50 IS NOT OLD | SHOULD IT STAY OR SHOULD IT GO | FASHION OVER 40I have no idea who shared or posted this on Facebook the other day but I found it hilarious. This woman said that she married a “Cold Ham Sandwich of a Human Being.” The lady who posted it said that was her new favorite insult to use. She said that a cold ham sandwich of a human being was so funny and insulting at the same time. The more I thought about it the funnier it became. I don’t like insults but let’s be honest, there are just times when we all use them. Then I thought about the funniest one that Joe has ever said.50 IS NOT OLD | SHOULD IT STAY OR SHOULD IT GO | FASHION OVER 40Joe and some man were having a heated disagreement. I am sure that there were many insults and choice words being hurled back and forth to each other before Joe threw out the ultimate insult. He told the man that he was a “Cockroach of a Man” and that he deserved to be squashed. The man stopped dead in his tracks and said, “Man, that’s cold.” “You could have called me anything, but a cockroach is just cold.” They both got tickled and the disagreement was put behind them. So, I am curious, what is the funniest insult you have ever heard someone use?50 IS NOT OLD | SHOULD IT STAY OR SHOULD IT GO | FASHION OVER 40I really loved my last shipment from the Trunk Club. My stylist is getting to know me better and the clothing items are starting to suit my personality more and more. Sometimes I don’t keep an item, not because I don’t like it, but because I have something already that is similar or I am afraid that I won’t wear it enough to justify the cost. This jacket fell into that category. I love the style, it is perfect for me, and it fits like a dream. BUT, isn’t there always a but, I already have a leather moto jacket in leather and one in knit so did I really need another one? I sent it back but I am already having regrets. ☹️ This jacket was so unique because of its color and I loved all of the zipper details. Crap! Now I wish I had kept it.50 IS NOT OLD | SHOULD IT STAY OR SHOULD IT GO | FASHION OVER 40Talk about a picture fail. Here I am trying to showcase my earrings and instead I covered them up with my hand. Lol! The Trixy earrings are super cute and they are also low in stock. Don’t tarry if you are wanting these. They are the perfect match for my Gabbie necklace and the Rosa and Clementine bracelets. All of these pieces have the most beautiful stones in variations of color. There are blues, greens, creams, browns, and golds all on the same item. These are items that you will get a lot of wear from because of the versatility of each piece. I can’t believe that Plunder has extended their sign-on bonus kits. I have NEVER seen them do this before but they said that it was so successful that they wanted everyone to be able to take advantage of the deal. TWELVE extra pieces of jewelry when you join in March!!! Go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and at the bottom of the page hit Become A Stylist.
50 IS NOT OLD | SHOULD IT STAY OR SHOULD IT GO | FASHION OVER 40I started to crop off my feet in these pictures. One, I needed a pedicure desperately and two, I should have worn a different boot. I love these open toe booties by Marc Fisher. I love the color and the style. They are super comfortable to wear and they look fabulous. They were just not the best choice for this outfit. I messed up. It happens to all of us but I just put mine out there for everyone to see. I think it is just as important to show you what not to wear, or how to wear, as it is what you should wear. With the jacket, I should have chosen a knee boot are at the very least a close-toed shoe.

50 IS NOT OLD | SHOULD IT STAY OR SHOULD IT GO | FASHION OVER 40I really liked the fit and style of these Wit and Wisdom jeans. But, for me, I wasn’t fond of the Thyme color. These were also in my Truck Club shipment and I didn’t figure out until after I had sent them back that I could have just exchanged them for a different color. I’ll know better the next time. These jeans feature an exclusive fit technology that molds and holds with a touch of stretch. Can I hear a WOOHOO? Not only do these fit and mod but they are also very affordable. Start thinking about Spring and Summer that is fast approaching, you will need some crop pants.

50 IS NOT OLD | SHOULD IT STAY OR SHOULD IT GO | FASHION OVER 40I hope you are enjoying your Saturday, I am thinking about going for that much-needed pedicure. Lol! I need a little pampering in my life. If you are needing a little pampering also, check out my Favorites page that I made for Rodan + Fields. At the very top of the page is a dark blue header strip with categories. Hover over the Rodan + Fields category and a drop down menu will appear. Select the Favorites from there.

Just to lure you into checking it out I am going to be giving away a $25.00 gift certificate towards the purchase of a Rodan + Fields product. Check out my favorites and them comment below what intrigued you the most. I’ll give away the certificate on Wednesday to give everyone time to enter the contest.

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  1. You certainly are an inspiration. And so lovely. I am a male to female transvestite in the LA area, and I think Your blog is so down to earth and useful. Thank You, most gratefully, riki sewell

  2. Tania

    I think you should’ve kept the jacket simply because of the color. I think it would be perfect for Spring & Summer. Love reading your posts!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. I like the booties you chose, not a miss by my account! 😁 Love your blog!

  4. Go get that jacket back ! Edgy , classy color and great fit ! You are also so right about the shoes -boots or closed toe booties would be a better look

  5. Margie Lewis Reply

    I told a lady that she looked like she was corn fed. She was not happy.

  6. I love the outfit, agree on the shoes but they don’t ruin the look at all! This is so cute and definitely represents the style that I started following on your blog a few years ago!! This is about as dressy as I get, so I love it when you post this kind of outfit!!! Have a super saturday!!!
    I guess the one thing I’ve said ( that I regret now) is that ” you think you’re all that, and a bag of chips” I don’t like insults! This was just one of those people that think they are a little better than everyone else

  7. I am sure you can email your stylist about your regretted returns and they will be happy to send them back out. the jacket is ADORABLE.

  8. Love the jacket. Ask to have it resent to you… it’s hard to find something you like and fits so well! You deserve it! Have a good weeken! Best…Kathy

  9. Aimee Spencer Reply

    BlancNYC has another Moto Jacket without the zippers that I like better. It is same price as yours at Nordstrom called the Life Changer, color neutral milk.I looked at your pants and I like the color flax. Otherwise I like your outfit with the taller boot idea. You look put together! Thanks for sharing your Trunk Club! I could almost shop my closet!

  10. I love this outfit! Super cute jacket and jeans. I am trying to recreate this look with the longer pretty cami and a jacket or cardigan for my spring wardrobe. I thought the colors were gorgeous on you!!

  11. Tania love this outfit. Looks like im going shopping for a moto Jacket. Cyndi Spivey, jolynne shane and you have all showcase a moto jacket it must the spring jacket to have. Lol although you were try to showcase your earrings and you covered them i got to see your nail color what color is that love it ?

  12. Tania, where do I find your R&F favorites page? I like the Moto jacket, but it doesn’t “pop”. It needs one of your beautiful colorful scarves. I like those jeans too. I need a new pair of white jeans, and these may go on my shopping list!
    My Mom, who passed away almost 15 years ago, used to say “ He’s/she’s big enough to go bear hunting with a switch!”. Maybe not so much an insult, but one of my favorite funny memories of her. 😍

  13. I’m in love with that jacket. I would have kept it. IMO one can never have enough jackets or shoes!! Even though I try not to insult people, I love that put-down. Enjoy your pedi. I need one, too. Gasp! I have been polish free all winter and it is time to get sandal ready.

  14. Charlcy Green Reply

    Wow, that was a down and dirty quick response from Joe! Hugh Fuve, Joe! HaHa! I love that jacket that you sent back, but hey, we cant keep everything! Enjoy your pedicure!

  15. Tania,
    I’m enjoying your blog so much!! Keep up the great work 🙂 I do love the jacket, but with the white/cream tank it just washes you out. You look so good in bright colors, I’d love to see you wear the jacket with maybe a burgundy or wine shirt underneath. Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Susan Harper Reply

    Love this outfit. That jacket is fantastic and the Thyme color pants are really “it” right now.

  17. Good morning. Love that jacket. I think I would have kept that. But I’ve done that too with my subscription club. And I usually regret it. Cute as ever! 😊

  18. Jackie Davis Reply

    Do you wear anything under those camis when you wear them like that? I love them but they are thin.

  19. Kathi Prochotsky Reply

    Unfortunately, I can not buy from your links because you only serve the USA and not Canada. I live in Vancouver BC, Canada. Too bad. Wanted your jewellery. Kathi

  20. Pat Arkenberg Coll Reply

    I too love the jacket. I am a R&F new bee. I chose Soothe and love tube #3 the moisturizer. I used to have oily skin and dry flaky skin was so new to me. I tried a few moisturizers and didn’t like the scent of one, didn’t like the texture of another and found two which were just ok. This one feels moisturizing. I do wish the hydration serum was a pump instead of a dropper. I would love to try the lash boost but lately I am having mascara irritations so this will have to wait. I would be interested in trying the eye cream and do have issues with age spots but wondered if reverse would be too irritating for me. Would love to see your morning routine updated. I think you did your video before R&F.

  21. I’d say keep it. You never know when you’ll need it and then you’d be wishing you had it. Love the booties! I may be saying that because I have the same ones and love them but it’s not quite warm enough here to wear them! Have a wonderful weekend!


  22. I am not a fan of the jacket. I think the color washes you out. I tell my husband that he drives like a sausage. He says it doesn’t make sense, but I’m pretty sure he realizes it isn’t a compliment. I also tell him I love him more than a fat boy loves cake despite his lousy driving.

  23. Sheron Davis Reply

    I like the jacket and love the neutral colour.

    I too don’t like to slagg somone, after all none of us are perfect.. I must admit I did say the following; Wishing the words did not come out of my mouth, but truth be told Idid say it……..You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

  24. All these pieces are fine individually, but together they seem “meh”. I think turtle head is a non cuss insult.

  25. Kristi Tandy Reply

    I love, love the leather jacket!! I have been looking for one exactly like the one you are wearing.

  26. Robin Osborne Reply

    My father, who was born in Tazewell, (Just down the road from you!) truly lived by the old adage…if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. BUT, he did say a time or two if he didn’t like someone, “I wouldn’t piss in his ear if his brain was on fire!”

  27. Hey Tania, I finally figured out the R&F drop down so I could read about your favorites. So far, my favorite is the Lash Boost! Like you, I didn’t notice anything right away, and I am one of those girls who wants everything right now! Lol. Finally, just like you, all of the sudden around 6 weeks I noticed how long my lashes were! Incredible! And, I was lucky if I used the lash boost 3-4 times a week because I am always so tired at bedtime I would forget to brush it on. My lashes are blond, so it is not as noticeable until I put my mascara on. And then, WOW! I am so impressed with this product! I even had a makeover at the Ulta counter a couple of weeks ago (my husband was out of town and I was in no rush), and several of the ladies commented on how long my lashes were. LOVE this product! ❤️

  28. Linda Moorhead Reply

    My daddy always says, “He doesn’t have the sense to pour piss out of a boot” Another of his sayings (and he has a lot of them) ” It’s as worthless as tits on a boar” or “She looks like 10 pounds of sausage in a 5 pound sack.”

    Yes, he is a silver tongued devil.

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