you.

    • Tania Reply

      Teresa, you might try this style with heels or even the stove pipe pants which aren’t quite as wide.

  4. Bernie McIntyre Reply

    Very flattering outfit Tania I love a wide leg trouser they are my go to outfit for holidays with a tight vest top I love the navy with the yellow like you I love yellow but it doesn’t always love me I will give the navy a go 😁

    • Tania Reply

      I am with you, Bernie. The wide trousers are great for a holiday function. Give the navy a try, I think you will like it.

  5. Love the colour combination. Yellow is a happy sunny colour and certainly over here in the UK we are in desperate need of a little warmth and sunshine.

    • Tania Reply

      The children are fine which was the most important thing. There were so many people who helped out waaaaay more than we did. It is so wonderful to see everyone pull together and help out.

    • Tania Reply

      It was verrry comfortable. I love outfits like this that look nice and are so comfy when you wear them.

  6. Absolutely would wear this outfit!! 🙂 The pantsdo make you look taller. Both by the stripes pattern & wide leg. Just love it!!!

  7. Love the happy Spring colors and the outfit! Here in the Midwest Mother Nature is still keeping us in winter mode, so this outfit is a breath of fresh air! As usual, you look great wearing it!

  8. Pretty Spring outfit! Just wish Spring would come (and stay)! Cold, windy and snow predicted again this w/e in southern Ohio! Enjoy your blog, Tania. Thank you.

    • Tania Reply

      Nancy, the weather is so crazy at this time of year. One day it was 80 this week and then the next day it was a high of 49.

  9. You and your blog are a “ray of sunshine”! I especially love your Sunday posts. Thank you for being you and sharing your life with us! 🙂

  10. It was so nice that you helped the kids at the school! I love this outfit too!

  11. Cute outfit…is your t-shirt tucked in? I would have to find something that went over my tummy to hide that area for sure. I will have to check these out the next time I get to Cato’s.

    • Tania Reply

      Sandy, my shirt is tucked in for a change. I don’t normally wear it this way but I liked the look.

  12. Charlcy Green Reply

    Oh what a lovely Spring ensemble and it looks great on you! Those striped pants really are flattering! And I love the yellow and blue color combination! Beautiful jewelry too! I’m sorry about the fire at the school and so proud that my friends rushed to the aid of those children! You guys are amazing!

  13. So glad that nobody was hurt in the fire. Praying recovery goes swiftly. Those slacks make your legs go on for miles. Very flattering outfit. I never wear yellow, but think I might try it with navy.

  14. **Joe is not a fan of the wide leg pants but in the words of my granddaughter Matti, “I not care.”**

    LOL!!!!! Joe sounds so much like my husband!!!!

    Glad everyone was safe from the fire.

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