50 IS NOT OLD | MOTO JACKET AND LEATHER BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40Get your motor running…..Head out on the highway. Born to be wild. I apologize for getting that song stuck in your head so early this beautiful Tuesday. I am finally feeling better today, I have a stomach bug Sunday afternoon and Monday. Wouldn’t you know that the first Monday that I took off work that I wouldn’t feel good? I had planned on spending the day on Sunday with Emersyn. I messaged Joseph that I was going to lay down for just about 30 minutes and then I was coming to get her. She loves pink cake with sprinkles that a local restaurant carries so I was going to take her to get dessert. I knew I wasn’t feeling well but I thought I was just tired.50 IS NOT OLD | MOTO JACKET AND LEATHER BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40I didn’t even get to sleep before the stomach started cramping in knots. The rest of the day was spent in misery. I sent Joseph another message and told him that I wasn’t feeling well and I was afraid to come and get little Miss. I didn’t know if it was a virus or what but I didn’t want to get her sick. I asked Joe to go and pick her up some cake and take it to her. Then Joseph sent me this picture that said she didn’t understand as well as he did.Of course, this broke my heart. I hope the cake with sprinkles helped some.
50 IS NOT OLD | MOTO JACKET AND LEATHER BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40I couldn’t remember where I bought this moto jacket from so I decided to look in the search bar on my blog. I knew that I had worn it before and I found it back in November 2015. It is crazy to think that I have been blogging that long!!! In that post, I wore it more open with a shirt showing underneath but today I decided to wear the jacket as a top instead. This has the bad boy feel of a motorcycle jacket but it is a heavy knit instead of leather. It isn’t near as heavy and is a whole lot more comfortable. This was from TJ Maxx, according to the post in 2015, but I have seen them at other stores.

50 IS NOT OLD | MOTO JACKET AND LEATHER BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40I didn’t think that I needed much jewelry with this look so I added my dainty Nick cross earrings. These have iridescent stones and a 1″ drop. The only other jewelry that I added was a large metal basket weave cuff in the dark bronze color. It is called the Barbara and it is adjustable up to 8 inches. It has several links that can easily be removed if not needed. Go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens to place an order and be sure to pick a party with my name on it.
50 IS NOT OLD | MOTO JACKET AND LEATHER BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40I don’t normally wear a HUGE cuff like this on my jeans and instead, I opt for a 2 roll cuff. But, I had the Fonz on my mind and I could just see him having a large cuff on his jeans. I don’t even know if that was the case but that is how I remember it. Lol! These jeans are the Rockstar brand from Old Navy. I own several different pairs of these jeans because they fit nice and are extremely affordable. 50 IS NOT OLD | MOTO JACKET AND LEATHER BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40The ankle boots by Marc Fisher had the edgy vibe that I was looking for. They have a chunky heel and a big silver buckle on the side. I own several pairs of shoes from Marc Fisher including several boots and all of them have been comfortable and well made. I don’t coddle my shoes so if they hold up to me then they will hold up to anyone.

50 IS NOT OLD | MOTO JACKET AND LEATHER BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40I confirmed and started the process of making the arrangements for my Cancun trip in April. I am excited to go and I can’t wait to do anything but relax on the beach. They gave us several excursions to choose from if we wanted like zip lining, ATV riding, speed boat riding, touring a pyramid, and going to some hidden underwater caves. We discussed it an ultimately decided to only go on a Catamaran excursion one day and skip all of the others. We just want to relax and get away, not feel like we have to be somewhere the entire time. This was a perk, a gift, an incentive that was possible because of Rodan + Fields. When I started using the products I would never have imagined that they would be sending me on a trip. Now, I love getting those extra little perks!!! I have my eyes set on an Apple watch and an Apple iPhone X. Will I achieve that goal? I don’t know but I am going to have a blast trying. Saying YES to this opportunity will start you on your way. Email me if you want to learn more and we will hop on a call. fiftyisnotold@gmail.com

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  1. Your make and hair are like the sprinkles on the cake!!!! You look lovely! I really like this outfit -the boots are perfect. Glad you are feeling better! Have a good day. Best…Kathy

    • Tania Reply

      I love sprinkles!!! Thanks so much Kathy for always being a bright spot in my day!

  2. Looks great..brown is nice on you also…hair is on point as always, you look very pretty!!

  3. Cute jacket….can’t believe you haven’t worn it since 2015…LOL. I know I would easily wear it for a layering jacket year round. Glad you are feeling better. I’ve been dealing with a cold for two weeks and finally feeling better yesterday.

    • Tania Reply

      I have pulled it out to wear many times, Sandy, but I end up putting it back on the shelf. I am glad to hear that you are feeling better, this year has been so hard on so many people.

  4. Love love love your outfit!!! And I want your hair! Lol You look adorable!!!

  5. Oh yeah!
    I’ve leather jackets in teal, mushroom, brown & of course black. The black has has a stretch fabric in the front & back (princess seam) sides & the sleeves for a comfortable fit. The jackets are all different styles so don’t look alike & having different colors means I can mix & match to my heart’s content. 😉
    I’m still searching for a jacket in RED & may have to make it myself as I know the style I want. I thank God that HE has given me the talent to draft my own patterns so creating is doable for me.

    • Tania Reply

      Becca, I just sent a mushroom/taupe leather jacket back and I am already regretting it. 😒

  6. Melesa Garrison Reply

    Sorry that you weren’t feeling well and the worst part is your Sweet Emersyn’s face when she found out that Grandma wasn’t going to take her on a fun date. We think alike bc I would’ve done the same thing. I would have asked John to go get the cake and take it to her. I love the look today. I love Old Navy jeans! They fit great and like you said, the price is great! Glad you are feeling better!

    • Tania Reply

      Melessa, it broke my heart. I just look at that picture and tears spring to my eyes because I know there will come a day when she will not want to come and visit. I will be “old” to her.

  7. Debra W Shepherd Reply

    I couldn’t help but say aww at the pic of your grandaughter, I know how I am about mine…I like the fact that you wear the red lipstick even though most say it’s not for women over 50…looks good on you so I’ll wear it too..Have a blessed Tuesday!

    • Tania Reply

      I love lipstick and I wish whoever “they” are would just keep their opinions to themselves. Lol!

  8. Great look! I think a stomach flu/bug is the absolute worst. So happy you’re feeling better.

  9. I love your blog & am so glad that I found it ! I am so glad to see another Lady that still has some style & not ashamed to put effort in getting dressed !! Keep up the great blog .

  10. Charlcy Green Reply

    Well you know I’m a motorcycle chic too so I love the outfit! Im going to ask you to rethink Cancun because I’ve been there and done all of those things and it was not exhausting, but exhilarating! Either way it will be a blast!

  11. I love this look. I think your knit moto was an excellent purchase since you get the tough biker chic look with the comfortableness of a knit.

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