50 IS NOT OLD | A WONDERFUL COLOR COMBINATION | FASHION OVER 40I hope everyone has some wonderful plans for the weekend. If not, then I hope you can relax and just enjoy spending some time taking care of yourself, that person we sometimes neglect. I am amazed at how many emails that I get from you gurls who say that after reading my blog you are starting to take care of yourself more and invest in you. How did we, as women, ever forget that we matter? I was guilty also, the children and Joe always came first. Truth is, they probably still do, but now I am able to at least spend a small amount of time tending to “my” needs also.50 IS NOT OLD | A WONDERFUL COLOR COMBINATION | FASHION OVER 40Raise your hand if you have not eaten what you wanted because you wanted the kids or your husband to be able to have plenty. Raise your hand if you have not bought yourself clothing because the kids needed new things. Raise your hand if you didn’t buy something for yourself so that you could spend the extra money on gifts for others. How many of us have colored our own hair to save money or done our own nails, etc.? I think we you look up the words giving and selfless you will find a picture of a woman. She might have on older looking clothing and her hairstyle might look like it did 15 years earlier but deep in her soul, she is satisfied. BUT, when those kids leave home and create their own families, then we can finally start putting some emphasis back on ourselves. You deserve it!50 IS NOT OLD | A WONDERFUL COLOR COMBINATION | FASHION OVER 40I have no idea why that morning inspiration came pouring out. My weather is still really nice outside but I am back to a sweater and jeans outfit today which can also be used as a spring transition look. The beige/tan cashmere cocoon sweater is so soft. The color is soft as well as the material. I love the coziness of the sweater and how it wraps around your body. This sweater is lightweight and provides enough warmth in the mornings without being too heavy when the sun starts to warm everything up. If you live in the colder regions then you can slip a heavy coat over the outfit and take it off once you are inside.

50 IS NOT OLD | A WONDERFUL COLOR COMBINATION | FASHION OVER 40I have on the Addison earrings with a 3″ drop today. They are a mustard color which is just a touch darker than my sweater. They aren’t a bright yellow which is what I would have expected when I saw the word mustard. The Rhiannon necklace has been one of my favorite items from the fall catalog. I have worn it and worn it and worn it. I bet all of you are saying, “we know!!!” Lol! The leather straps matched my sweater perfectly and the gold discs popped against the burgundy background. I chose the Gail and the Ashlyn bracelets to go with the gold discs. They are both easily put on with the Gail being on elastic. 50 IS NOT OLD | A WONDERFUL COLOR COMBINATION | FASHION OVER 40The soft ankle booties from Old Navy goes perfectly with the sweater. I bought this pair last year and I still ear them a lot. The block heel is very much still on trend and you can’t go wrong with this light fawn color. Since spring is coming soon I am also linking to a few booties that have the open-toe design. PERFECT for spring and showing off a pedicure!50 IS NOT OLD | A WONDERFUL COLOR COMBINATION | FASHION OVER 40One of my favorite color combinations is beige/tan and burgundy. Today I added a burgundy short sleeved sweater under my cardigan. Adding a short sleeve top under the cardigan allows me the opportunity to take off the cardigan if it gets warmer as the day goes on. If I had a sleeveless top on then I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that at this time of the year. The burgundy provides the perfect backdrop for the gold jewelry and it looks rick looking.

50 IS NOT OLD | A WONDERFUL COLOR COMBINATION | FASHION OVER 40Want to have a giveaway??? I bet no one said NO! Lol!!! How about this, I want to grow my blog and I want you to help me. SO, either share this post on Facebook or Pin one of these photos to Pinterest and comment below on what you did. I will host a drawing on Wednesday, that should give everyone plenty of time to enter. You can enter more than once to increase your chances. What are you going to win??? How about the VIVI necklace? Go (here) to see what it looks like on.

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  1. Hi, Tania! Love this color combination and have similar items so I pinned this before I even got down to the bottom where you talk about the giveaway! Would love to win the beautiful necklace. So true that we put others before ourselves and so important to be kind to ourselves too.

  2. Christine E. Falk Reply

    Hi Tania, I do so love the color combination you have on today. Those warm tones work well for me with my brown and blonde hair. I do have a question. Do you remember where your sweater is from? I love that color so much!

  3. How true are your words and these are the reasons why I have now started my own little blog.

    I do love the colour combination and as for the cardigan it just makes me feel like giving you a cuddle lol. It looks so soft and comfortable. Just what I need in my wardrobe for our cold and damp UK weather.

    It would be great if we had trunk clubs like you but I have not come across any here in England.

    Glad you are feeling better today. Jill x

  4. Brenda Foxy Lady Reply

    Hi Tania, I pinned a picture on Pinterest. You look so young. I like the whole outfit, the color combinations look great on you.

  5. Photo pinned to my Pinterest board “styles for me”. Love this outfit..I need to invest in more cardigans..and this color would be a good start.
    You look great!!!

  6. Lezlie Davis Reply

    I love the burgundy with the camel color!!!! I get such great ideas from you! I shared this on Facebook with a testimony of how much I love your blog!!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Good morning Tania, I’ve been sharing your pictures on Pinterest and also FB.. I soooo Love your style, and you’ve given me great ideas . I read your post each morning before my walk.
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. Tania I love this outfit this a great causal fridar work look. Thank you for the reminder to take care of ourselves. Sometimes we get so involved take care of others that we forget to take care of us. All this lack of self care can lead to a wore out momma who is sick n cant take of anyone. Sorry I got caught up lol

  9. You just gave me an idea as I have a sweater that color and a top with burgundy in it !!!! Pretty necklace too! Pinned it to my clothing board. I find that it’s hard not to still “take care” of our kids. I always find myself taking food along when we go to visit. Do any of you other Moms still do this? The grandkids love when Grandma brings muffins so I will probably always continue to do that. Hope you are feeling better today.

  10. Elizabeth Raymond Reply

    Hi Tania , Hope you have a great weekend! I pinned this look to my Pinterest. I love the color combo! I also pinned it because I’m growing my hair out and I really like how you’re styling yours now that it’s longer. 🙂

  11. I pinned you to my board “closet candy”… sounds delicious doesn’t it? I so agree that we give and give and huge some more. It’s nice but alittle strange to start thinking that I need to do things for myself and not feel selfish of guilty. Love the outfit today! Glad you have sweater weather!!!! Best… Kathy

  12. I have started to take care of myself more too! Love having pedicures and manicures.
    Your outfit reminds me that I have a top that color…now just have to find it. LOL
    Love, love the necklace!

  13. I rarely plan a weekend outfit like I do during the week, But I have just hung up a burgandy with lace bottom shirt (that I picked up on clearance this week) and I have a beige duster sweater in the closet. Add my tan boots with chain details and ta-dah. So guess what I am planning on wearing? Have a great weekend!

  14. J'Laine Bradley Reply

    Really love this look. You give me such great ideas for mixing colors and styles! Sharing!

  15. Love the color combo too, except I have to reverse it. With my coloring it’s Burgundy over the beige. Pinned it! Keep up the great work!

  16. Teresa Spivey Reply

    Posted on fb. I love the look on you. Since I let my hair go salt and pepper, tan does not look as good on me. If I changed up the sweater and boots to gray, it would be a hit. You inspire me!! Thanks girl!

  17. Love this color combo on you! I’m thinking i need to add a beige sweater to my wardrobe !! Looks fabulous!
    I pinned your picture to my Pinterest page and will share you blog on Facebook!! I tell everyone I know about you! Love your style and blog. Thank you for introducing me to Plunder Design! I love it and sharing my business with others!!

  18. Sally Sullivan Reply

    Hi, Tania! This is one of my very favorite outfits of yours and like a previous follower, I pinned it before reading to the end, lol! I am new to your blog and love it… from your funny stories to your beautiful outfits. Your style is always so “together” and you make it easy for anyone to get some of the pieces you wear. I honestly expected your choices to be far too pricey, but come on, Old Navy? I can do that! Thanks!

  19. Melesa Garrison Reply

    ✋ I had my hand up with all questions, but would do it all over again! Color combination looks great! Hope you have a great weekend ❤

  20. Just pinned the outfit and I love the colors! Thanks for this post Tania. I just raised my hand to everything! I always put me last but it is never too late to change. I think I am going shopping today😊 Thanks for your inspirations. Have a great weekend!

  21. Hi Tania. The outfit today is perfect in my opinion. Maybe because I’d wear it myself. Love the color combo and its youthful without looking 19. I have a very similar cardigan and will use this look to put an outfit together for myself. Thanks for the idea. I have open-toed booties that will work great in this 70 degree weather here. And I do love that necklace too. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but that would be a staple if I had it. It goes with just about anything. I’m going to share your blog with my sisters. One already follows you but I’ll get the blog to the others as well. I have a big family. Happy Saturday and thanks for another interesting and thoughtful way for me to start my day. 😊 *its strange but sometimes I feel odd commenting to someone I’ve never met and since I’ve never been part of a blog but I just can’t seem to help myself because you seem like my kind of person.

  22. Hi Tania,
    I pinned todays’s outfit on my Pinterest My Style board. When I scrolled through some of my older pins I saw lots of you, lol
    Love your style that’s for sure.
    I just ordered my first Plunder this month and adore it.

  23. Pinned to my fix my closet boatd! Livr this color combo and it’s a great casial outfit for jyst about anything.

  24. I pinned this as well – I think your style is great! And honestly, when I’m shopping I think to myself, “now what would Tania think of this?” I don’t know why it’s so hard for me! But you make dressing well look so easy 😀 So thank you!

  25. I love this outfit and that necklace. I’ve been tempted to purchase it and I finally did….and several other items as well. Thank you so much for your inspiration!

  26. Perfect color combo. Pinned to my Over 50 board. Yes, we all forget to take care of ourselves sometimes. LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  27. Love the outfit, and I do like cashmere! I have found a couple of cashmere items at thrift stores and I consider that a huge score lol!

    • Brenda Brown Reply

      I love this color combination and the sweater style is flattering. I have pinned this look (along with so many others).

  28. Hi Tania I just found your blogs about a month ago and I can’t get enough. I’m following you on everything I can so I can catch up and stay current. I’m turning 50 this summer and it’s such a relief to see how style can get better with age.I can look age appropriate and super cute. Thank you!

  29. Tania thank you for your post, I’m new to following you but already feel like I know you! My gift to myself this year is to HAVE A WARDROBE not just black pants and shirts for work and jeans t-shirts and tennis shoes for the weekend, I’m even adding jewelry (I wear a pair of diamond stud earrings and a necklace my grandson gave me, that’s it)
    How do you choose the length of of your necklace for your outfits? Do you have ant tips?
    Thank you again for your beautiful and joyful spirit!

  30. Judy Thompson Reply

    Pinning to my Pinterest board, but can you advise where your sweater is from? It’s the perfect length! The linked ones look too long!

  31. I really love your style and you are absolutely correct fifty is not old it’s just a number. OK so what I did or had done this weekend taxes. Yes nothing exciting but hopefully later on I will hit the stores to see if any spring stuff has come out,if not I will just browse through the clearance racks you never know what you may find. I love classics so who knows,wish me luck. Enjoy yourself everyone.

  32. This post is so true! I told my husband not long ago sense our kids have moved out we are rich! LOL!! I have always loved taken care or spoiling my husband and my kids. Everything thing you talked about is exactly how I was. Thank you so much for writing your blog everyday. I pinned your post!

  33. I posted to pinterest and am going to send link to my sister. She will love ypu.

  34. Bernie McIntyre Reply

    Hi Tania love the burgundy and beige colour combo I have a lot of beige in my wardrobe (don’t know what that says about me 😂) loving the bit of length in your hair really lovely on you. Hope the sinuses are better I suffer badly and use the Neil med rinse it’s natural and helps with that awful headache 😁

  35. Melissa Abraham Reply

    love the cardigan–I didn’t see where it’s from? I have been searching for one just like it!!!

    • Tania Reply

      Melissa, that was a cardigan from Isaac Mizrahi that I bought from QVC.

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