50 IS NOT OLD | SHAPEWEAR THAT IS COMFORTABLESince I have been blogging I have found out many ways to stand in order to make me “appear” thinner. I almost have these poses down to a science. You have often heard me say that I have bumps and bulges but that you don’t need to see them. When I got an email from the people at Shapeez asking me if I would do a sponsored post, I was intrigued but not overly excited because I had tried different shapewear brands before. Everyone I had tried before had issues to the point that I would rather learn how to pose than I would wear the product. They were too confining or all they did was squeeze me so tight that I couldn’t breathe.
I have been wearing The Ultimate style all week long and trying it with different shirts and dresses. I have extremely pleased with this product. Here is what the website lists as the benefits and I have to agree with what they say.

  • Smooths all back bulges with no visible bra lines
  • Smoothing control for waist, tummy, hips, and back
  • Shapes and support the breasts
  • Eliminates muffin top
  • Front adjustable straps always stay up
  • Look thinner instantly
  • So cool and comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it

The garment is A-line shaped like a woman so it isn’t tapered at the hem. It is made this way so that is doesn’t roll up. 50 IS NOT OLD | SHAPEWEAR THAT IS COMFORTABLE

I really like that the bra is built in with the shapewear. The other ones I had used before either smushed me or had a cut-out for my breasts and then my “arm fat” would bulge out over the top. The built-in bra gives you more options when it comes to wearing a fitted top. Since I didn’t know what size bra I would need there is a simple sizing process that tells you how to take your measurements. It worked great because mine fits perfectly!

50 IS NOT OLD | SHAPEWEAR THAT IS COMFORTABLEThe dreaded back fat. Ugggh, this is another reason that I hate doing the back shots so many of you ask for. Who wants their rolls showing so visibly? I haven’t figured out yet how to pose so that I look thinner from this position. Lol! Here are some of the features of The Ultimate:

  • Patented Smooth Back Design
  • Cool, moisture-wicking, all-way stretch Lycra
  • Molded, underwire cups with light foam padding
  • Light foam padding
  • Total back arm coverage
  • No Roll Hem
  • Front adjustable “No Fall” Straps

I loved the moisture-wicking properties. I am going to want to wear this garment in the summer months and the wickable fabric will make that possible for us ladies who live in the warmer climates.


Don’t even get me started on this picture. Do you have any idea who much I love you gurls to show you these angles??? Overall, I felt so much more confident when I was wearing this garment. I prefer stepping into my Shapeez and pulling it up and taking it off in the same way. I find it much easier than trying to pull it off over my head. 50 IS NOT OLD | SHAPEWEAR THAT IS COMFORTABLEOne of the reasons that this shapewear seems to be different might be because of the inventor. Staci was a stay at home mom 10 years ago who took an old bra and some fabric and invented something that solved the problem most women face every day when they put on a regular bra. She knows a woman’s body and the difficulties we face.This may not be how I looked in the garment but it is how I felt that I looked. Lol!!! If you are looking for a quality garment that will help you look leaner and thinner while providing breast support then you need to check out the Shapeez website. There are lots of different styles to choose from and I think most of them come in black also.

Staci has been wonderful and provided my readers with a discount code that will be good until May 15th. Use 50ISNOTOLD15 for a 15% discount!!!


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  1. I appreciate your love….I’m in the market for some shapewear that I don’t have to wear a bra plus the back fat tamer. I’m on my way to Staci’s website now.

  2. I have not tried this style of Shapeez but other styles stay put and are long lasting, wash well and comfortable.

  3. I’m so glad you posted this!! It’s like you always know what I need to learn about or hear (as in your Sunday posts)! I just ordered Spanx but had heard different reviews of that product. I’m going to give Shapezz a try now! You model it so well… needing smooth under a dress for a formal event later this month.
    Have a blessed day.

  4. You just talked in your post about being “bold” and you definitely were here; you are an inspiration Tania as even being BOLD, I can hear that it was still hard to put yourself out there but it does help us to see how a certain clothing article does wear. I need to check out the web sight as they probably don’t make them as small as I need on top but I’m going to check out the sight and see what they have. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thank you for sharing this info! I’ve heard other bloggers talk about Shapeez, and how much they loved them, but never have heard or seen such a great description of the great qualities they offer! Much appreciated!! I think you’ve encouraged me to try one!!

  6. Thank you for sharing this information. This is so helpful. I’m going to try this out for my real life trouble spots!! Btw- you look great-healthy & strong, which is the most important thing of all!

  7. Teresa Spivey Reply

    Good info, thanks for sharing. Yes, the dreaded back fat that you don’t have and then one day it appears! How does that happen? May have to try this.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve been wanting to try this brand for a while. I really appreciate your honestly and boldly putting yourself out there! Love your blog!!

  9. I too use this bra/shareware and love it. Thank you for being so real, it is so encouraging! 🤗
    You are brave!🌼😉🌼

  10. Janet L Witthuhn Reply

    $89 for shapewear?! I’d rather let my bumps show or better yet I’d rather take off another 5 pounds and call it done.

  11. I can absolutely attest that Shapeez are the BEST. I also have the Ultimate, and the measuring system worked perfectly for me. I had one, then lost some weight and got another size. Both times they fit great. They DO NOT ROLL UP OR RIDE UP, and, magically, they do not make a big dent in your hips, cutting in at the bottom. I don’t know how the bottom stays down without cutting in, but it makes a smooth transition. I think these things are fantastic. I cannot say enough nice things about these things! At this point I’m not like super slim, but slim enough that I don’t want to wear shapewear all the time, but when I put five or ten pounds on or wear something clingy, and start to look lumpy around the middle, I will pull my Shapeez out and know it will probably fix my problem. They are not super cheap, but the excellent quality and knowing I can rely on the garment to work like it’s supposed to make them worth every penny to me. Sometimes the website will have sales.

    • Staci Lynn Berner Reply

      Hi Sandra, Thank you for your glowing review of my little creation. 🙂 The reason our long cami’s do not roll up at the hem is because when i designed it, I made them A LINE so that it just skimmed our hips instead of tapering in to cut into our soft areas there. It’s small details like this that make Shapeez so unique! Glad you’re happy!

  12. Charlcy Green Reply

    I love this post and thank you for being so brave and transparent w us! The Shapewear really did make a difference in your t-shirt fit and I certainly have a need for help with those issues. You’re the best!

  13. I love your blog. I found you on Pinterest when I started looking for Stitch Fix Ideas. Your look is so put together. I really love your tips. Enjoyed this post and already ordered 2 bras. Thank you!

  14. Thanks for being so brave! I appreciate your feedback on the product I’m gonna look into it! Thanks

  15. Tania. You are very brave and i applaud you. I never wouldnt have been able to do what you did in these pics. Bravo Bravo!

  16. You made me laugh today. I have never worn a shape ware nor have I ever thought of it honestly, I might consider though. Thank you for your transparency!
    I love following you. Love your sense of style and I have copied you many times over.😘

  17. Laurie Hannus Reply

    Hi Tania! Thank you for sharing this. Would recommend this under a dress? Or better tops? I want smooth at panty liners as well. Thank you

    • Staci Lynn Berner Reply

      Hi Laurie, Try the Shapeez SLIP under dresses because it’s longer and doesn’t hug at the bottom so it stays put.

  18. Staci Lynn Berner Reply

    Thank you Tania for your blog review of Shapeez. I like to think of Shapeez as a back smoothing bra with shaping benefits because when I think of “shapewear”, I think UNCOMFORTABLE and Shapeez is the opposite of that. It’s the bra you don’t know you have on. You have the long Cami style on in your photos and we do have a cropped style which would be just the back smoothing bra without tummy control. That’s what I wear and I love it!

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