I love my Sunday blog post’s and I love sharing my journey as a Christian. But, it has not always been an easy task for me to do. While I always believed in the Lord and the gospel, I was not one to talk openly about my faith. I considered it private and I didn’t feel comfortable sharing.

When I started my blog I never would do a post on Sunday. I thought that I shouldn’t since it was the day of rest. I was going to be like Chick-Fil-A and be closed on Sundays. However, for a reason that I can’t explain, I felt the need to do an inspirational/religious post. You can not even begin to understand how out of my comfort zone this was. I am not a scholar, I am just trying to be closer to the Lord. I cannot quote you scriptures and I would never try to preach to anyone. Sharing my journey, my struggles, and my thoughts were never intended to be a part of this blog. In fact, I get more negative feedback about my Sunday posts than any post that I do. Sometimes those comments are sent to me by email so I never share those with you but there are times when a comment is left on the blog. I would be lying if I didn’t say that there have been times when I thought about not posting on Sundays, it would be so much easier on me. Having someone tell you that they don’t want their fashion blogger “preaching” to them can be hurtful. I will usually call my sister and cry to her and then shake it off and do it all over again the next week. Reminding myself that the devil will use every tactic possible to keep anyone from sharing the Lord’s work is what keeps me going. Today’s devotional was on Luke 9 and even though it was not about this verse, this is what spoke to me.

Luke 9:26

Whoever is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.

I am not ashamed of the Lord! I can only pray that He is not ashamed of me and that when my time comes to be before Him that He will have mercy on me.

So, for those who love fashion and only want to see clothing, then check out my blog Monday through Saturday. And for those who are also struggling with your journey with the Lord and want some inspiration and companionship then continue to come back each Sunday. The devil is just going to have to get over it because I am not quitting. I AM NOT ASHAMED!

Have A Blessed Sunday!


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    • Bev Beecher Reply

      I applaud you Tania, for professing Christ as Lord in your blog. Many of us would shy away but time on this earth is short and we are called by God to share the gospel and what he has done in our lives. They are not rejecting you, they are rejecting Jesus. You go, girl! Be encouraged!

    • Julie Thompson Reply

      Keep posting your Sunday messages. It’s encouraging to know that someone as accomplished as you also struggles with living a faithful life,just like me. Bless you for having the courage of your convictions!

  1. I love your blog and I love when bloggers share their faith with their fashion, it makes you even more beautiful in my eyes ❤️

  2. I’m grateful for your posts about your faith in God. They balance out your blog in a way that a non-believer cannot quite comprehend. Unbeknownst to you, God is teaching them thru said posts that while outer beauty and matching outfits are fun and cute, it will be the inner beauty which endures. Their issues are with God, not you personally.

  3. Christine E. Falk Reply

    Tania, I will admit that I have had ups and downs with faith in my life. Your Sunday postings have been a quiet nudge, sometimes I read it and sometimes I don’t. I appreciate the time you put into preparing your message. Your words sometimes come at a time when I need support. Keep doing what you’re doing! This is your blog and those that have issues with your Sunday posts DON’T HAVE TO READ THEM!! Bless you! ❤️

  4. Tania, I read your blog daily and look forward to it, but I almost never comment. I just cannot let this one go without commenting. Don’t you dare stop posting your Sunday post, you have no idea how much you may reach a certain person that may just need what you have left on a Sunday post. It’s very obvious that you love the Lord and that’s what you feel lead to write about. Please continue to write your Sunday blogs, they are so inspirational and those who don’t want to read them, are never forced to read on Sunday. Never be ashamed! In Taylor’s words, Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, so shake it off, shake it off!!!😉 keep up the great work!

  5. Lyn Harris Reply

    I am some proud of you for “doing Sunday” Keep your great messages coming. God uses you exactly where you are, and you are here on your blog doing what your good at. 😍😍Lyn from Oz. Xxx

  6. Thank you for being brave and sharing your faith! It does take courage. I am not always great about sharing mine.

  7. Sandy Davis Reply

    Love the Sunday post. Thank you for sharing the Lords words.

  8. Marianne M Reply

    Sunday is my favorite blog post of the week! I started following you for fashion, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw your Sunday posts. Keep them up because I get a lot from them!

  9. Marianne McDaniel Reply

    Already left one comment then sat down to prepare my Sunday School lesson. It was about Paul and Silas in prison from Acts 16:16-40. They were persicuited for preaching the Gospel, but we’re able to convert a non- Christian through it. Stand strong because you do not know who you are reaching through ypur blog.

  10. Thank you for not being ashamed! If God be for us, who can be against us? Hope you see more positive and encouraging feedback for your Sunday posts.

  11. I too enjoy and look forward to your Sunday posts. They have given me inspiration thru some of my tough times. I agree with the others, it is a choice to read it or not. I will keep my faith alive. Have a wonderful Sunday🙏

  12. Janet Batchelor Reply

    Love this today! So refreshing to hear about your faith journey. I commend you for shining your light on Sunday’s and every day. You are s blessing!!

  13. Nicky turner Reply

    I’m not a religious person, but i like reading your Sunday posts. It is good to learn about others faiths. They are positive & uplifting. X

    • Kalen Haun Reply

      Sunday’s are my favorite day to hear from you…sharing your love and faith and encouraging your readers to do the same…Thank you!

  14. There will always be negativity about god in this world. It took me a while in my adult life to learn the only thoughts I have control over are my own. I have tried to control so many others but it want work, I am grateful for your post. It helps me to be reminded we are not alone with my walk with God. Don’t want to read. Don’t open it. Thank you Tania for your courage to continue to post. I love your blog every day of the week.

  15. Love your Sunday posts! Thank you for being open and sharing with us! Please don’t stop!!!!!!

  16. Christy Gardner Reply

    You have a blessed Sunday! I admire you tremendously and I saw the perfect T-shirt for you. It was inscribed “Not today, Satin”. Keep up the good work. Will be tuning in each Sunday. God bless you.

  17. I read your Sunday posts and am grateful for them. Yes, I love fashion but I visit on Sunday.for my inner self. I find the posts thought provokong. The posts show me your substance as a person and I am appreciative. God bless! Best…Kathy

  18. Julie Shoaf Reply

    Amen! Keep them coming- your faith and inspirations are encouraging to me!

  19. Vonda Seyna Reply

    Thank you for sharing your heart. I for one, LOVE reading your Sunday posts. I look forward to them EVERY week! And I agree with you wholeheartedly that Satan will use people to bring you down. Stand strong in your faith and He will reward you. Perhaps you need that T-shirt that says “Not Today Satan”. Keep posting your Sunday encouragements.

  20. Carol Fletcher Reply

    I can not believe someone would say they did not want to read your Sunday blog. I look forward to it and love it. Please do not feel hurt by them. They just do not yet know how much they need the Lord.

  21. I enjoy your Sunday posts! You never know who might be reading them bc they are an easy way to hear about God. Someone will be led to Jesus through your sharing of your struggles (that we all go through). Blessings!

  22. I LOVE your Sunday messages. I stumbled upon you originally on Pinterest and began reading your fasion tips here. The Sunday messages are a huge bonus in my book!! So glad you didn’t decide to stop. If anyone thinks it is preaching, then just dont read the Sunday posts, problem solved.

  23. Ramona Puckett Reply

    Amen, sister! I love your Sunday posts and your fashion posts, I learn so much from them. You never know who needs to read what you post on Sunday. So, just keep doing what you’re doing, hon! You’re on the right path!

  24. Your blog, your way.
    I deeply admire your commitment to it and more importantly to the Lord. Thank you for sharing your faith posts on Sunday. 💜

  25. I always enjoy your Sunday posts. You are a beautiful woman of faith. God bless you!!

  26. Amen! I look forward to your Sunday post! Please continue with your inspirational thoughts.

  27. I look forward to your Sunday posts. I am glad you plan to continue them

  28. Rhonda Johnson Reply

    Keep posting your inspirational Sunday posts!! Love them! May God bless you and keep you!

  29. Tania you are such an inspiration! You are truly a beauty inside and out! Thank you for the Sunday posts. They have blessed me and have spoken to me right when I needed reminders of HIS word and HIS love. Blessings…Carla

  30. Fonda gantt Reply

    I love you sharing about the Lord. Please don’t allow Satan to steal it from you. Keep it up m

  31. Thank you for your Sunday posts Tania! Sometimes your words are just what I need to hear. 😋

  32. I love this point ! Great inspiration on an early Sunday morning !!!

  33. Tania, Please don’t ever stop your Sunday blog. I love your fashion blog each day but Sunday feeds my soul. I have many of your messages saved to my Pinterest Board so that I can read them when I need up lifting. Just know that you are a blessing to me and many of your readers.

  34. Jennifer Shelton Reply

    Amen!! Sister, keep doing what you are doing! I for one appreciate your Sunday blogs! They have helped me with my Journey! Much Love ❤️ and hugs 🤗 to you for stepping out of your comfort zone!!

  35. Kelley Light Reply

    I love your blog! I happened to stumble across it on Pinterest because I love fashion but I also love the inspiration on Sunday’s, we are all connected in some way or another and this is just another link. You will always have negative comments but the lives you are touching far outweigh that. Sincerely, Kelley from Canada

  36. I do not find you to be preachy. I don’t consider myself to be very religious. That said I enjoy your Sunday morning posts. I consider them sweet and heartfelt. They always give me something to think about. We all have the power to make someone happy or sad, I don’t understand why someone would use their energy to make you feel badly about something so pure. Have a beautiful day!

  37. Tania,
    I love your posts…all 7 days a week. It is brave of you to step out of your comfort zone and share your Faith…it is not an easy thing today. As long as you are called to share, keep sharing! Don’t let the naysayers get you down – they can choose not to read your Sunday posts. God Bless!

  38. I love your Sunday posts! It is what makes your blog so endearing. Sharing your faith takes courage and you are blessed by the Lord for pressing in despite the persecution. Your leadership shines the light for others to grow, be challenged or convicted (ouch.) Keep doing what you are doing! God bless you Tania!

  39. Never quit the Sunday posts to please someone. Do the Sunday posts and please our Lord and Savior. You are planting seeds of the love of Jesus and they will grow in the hearts of the ones reading your blog. I cherish your Sunday posts. Keep them coming.

  40. Vivian Taylor Reply

    I so appreciate your blog today. It spoke volumes to me. As I too have always been a believer but uncomfortable about being really vocal. Your Sunday’s are part of my favorite!! Keep it up!! Vivian, From KY

  41. I enjoy you so much! TO be completely honest, there are *some* days when all I can really do is just skim through the pictures of the daily blog 🙈 BUT on Sundays, it’s different! I only follow a few bloggers. I just don’t have time so I pick and choose carefully! Thank you for sharing the Lord with us and encouraging us in our walks with Him!

  42. It takes all kinds to make the world. You must stay true to yourself. I love your Sunday posts, it gives me a positive thought for the day.

  43. Sharon Ferguson Reply

    Thank you for being BOLD in your faith, it is inspiring to read your Sunday blog. Sharon Ferguson

  44. I love your Sunday post…its so nice to read how you love the Jesus. I too have trouble sharing my story..but we don’t need to be perfect, just share what the Lord put on our hearts. Have a great weem.

  45. In this day and time we all need God and to be inspired by his words. Keep up the good work as I enjoy reading it daily.

  46. I just started reading your blog and am blessed to find out that you are a true believer like me. Let your light shine!

  47. It’s your blog to use as you see fit! It truly is a take it or leave it situation. If someone does not like any part, they can not look. I enjoy the Sunday posts & Monday – Friday as well. All you have to do is be yourself. Who else would you want to be? Keep up he good work!

  48. Thank you,Tania! For posting on Sundays and for not being ashamed to share your faith! The Great Christian Commission, according to Mark 16:15-16, we are to go into all the world and preach the Gospel! So keep up the good work – I’m sure the Lord is not ashamed of you! I’m proud of you!

  49. Thank you Tania. Sharing your joy for the Lord is not only Biblically correct but inspiring. Keep it up.

  50. Sharon Legleiter Reply

    Don’t let the haters win!! Your Sunday posts have inspired me and strengthened my faith. In fact, there are a couple of your posts that I keep on my phone to read when I am having doubts! God bless you!!!

  51. Tania, I am not particularly religious, but I enjoy your Sunday post as a way to get to know you, My sisters are very faithful and I have shared Sunday posts with them and they loved them. Anyone who doesn’t want to be “preached” to should not read on Sunday…it is not that complicated. Don’t them those few who reach out in anger darken your day when you light up the day for so many others!

  52. Linda Bunger Reply

    Thank you for sharing your faith with us every Sunday. I look forward to reading your Sunday post each week and at times I feel like you’re talking to me. Please don’t stop!

  53. Tania, I have often told my husband that you have somewhat missed your calling, because you have such an apparently effortless, innate ability to share about Christianity. I mean, you are GOOD at it. Don’t let the negative responses get you down–if they don’t like it, they can just skip the Sunday posts. It’s not like you make anybody read the Jesus parts to get to the fashion parts. You are doing right, and I am consistently impressed with and inspired by your Sunday posts.

  54. Sarah Newton Reply

    Very good reply. The negative people need to get over it. Your blog and you do it how you feel led. The Lord has a plan.

  55. Diana Lefler Reply

    I love your Sunday post , very inspirational. I look forward to reading it every Sunday morning .
    Have a blessed day !!!!

  56. Tania, I read your blog (almost) daily. I always look forward to your fashion ideas and also what you write. I leave a comment upon occasion but today I felt I HAD to comment. As others have said…YOUR blog, YOUR way. You’ve made clear your Sunday posts are reflections on your Faith. If someone is not interested in that, they should not read it. I mean, come on! Others have left very eloquent comments here and I concur. Ignore the haters❤️🙏🏻

  57. I read this outloud to me and my husband Pat and he said we are right there with you and to keep on with the Sunday blogs! Beautifully said!

  58. Actually, I look forward to reading your Sunday postings. They inevitably touch my heart with good, solid common sense and thoughts to pronder. Thank you for sharing.

  59. Julie Cole Reply

    We never know what is going on in someone’s life. The person leaving a negative comment could be going through something horrible. As my brother went through chemo, he was angry with God and lashed out at people saying they would pray for him. It didn’t stop me for praying for him. And someone else’s struggle shouldn’t stop you. Keep planting those seeds!

  60. Tania, I look forward to your posts everyday. But Sundays are my favorite. I love to hear how much others love the Lord. Keep it up, it is the enemy that is trying to stop you, do not let him. It is a blessing to everyone that reads your Sunday post! May the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

  61. Bless you Tania. I love your Sunday blogs and I hope you never stop doing them!

  62. Gail Bonnema Reply

    Amen! Thank you for sharing your faith. It makes me appreciate you even more!

  63. If you quit- the devil wins. Stay strong- your messages are a powerful ministry. Praying for your continued courage and faithfulness.

  64. Tania, I have never commented before but felt compelled to do so today. I’ve been following your blog regularly for the last year. Thank you for sharing your fashion sense and your faith – both have been very inspirational for me.

  65. You do you and what your heart tells you to do. There will always be negative people. I love your Sunday posts. This one touched me deeply as I feel more and more these days like Christians cannot openly discuss their beliefs.

  66. I love all of your blog posts. Keep doing what you are doing. The words of an old country music song come to mind, “you’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything”. Keep on posting, Tania!😊

  67. Marie Reynolds Reply

    Keep relating what God is doing in your life and share it with us. Those that don’t like it can simply not read it. Fashion is fun but will fade in the light of His glory and grace. Our whole being cries out to be closer to our God, creator and savior…that is our calling to share the good news as disciples of Jesus because we follow Him. Keep fighting the good fight dear sister, we are with you….🕊❤️🙋🏻

  68. Keep up your Sunday posts if you feel lead to do so!! Love all your posts.

  69. I love your Sunday posts. Anyone who doesn’t is free to skip them. Just like if they don’t like a certain color and you’re featuring it during the week, they can skip those. Hit the delete button when people feel compelled to tell you what they are not reading or don’t want to read. It’s your blog. Do it how you want.

  70. I am very new to following your blog. When I saw you were a Christian I felt such a connection and was excited to follow a godly fashion blogger! I can really identify with how how you felt being more quiet in your faith. As we mature in our Chrisitanity we can not keep silent! Being women over 50 we also have so much life experiences & godly wisdom we need to be sharing with others. I loved reading all the wonderful responses here, I hope you are encouraged by them! Continue with your Sunday posts in great boldness! We serve a Great God who can use anything for His good, even a fashion blogger! May your Sunday be blessed today!

  71. Rhonda Christopher Reply

    Be encouraged my sister! We all have a platform, yours just happens to be more visible than others. We have been called as believers to spread the good news, the gospel. Well done Tania.

  72. lorijduncan Reply

    Tania, I love your fashions but Jesus is what it’s all about!! Preach on, sista!!🙌

  73. “I do not know the master plan however it is comforting to know that The Master has planned it and I am included.” And in the words of (or perhaps symbolically?) Journey, “Don’t Stop Believing” xoxoxoxo

  74. Bless your heart. I’m surprised to know that you receive negative emails about your Sunday posts. All the comments I read are so supportive and so many of us get such encouragement and blessings from them. It’s really my favorite one even though the weekly fashion blog is fun and helpful. You have the right attitude and don’t let anyone stop you. I’ve said before that I believe I was lead to your blog for your Sunday posts. They’ve made a difference in my life. Thank you, Tania, for having the courage to do what God calls you to do. He’s not ashamed of you and I thank you for helping me on my Christian journey. I’m not ashamed either. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  75. Just this morning, the pastor spoke on “sharing” as we are commanded. Sharing can be (and should be) sharing your faith, as well as sharing encouragement, finances, blessings, etc. The giver is rewarded as well as the receiver. Keep up the good work, Tania. Many can be blessed by your “sharing”.

  76. Tania, this post hit home with me. I didn’t always read your Sunday blogs because I was looking to you for fashion. I’m a practicing Catholic so it wasn’t about the faith—I was separating my worlds. You’ve been instrumental in nudging me to stop that and integrate more fully in every aspect of my life despite how uncomfortable I might feel. Thank you for your vulnerability as it helps all of us.

  77. Bonnie Cox Reply

    You are not alone on this journey. I, too, can not quote scripture by memory. (Or poetry or sonets or Shakespeare). That is not my gift. I, too, do not have the gift of preaching to people out of nowhere. But I love the Lord, have always been a believer, and hopefully an example of what a joyful, Christ-based life can be. I love the little things in life and take pleasure in small gifts of kindness. Findling your blog has been a blessing for me. I am dressing better (at 52) and feeling better (even after back surgery) because of it. You stay strong and plant your roots deeply in the foundation of God’s truth. You be the best you can be and let God do the rest.

  78. Tania I so enjoy your blog on fashion, hilarious and heartwarming stories and your introduction to Rodin and Fields but it’s your Sunday inspirational posts that have kept me following you for these past two years.
    It was through one of those post that I knew the Lord was speaking to me. Because you were obedient to His voice my life was touched. I have rekindled my commitment the Lord. Thank you for your part in that!

    • I too have rekindled my faith and these Sunday blogs have played a large part in that.

  79. God created us all for a purpose, and while I’m still trying to figure out what mine is, I’m thankful you’ve seemed to find what yours is and you are giving Him credit for it all. Blessings to you!

  80. He is only love and we are his disciples. Spread His word. Exude His love. Be His light! Those who send you negative responses need him most. Pray for them. You are doing a great job!

  81. Thank you for sharing on Sundays about your faith journey with the Lord-it always blesses me and touches my heart.🌸

  82. Thank you for your Sunday posts. I love them. Don’t let the negative win. God bless.

  83. Thank you, Tania! You’re an inspiration and example in more ways than one. Just keep pressing on! ❤️

  84. Cornelia Walker Reply

    Proud of you! Yes it is hard to share our faith but Gods word never goes void. That is our freedom as Americans for us all whether we agree or not!

  85. I commented earlier because I was hurt for you and shocked about some responses you’ve received. After re-reading blog and comments it struck me that the “complainers” didn’t post comments on blog but sent a private email. That says lot to me. And don’t know why I’m so upset on your behalf but I want you to know that God is using you to reach people like me who needed a guiding hand back to my faith. Don’t want to sound like crazy person just want to encourage you cause you kind of feel like a friend I keep getting to know and wish you the best and a light heart.

  86. I love your Sunday post and please don’t quit or let the D get in your way! You are doing something good and sometimes it’s just what someone needs to hear. Thank you for all you do and don’t be ashamed for sharing your belief’s. Love you Tania. Thanks for keeping it real.

  87. Sheryl Brockman Reply

    Thank you for showing courage and sharing your faith!

  88. Thank you for sharing your faith and insight into God’s word! I look forward to reading your Sunday blog. It doesn’t matter that there are some that disapprove…. It’s Gods approval that matters! Keep sharing!!!

  89. What a beautiful post! God bless you in stating that you are going to keep your Sunday posts. I look forward to them even more than the fashion(and I love those). I’m going to share a story with you and your followers, on the power of God. Almost 2 years ago, September 18th, 2016 to be exact, your Sunday post features the son “Thy will be done
    ”. It brought tears to my eyes. The very next day I was in a bad car accident, and all that kept going through my head was that song. I heard it only once, that Sunday in your post. That song helped me, it gave me strength and helped me heal. So please know the power of your psts on Sunday. You never know who it will help.

  90. Thank you, Tania, for sharing your journey with the Lord! Beautiful!

  91. Tania, I have been reading your blog from nearly the beginning, but I never post. Not only do I love seeing each outfit that you pull together, but I enjoy your authenticity and sense of humor. As a Christian, I look forward to the Sunday posts too. I look at the blogs that I read in the same way that I look at a magazine. I may purchase a magazine, but not read every article. If some don’t want to read the Sunday post, they don’t have too. Hang in there!

  92. Karyn Terzich Reply

    I love your Sunday reflections Tania! Please stay strong and keep on blogging about your journey. You are an inspiration!!!

  93. Amen, Tania………………you are a good and faithful servant!! <3 <3

  94. This is awesome the post and all the comments! It does my soul good to see so many people believe! And God Bless everyone of you!
    Amen! And Amen!

  95. Susanne wesnofske Reply

    Very refreshing. If they don’t like it they don’t have to read it!

  96. Thank you for being who you are and for writing your Sunday blog posts. I love your blog, but most importantly, am always touched by your Sunday posts.

  97. ❤️❤️❤️

    Wow! I’ve never seen so many comments! Tania ~ it’s your blog, do what you want!

  98. Julia Purtill Reply

    You are a light and I’m sorry if anyone hurt your feelings. Stay brave and true and don’t let a few grouches get you down! We love you💕

  99. Susan Strong Reply

    as a born again Bible thumping Christian whose daughter has a degree in theology all I have to say is you go girl 🙂 I AM NOT ASHAMED either. Love all of your post’s.

  100. Well said. And just look at the positive replies. Haters gonna hate. You just keep reaching out in love. Who knows how many lives you can touch with an encouraging word. Keep fighting the good fight. 👏😘

  101. Jayne Finkbohner Reply

    Praise God and keep the posts on Sunday coming. I just took my mom and alcoholic brother to see The movie, I Can only Imagine. It was so awesome and such a positive message of love and forgiveness ad well as redemptive transformation. Sometimes we just have to share where God gives us an avenue or opening and leave the rest to Him. For mr today this was my way of sharing with a lost beother. I don’t know if he will accept the message, but we try. Satan will always be there trying to cause us to doubt our own faith journey, but just keep remind yourself greater is He who is living in me then he who is living in the world. I love your blog because of all you bring both with fashion and your faith!! Just know you help build up the team of ladies who do walk with God and are inspired to go out and meet the world’s challenge and share theirs as well, where ever it is God brings an opportunity. It is not on us, but the other person if they are willing to listen and receive. But for us who do love your shating, thank you for helping to inspire and build us up in His love. Don’t take it personally it is truly God they are rejecting. You are beautiful and inspirational.
    Have a blessed week.

  102. Charlcy L Green Reply

    Woohoo!! You ROCK your love for the Lord, Tania, and I AM SO PROUD OF YOU for using your influence thru your blog to share our Lord! You never know when someone who complains just might remember what you said & need it to turn their lives to the Lord later on! You are doing what God asked of you & He is rewarding you! And you’re right…the other nay-sayers can just not read it on Sunday!!

  103. Your devotions on Sundays were one of the main reasons I started following your posts! A sister in Christ is someone I can trust for fashion advise that won’t try to make me compromise my beliefs about what is appropriate to wear. Thanks for your open honesty and encouragement!

  104. So glad to see so many comments in support of you, Tania. I was simply going to write and say “keep going, girl” – I love your posts and hearing about your faith. It is part of what makes you a whole human being and personally, I enjoy knowing more about a person that their fashion preferences. 😉

  105. Thank you Tania for sharing your life with all of us. Your Sunday posts are so beautiful and inspiring. I look forward to them every week. It would be a terrible shame for you to stop posting on Sunday, you reach so many and inspire all of us. Your posts always seem to have a lot of thought put into them and I learn from this. The haters may learn a thing or two!

  106. All of us have different gifts and callings. It is my belief that when you were moved to share you faith on Sundays on this blog, it was a calling. If someone is offended or “doesn’t want preaching from their fashion blogger,” then they can just not read on Sundays, or choose to spend their time elsewhere.

    God uses us in many ways. We don’t always know how or why.

  107. Tania—-I am late in reading your Sunday post this week, however I say keep spreading God’s word and love. I have a motto for myself and that is that one day when I stand before the Lord, I never want to have to hide my face in shame because I was too afraid to share the Gospel. Keep doing what you are doing my sister in Christ. I AM NOT ASHAMED either.

  108. There is nothing stronger than a woman who stands up for her convictions. You have obviously been chosen in this time and space to spread thae word. (don’t you just love when you don’t really want to do something, end up doing it anyway and having a personal revelation? That is God working through you!) Good for you Tania! You rock!

  109. Your Sunday posts have always been a favorite of mine. Please keep doing them. Why do people have to be mean and criticize? If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. If the Sunday posts bother them why are they reading them? Keep up the inspiration Tanya.

  110. Jamie Brown Reply

    Tania, please keep sharing God’s word through your blog. We all need more positive encouragement. He knows how much your Sunday post means to all of us.

  111. Edna Bailey Reply

    Tania, keep on doing your Sunday inspiration blog. I enjoy them and people that reject you and only rejecting Jesus Christ. We just pray harder for them. Keep up the good words

  112. Amen Sister! I admire you for sharing your faith. I am a Christian but like you in the past, I struggle to share my feelings. Keep up the good work!

  113. Kim Blackwell Reply

    I’m glad you’re not quitting your devotional blogs on Sunday. Good for you that you’re not letting the devil have his way! I appreciate the Sunday blog and am so encouraged by it so thank you for doing the Lirds work. Enjoy your every day posts as well.

  114. Cheryl Reed Reply

    You nailed it!!! Thanks so much for sharing ! Satan is the accuser and he will use anything to stop a believer from sharing the good news, even a fashion blog/ I am not ashamed!!! God bless and keep sharing your faith 👍🏻

  115. Tania, your Sunday posts are an inspiration ! Never let anyone persuade you differently. Life is about loving and caring for one another and going that extra mile to ensure help among others. The link you provided for Lauren Talley led me to a Blessing to behold ! She and her family are wonderful !

  116. Bless you for your honesty and your devotion! You help the rest of us be braver.

  117. Thank you for being willing to stand up for your faith and a risen Lord! I am not ashamed!

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