50 IS NOT OLD | FRINGE HEM AND KICK FLARE | FASHION OVER 40Ladies, I am struggling. I developed a horrible headache/sinus/weather related headache on the way back from Richmond Wednesday night and I still feel bad. I don’t even like to mention it or complain about it because there are so many people who are really sick and I feel like a whiney little baby. I don’t like not feeling good, (as if someone likes that) because I can’t think and concentrate. So, read with caution because my thoughts might not be cohesive. 50 IS NOT OLD | FRINGE HEM AND KICK FLARE | FASHION OVER 40I was sitting here trying to type and I saw that someone messaged me on Facebook. I switched over to FB to answer the question and 30 minutes later I realized that I had gotten side-tracked. I got sucked into the Facebook hole. Lol! In my defense, I stumbled across the cutest videos that are made by two sisters. They are only 3 or 4 years old and have attitude galore! If you have loads of time to kill and want to see cuteness overload then FINISH my blog first and then check them out. I am NOT telling you the name of the site until the end of my post, are you crazy? I know that you would hop right over there and just drop me like a rock. I may not feel well but I am not stupid. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | FRINGE HEM AND KICK FLARE | FASHION OVER 40First off, I want to apologize to those of you in the parts of the country that are still knee deep in snow. I tend to think that the weather I am having is what the rest of you are having and I know that isn’t the case. Those in California and Florida are saying, “finally, clothing that I can use” while the ladies in the northern states are like, “quit rubbing it in that it is in the 70’s!” Lol! This tier sleeve wrap top is adorable. The stripes, the bow, the sleeves, and the wrap design are all super cute! Not only that but this top is really affordable and is under 50.00. I added a white camisole under it because I was uncomfortable with how low the v-neck was. This top just screams spring and I can see it with a pair of white or navy capris or shorts later in the season. The top is 100% cotton and this is a size medium. This was in my Trunk Club shipment this time. Trunk Club is an online subscription service. You choose how often you want to receive a “trunk,” how much money you are comfortable spending, and then tell about the clothing that you like. A stylist picks out a trunk and will send you a preview where you can say yes to items or no and tell why. Once your trunk arrives you try the items on and ship back what you don’t want. They provide the tape to close the box and the shipping label to send it all back. You go online and tell them when and where to pick the trunk up and you are done. There is a 25.00 styling fee but when you buy an item from the trunk that amount is deducted from your total. I have NEVER not found at least one or two items that I want to keep. 50 IS NOT OLD | FRINGE HEM AND KICK FLARE | FASHION OVER 40The Anyssa earrings and the Abigail necklace are in a silver knot design. I like the simplicity of this design, it seems classic and modern at the same time. The necklace is adjustable and I thought it was perfect for filling the space left by the “V.” The two bracelets that I have on are both not available. They have both already sold out! It is crazy how fast the jewelry is selling out at this time. If there is anything you want please don’t wait to order. IF you have waited and missed out on something then message me to see if I have it in stock somewhere. I buy things a lot and stick back for giveaways and presents so it is possible that it is in my inventory.50 IS NOT OLD | FRINGE HEM AND KICK FLARE | FASHION OVER 40First off, I am undecided on these pants. In my trunk club shipment, there was two pair of pants and both of them were the same size but by different companies. I am used to a size 10 fitting differently from company to company but this was the waist size so I assumed that would be consistent. These are a size 30 and they were so big that they are falling off of me and hanging down way lower than they should. The other pair was also a 30 and they were really tight through the waist. Lol! This pair is by Halogen and I think they run big so order a size down. I like the fringe hem and the kick flare detail. They would look cuter if they were shorter, but because they are hanging on me they appear longer than they are. They have a 26″ inseam and I normally wear a 32 to 33-inch inseam for my longer jeans. 50 IS NOT OLD | FRINGE HEM AND KICK FLARE | FASHION OVER 40I added my pop of red differently today then I did in this post. The red bandana print espadrilles were gifted to me last year from Nina Shoes. These were called the Muriel but they are no longer available. I love the unexpected print worn as a shoe. Are you bold enough to wear a shoe like this?

50 IS NOT OLD | FRINGE HEM AND KICK FLARE | FASHION OVER 40Did you see my post yesterday that told you about the incentive that Rodan + Fields is offering for a NEW Preferred Customer that purchases a regimen? They are gifting them with a FREE Full-Size Microdermabrasion Paste jar and it will be shipped to the PC in March. But you may be asking yourself why do you even need the microdermabrasion paste. I stole this from my daughter’s Facebook page. Lol! If dead skin cells are not sloughed off, they begin to form layers and skin will look dull and uneven in tone. You can help new skin cells rise to the surface faster by exfoliation. Exfoliating is three-fold: it scrubs away dead skin cells, unblocks pores and stimulates new cell turnoverShe is so smart, it makes this momma proud!!! She also created this picture to get her point across. You may not want any of my skincare products but you have to admire my daughter’s ingenuity.  BTW, I didn’t forget about the cute little girl’s facebook video’s. Here is the link…finally. Lol! kcstauffer

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  1. I’m enjoying this early spring weather too, but I have a feeling we’re going to pay for it with a cold blast in March. You might have to bring back some boots, sweaters and jackets for a few days!

    • Tania Reply

      I know the boots and coats will come back out, Nancy! One of our biggest snows was in March one year. But, until then I am going to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.

  2. Hi Tania, thought I would make myself known ☺. I have been following your posts for about 4 months now after falling on your style via Pinterest. I Retired 10 months ago and loved fashion in my younger days when time was my own but working full time and being a mum eventually led me to quickly choosing off the peg clothes and easy throw in the wash items. I became a lazy shopper! Now with more time on my hands I am finding new things to do, trying not to say no to any chances which come my way 😏. On a visit from my daughter she saw me reading your blog and asked why I didn’t try blogging. The more I thought about it the more appealing and scary it became, but through you and Fiona I am giving it a go. I am really out of my comfort zone with this and struggle to put something together monthly let alone daily as you do but , at the end of each post I feel quite satisfied with myself 🤔. It would be lovely if through this we could become friends and you would become my mentor. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Hope you feel better soon. Jill x
    Ps my little blog should you care to take a peep is http://www.stylishatsixty.wordpress.com

    • Tania Reply

      Jill, that makes me so happy that I could play a small part in your new adventure. You never know where adventures will lead and what opportunities they will open for you. It is wonderful that you have decided to take on a new hobby and I love that your daughter was so encouraging. I hope you have a wonderful time with your blog. I have a couple suggestion and I will email you with them. Good Luck!!!

  3. Lezlie Davis Reply

    The top looks really good on you! I clicked on the link, and honestly, the top looks better on you than it does on the model. If I had just seen it on the model online, I would’ve never tried it on. I’m sorry you’re feeling bad but you look marvelous!

    • Tania Reply

      Really?? I looked at the model wearing the top and thought how much better it looked on her. Lol!!!

  4. I think the pants are super cute, although, like you said, even cuter if they were just a couple of inches shorter. Old Navy has a pair with the shorter, wider leg and the fringy hem. You’ve got me hooked on their pixie pants and I check their site for new things from time to time now.

    • Tania Reply

      Michele, I NEED to take a trip and go to Old Navy. I haven’t been shopping in so long that it is crazy! That is why the Trunk Club is so helpful to me.

      • Hi Tania, I felt the need to chime in on Michele’s “getting hooked”. Bought my first pair of Rockstar jeans yesterday and have my eye on a pixie or two too! You might need to check into them giving a referral bonus. Wink wink. Thanks for the heads up! I never would have tried them if I hadn’t seen your blog. Thanks!

  5. I really like the top and the red with blue. I can’t see me wearing that style of pants but I am more traditional when it comes to denim and I have heavy legs so whatever works with your body type. It is a cute outfit on you.

    • Tania Reply

      Janet, I understand what you mean when it comes to the pants. Here is my suggestion, go and try on a pair in your size and see how they look. All it will cost you is a trip out shopping.

  6. How lucky are you to have an Old Navy. I became hooked on the store when we visited whilst in New York early December. There are a lot of American shops I have come across online which I would live to purchase from but living in the UK it is not so easy as I would prefer to try before buying.

    • Tania Reply

      I bet you have many stores that I would love there in the UK.

      • We have lots of large stores but i struggle to find Boutiques as here you only find the 1 or 2 items the same. If you go on Facebook you may be able to find The Saddleworth Boutique. This is run by two lovely ladies who spend a lot of time making sure you feel fabulous with your purchase.

  7. The top is ok but I voteko on the pants. I usually love every outfit you wear but the pants don’t fit my taste today. Sorry you are not feeling well! Hope it passes and you have a good weekend…Best Kathy

    • Tania Reply

      I have been watching this kick flare trend for a while and it is taking some time for me to warm up to it.

  8. Hope your felling better soon, this weather has really been crazy lately. I am loving the top, it looks soo cute on you. The pants I’m not so sure about. Still trying to get on board with the flared look. I watch kcstauffer all the time Mila is hysterical..

    • Tania Reply

      I am with you, Cindee. I am not quite on board with the kick flare trend but I am trying to be open-minded. Yes, Mila is a character!!!

  9. Very cute top… but the jeans….I can’t see that I will fall in love with that style “length” with the flare. I do love boot cut jeans but floor length for “me”. I have never looked into Trunk Club but looks like something fun. Feel better soon…hope this is your day off as I think I remember you saying you were going to start taking Fridays off!!

    • Tania Reply

      Sandy, today is my first Friday off!!! I still have a lingering headache, I think it is sinus combined with the weather that is moving through. You would probably like the Trunk Club, I love having everything shipped to me and picked back up with no hassle.

  10. The top is so cute! The pants not so much, but that’s probably because they don’t fit you well….I love the new flair cropped pants and was actually looking at the pair Old Navy has, but for me I’d probably have to choose petite for the length , in order for them to look right. Lol…..the weather here in Fl has been hot hot hot! Hope your feeling better today!

    • Tania Reply

      Kathy, I have looked at the pair from Old Navy also. I need to make the trip and check them out. I have a friend that lives in Florida and she said it has been really hot.

  11. Cristina Downey Reply

    Feel better,nothing worse than a headache 🙁 Love the top and layering would be the only way to wear it for me as well. Hate the jeans, they gotta go back! Skinny jeans would look great with that or white as you mentioned! Happy Friday!

    • Tania Reply

      The jeans went back! I am open to the look but those didn’t fit me.

  12. Hi Tania. I know how you feel. My head has been killing me with this weather. One day 70 then next day 40. Hope you feel better. I like the shirt but not crazy about the jeans. Straight leg or skinny jeans would work better I think since shirt is “full” for lack of better word. By the way, why do you prefer Trunk Club over Stitchfix?

    • Tania Reply

      I can’t wait for full Spring to finally arrive. Virginia is the worst for having a 40-degree change in the weather at any given time. I tried Stitchfix first but I had a hard time finding the clothing to show where everyone could purchase the items. Since the Trunk Club is a Nordstrom company I know that the items can be found online there. I am also loving that I get more in my Trunk then I did with Stitchfix.

      • Thanks for replying. I use StitchFix and like it but you do seem to get more items in your shipments and I usually like the items you show us. I may try it.

  13. Tania I’m sorry you are feeling bad. I was at the Dr. yesterday with sinusitis (which started as a headache). Got the right meds and I am much better. You may need to see the doc. Love the blouse! I saw a commercial yesterday that Old Navy has all jeans half price this weekend.. so heads up ladies on that.. as you got me to shop there again… BIG SAVINGS. Try to enjoy your weekend. Blessings, Carla

  14. Love, love, love the top and your necklace!!!! The jeans in my opinion should be longer with those shoes which are also adorable!!! Love the flair isT is just hitting in an strange spot.

  15. Teresa Spivey Reply

    Not sure about those pants with that top. I always think, big top/little bottoms, big bottoms/little top! Not sure where I heard that, but it does seem to work for me. I think these jeans would look better with a tshirt or less fussy top. I do love the top on you!

  16. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Love this outfit! I was looking at tops and see where the wrap is looking popular for spring. I love it. I also want to try a pair of the flare jeans. And the sandals from DSW are to die for! I hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy the weekend.

  17. Beth Backstrom Reply

    I am so bummed about the R&F incentive, I would rather have that than what I got. But I know it is the luck of the draw and timing. I love the outfit today except the shoes, but that is only because I don’t like red. I can see why other people like them.

  18. Charlcy Green Reply

    Adorable outfit! Oh, how I wish our weather would get back to the 70’s! It has been really cold here for a few days & I am hating it! COMEON Spring! I love that top! And those links you listed were awesome too! SO SORRY you are under the weather w/a sinus infection! You do know you have to get antibiotics to heal that? Take care!

  19. I WANT those shoes! Love the top. Jeans…not so much. But the look is good. I love red & almost any shade of purple/lavender.

  20. L H Carter Reply

    I like the top and it’s so funny that you do what I do to fix to adjust for skimpiness—wear a camisole underneath. I hope you get back to enjoying good health. The jeans don’t do you justice. You have much better legs than these portray. Can’t wait to see what you wear tomorrow. I love your surprises.

  21. Said a little prayer for you. I can empathize with you regarding the sinus headaches! Still look gorgeous even with the headache. I love the shoes too!!

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