A couple of Sundays ago my preacher was talking about chapter 5 in Mark. Joe and I discussed the lesson after the church service was over because he just couldn’t get over the fact that a herd of pigs walked down a steep bank and into a lake where they were drowned. When I sat down Saturday morning to do my daily devotional from my Write The Word journal it told me to turn to Matthew 5:1-10. I started writing down the words and realized that I was writing all about the story of Legion again. I took that as a sign that I needed to do my blog post about this story since it had come to me twice.

Those of you who are paying attention have already noticed that there was a problem. Legion was talked about in Mark chapter 5, not Matthew 5 which is what I was supposed to be reading. I didn’t even realize the error until I got the Bible back out to talk about the pigs walking into the lake and I couldn’t find the story in chapter 5 of Matthew. That sent cold chills down my spine. I now KNEW for a fact that this was indeed the Lord leading me to this subject.

There is so much about the story of Legion that jumps out at me. Legion was possessed by an evil spirit and he lived among the tombs. That one statement is so sad, he was shunned and feared by everyone to the point where he lived alone with only the dead. When he saw Jesus from a distance, though he ran to him and asked what Jesus wanted with him and begged him not to torture him. When Jesus asked his name he answered, Legion, for we are many. Jesus commanded the evil spirit to come out of the man and put them into a herd of about 2000 pigs.

While I hope and pray that I am not possessed by evil spirits, this story did make me start to think about all the different “people” I have living inside of me and probably you also. I started to list some of them and the list just keeps going and going. Here are some of the most apparent people in me. I am a King’s daughter. I am a child to James and Margie and a sister to Lisa and Ellery. I am a wife to Joe. I am a mother to Matthan, Ashleigh, and Joseph. I am a grandmother to Matti, Huttson, Emersyn, Jett, and Beckham. I am a blogger and an entrepreneur. I am also other things that are not quite as apparent. I am tender-hearted and cry easy. I am busy and don’t always take the time to enjoy those around me. I am an encourager. I am a believer. I am a follower and a leader. I am a student and I am a teacher. I am a friend. I am a blessing and a curse. I am simple and complicated. I am a clothing lover. I am Legion and  I am blessed beyond measure.

The Lord saved Legion and he can save me and you also. Comment below your “I AM” and tell me who your Legion is.

Have A Blessed Sunday!

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  1. Tania, as always you made me think and be thankful. I am above all things “a daughter of The King”, beyond that I am a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, etc. Because I am a sinner and still have my earthly body, I am also Legion, but also know that I’m forgiven and blessed. As I was praying over your post this morning, I suddenly realized I was humming the song “Change My Heart O God”. Blessings to you and thanks for your beautiful words.

    • Tania Reply

      Cindy, I too am a sinner. As I went to sleep last night I was thinking that I needed to get back up and add that to my list but sleep got the best of me. I also thought of several more things that I could have added, the list can go on and on. Now, I will be listening to Change My Heart O God!

  2. I am a sinner, saved by extravagant grace! Thank you for sharing, your posts are the inspiration I have been needing! Because….. I am also a very frumpy, drab dresser and I am learning so much from you!!!

  3. Teresa Spivey Reply

    Really thought provoking. Thanks for making me step back and take a closer look at what we need to be thinking about on the Lords day! Have a wonderful day!

  4. I just love your transparency – you are my favorite blogger (and I read a lot of blogs) let me encourage you and your readers to first and always say what God says about you -A child of God, a friend of Jesus,Justified and redeemed, a joint heir with Jesus-I am a new creation ! And yes I still sin but no longer a sinner Ephesians 1:4….I could go on and on the new testament is full of affirmations about our identity in Jesus Christ .This is just a portion of the many truths about who we have become through faith in God’s Son. Oh and Tania I can assure you are definitely not possessed by any evil spirit –

  5. I am a child of God who continues to grow daily with his guidance. Daughter to Dot. Wife of Donnie. Sister to Don Edna Barbara and janet. Mother to Matt Chris and will. Grandmother to Avery Asher and violet. I am also a tender hearted person. I feel others hurts. I am a fun ,outgoing, forgiving and kind person most of the time. Yes I am not perfect because he’s still working on me. Reminds me of that chidhood song.

  6. Rhonda Christopher Reply

    Amen! I am a daughter of the King! Saved by His AMAZING grace. May I never stop being AMAZED by His never-ending grace. Daughter of Lottie & Gene, wife to Bob, mother of Leah, Bobby & Phillip. Creative, perfectionist (I can be a bit of a “Martha”), flawed, empathic, compassionate, critical, devoted, procrastinator, worrier, loves deeply, tears fall easily, nature lover, mission hearted, quiet…. and perfectly made by by Him.

  7. God Bless you Tania and your Sunday posts. I look forward to them every week. You teach me, inspire me and most importantly remind me what Jesus has done and will continue to do for me and through me. We all have many sides to us, good and bad, but I know that through Christ all things (and sides) of me are used to his glory.

  8. Thank you dear sister in Christ. This is a message in due season. You’re a blessing. By the way, I’m turning 57 on Tuesday, and beauty and fashion are two of my many passions.

  9. Charlcy Green Reply

    Oh, Tania, tgank you for sharing yoye transparency w us! I am a Chikd of the King, for which I am so thankful!! I am a mother and blessed grandmother of Graylin, Kinley, Calissa, Payton and Coby! I am a gardener, decorator, baker, lover of nature, animal lover and people pleaser- my legion. But I am also an overcomer thanks to Jesus, as are you!

  10. I needed this today. I came to look at clothes and am leaving with so much more.

    I, too, am legion… both good and bad. Much to ponder today.

  11. Ok…you asked for comments and the word legion hit me in a totally different way. First off, I think you have such a fun fashion site. I appreciate how you pair your outfits and the playful presentation in your explanations. It was great to read your insights on the passage of scripture and your sentivity to the Spirt to explore it further. However, one thing that struck me in your reading was the reference to yourself as “legion”. I understand the word to mean many and in this verse it is used to refer to many demons inside this man. Something amazing we receive as Believers in Christ is being born again (Jn3:3-8) and being made new (2 Cor. 5:17). I love this verse because it says we are a new creation. God does not tack on to the old man but makes us new. We can still operate out of our old man. However, we have been given a new identity. As a Believer, you are one in Christ with differing gifts, abilities and talents expression of your being but not fragmentations of your person. When I read the passage and word “legion” in Mark I think of a man disassocitative, and being tormented by Satan to such an extent he is living out of his fragmentation. Jesus doesn’t add on to the fragmentation but cast out the evil spirits and makes him whole and one in Christ Jesus. I would say you are many beautiful wonderful glorious things in Christ, but not legion (fragmented tormented self operating seperately) but healed and whole operating out of the fullness of your gifting as a purveyor of joy, beauty, creatity and excellence revealing His glory in all your expressions. The center of your identity in Him expressing the beauty of His character through all the things you listed about yourself and more 🙂 so when others see you…they see Him 🙂 I see it in your styling 🙂 and the way your write. I hope I did not offend you in my response – I think the word “legion” just didn’t seem to fit you. 🙂

  12. Wonderful lesson we all can learn from. I too have went to the “wrong” book of the Bible for a study; only to realize that it truly was what God wanted me to read instead! Love the way my Lord works within me, my life, & my walk with Him! Continued blessings to you & your journey.

  13. Jayne Finkbohner Reply

    Such a great message and a great reminder of how much I need Jesus!

  14. I am a sinner i am saved im a daughter and sister and Mother . Im fighter and a survivor. Thank you for reminding me all things I m because of God ‘s love for me.

  15. I am a sinner saved by Grace, a wife to Bob, a mother to Jessica and Craig, a daughter to Charlie and Kathy, sister to Dawn, Cammy, and CA, I am Lolly to my granddaughter Emaly, a loyal and loving friend, I am thankful and so blessed.

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