There are some things that as parents we should never have to experience. The list starts out small just like your children. No parent wants to have a child get sick. I am talking about everything here, like running a fever because they are cutting teeth to having a belly ache because they ate the ENTIRE bag of Halloween candy. It is miserable watching your child in pain and we try to correct the situation as soon as possible.

We hate seeing our children be selfish or being ungrateful. Some of the first things that we do as parents are to teach our children to share their toys and to say thank you after they have been given something. These are minor things but they shape the character of the child and that is extremely important later in life.

We hate seeing our children not apply their talents and resources. Have you ever had a musically talented child who refused to practice? How about a child who was artistic but refused to develop those talents because they weren’t considered cool? What about the one who would not do their homework or study for a test and then brings home bad grades? This is just the normal life of a parent.

Then the years of pure torture for a parent starts. The Learner’s Permit and Drivers License are issued and with that comes dating. While it is fun to be able to send your child to the grocery store for you on occasion it is not worth the worry of having a teenager on the road. Speeding tickets are not something to look forward to. Fender benders are almost a given but hopefully, they are minor. And watching your child date someone that you can’t stand is like having your insides twisted into knots on a daily basis.

But none of that compares to the parent that has to bury their child. I watched in horror last night a slideshow of the pictures of the victims of the school shooting in Flordia. The slideshow moved from victim to victim at a very slow rate. It gave me time to really look at each person and to wonder about them. I looked in their eyes and thought about the hopes they had, the plans that had been made. I saw that some of them had scholarships and plans to go to college. Some were Freshmen and some were Seniors but all of them were someone’s child.

I have been using a journal that my friend and blog reader, Brandye, sent to me. Yesterday’s passage for me to read was Genesis 2:7,

Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

The Lord created every child, He created the teachers, and He created the shooter also. Every one of the people involved including the rescue personnel, the surviving students, the doctors and nurses, the community of family and friends, and all of us watching in horror were created by the Lord. And, every one of us could use prayers. Prayers for healing, prayers for comfort, prayers for forgiveness, and prayers for our nation.

No parent should ever have to bury their child and no nation should have to ever experience this type tragedy.

Please remember to pray for those involved. And don’t forget to hug your children a little tighter today.

Psalms 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. Cornelia Walker Reply

    We had a school shooting in our community st marshall co high school on Jan. 23. I did not have any children there but did have youth from our church. It was hard just waiting to see if they were all ok. Some saw the ones who did die that day. Two from our church were saved the next Sunday! This community has come together to support all! #marshallcountystrong

    • Oh my. We have not had any shootings. I cannot imagine what you are going through. Hugs and prayers.

    • Tania Reply

      I am so sorry, Cornelia. We had a school shooting in our community also and I know some of what you are talking about. It is devastating and even more so that our shooting was in 2002 and nothing has changed to keep these kinds of tragedies from happening.

  2. Thou shalt not kill. Why aren’t children being taught the commandments in school? Yes…. I just said IN SCHOOL, that we, the people, pay for! If everyone learned throughout their lives that punishment fit for the crime went far beyond punishments doled out in a courtroom, perhaps a few of these shooters would have stopped to pray and asked God to help them deal with their strife. Non-believers are the biggest risk to mankind!

    • Tania Reply

      I am afraid that the movies, television shows, and video games have made death and killing something that is not real to our youth. They see someone die on the movie screen or on television and then in two weeks, they see them again on a different show. They didn’t really die. On a video game if you get “killed” the game just resets and you are once again alive. I don’t think that death has registered as permanent with some of them.

  3. Beautifully written. We have such a sad nation right now. Just hugging my children tighter.

  4. Sharon Ferguson Reply

    We live in Florida and have for 50 years. Our children and grandchildren have grown up here and the school shooting in Parkland has impacted us deeply. We lost our youngest daughter and a grandson 3 years ago in car accident. There is no goodbye, life changes forever in an instant. My husband and I know first hand want those families are feeling and a type of hell they never knew existed. Burying your child and grandchild is an unimaginable situation.

    • We lost our oldest son 5 years ago, not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could hug him and tell him I love him. We just feel terrible for all parents that have to say good bye to their child. Couldn’t imagine loosing both a child and grandchild. Yes life changes forever in an instant.

    • Tania Reply

      Sharon, the pain of losing a child and a grandchild has to be crippling. I know that your life will never be the same and sharing with others as you are is a blessing.

  5. Tania, thank you for thinking of those involved in that horrific incident and lifting them up in prayer. My heart goes out to all involved. It is life altering when a child dies. Our family has dealt with that pain after a car accident. May God bless that community and each of the families.
    Blessings. Carla

    • Tania Reply

      I am so sorry, Carla. I can’t imagine the heartache that goes with losing a child.

  6. Debbie Savage Reply

    Tania thank you for this very heartfelt post today. I am a new follower and I don’t follow very many blogs but when I saw your style on Pinterest, I really liked your taste. Now I love your heart❤️. Thank you for sharing your thoughts today instead of promoting a clothing or jewelry line and encouraging your followers to pray for our nation. I feel a real connection to you now and will be a long time follower. ( I am 64 and love your style). Debbie

  7. My heart has been heavy since this terrible event in Florida. I ask God everyday to help me make this a better world for my grandchildren. I would hope others are also doing the best they can to make this country, this world, a safe and better place for all.

  8. This latest violence has affected me more than ever, too. I have been reading the twitter feeds of some of the kids who were in the school last Wednesday. One posted a video showing what was going on inside and 3 classmates nearby who were gone, so horrible. I am praying for the kids, parents, siblings and friends who were directly affected, I am afraid for our country. What is happening? I see these kids are speaking out, determined and demanding to be heard.

  9. Very timely. And well said. I’d love to hug my children a little tighter today but they are miles away….

  10. Cristina Downey Reply

    I had to think hard before replying. I live in the next town from Newtown, CT. Remember Sandy Hook? There isn’t a day I don’t drive by that I don’t acknowledge that carnage. If there are snakes in your yard do you try to get rid of them before they bite or do you defend the “right” of snakes to be there? What would Jesus do? Peace

    • Lee A mm Warriner Reply

      Every time I think of what happened I feel sick. I teach high school and the day after the shooting a fire alarm went off in my school. The kids were scared and I have to admit I was too. Nobody should feel terror when he/she is at school. Fortunately we were fine. The look on their faces keeps me up at night.

  11. Charlcy Green Reply

    Thank you, Tania, for always using your voice for the Lord and for the good of our country. I cant believe how many of your followers have had to lose children and grandchildren and that thought makes me shudder! I know that there is no way to ever get over that loss and my heart has been breaking all week for those parents, wives, husbands, siblings and friends directly affected by that horrid event. Praying for all involved, for those of the other school up North that also had a shooting this week. Only if all of us believers band together in prayer is this going to stop! Roswell has already had a shooting at a middle school several years ago so I know how those towns reel from this. Bless you for your kind heart, Tania. 💓

  12. I cannot fathom the pain of losing a child. I have two loved ones who attend that school in Parkland, FL. It was a tense situation until we knew for sure that Patrick and Christopher were alright, but I really couldn’t relax until they were home safe that night, which took several hours longer for them to be reunited with their parents because it was so chaotic there. I can’t imagine the terror everyone at the school felt and also the uncertainty and stress that the parents and families of students and teachers/administrators felt until they found out how their loved ones were. I, too, pray for the families in Parkland and other towns who have experienced this horror and heartbreak. Tania, thank you for your inspirational posts on Sunday, even when it sometimes deals with difficult topics.

  13. Right on! I work in a district that had a shooting. I feel so bad for the parents. As a nation we MUST do something!

  14. It’s ok to pray, but it’s even better to take action. VOTE in November!

    • Exactly. We need a Congress who represents and protects The People–most especially the children.

  15. Janice Chamberlain Reply

    Unbelievable that these tragedies keep occurring .Gun laws need to be tightened up to stop weapons being easily available to troubled people and to protect the innocent. The tragedy in Dunblane in the UK led to more restrictions on gun ownership to minimise the chance of this ever happening again in one of our schools or public places.

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