50 IS NOT OLD | PATTERN MIXING FOR BEGINNERS | FASHION OVER 40The other day when I walked in the door from work, Joe announced to me that my father was now on Facebook. “What, are you sure?” was the first words out of my mouth. In the back of my mind, I was wondering how “he” would know before “I” did. After all, I am the first born child so it would just stand to reason that if my father was going to start a Facebook account and send out friend requests then I would be the first person he thought of. I told Joe that it must not be my daddy and that he better be careful who he was being friends with.50 IS NOT OLD | PATTERN MIXING FOR BEGINNERS | FASHION OVER 40“Well” he answered, “he is friends with your mother and your brother.” I quickly ran to the computer and sure enough, my father’s face was staring back at me with his dog Finley sitting in his lap. I did take a little solace in the fact that at least my sister wasn’t already his friend. But, I didn’t have a request waiting for me, nope, my sweet little daddy who is right now reading this did not send me a friend request. I had to send him one. Don’t think that he didn’t know how to send the request either because I found out today that he sent my mom one and she denied it. Haha! She said there was no way that her husband started a Facebook page and sent out the request. In her defense, he hadn’t uploaded a picture yet so it was just of a blank face. Lol! Anyway, I made sure to get the word out and started suggesting friends for him. The last time I looked, he was up to 32 friends. Knowing my daddy, that is probably 25 more than he wants. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | PATTERN MIXING FOR BEGINNERS | FASHION OVER 40I have gotten a lot of wear out of my cute black and white polka dot top from Ann Taylor. I bought this on my trip to Charleston back in October when we stopped to shop a little on the way. My traveling companions learned a little lesson that day about traveling with a fashion blogger. Lol! Let’s just say that they learned to find a comfortable spot and enjoy a nice cold beverage because they were going to be there a while. I have actually worn this top at least twice before (here) and (here) which is something you do not see me do a lot. I really MUST like this top. Black and white is classic, this top is comfortable, the top washes up nicely, and the top looks elegant and cozy all at the same time.

50 IS NOT OLD | PATTERN MIXING FOR BEGINNERS | FASHION OVER 40When I looked back at the previous posts I noticed that I had not worn a necklace yet with this top so today I am breaking that cycle. I added the beautiful Lottie necklace which is multiple strands of pearls. I continued the pearls in my bracelets with the Lucinda and the ladybug bracelet. Ladybug is not its real name but since it is not on the website at this time I don’t figure that it really matters. Things are selling out left and right on the Plunder Design jewelry page at this time. Whew, March Madness hasn’t even started and it has already been crazy. Any time that you go to my website please check out the specials tab because that is where you will see all of the amazing deals that are being offered.50 IS NOT OLD | PATTERN MIXING FOR BEGINNERS | FASHION OVER 40You don’t see me do a lot of pattern mixing, it is just not my thing. I see others style this trend and I think it looks nice on them. Then, I try my hand at it and I feel like I fall short. This is how most of us feel when we step outside of our comfort zone. We are a little self-conscious and a little off balance. We are so afraid that someone is going to say something. Amy, commented the other day that she wore some boots that were not something that she would normally wear. She said no one commented so that must have meant that they didn’t have anything nice to say. However, I don’t think that is correct, Amy, and I am going to tell you why. There are many many times that I notice a change in someone and I don’t say anything but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t like the change. And more than likely they didn’t even notice. People are so wrapped up in what “they” are doing that they don’t take the time to notice what we are doing. Lol! ANYWAY, back to my pants. The tiny geometric print on these pants mimic the polka dots on my top and that made the look work, or I hope it worked.

50 IS NOT OLD | PATTERN MIXING FOR BEGINNERS | FASHION OVER 40I did add a pop of color with my Coach red satchel. It is looking a little flat in these pictures because I hadn’t put in some of my essentials. When I change handbags I will only change what I really need unless I plan on carrying that handbag for a long time. In this case, I was only going to be carrying it for the one day so I only added my wallet, phone, and a few small items. I have had this red purse for at least 5 years or more. It is smaller so I don’t carry it a lot since I am used to carrying the large totes.

50 IS NOT OLD | PATTERN MIXING FOR BEGINNERS | FASHION OVER 40Did you know that I used Rodan + Fields products for months and didn’t tell a soul? I wasn’t trying to sell you anything and I wasn’t trying to get you to join me on my journey. I was just using the products, loving the results, and being SELFISH! I probably would have continued to “hoard” my discovery. I definitely would have continued to use the products. If you GURLS hadn’t started asking what I was doing different you would have never even been told. I was SELFISH! I don’t try to sell you these products. I am telling you about them and I try to offer sales and incentives as a way that everyone can afford to try them. I offer you the opportunity to join me on this journey. It has been amazing and I have surpassed my wildest imaginations with income and with rewards and I want to let you in on the business. If you don’t join me, then that is fine, but if you decide to join with me then I will do everything in my power to help you achieve what it is you are looking for. If you are interested in products then go to tstephens5.myrandf.com (be sure to become a PC at checkout) and if you are interested in the business then you can check out the 4 different ways that you can join by going here. I will be on the road (passenger) so I am available tomorrow to talk. Email me and we will hop on the phone.

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  1. Love, Love, Love everything about this outfit. Perfect pattern planning. : )

  2. I love those pants,and the top works well. gets me thinking,, hmmm could I mix some prints? I might have more outfits in my closet than I realize.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Tracie! I thought it needed a little, POP!

  3. I love the collar on this top and I “know” I have to step out of my comfort zone in mixing patterns AND I have to step out of my comfort zone and get(and wear) ankle length pants…lol I am 61and when I try ankle pants on I always feel like they are way to short and put them back on the rack. I need to work at getting that thought out of my head. I looked back and loved this top with the black pants you paired it with too!

  4. I like it! This looks like an outfit to welcome in Spring! Love, love the red bag.

  5. I think it’s hard to step outside our comfort zone with any style change!! But it’s also good for our brains (that’s my rationale). I’ve been trying to print mix more, and it’s a fun challenge!! I love this combination, Tania!
    It reminds me of my mom (the 80+ model on my blog) because when I first suggested print mixing she gave me the eye roll. And then I pointed out all of the pillows on her bed, and do you know what? She actually mixes prints nowadays. Not every day, but occasionally!!

  6. Teresa Spivey Reply

    This look is a winner! Perfect mix without being too busy!

  7. Works great! I have been pattern mixing, some 😉, and really like it.

  8. Fabulous outfit! I love everything about it. Stylish, yet fun. Congratulations on having your dad on FB! I think it’s great when an older generation wants to learn new things! Have a great day.

  9. Awesome look! I have never tried mixed prints but I sure love how that outfit looks .. esp with the red bag! Will have to try this! Thanks Carla

  10. Melesa Garrison Reply

    I can remember back in the day when mixing patterns was a definite NO NO, but I really like it. You have great taste!

  11. I love this outfit. It looks modern and eye-catching in a good way. You did good!

  12. I love Ms. Ann Taylor! Such a cute top would look great with striped shorts or a floral skirt?!! Go Tania!

  13. Jeanne Epley Reply

    I still can’t get the pattern thing going, LOL. Love the blouse, sorry not a fan of the pants. One day I will change…;)

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