50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BOOTS WITH A DRESS | FASHION OVER 40On yesterday’s blog, I might have mentioned that I was perishing. Meaning that my husband didn’t bring lunch when he said that he was going to. Also, I might have mentioned that little tidbit on Facebook when I went “live.” Lol! In other words, I called him out for forgetting about me. Hahahahaha! He was not quite as amused as I was. I told him that was what happens when he forgets he is married to a woman who has a blog at her disposal. 😂
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BOOTS WITH A DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Here is the funny part though……My Energizer Bunny Friend’s husband saw my post and said that “he” would bring me food since I was perishing. Our church is having the “Week of Triumph” and they are serving dinners at no cost to anyone in the community who wants to come and eat with them. There is a small message and then everyone eats. My friend Sandy fixed me a to-go plate and my EBF’s husband was the delivery man. I was well fed today! 😂50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BOOTS WITH A DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Look who decided to join me for my photo shoot! Little Miss Emersyn who dressed herself by the way. Lol! Although you can’t see what she has on, it is a Christmas shirt and the cute headband. I swear she is a mess!!! Since I had been so “springy” the last couple of days, I decided to dress today for those in the northern states who might not be ready to drag out the spring and summer clothing just yet. My wool sheath dress is one that I was given by Chadwicks of Boston. I adore this dress and it is a classic style that I will be able to wear for years. The navy base color also has some brown in the pattern which is what I decided to bring out today. Here and here are where I wore this dress before completely different.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BOOTS WITH A DRESS | FASHION OVER 40I added a few items of jewelry but not any earrings. The Amber necklace is a real show stopper!!! I love this rhinestone and amber necklace and it is so affordable! This necklace is only 19.60, can you believe that? The bird print Sawyer bracelet cuff is adjustable up to 8.5″. It is also only 19.60 so it is a great deal. This bracelet is great to wear with jeans or for a casual look. The other bracelets are my Alex and Ani bracelets, most of them are gifts from Rodan + Fields. Plunder has now added a new category called Plundermania and the items there are now 30% off. These will not be lasting long, so be sure to check them out. Here is the website.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BOOTS WITH A DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Here is the view from the back. I have a cashmere beige cardigan on that I bought at the QVC overstock store in town. Don’t hate me but I paid 25.00 for this. Now is the perfect time to be on the lookout for cashmere because it should be on sale. Cashmere is one of those materials that you will be able to wear forever since it is such a classic. I have cashmere items that I have had for over 10 years and if I can still fit in them then I will wear them. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BOOTS WITH A DRESS | FASHION OVER 40I added the tall leather boots to finish the look. It was cold and I didn’t want to add tights, so the boots were the choice this time. Joe is not really fond of the knee boots but I just love them! No shaving the legs (maybe that is why he doesn’t love them) plus they hid any flaw, veins, or spots that you might have.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BOOTS WITH A DRESS | FASHION OVER 40If you have missed my other dress posts this week then be sure to check them out by going here, here, or here. I hope you are enjoying the series. I couldn’t resist showing you this picture of pure sweetness. She sure knows how to wrap me around her little finger.

I am so glad that several of you have taken me up on my R+F incentive that I am offering this month!!! I will be shipping out the Plunder necklaces next week. This business has been such fun and such a blessing to me and all of the wonderful ladies that trusted me enough to link arms with me. I am ever go grateful for the products and the business. I would love for you to join me and see what I am talking about. Send me a message at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com.

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  1. Okay. So although I really like this outfit on you, especially the cardigan, I wasn’t intending on leaving a comment. Then I came to the kiss. I just had to say it melted my heart to see the love between you and your granddaughter.

  2. Yes, the kiss is priceless! She certainly has style! It will be interesting to see how thst develops. Those of us still suffering in the cold appreciate your outfit. Dreaming of sandal weather but not here yet!

  3. Your so right Tania, the weather here in WV is still cold.
    And Little Miss Emersyn is adorable as always. I love the outfit. Great choice for the cooler states.

  4. I’m in cold Ohio and I shouted Amen to this outfit this morning. I’m wearing knee high boots to work today! Baby it’s still cold outside! Your grand daughter is adorable! That headband just made me laugh! How blessed are you!!! Great post! Best…Kathy

  5. Love that plaid dress, it”s a classic that never goes out of style and looks great all the ways you’ve fashioned it! That Emersyn is a doll, you are truly blessed with her living so close to you!

  6. Looks great. It is cold up here in Michigam, 39 predicted for Easter! Looks like a nice warm ensemble, thanks for including it. I checked the link of how you wore it before. You really are refining your look, I think you look better and better as time passes. That is what I am hoping for,-to learn how to evolve into finding a signature style and look. You are leading us there, Tania, thank you! Blessings and Happy Easter!

  7. I loved all three ways you styled this dress! It is still cold in Nebraska and I think the weather will be more fitted for boots then sandals on Easter Sunday..ugh. Why is it that when Easter Sunday is here, it just doesn’t feel right wearing winter clothes even though the temperature says it is?!? Cute little granddaughter. I have a granddaughter that will be four in 3 weeks and it is so fun to see when she picks out her outfits and accessories!

  8. Firstly your grandaughter is adorable, how lucky are you to have 2 su h lovely children in your life. Secondly the dress you are wearing would be fabulous for our British weather as we are still suffering from the cold, wind, rain and possibly even more snow. How I long to be able to get into my lighter weight clothing. All 3 ways you are wearing this dress are great and I love the back zip up on the boots, I have never seen those around here in a knee length version.

  9. I love the idea of boots with dresses just for the fact that they keep me warmer. Heck, we just had snow last night, so even though the calendar says spring, Mother Nature isn’t cooperating!!!!

  10. Charlcy Green Reply

    Precious post w little Emersyn, who is quickly growing into a little you! What a beautiful outfit!

  11. Tania, Totally love the dress looks so far! Really loved the white skirt. Very high-end, a major classy look! I use a lot of sheaths & add a sweater cardi or a very light-weight cardi in warmer months, or even just the stealth w/scarf or jewelry in the summer months. Concerning the boots, would you wear a knee-high hose or even a very light-weight sock under them to help with sweating. At 56 yrs. young & a very hip/cool Nana (as I have been told😉) I tend to get a “bit warm” even wearing boots & heavy clothing in the dead of winter. Doggone hormones. I am obsessed with the adjustable beaded bracelets from Lola Rose & love to stack away! I always have on my gold chain bracket on my r. arm in memory & honor of my father who always wore one & passed back in October 1999. I bought mine on his 10th year anniversary in 2009. Then on my left arm is my silver “Open Hearts” bracelet by Jane Seymour. One of a few nice gifts to self following my divorce in August 2014. Then I stack away with the Lola Rose & a few other larger stone bracelets & any of the many other bracelets I have purchased from the said divorce.(He was such a controller & abuser, no physical, & from 1997 till the divorce was finalized, I was in terrible physical shape due to a severely botched gallbladder surgery, under lots of medication, & many hospitalizations, surgeries, & procedures that I lost count. It was my divorce, that was my call (0In TN.), my growth & strength! I am a new woman now, actually I think I have been like this, I was just under abuse & control due to marrying very young & head-over-heels in love with him,thatI didn’t realize what was going on. Just wanted to fill you in on me. Sorry for the extremely long post!
    FYI-Your granddaughter is adorable!! A definite fashionista!!!

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