50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING JEANS WITH A DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Gurl’s I am on pins and needles today. I will be hosting a big business presentation tonight in a large town that is 2 hours away. I have never even hosted a small presentation much less a large one. 😱  You all hear me preach about setting out of your comfort zone and I am showing you an example. Am I petrified??? Heck yes! Am I still going to do it??? Heck yes! I am going to count it as a win if I do not pass out or hurl. Lol! I am setting the bar pretty low.50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING JEANS WITH A DRESS | FASHION OVER 40I spent Sunday afternoon with my Energizer Bunny Friend gathering up products and presentation supplies since I am in charge of setting all of that up. There will be 4 other ladies who will sit on a panel, one of them is EBF, and I will be asking questions of each one. The event is going to be in the Carnegie Hotel and Spa in Johnson City, TN., and this place looks AH-MAZING!!! I can’t wait to check it out. My guess is that this event will end up costing Joe a lot of money down the road. Hahaha! I see a weekend getaway in my future. Anyway, I will be practicing my “Superwoman” pose before the event and I also will be doing some deep breathing and relaxing techniques. Whew! Send some good thoughts my way and if you are in the Tri-Cities area I would love to have a friendly face in the audience. I’ll even buy you a drink!50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING JEANS WITH A DRESS | FASHION OVER 40I bought this dress online at Old Navy the other day because it was in a style that I liked, and it was on sale. Lol! However, when I got this dress in I was extremely pleased. I thought that this dress was going to be out of the same jersey knit material as the other swing dresses I bought from ON before. But this dress is different, it feels different and nicer. The description says, “plush” and I guess that is a pretty good description. It justs feels and hangs “richer” if you know what I mean. This one is in the color, Golden Opportunity but it also comes in a Heather Gray. I bought a large and as you can see, it fits perfectly. It is machine washable so that is a plus. 50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING JEANS WITH A DRESS | FASHION OVER 40I love the spring look of this jewelry. The shorter Tory necklace is so colorful that it will match almost anything this spring and summer. The colors of this necklace are gorgeous and the matching Sofia bracelet is adjustable from 8 to 9.5 inches. The necklace is getting low in stock so hurry and don’t let these sell-out. You will get a lot of wear out of these in the coming months. The long multi-colored stone necklace with the long fabric tassel is the Jenna. This beauty is 40″ long and you can even double it for a completely different look. Look how bright it looks with this outfit here. Go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and pick a party with my name to go shopping. 50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING JEANS WITH A DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Either you love them or you hate them. I admit that the raw hem trend is one that takes a little while to warm up to. As someone who has long legs and has struggled all of her life to have pants long enough this trend is hard to embrace. I have had to deal with let out hems since I was young since that was the only way that the pants would be long enough for me. Nowadays you have the “tall” sizes so that is not as much an issue. Who knew that I was such a pioneer in my younger days? Lol!!! These are from Old Navy and I love the way they fit and look. THIS is the mid-rise raw-edge Rockstar jean in a dark rinse. This pair has an inseam of 27″ but it does come in tall and petites also.

50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING JEANS WITH A DRESS | FASHION OVER 40I wanted to go with a run-around-town look so I opted to wear my navy ballet slippers by Isaac Mizrahi. They are so easy to walk in and run after the grandbabies. Lol! I am usually all about my high heels but there are days when only a flat will do. I just wish that they made “cuter” flats.

50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING JEANS WITH A DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Wish me luck on tonight’s event!!! If you are interested in hearing more about the “Business Opportunity” then be on the lookout for a new page that I will be adding to my Rodan + Fields link in the top header.

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  1. You will be great and knock their socks off! Have fun and tell us how it went.

  2. The presentation will go well and you will rock. I think Johnson City is a bit over 2 hours from me! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  3. You,ve got this. Enjoy the experience. Love the dress too. Such a cute way to wear it.

  4. Good luck with the event. I’m sure you will be great! You are so personable I am sure that you will make everyone feel comfortable on the panel as well! Let us know what the facility is like! Cute travel outfit you have on today as well! Best…Kathy

  5. You got this! Just be yourself and you will wow them! Break a leg!

  6. You are going to do great tonight! You keep all of us gurls coming back every day!!
    Never thought of pairing a tee shirt dress with jeans, but I love the look. Will have to head over to Old Navy before our 4th nor’east In 3 weeks hits! Also, did you see the cute, sueded moto jackets at Old Navy? Bought one in a beautiful lilac color that would look great on you. Would love to see how you would style that!
    Good luck tonight, they are going to love you!

  7. Good luck tonight! You are a born story teller. You got this! Tania, I would like to hear more about your EBF. Why don’t you do a post about her sometime? I have seen a few pictures, and she has the cutest hairstyle!

  8. Dear Tania, praying right now that all goes well with your presentation, just be yourself – you are a natural! I admire you for stepping out of your comfort zone, we all need to. You are our role model in so many ways, fantastic!! Prayers, Sandy H

  9. That outfit looks so comfy and cute on you. Usually it’s hard for me to follow a trend but I think I’d be ok with the raw edge hem. I’m finding out I just can’t do ballet flats anymore,I need more support in my arches. Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone tonight. I know you will do just fine and have fun with it.

  10. Ramona Puckett Reply

    Love the outfit and I did go by Old Navy Saturday and bought 2 pairs of relaxed boyfriend jeans for the price of one! I just went in to “look” since you always find the cutest clothes. Anyway, you will do great tonight!

  11. Marilyn S. Reply

    People can’t help but to be drawn to you —you are so gifted in just making people feel like you are their best friend ….. just talk to them like you talk to us. Don’t over prepare and the best advice I think I was ever given the first time I had to do a training class was ” Just tell them what you know “. Can’t wait to hear all about it

  12. I bet they will ask you to host again after tonight. You got this!!!!!

  13. Sherry Jackson Reply

    Oh sweet Tania..just be yourself & enjoy the adventure!! You’re going to rock this!!

  14. Alicia Stokes Reply

    Love the outfit! Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

  15. Cute and comfy. Not crazy about raw hems but on the straight leg jeans not bad. 🤙

  16. Tania, Girl you look so cute! I love the color combination and the jewelry adds just the extra pop of colors needed!! Sending prayers for you on your presentation… I know you will ROCK it!

  17. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Tania, good luck tonight! You will be amazing I have no doubt! I love love love this outfit! Old Navy dresses are great and I love Rockstar jeans. The jewelry is fabulous!

  18. I’m sure you will ROCK your presentation! Loved the outfit, I too bought the same dress when it was 50% off recently and have been wondering how to “dress it up”, never thought of pairing it with skinny jeans. Also love the colorful necklaces, will have to check them out!

  19. Where do you find the ballet shoes you’re wearing? I live in a smal town aka no shopping opportunities! I look forward to your blog each day.

    • Tania Reply

      Barbara, those were by Isaac Mizrahi and I got them through QVC.

  20. Tania, You will be presenting information about a subject that you believe in. You will be awesome! After a few minutes you will forget your nervousness and begin to enjoy yourself. You can do it!

  21. You will be amazing! Just be YOU, beacuse YOU are fantastic! You look great in this outfit. Dress is so cute. The jewelry is prefect. Have a wonderful time. Can’t wait to hear about it. 😙

  22. I have NO DOUBT that you will rock your presentation! Many blessings on it and safe travels to and from. BTW, you look darling in yellow. Super cute outfit.

  23. Tania, I just found and subscribed to your site and I love it! Beautiful outfit ideas for us ladies that are +50 young and like to look in style! 50 is NOT old!!!

  24. good luck! you’ll be great! I recommend Tieks for cute ballet flats — pricey but so well made and so cute! I love the Romantic blush pair!

  25. Sounds like your presentation was a hit!! I’m behind in my email as I’m sure most gals are!! I love this look and the gold color is so pretty for spring. I finally decided to order some Plunder jewelry. I was not familiar with it until I followed your posts!! Love the Jenna necklace and have been admiring the Lottie necklace for a long time. Looking forward to receiving them soon!!!

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