50 IS NOT OLD | WHERE ARE YOUR MEMORIES KEPT | FASHION OVER 40Another Saturday has rolled around and I have nothing planned to do. It looks like I will be forced to keep cleaning on the room that I want to put a studio in. I got rid of a LOT of items this past week so the room is looking better, but dang, I’ve still got a ton of things out there. Here is the funny thing though, half of the stuff isn’t even mine, it is the kids. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | WHERE ARE YOUR MEMORIES KEPT | FASHION OVER 40I can remember doing this to my parents also. I wanted all of the items but I didn’t want to take them to “my” house. I wanted my old yearbooks, I wanted all of my trophies, and I wanted all of my old picture albums, etc. but I wanted “them” to keep everything. Lol! Here was the only problem that I had, my parents house burnt and I lost all of those things. In the long run all of those things were just “things” and they didn’t really matter after all. Memories are nice to hold on to but we can keep them in our minds not in our parents closets. lol! So, I am boxing up some of the kids things in totes and putting them out in Joe’s building. Hehehehe. He hates when I put things in his building. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | WHERE ARE YOUR MEMORIES KEPT | FASHION OVER 40In this photo, my outfit looks like a “hit,” but we will talk about that in a minute. Right now I am only going to talk about the top half of this look. Today is the last outfit of my white, and in this case it is winter white, outfits for the spring series. None of the items in this look are new, they are all recycled items from my closet. The long striped cardigan is one that I bought in the later part of the summer at a local boutique in town. Here is how I wore it last fall. What I liked about this Veveret cardigan was the faded color look. I like how it looks worn and soft instead of so vibrant.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHERE ARE YOUR MEMORIES KEPT | FASHION OVER 40You would think that I have on pearls but you would be wrong. These are silver balls and not pearls. I was shocked when I opened the box but pleasantly surprised. I have plenty of pearls but this was a new addition to my ever-growing collection. The necklace is the Jamie but it is out of stock at this time. Since they still show it on the website I am assuming that means they will be re-stocking this necklace and not retiring it. I hope so since it has been one of my favorite necklaces this fall. The matching bracelet is the Maggie and it too is out of stock. Lol! It was out of stock once before and they replenished it so I look for that to happen again. I am not even going to talk about the other bracelet because it has disappeared from the website altogether. Remember, new items will be coming out in April so a lot of the jewelry will be leaving for good once they are sold out. If you see something that says low-stock go ahead and get it now! To shop, go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and pick a party with my name on it.50 IS NOT OLD | WHERE ARE YOUR MEMORIES KEPT | FASHION OVER 40Here is what I wanted to talk about earlier. The boots!!! I had not planned on wearing boots with this outfit and you almost didn’t get to even see this outfit because of them. I do not like the boots with this look but it snowed and I needed to wear something other than the cute high heels that I had planned on wearing. I could have decided to not show this look, it is not one that I am proud of, but I decided that you needed to understand that I am just like you. I sometimes have to sacrifice fashion for comfort and convenience. WHAT?!? Life happens, snow happens, and sometimes the look that we were going for just doesn’t happen. 50 IS NOT OLD | WHERE ARE YOUR MEMORIES KEPT | FASHION OVER 40Because I added the boots the pants look off. They bunched at the knees when I sat down to put the boots on. Lol! This was just a trainwreck from the wait down. If I had a big bulky sweater on with this look it would have been okay, I should have just went and changed once I saw the snow, but I was stubborn and determined to make it work. It didn’t!!!

50 IS NOT OLD | WHERE ARE YOUR MEMORIES KEPT | FASHION OVER 40It is Saturday, go do something fun! Or, go and clean out a room like I am. Lol! Also, check out the R+F incentive page that I made for you. It will be ending soon!!!

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  1. Debbie Sellers Reply

    I think the boots look great and I love that sweater! One of my favorites!!

  2. The cardign is pretty. Love all the colors. Necklace is prefect. The color of the boots is perfect, but I agree with you not crazy about them with the pants. No matter, you are beautiful and you make the outfits look great! Have fun developing your new studio. By the way…I have totes full of the Kids stuff”! Even after making them take some things.

  3. I like the boots with this outfit, it shows that yet another version of the “white before Memorial Day” in a very practical manner. Especially for those of us battling winter in Wisconsin. Good luck with your project, enjoy the weekend!

  4. Love it! The colors look great together! I see your point with the boots but snow is snow! Keep going on the room and reclaim your space!!! You deserve it! Best… Kathy

  5. I love the colors and how everything ties in so well. I didn’t notice the bunching of the pants until you pointed it out. Still live the outfit….just maybe with a different psi of white pants. I’m glad that you showed it with the boots.

  6. You could put on a flour sack, accessorize it and it would still look like a million dollars! Love your blog.

  7. Teresa Spivey Reply

    I really like the sweater. Looks comfy. Not a fan of the pants and boots. I made my boys take everything they wanted from my house….6 months later one of them asked about their old boy scout uniform. I said if you didn’t take it, I got rid of it! He said, I know you said you were going to, but I didn’t really think you would! Yep, I say what I mean, and mean what I say!

  8. Melesa Garrison Reply

    I’ve been needing to clean out cabinets in my office. I may work on that today. Thanks!
    You always look adorable ❤

  9. Sally Bauman Reply

    What I did with my kids things is I took pictures of everything and put them on a flash drive…that way they can keep the flash drive without the bulk of the items…yearbooks might be a bit more difficult, but you could take a few pictures of the pages they really look at…

  10. Charlcy Green Reply

    Hey girl, you still rock this outfit & those boots match totally! I can’t believe you had boots that matched the outfit exactly! However, I think you’re brave for walking around in snow in those heels!

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