50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A DRESS ABOVE THE KNEE AT 50 | FASHION OVER 40Oh, my goodness, gurls! I was blown away by all over your responses on my post this past Sunday. 😘 They were so thoughtful and I even shed a few tears reading some of them. It will never get old having someone tell me that I made a difference in their life. ❤ Since this coming Sunday is Easter, I have decided to wear mostly dresses this week. I remember as a child that I couldn’t wait to get a new Easter dress. I don’t remember wearing a hat though. I must not have looked good in hats even back then. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A DRESS ABOVE THE KNEE AT 50 | FASHION OVER 40I don’t wear a lot of dresses to work, remember I work in a lumber company, so these have been taken after I got home from church. Joe and I will normally go out to eat after church and then before I change into something more comfortable, I will go and take my pictures. Yesterday we decided to go and eat the buffet at the local Chinese restaurant. We have both been trying to watch what we are eating so we ate a salad (or at least I did) and then ate the chicken and broccoli since it was one of the few choices that weren’t deep fried. They brought the check and our fortune cookie. I took a bite of my cookie and read my fortune to Joe. Then I asked him what his had said since I saw that he was eating his cookie. He started looking for the slip of paper when it dawned on him that he hadn’t taken it out of the cookie. He had just popped the entire thing in his mouth. LOL!!! I laughed and laughed and then I told him that his future must sure taste good.50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A DRESS ABOVE THE KNEE AT 50 | FASHION OVER 40Do you recognize this dress? I wore this just a few days ago on the blog (HERE) so you should remember it. This outfit was part of my before and after type series that I have been doing. I wore this dress from Old Navy to church and then came home and turned it into the everyday outfit that I posted about last Tuesday. That was just showing you how versatile that a dress can be. I love the softness of this dress, it actually took me by surprise when I received it. It has a heathered or brushed feel about the dress. It is a little shorter than some of you will probably like but you can add tights or leggings to make you feel more comfortable if you need to. This dress runs true to size and a large fit me perfectly. It also comes in Heathered Gray and I think I am going to order that right now. They have a 40% off sale running through today. 50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A DRESS ABOVE THE KNEE AT 50 | FASHION OVER 40It is difficult to see my bright gold earring because of all of my hair. Lol! I certainly have a head full of hair and it does not always cooperate. The earrings are 2″ long and have a bright blue bead attached. They are the Aila and are 12.00. Unfortunately, the Corey bracelet has sold out and I see that it was on the HUGE list of retiring items. That just means that we have all kinds of brand new items heading out way in the upcoming month!!! I am starting to get excited now that the time is finally getting near. Be sure to go check out what is still on the website at plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and pick a party with my name on it. 50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A DRESS ABOVE THE KNEE AT 50 | FASHION OVER 40This deep teal cardigan is the same length all the way around. I have seen a lot that is shorter in the back and longer in the front also. This is made from a jersey knit material so it is silky feeling. I bought it last fall at a local boutique and I think the name was Vena Outfitters. I have another dark teal cardigan but it is a sweater material. I had to look twice to make sure that it wasn’t the same one.

50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A DRESS ABOVE THE KNEE AT 50 | FASHION OVER 40Let’s be honest, the scarf is what “makes” this outfit!!! It ties everything together so well. That is one of the main reasons that I am always on the lookout for a scarf that has wonderful colors or patterns. The scarf takes the outfit from plain to “put together” and that is what my goal always is. I can’t remember where I bought this scarf and I have taken the tag off so that it didn’t show. I even looked back at some old posts of me wearing this (here and here) and I didn’t mention it then either, so I probably haven’t known where it came from for a long time.

50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A DRESS ABOVE THE KNEE AT 50 | FASHION OVER 40I hope your Monday is going well for you and that spring is right around the corner. Since it snowed here this weekend, I was just thankful that Easter Sunday is next weekend when the weather is forecasted to be 67 and partly cloudy. It makes all of the egg hunts so much nicer.

I really appreciate all of the shares and the pins of my outfits that you have been doing. PLEASE continue to do that, you won’t believe the difference it has made in my number of visitors to my blog.

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  1. Kim Stephenson Reply

    Educate me on the rules regarding hose and women of our age. Not tights. Thanks

    • Tania Reply

      Good morning, Kim. This is a great question. Hose has gone the way of the past but like most things, they are having some revival. Kate Middleton is probably the reason for that. You can wear hose but the trick is that they need to be “sheer” so that your leg shows through. Most hose in the past have not been quite so sheer and you see hose not leg. Sheer black is a “thing” right now so feel free to rock the black all you want, just make sure once again that they are sheer.

  2. Beautiful scarf…am looking forward to a week of dresses. I find it hard at this age to find a dress that fits and I feel comfortable in. My waistline, bosom and tummy have expanded and the swing style makes me look huge. Help!!! Have a good week. Best…kathy

    • Tania Reply

      Kathy, my sister complains about a swing dress also. If you are larger chested it can be a harder style to wear. If you find one that fits tight through the chest and then falls away it will be more flattering.

    • Tania Reply

      Kimrey, I just subscribed for you. However, you will need to confirm in an email they will send you that this was what you wanted. If you don’t see the email then look in your junk or spam folder. Emails from blogs will sometimes go to those email folders. Thank you so much for following.

  3. You must have heard my sister and me talking after church yesterday about dresses above the knee..LOL I told her I just don’t feel comfortable anymore with my 60 year old knees showing in a dress so even though it may make me look more matrimony, I like a midi or maxi length best on me. What do you do to keep your legs and knees looking so young???? and this swing dress looks great on you both ways you styled it. I hope I can get to ON and Cato this week as you find such great things there.

    • Tania Reply

      Sandy, I totally understand your hesitation. However, you are probably the only one who is even paying attention. Unless your dress is really short then most people won’t even notice. Lol!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Ramona. This is the most comfortable dress!!!

  4. Beckie Beiro Reply

    Girl you can rock the above the knee dress, me not so much I have the ugliest knees. Although I’d love to, so many pretty dress. Looking forward to your dresses this week,

    • Tania Reply

      Beckie, we are own own worst critics. I don’t think my legs are great either, but they get me from place to place so I feel blessed.

  5. Hi Tania…I just wanted wanted you to know that I have been reading your blog from day one. I’m a huge fan. What I love so much about your blog is that you are so real and easy to read and so enjoyable. I love your first few sentences letting us all into a snippet of your personal life. It’s usually something funny which I always enjoy especially about Joe, he cracks me up. I love the fact you’re not snooty always promoting super high end products that most people can’t afford. I love that your not snooty always bragging about how great this is or that, I just love that you’re keeping it real. That’s why I alway look forward to your blog posts. I’m sorry people write negative things on here especially about your Sunday posts. There’s always gonna be few haters out there. It’s your blog, do what you want to do. People don’t have to read if they are offended for some reason or don’t appreciate an inspirational Sunday post. It’s their choice like it is yours on what to post. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your candor and down to earth self. You’re always so upbeat and happy and so darn cute. Keep up the great work!!

    • Tania Reply

      Thank you, Lori! This made my Monday. I was so amazed and humbled at the comments from yesterday!!! The Lord sure knows how to get you fired up again!

  6. Charlcy L Green Reply

    Such a cheery, Spring outfit & you look great in the shorter style! Great legs, girlfriend! I LOVE those shoes! Where did you get them?

    • Tania Reply

      THanks, Charlcy. The shoes are an old pair by Michael Kors.

  7. Lovely Tania! I really like how the cardigan and scarf really compliment the dress. This outfit is very versatile, which is a plus for me! Have a great day!

  8. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Tania you look super cute today! I love ON dresses. For the price they hold up well and are great for spring and summer. I too wear above the knee dresses and think why not? My knees look just fine to me. Sidebar, I heard a girl from Grundy Virginia on a radio station this morning. She won the prize! it was on Sirius morning mash up. I immediately thought of you!

  9. Linda Thompson Reply

    Love the look. Yellow is a great color on you. I never wear dresses to work either. My hubs owns a small CNC machine shop and it is not the kind of environment you wear a dress in. I have a question I am hoping you and some of your readers can help me with. Has anyone sold unwanted handbags/clothes through consignment? I recently purged some of my handbags and have quite a few to get rid of. Does anyone have any advice? I have never done this before.

    • Melesa Garrison Reply

      Linda, check out Thred Up. Thred Up will send you boxes to put your items in and you will get paid for them when they sell. I believe that’s how it works.

  10. L H Carter Reply

    This is beautiful. You look like Miss Spring 2018. You are Joe’s trophy wife.

  11. Love love the outfit!!! Very pretty!! What brand are your shoes and where did you buy them?

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks for leaving a comment. The shoes are an old pair by Michael Kors. I love them and wish I could find another pair similar.

  12. Judy Stallings Reply

    Your legs are shaped perfectly for that dress length and no spider veins!

  13. The is is one of the cutest outfits you’ve worn- in my opinion. I would definitely wear this !

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