50 IS NOT OLD | FIT AND FLARE DRESS | FASHION OVER 40I wish you could have seen me this weekend. Well, maybe I don’t really because you would have never come to my blog again. My stupid headache didn’t leave me until late Saturday afternoon. I could have made the highlight reel for “people of Walmart” any day this weekend. My daughter called me around 5:00 pm on Saturday and asked what I was doing. When I told her that I was finally getting dressed she thought that I was kidding. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | FIT AND FLARE DRESS | FASHION OVER 40On Thursday when I went to work I took a shower and didn’t even dry my hair. WHAT??? I even went to work looking like that. WHAT??? I even took pictures looking like that. WHAT??? You have those to look forward to later on. Lol! I bet every one of you are saying, “I’m not going to miss those!” I scrunched it up and fluffed it a little and then sprayed it with hairspray. Joe told me that I looked like our dog, Lucy. Here is a picture of Lucy if you are curious what her hair looks like.When Joe came home around 6:00 Saturday afternoon and I looked “presentable” he stopped in his tracks. Lol! I think he had missed the old Tania. Let me tell you, I MISSED the old Tania too and I am certainly glad that she is finally back!!!50 IS NOT OLD | FIT AND FLARE DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Before I tell you about the adorable dress that I have on, I am going to tell you about my accessories. I went with pearls. When in doubt wear red and wear pearls. Lol! I hold my breath every time it comes time to link to my jewelry because it is selling out so fast that I never know if it is still going to be available for purchase or not. The Lorelei earrings are still available!!! They have an adorable seed pearl design on a 2.25″ drop. The Lottie necklace is one of my favorite necklaces that I have bought from Plunder. You will see me wear it a lot because it can go with dresses, jeans, or t-shirts. It is very versatile. The Lucinda bracelet matches the Lorelei earrings. It has many different floral seed pearl designs on the 9″ adjustable bracelet. The magnetic pearl bangle is not available but I did pretty well today since that was the only one sold out. All of my other bangles on my right hand are from Alex and Ani. Some of them were purchased by me and some of them were gifts from Rodan + Fields. BTW, I have added a Rodan + Fields page to the blog and that is where I will be sharing my love of the products and company. I will update it regularly with incentives, stories, and offers. For those who are interested, you can see the page link in the header at the top of the blog or click (here) to be directed to the page. If you click the link you will see my story and if you click on the drop down incentives tab then you will see the incentive that is current until the end of the month.50 IS NOT OLD | FIT AND FLARE DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Yes, I know that my Coach pumps are black and my dress is navy and white. I put them on and asked Joe if they looked bad and should I change. He assured me that they looked fine so off to church, we went. I don’t really like them with the dress. I just got a pair of white pumps on Saturday that I ordered and I intend to wear them with this dress from now one. Red would also be very cute for those who are a little more adventurous.

50 IS NOT OLD | FIT AND FLARE DRESS | FASHION OVER 40I fell in love with this dress the minute I saw it in the Trunk. This was one of two dresses that were in my Trunk Club this shipment. I LOVED them both. I am a sucker for gingham and the fit and flare design from Eliza J is very flattering. This dress is a little tight, okay, it is a lot tight but I kept it anyway. I hope it will serve as an incentive for me to be able to wear on our trip to Cancun in April. The belt is one thing that will not be staying for me. I have a long waist so it doesn’t hit me in the correct spot. I will just cut off the little strings on each side. I might add a belt, white or red, but it will be at my natural waistline. This dress is dry clean only which is not something that I like to purchase as I am not great at taking things to the cleaners. I’ll just give it to my Energizer Bunny Friend who sends almost EVERYTHING to the cleaners. Lol! The flare skirt line is very feminine and this reminds me of the dresses of the fifties. This is a size 12, which is my normal size for dresses, but it is tight. I won’t swear that it runs small, it could be that my waist is running larger. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | FIT AND FLARE DRESS | FASHION OVER 40Do you own a white blazer? You NEED one. This blazer hides all kinds of bumps, lumps, and bulges that I want to keep all to myself. A blazer is one of my go-to slimming items. Wear pointed toe heels and a blazer and you will look 10 pounds lighter! In the Spring and Summer, you will get lots and lots of wear with a white blazer. Yes, I know they get dirty and mine is overdue for the cleaners, but this is a purchase that you need to make. Trust me on this one.

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  1. Love love love the white jacket and gingham outfit!!!
    Lucy is sooo cute. 😊

    • Julie Pittman Reply

      Just found you Tania and love your style! Without reviewing all your posts, what are your top favorite stores for shopping your style

      • Tania Reply

        Julie, my mother says that I have never met a store that I didn’ like. Lol! I am limited to the stores that I can shop because of where I live. I shop at Old Navy, TJ Maxx, and Cato often because they are close by. Then I love Talbots, Nordstrom, Chico’s, Stein Mart, Ann Taylor, Macy’s, JC Penny, Belk’s, QVC, goodness the list goes on and on. Lol!

  2. Love the dress and accessories. What a great way to try the jewelry…I think I am hooked on Plunder! I pinned and shared!

  3. Good morning! So glad that headache is finally gone! The dtess is adorable. The whole look is beautiful on you. Have a great day 😁 I have shared on FB.

  4. I love the dress but I’m a gingham addict as well. I would have done a red sweater and red kitten heels. Just another option. I shared on Pinterest! So glad you are feeling bette. I suffer from headaches and unless you do you can’t understand the pain. It’s awful! Weather changes here don’t help. Best…Kathy

  5. I pinned to my clothes board on Pinterest! And…personally I like that belt with the dress!?! Maybe they were doing some pattern mixing as I see it has a blue stripe on the side of it. I don’t own a white blazer but better look into one if you say we “need” to own one..LOL Glad your headache went away and you are so right…when I have a migraine and I could care less what I look like because it’s just too hard to move to do anything and that includes getting dressed.

  6. Debbie Dawson Reply

    Hi Tonia! I’m fairly new to your page but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pin this lovely dress to pinterest. Keep doing what you’re doing! Love it!

  7. Sondra Koons Reply

    I pinned you and this darling gingham dress to my Pinterest board that I have of JUST YOU!! So sorry you suffer with headaches, Tania. Glad you are feeling better though. As always…love your blog AND your Sunday Inspirational posts! Keep on doing what you do. We love ya!!

  8. love your outfit and am pinning it now. I couldn’t agree more about the white jacket, such a great piece to have in your staples!

  9. I don’t mind the black pumps. But I have two words for you…navy espadrilles!

  10. I am thinking of those cute red canvas shoes you have..would you mx those two patterns?

  11. Hi. Very pretty and feminine. And I’m not crazy about gingham but that looks good. Glad you feel better. 😊

  12. This is June Cleaver up dated to the 21st century or is it Dorothy in Oz? I mean that as a compliment and not as snark. The white jacket powers up your fit and flare gingham dress. The pearl necklace jazzes up the energy too. Feminine power.

  13. Hello! I pinned the Gingham! I love gingham and I just may have to go shopping for a white Blazer!!!

  14. I LOVE fit and flare but I feel the look is too young for me. For example this is one of my favourite dresses. But I don’t think I should wear it anymore. I love yours. Maybe because it’s longer than mine.

  15. Thanks, Tania!! I literally “laughed out loud” at reading about your hair looking like Lucy! Can’t wait to see those pics! Seriously though I’m really glad your headache is gone!! And this outfit is really cute!

  16. You got a laugh out of me first thing this morning with Joe saying your hair looks like your dog Lucy. Oh these men can be so brutally honest at times. Have a great “hair” day.

  17. Love the dress!!
    I just pinned it on my fashion page.
    Have a great day and glad you are feeling better!

  18. Love the dress. Fit and Flare works for so many of us. Try coral or even a brighter orange heel or a great flat would work as well. I recently purchased some navy print ankle pants for spring and a deep coral flat. Can’t wait for warmer weather to wear them together. I really enjoy your posts and look forward to my daily email from you.

  19. Ha! I was thinking why wouldn’t the black pumps go with a purple gingham check dress until I read that it is blue. Your dress does look purple and white on my phone, but whatever color it is super cute!

  20. Debbie Savage Reply

    I pinned the beige and burgundy. I actually wore this outfit (minus the jeans) with black pants to church yesterday after seeing you in these colors. I loved it!

  21. This dress is darling! Hot pink pumps would also look good. Or raffia wedges this summer! XOXO Sweet Friend!

  22. Helen M Maddox Reply

    Love the dress, and you sense of style. I am going to Cancun in April too, with my husband and friends. Pinned in Pinterest

  23. Cindy Thomas Reply

    Love the gingham. The white blazer is something in my wish list. Pinned that pic to my boards!

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