50 IS NOT OLD | MONOCHROMATIC IN SHADES OF PINK | FASHION OVER 40How many of you can relate to sending your husband to the store and then thinking, “what was I thinking?” when he comes back home with his haul? If I wasn’t so darn lazy then I would go to the store myself and my life would be much easier. I realize that if I send Joe to the store with a vague list then I can’t complain when he buys a different brand than what I normally use. However, when you say but the Charmin toilet paper in the Ultra Sensitive with Aloe and buy the mega roll type that is what you should expect to get. Notice that I said “should” not “would.” The MAN brain takes over when they go to the store.50 IS NOT OLD | MONOCHROMATIC IN SHADES OF PINK | FASHION OVER 40Joe wanted to try a vinegar based slaw recipe that he saw on the internet. He was already going to the store for some drinks so he asked me if I had all of the ingredients that I would need to make this slaw. I looked over the list and told him that I need mustard powder and white vinegar. I told him that I already had a small amount of vinegar but since he was going he could just pick me up a new bottle. He comes back in a little bit with the store/knock-off brand vinegar in a GALLON size. I just looked up at him like, “You have GOT to be kidding me!” He said that by buying this size that he was going to be saving —— money. I kind of zoned out when he was talking. I just started laughing at this point. I can use the vinegar eventually on my hardwood floors and for cleaning mirrors, etc. but this is sooooo typical. Remember that Charmin toilet paper. He comes back with the bark off of a tree (no kidding this stuff was about as soft) and it was in the industrial 85 rolls size. There is softer toilet paper at any gas station bathroom than there is at my house. I am counting the stupid little squares until this stuff is GONE and daring him to ever bring home another roll of this stuff. He just laughed at me and told me that my “princess hiney” needed a little pampering. I told him that if I scooted across the floor like a dog would that it would be as soft as the stuff he bought. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | MONOCHROMATIC IN SHADES OF PINK | FASHION OVER 40Nothing in this outfit is new. This is an example of taking items that you have previously purchased, previously worn, and now making them look completely different. I LOVE buying new clothing but I hardly ever buy an entire outfit at one time. Instead, I buy a piece here and a piece there just depending on what catches my eye. The problem is that by doing it that way you never know if what you are buying is going to match what you have in mind to wear it with. However, once you start buying things you like you will notice that you tend to pick the same color palette and you will find that there is something that will match the new item. If you are lucky then you will find lots of things to match. The sweater vest I have on today is from Cato Fashions and it was a purchase back in the fall. I wore it when I visited family in Tennessee (here) but it looks completely different in this look. You can see in the fringe that the vest has gray woven into the pattern and the last look was styled with that color. Today, I opted to bring out the gray with my boots and instead went with the wine color of the vest. I like the length of the vest, I like the texture of the diamond shape weave, I like the open front design, and I like the fringe. Those are a lot of details that make this vest cute and help it to stand out. I think the next time I wear this that I will wear it with blue jeans.

50 IS NOT OLD | MONOCHROMATIC IN SHADES OF PINK | FASHION OVER 40I was trying to show you the little blue detail on these earrings that were part of the Plunder Posse set from January. I incorporated them into my look so that it would pick up the tiny blue tassel on my Adelaide bead bracelet. The Broedrick bracelet is the opaque pink magnetic bracelet that I have had for a long time. Each of these items has shades of pink in them and they can all mix and match. The long tassel necklace was one that I picked up last year at a local boutique in town. I thought the long pink tassel worked perfec tfor the sweatshirt.  50 IS NOT OLD | MONOCHROMATIC IN SHADES OF PINK | FASHION OVER 40This pair of cranberry/wine/claret colored corduroy pants are by Maurice. I bought them a couple years ago but these are still very much in style now. I remember wearing corduroy all of my life, even when I was a child. There is the wide wale or the thinner wale like this pair. I remember when Joe and I first met that he wore Op corduroy shorts that were way too short. Lol! I normally wear a size 10 or a large but I think these were an XL. I don’t know if that is normal for jeans from Maurice’s but just take it into consideration if you place an order.

50 IS NOT OLD | MONOCHROMATIC IN SHADES OF PINK | FASHION OVER 40I need to start looking in the mirror at the back of my hair, it is terrible how bad it looks. Anyway, I wanted to show you this view so that you could see the pattern in the vest. The sweatshirt is one that I got from a Trunk Club shipment and I loved it. I wore it with these same pants a while back but because I changed the boots (you gurls hated the other one) and added the vest and different jewelry. Even though it looks the same it still looks different. Check it out here and see if you agree.

50 IS NOT OLD | MONOCHROMATIC IN SHADES OF PINK | FASHION OVER 40 So, you now know that I am picky about my toilet paper. I am that way also about a few products and one of them is the dishwasher tablets. Joe bought me in an off-brand huge pack (it is a pattern with him) and they are horrible. I have to use more than one or re-wash the dishes because they don’t get clean. In the long run, his trying to save a few cents is ending up costing more and not giving me the results that I was wanting. The same is true for my skincare. Yes, I have used products that are much less expensive but they didn’t produce the results I wanted AND I had to use a lot more of the product just trying to get those sub-par results. When you use Rodan + Fields I will encourage you to use very little product, it does not take much. We are all guilty of wanting to see the fastest results possible and we start lathering on the products but honestly when you are using clinically grade products you do not need to use much at all. What I am trying to say is that you end up saving money AND you get results. There are times when it is smarter to pay a little more. tstephens5.myrandf.com

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  1. I had a visual of your comment scooting across the floor like a dog. I’m still chuckling. Have a great week. Maybe you can steal some TP from the shop.

  2. All men must be alike. I laughed at the toilet paper comment. But it really isn’t funny, because it sounds like something my husband would do. He also goes to the store and brings me home something he “thought” I would like. He has no idea of what I like. And we’ve been married almost 40 years. So don’t feel alone. But I did get a great laugh about it. Especially the part about doing what the dog does. You crack me up. But I can relate.

  3. Tania – you had me laughing out loud with the toilet paper story and the comments between you and Joe! We can all relate, I’m sure. Thanks for the chuckle.

  4. Yep, I know unless I give Exact details on the shopping list to my husband when he visits the supermarket then he will come back with heavens knows what and he will say it is My fault! He does at least buy decent toilet paper! Such a laugh to read your post today 🙂

  5. Cathy Hawryluk Reply

    You crack me up! Enjoy your humour with your husband and his with you ❤️

  6. Tania, you can use the white vinegar when you wash towels. It helps remove any weird smell, especially on old towels, and leaves no vinegar smell. I use it all the time. Good luck with Joe…… I think men all think the same. Lol.

  7. I sent my husband at the start of our marriage with my list. He bought generic everything! He only bought the items on the list….the word “meat” wasn’t specific enough for him so he didn’t get any! With the money he “saved” us, he went to play poker with his buddies. He lost. It was a tough week. They must all be genetically preprogrammed to do the same thing. I rarely send him 35 years later without the brand listed. Thank you for my morning fashion tip and giggle! I look forward to it everyday! Best…Kathy

  8. My hubby isn’t allowed at the grocery OR to do laundry alone!! I’ve figured out it saves me time in the long run!

  9. I think most of us have had similar husband store experiences! Your story made me laugh and cringe at the same time. I think I started following you when I began looking up office outfits on Pinterest. Every week I look up styles and then I go to my closet and see if I can come up with something similar from items I already own. (I pinned a lot of your stuff and finally just started reading your blog everyday) I do this every Sunday and pick my clothes for the week so I never stand around in the morning saying “I don’t know what to wear” I love that you chose items to wear in a new way and have taught me to do the same.

  10. My husband went to the store for me yesterday as we were expecting company for lunch. He got everything on my list and then some ! My fridge is full to overflowing…I hope we can eat it all before it goes bad. He can’t resist sale items !

  11. My dad is bad about buying cheap generic items too. He throws away a lot of food because it doesn’t taste good. I brought him some Kraft mac and cheese one day and he couldn’t believe how good it tasted! He is beginning to understand some things are worth paying more for. As for the vinegar, I use it to clean practically everything! 8 years ago my parents house partially burned. I salvaged most of their clothing by washing with laundry soap and white vinegar and rinsing them with white vinegar (multiple times). To this day I still use white vinegar in my rinse cycle for all my clothing instead of fabric softener or dryer sheets. It does NOT smell and clothes feel very soft. I use it for clothing I dry in the dryer and well as clothes I hang up to dry. I mix white vinegar with Dawn soap to clean my bathrooms and kitchen and my ceramic tile and windows. I rinse everything with plain white vinegar. And yes, I buy it by the gallon and pour it into my various spray bottles and smaller containers.

  12. Tania..thanks for my morning giggle! “Man brain”…yep, definitely a different way of viewing the world. You just have to shake your head sometimes! Lol

  13. It must be in the male genetic code, my hubby does the same at the store. I had a cold all week and we ran out of tissue. I asked him to stop and buy some on the way home. I always manage to find our regular brand on sale for .99 but nooo he buys multiples of a thin, off brand. And that is what gets me; we have never tried this brand before so let’s buy it in multiple/ jumbo size cuz it isn’t sure to be great-ha!

    But these are the trivial problems in life!

  14. Caroline Spoth Reply

    Men have no clue that cheap toilet paper can be a PIA and elsewhere for women…..yikes!

  15. Funny stories! Love them…my husband likes to buy things on sale, he does believe in better brands but the thing is he will tend to get a lot of said item! We have about 20 cans of crushed pineapple in the cupboard. I got a floor fan from Costco which was a hit so now we have 3 of those..I tell him there is a reason they call those places a “store” as they are the ones who are supposed to be storing all these things! Good problems to have I suppose but sometimes…lol!

  16. You make my day Tania! My hubby is not allowed to do laundry at all. As for grocery shopping, I have to specify brand or else I too end up with generic brands of everything.
    I love that you took items from your closet for this cute outfit. I seem to buy a lot of clothes based solely on taste, but then have nothing that goes with them. Thanks for the Monday morning boost.

  17. Charlcy Green Reply

    Thanks for always making us laugh w your funny Joe storues! What would we do for comic relief in our lives w/o men! We’ve all been there! Love the outfit and since I have that vest too I will try to style it this way this week! And so true about R& F priducts! I used my first Lash Boost foe 6 mo. before it ran out! And same w my Redefine Triple Defense cream!

  18. If I send my husband out on errands I make him line up the items I’m particular about and take a pic so when he is staring at all the buying options be has a visual on his phone to remind him what he better come home with😉 I’m always grateful when he runs errands, but am thankful when the preferred brands come home!

  19. Cristina Downey Reply

    Men….😂😂😂 the concept of you “get what you pay for” does not register with them unless of course is a tool or a piece of equipment they use and then you get the lecture as to how that hammer is a piece of junk compared to xyz brand…gotta love them! Nice outfit and you are so right, I shop the same way and find that all my colors mix and match perfectly! Donate the toilet paper to your local gas station and buy the Charmin!

  20. OMG! Tom does the same thing as Joe!! I can write a whole description on the grocery list of what to get, down to the package color, and he will come home with the wrong thing!!!! and then say….I looked all over and they didn’t have the kind you wanted! now come on! yes they did!! he just couldn’t see it because it wasn’t a snake biting him on the nose, saying ” here I am” !!
    Men must just have that gene in them! But at least he will go, I detest grocery shopping!!! almost as much as putting laundry away! I love your outfit Tania!!! I haven’t had corduroy pants in years and I’ve always loved them!! PS. I wore ankle booties to work the other day & don’t know if I rocked them as you said I would because not even one person commented that they liked them, and you know what our moms told us to do if we had nothing nice to say… keep your mouth shut, so who knows? But I went outside my comfort zone and wore them!! I don’t always comment on your posts anymore, because I find myself always short on time (my own fault) but I try to always read your posts!! I love them!!

  21. I laughed out loud about Joe’s shopping adventures. He could be related to my husband… long lost brothers? I mentioned an extra-large, off-brand dishwashing liquid purchase to a girlfriend who suggested giving such items to the food shelf rather than using them “forever”. Why didn’t I think of that?? A win-win solution and now I just replace such items with my favorite brands. Less frustration for me and something useful for someone else.

    • (Maybe not the TP, though… they might rather scoot across their own floor…)

  22. Too funny! I believe it is normal. Your story reminds me of one by Jeanne Robertson, a “humorist” from NC. So funny! It is found on you tube and called ‘Don’t Send a Man to the Store’.
    Love your outfit! I so appreciate your posts.🤗
    Have a blessed day!

  23. Good morning Tania. Thank you for the laughs! So very true… don’t ask hubby to go grocery shopping because it never works out for the best for us. They can only handle the hardware store! Love your style and your new hairstyle. I love the Joe stories as I can totally relate!! Y’all are a hoot!! Have a great week. Carla

  24. OP shorts! I’m laughing so hard! My husband has been there and done that! He’s been the love of my life for over forty years, and now he’s the grocery shopper in the household because I work long hours. He does a wonderful job, but hates going just like I used to. Lol. I love that groovy vest, and the whole outfit too.

  25. Tania you are so funny you make me laugh every morning. That’s why I read your blog post first! Why don’t you take the bark toilet paper to work and put it in Joe’s bathroom. Just a thought…..

  26. You’re hysterical. By the way, I text my husband a photo of each of the items I specifically need and if he comes home with something different, back to the store they go for a refund. And I’m with Cindy above about using vinegar for just about everything, especially as a fabric softener, along with a few drops of lavender essential oil.

  27. This post made me laugh – because my husband always buys the economy size to save money, too. Ha ha We downsized into smaller home recently but he still buys those Costco quantities thinking storage space is the same. Gotta love our men.

  28. I love all the shades of pink today! I have a similar shirt and velvet jeans but will have to change up the vest as I have nothing like that darling, long vest in my wardrobe. By the way, when I had my washer repaired a few months ago, the repairman said adding 1/2 cup of vinegar in your washer every time you run a cycle (yes – WITH your clothes and detergent, and no, they won’t end up smelling like vinegar!) will help keep your washer free of build-up and keep it smelling nice too. So there’s another use for that gallon jug of vinegar. My husband would do the very same thing….I swear they all think alike!

  29. Melesa Garrison Reply

    I’m glad I didn’t have anything in my mouth when I read about the toilet paper. John bought the toilet paper last time and he bought Charmin, but not the Charmin that I buy. He bought it bc the rolls were big enough to put on a car and roll down the road. I couldn’t believe that Charmin put this particular paper out bc it was SAND PAPER! Every time I went to the bathroom, I would say “Have I told you how much I HATE the toilet paper?” and he would say “YES” So, long story short, he bought new toilet paper yesterday and the sand paper went to his office. Lol

  30. I laughed out loud when I read your post. Then I read it to my husband. He knows better on the tp but I can totally see the gallon of vinegar. Thanks so much for the laugh. Cute outfit😊

  31. I just laughed my hiney off so it would not matter what toilet paper I use! Thanks to you and Joe, I had a great laugh! THANK YOU!

  32. My husband worked in a grocery store as a teenager and then in the early years of our marriage so he is a great shopper! Actually as good or better than I am. Guess I am one of the lucky ones.

  33. If my husband wants to cook he brings home all sorts of obscure ingredients and always in largest package they come in. Substitute or look in your the pantry first is not an option for him.

  34. Teresa Spivey Reply

    Funny Joe story! I read all the other comments and stories…they are hilarious! Wish I could blame the bad choices at my house on someone else, but it’s on me. I try to save a few pennies and end up regretting it, so I have 3 different soaps, 5-6 lotions, 15 hair products, etc. I need to just donate what I don’t like, but feel cheap donating partially used items. Thanks for the smile!

  35. I know this post is from a month ago, but I just got around o reading it. I feel your pain… My partner purchased perfume for me for my birthday and Ulta was giving a tote bag with purchase. He asked me what color I would like, I said ANYTHING but black. Guess what color I got?

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