50 IS NOT OLD | AUDREY HEPBURN STYLE - FASHION OVER 50If nothing changes, then nothing changes. I am all the time saying that when it comes to working on the blog or at work at the lumber company. However, this time I am going to apply it to my life and more specifically, my diet. I can see the eye roll that you are giving me because I have said this since the first post. I am sure a lot of you can sympathize with me and understand my constant struggle. Every week I seem to pick a new day to get started on a healthier eating plan but for some reason, that day always seems to be, “tomorrow.”50 IS NOT OLD | AUDREY HEPBURN STYLE - FASHION OVER 50I was looking back at (this post) last Friday and that was the last straw. How in the world did I let the pounds creep back on, this is ridiculous. I am not asking for recipes because I won’t use them. I am just having to cut back my portion size and eat more things that are good for you but taste like crap. If I am eating something that is good then I will overeat. Lol! My new diet is called, “eat everything you want as long as it tastes like cardboard.”  I did look into the Air Fryers but then decided not to buy one. I don’t think I need another gadget on my counter that I won’t use in 3 months. I am trying to go back to the basics and just cut back. I also need to start eating more often because my metabolism is crazy slow. They say that you need to eat something small every 3 to 4 hours so I have some measured portions to take to work with me daily. I NEED these pounds to melt away, remember, I have a Cancun trip in April!!! 50 IS NOT OLD | AUDREY HEPBURN STYLE - FASHION OVER 50Since Valentine’s Day is this week I have decided to wear red somewhere in each outfit. Red has so many different shades from the orange/red like this sweater to the blue/reds that I will have on later in the week. Each shade looks different against my skin so keep searching and trying on different shade until you find the color that works for you. My sweater is older and I have owned it for at least 2 or 3 years if not longer. It is a classic crewneck design but the different textured material on the sleeves gives it some uniqueness. This is from Old Navy a store that I can find lots of sweaters from. Whenever I wear a sweater like this I think of Audrey Hepburn when she was young. I have linked to sweaters from Talbots since they are having such a great sale, no reason to pay more than you have to.

50 IS NOT OLD | AUDREY HEPBURN STYLE - FASHION OVER 50I bought this necklace ages ago but I have never worn it. It is strung on leather and there is a knot between each pearl. The Claire necklace is 62″ long and it can be doubled or even tripled. I chose the Shaila pearl studs earrings to wear with the necklace. These studs are a nice large pearl and they are only 8.00. My two gold bracelets are the Dixie and the Celine. The Dixie is the arrow bracelet that is on an elastic cord and the Celine is the link bracelet with a monogram charm that dangles. Go to www.plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and pick a party with my name in it to place an order. From now until Valentine’s Day you will receive a free gift with every order.50 IS NOT OLD | AUDREY HEPBURN STYLE - FASHION OVER 50Yes, I am still wearing my flats because my hip has been bothering me. It has quit hurting but I am just being cautious. It is a touch of bursitis that fares up when I wear high heels for too long so I take a break every now and again. I might have still been thinking about Audrey Hepburn when I put on these ballet slippers. I think it is a mindset that I was in. These navy suede slippers are by Isaac Mizrahi and I love how comfortable they are. However, when I first bought them they bothered me where the elastic is around your foot. After I had worn them once or twice they never bothered me again so sometimes you have to try things more than once.

50 IS NOT OLD | AUDREY HEPBURN STYLE - FASHION OVER 50I wanted to wear a shirt under my sweater because it is still cold but also because it looks more “preppy.” I don’t own a ton of button-up shirts so I had to really search my closet for one that I wanted to wear. I didn’t want to wear a plain white one and I was trying to steer away from a denim one. I have a couple stripped ones so I picked the one with the smallest stripes. There was no particular reason that I wanted the one with the smallest stripes, it was the material that ended up being the deciding reason. This shirt is softer then the others I had so it won out. Most of the button-up shirts I own are from Van Heusen and they hold up really nicely to laundering.

50 IS NOT OLD | AUDREY HEPBURN STYLE - FASHION OVER 50I am interested in hearing if you have an air fryer what you think. Will it be another gadget that collects dust on my counter or is this something worth looking into?

The reason I decided to become a Rodan + Fields consultant is because of the Reverse regimen. I had tried many other products, some that were cheaper and some that were pretty expensive. I hated having “age” spots on my face. In my mind, nothing said that I was getting older than those stupid spots. I saw the spots starting to fade in about 2 weeks and by the 3rd month, I was ready to sign up. Everyone’s results will vary, but if you are consistent and give them a chance then I believe that these products will work for you too. I am going to be gifting a free Essentials product to everyone who places an order as a Preferred Customer. Go to www.tstephens5.myrandf.com to look at the products.

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  1. Susan rowlands Reply

    Hi Tania , love the outfit as always and you look great . I have an air fryer and we love it as well as cooking heathlier it is quicker ,I proberly don’t use it to its full potential though ,and I know what you mean about kitchen gadgets my cupboards are full of them lol xx sue

  2. I dont see the extra lbs., but understand how you feel. I have the same hip problem. Try fitflops….they worked wonders for me.

  3. I definitely understand how the pounds can creep back on. When you are short and gain only 5 pounds, it can look like 10 pounds. When you are taller the 5 pounds is not as noticeable. I lost 15-20 pounds about five years ago. I go up and down five pounds. I absolutely love sweets and food in general. I have gotten slack with my eating so you are motivating me to do better. I do HAVE to exercise though…no excuses or I would be 20 pounds heavier. I exercise in the morning because if not, I usually will not do it. Not only do I have to make healthier food choices, I have to keep moving. I sit at a desk all day so that doesn’t help. I try to keep active after work even if it is doing housework. My husband is in good shape and he says “you can’t hit a moving target”. I also have to incorporate light weights into my exercise to help tone. Email me if you want too. ~Lisa~

    • Susan Stancliff Reply

      Lisa we sound exactly alike. I am 5’0 and 5 pounds looks terrible. Unfortunately I have gained 10 pounds over the winter. I need to keep motivated. I sit all day and don’t feel like exercise at night. I have to make myself get up at 5am to do it. I also love sweets. I need your motivation!

  4. Heather Ireland Reply

    I don’t see the lbs, either, but I feel your pain! I’m up 10 lbs since October — after losing 70 — and I’m totally freaked out and feel stuffed in all my clothes. I have one size smaller in my closet taunting me. I *thought* I was being really good last week — and gained 1 lb.

    This week I finally started walking again (live in New England, been crazy cold and messy,) and got 10,000 steps in, ate carefully — no change. BUT, I am not giving up, walking all this week (supposed to be mild,) and redoubling my efforts to eat cleaner/smaller.

    It really is all about the calories. I was kind of shocked/horrified to discover I DO NOT LOSE unless I’m around 1000 calories a day. Exercise is for my peace of mind and toning, but the calories in and out is the key for me. It does stink.

    On a brighter note, you look adorable, as always, and I am amazed at the range of colors in clothing you find that make your eyes sparkle so nicely. It must be my bias toward neutrals — I think I’m color blind when I shop for myself, but I love the bright colors you choose.

    I started taking pictures of my daily outfits for myself, just to see a different perspective, and it is enlightening! Not just the fit, but my drab neutrals are doing me no favors. You’ve inspired me to wear TONS more jewelry, scarves, and color! Keep up the good work, and spring is coming soon. Fresh produce will be fabulous and plentiful before you know it.

  5. I am a new subscriber to you blog and love it. Thanks for sharing your fashion tips each day and where to purchase similar items. Could you please include your nail polish brand and color. Your nails look great!

  6. The air fryer is great. I mean, who doesn’t like something fried? I don’t even notice it sitting on the counter. The problem is, fried air just begs to be accompanied with a big slab of bread dripping with butter or a triple-layer chocolate cake…..

  7. We tried a new cookbook by Cooking light, it’s called Calories Count….its excellent breakfasts under 300 calories, lunches under 300 calories and dinners 400 calories. Very very tasty 😋

  8. I do have an air fryer that was a gift, it does a good job crisping things, but if you have a convection oven it will do the same thing. i don’t know that it is so much better than just baking stuff in the oven and it is bigger than a bread machine, so you better be willing to give up the counter space. I love sweet potato fries and I don’t know that it is worth the 10 fries to have it sit on my counter. I loved them from the oven too. (mine is just a regular oven and it was fine) Portion control will help you and please eat plenty of protein to help you stay full. that is the only thing that has kept me on track with my lifestyle this year. 47 pounds so far and I “tried” to lose weight for 30 years. I started 1 week with just giving up sweets. no more goodies. and then the next week started tracking calories on fitness pal, shortly after that started using an elliptical machine (5 mins a day to start and now i own my own and use it 40 mins a day) You can do it Tania! I know it doesn’t sound like fun, but you don’t have anywhere near as much as I did to lose and with your active lifestyle just knowing what to eat when you are on the go will be your biggest challenge. Good luck to you! We want a healthy Tania to stay with us.

    • Debbie Nygard Reply

      Mary, I just started MyFitnessPal:) You are an inspiration!

  9. Love the air fryer for wings. No more frying and the come out better than any restaurant. We do frozen fries which are also great. I see all kinds of creative recipes on Pinterest but haven’t tried them. The most interesting thing I cooked in mine was crab cakes. The wings alone were worth it for my husband. I could live without it quite frankly.

  10. Bev Dicles Reply

    I just finished the reset portion ow Whole 30 and I want to tell you that I feel amazing! It does so much more than a diet can do for you. It resets your mind, health and food habits. I am starting the reintroduction ohase now and I will see how these foods that I eliminated for a month effect my body. I have learned that I am in control of what I eat and how some foods effect my body. Examples, joint inflammation, constipation, energy, focus, cravings and so much more. AND I am a Hugh believer that motion is lotion. Exercise is so important for our bodies. I practice yoga burn and I lift weights. I just turned 60 in November, and I have 8 grandchildren that I want to play and keep,up with. I highly recommend Whole 30, it can change your life.

    • Tania Reply

      Bev, I have done some Whole 30 meals but I need to look into it more because this is more the avenue that I am wanting to go toward. Thanks for the encouragement.

  11. Good luck sticking with the diet this time! I’m in a similar boat. I lost 60 pounds last year and still need to lose 20 to be at my goal. I’ve struggled since the holidays but I have a trip to Hawaii in April as my carrot. Please post your diet successes every few days to help keep me on track? It’s always much easier to stay motivated when you know you have someone who is struggling like you.

    • Tania Reply

      Maureen, that is a nice carrot!!! If I find any success you know that I’ll be telling everyone.

  12. Candace McElroy Reply

    You look great. If YOU want to shed some pounds and keep them off, take a look at The Appetite Solution. Life plan, life change. 😄

  13. Tania I think your too hard on yourself, I hardly noticed , your face seems a bit chubbier, but I don’t see that much of a weight gain. It is a struggle though, seems like once a person hits 50, trying to lose even 5 lbs is a chore now. With me, its trying to stay away from salty foods, junk food. Drink lots of water….also everyone I know is raving about the Insta Pot….. ???? Good luck! 💃🏼

    • Tania Reply

      Kathy, I agree that the older you get the harder it is to stay trim. I am trying to add more water to my diet, that is a real struggle.

  14. I tryed an air fryer and the food was not good. We put okra, fryes ect. in the oven and drizzle olive oil over it. This makes it a little crisp and taste great.

  15. Quit beating yourself up over weight. You look good and God gave us this body we have. We need to take care of but also accept it. I lost 10lbs last year and the scales are creeping up on me too. Wish I could find a way to grow taller😂

  16. I think if you are in doubt about the air fryer, then you probably won’t use it. I also thought about getting one but I’m a firm believer that you need to eat the things you are going to eat for the rest of your life. I’m probably not going to air fry my food for the rest of my life. Of all the “diets” I’ve tried, Weight Watchers is by far the most natural lifestyle I’ve found. I have never gone to meetings. I do it online only. If you haven’t checked the program out in awhile, you might want to. Yes, it will probably always be a struggle but we serve a mighty God that has mighty strength to help us when we aren’t strong.

  17. Check out FASTerwaytofatloss by Amanda Tress I found out about it by reading Cindi Spivey’s blog
    It a combo a exercise and watching all your nutrients, it’s been working for me.

  18. I was just having the a conversation with my aunt about the air fryer – and concluded i don’t need another gadget either!
    I took off about 50 lbs almost 2 years ago and have been able to keep it off. Two of the biggest helps were meal planning- I needed to have the good food around or I’d just grab junk. We would make salads for lunch on Sunday – but them in individual containers (without dressing) put a paper towel on top of the lettuce and store upside down, they will stay fresh! Also as someone else mentioned- protein is the key to staying full.
    Love the red sweater today too!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks for the tip about the paper towel. I have made salads before but they get soggy so I will try this!!!

  19. I struggle with weight and have been trying to lose a few pounds in the new year. It is a process of retraining my snacking habits and writing down everything I eat in a journal. You can see what the problem is when you write it down. Mine has been having a glass of wine, it makes me loosen inhibitions and I tend to overeat after but I am not giving up! I read that eating within an 8 hour window and stopping after that burns more fat. Which means you feel hungrier in the evening, but when I follow that it is like I can feel fat burning around my stomach when I am in bed for the night. I cant wait to get up and have my breakfast! You still look pretty and dont have too much to lose, Tania. You can do it! I can too!!

  20. Deborah Broughton Reply

    Tanya you look great! I thought I would share that you might want to look into a keto way of eating. High fat and low carb. I started last 1/2/17 and lost 25 lbs so far. After I started I had a Dr say it’s the best way to loose weight. There are a lot of good support groups on facebook. Some try to make it really complicated but simple is best. They say commit to try for two weeks…

    • I can also attest to the keto plan, and wish I could shout it from the rooftops to everybody because it is so effective and easy. I lost about 50 pounds a couple years ago, and have kept it off. I did gain about ten pounds over the holidays because I ate too many carbs and got out of the fat burning range, and now I’m out of the swing of it, so I’ve got to get back on track. But it was easy, and there was no counting calories for me. Always felt satisfied except maybe just a little hungry just before bedtime. I did combine it with the intermittent fasting/only eating within a shorter window each day. It was so much easier than anything I’ve ever done. The hard part was leaving sweets behind, but after a couple months I didn’t really want them any more–miracle! They lie when they say that eating fat makes you fat. Turns out it’s just the opposite!

  21. I am always fighting the battle of the bulge….9 years ago I lost 50 pounds mainly by eating healthy, exercising, and cooking at home. I’ve kept the weight off all these years, but still go up and down 5 pounds or so. I would like to lose 20 more. I have an airfryer and I love it. Airfryers are really mini convection ovens. The food is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. I have convection bake and roast setting on my traditional oven, but chose the airfryer when I have a smaller amount of food to prepare and when I don’t want to heat up the kitchen. I probably use mine 2-3 times per week. Favorites all whole, fresh foods: baked potatoes in 15 minutes, boneless chicken breasts, fish filets, all kinds of veggies, donuts, bagels. Lots of recipes on Pinterest.

  22. Hi Tania. This post really resonates with me. Over the past few years I have gained some extra pounds. I truly enjoy food and eating! My husband and I do a lot of entertaining and socializing and I always struggle to make healthy choices. Ugh!!!! Interestingly I am NOT a procrastinator. However, when it comes to eating healthier I make every excuse to start tomorrow. LOL! Tomorrow has come and gone many times. Hang in there! You are not alone my friend!

  23. Tania. I have struggled with my weight. I saw myself on a video 2 years ago when my daughter was pregnant for my grandson. I hadn’t realized what I had been doing to my body. I am 4’11. I started Weight Watchers and reached my lifetime goal and managing to keep the extra pounds off. I lost 30 pounds. I’m saying it’s more of a mindset. I’ve done weight watchers on and off for years and quit. This time in my life, I had just turned 60 and decided enough was enough. I wanted to be able to be around to watch my grandbabies grow up. I didn’t want to get short of breath walking across a parking lot. I wanted to be healthy. Two years later I’m still hanging in there. It’s work to make sure I don’t gain the weight back, but when old pictures pop up on my timeline I’m like omg I looked like that. When I saw myself everyday I didn’t really see myself. You are beautiful the way you are today. It’s when you make a decision. I know the struggle is real. We as women have it harder because of hormonal issues. I love Weight Watchers because I can eat anything I want, I just have to count it. The new program is awesome. If you want to see results, I promise it works. They have great support systems and the meetings are great. If they don’t have a Weight Watcher center near you I have a friend who lost over 50 pounds by doing the program online. We did it at the same time. We had so much fun getting rid of our big clothes and buying new stuff. What woman doesn’t like to shop?????? Hope my story helps. Have a blessed day!

  24. Tania, first, you look great! You have a gift for dressing to make your size and shape look its best with looks that makes you happy. And second, I feel your struggle. I lost 40 lbs two years ago and have gained back 25 of them 🙁 I also suffer from chronic bursitis in my hips, and a bunch of other back and joint issues. Having put this weight back on so quickly has got all of them raging at me. You’d think that would be incentive enough to get back to healthy eating, but like you said, “there’s always tomorrow.” I love good food, and I hate tedious meal planning and prep. All this just to say, you’ve got lots of company in this battle (as you know), and I’d love to see your progress and what works for you. What worked for me last time was giving up bread and sugar. Not doing that this time. In the meantime, useful tips on how to dress for the body I have is a bright spot in my day. Thanks for being real and sharing the struggle!

  25. I’m with the other ladies – it’s hard to see the extra pounds on you, Tania! I HIGHLY recommend the Naturally Slim program. It is a lifestyle change, not just a diet, & the best thing about it is no yucky, cardboard food!! It is totally different from the plan of eating more small meals a day because it’s main idea is that you burn the most fat in the stage between when you START to feel hungry but then waiting until you ARE hungry to eat (about 1 to 1 1/2 hours). I don’t think all the small meals during the day will let your body burn as much fat, but they might prevent you from overeating at a main meal. Naturally Slim is all about portion control & timing of meals (& exercise helps too! I’m bad at that part). I will say it is pricey, but to me, you get what you pay for. It starts out with 10 weeks of one video a week to learn the dynamics, & when that’s over, you can choose to stay in maintenance programs that are every other week & monthly. My husband & I love it!!

  26. Teresa Spivey Reply

    Good luck with the weight loss. I think you look great, but understand how you feel. I have been doing the short goals you talked about for New Years. I have been setting my goals by month rather than by large chunks. (my goal is 1 lb per week) It is going to take awhile to get where I need to be, but it is attainable and I haven’t given up since I started this. When you say, I have to lose 20, 40 or 50 lbs, it can be overwhelming. Best wishes.

  27. Tania, love this preppy look! Looks great! I can totally understand your plight. Although, I have been on this roller coaster ride with my weight since my teens and now I’m in my 50’s. I agree with Sanda S. that keto works once you get in the groove and the best part for me is the cravings are gone. That’s what I needed. I lost 20 pounds in three months with only walking a bit for exercise and I felt great. Holidays came around (only gained 3 pounds) and I’m having a harder time getting back in the swing, but this is the week and so far so good! Whichever way you decide to go eating wise, it really is just a choice. Start with small changes at first and once you start feeling better and seeing the scale move or clothes fitting better then it’s easier to make more changes. Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint. You CAN do this!

  28. P.S. Here’s a good visual hint when eating: your stomach is about the size of your loosely held fist. Now think about the quantity of food we eat at a meal. I would normally eat twice that amount easily & when eating out, we might get served 2-3 times that on our plate! I visualize a loosely held fist every time I fill my plate because I shouldn’t stuff my stomach to overflowing every time. And it takes a while to establish a new “set point” of when you feel full, so patience & willpower are required! Another trick is to use a salad plate, not a dinner plate to eat. Our dinner plates have grown from 9” in the 1950’s to 12” now. No wonder we eat more!! I also found I only need two full meals a day – my body is not hungry in the morning, it’s thirsty, so I drink a lot of water & diluted orange juice (1:7 ratio) until lunch time. My husband lost 20 lbs in 10 weeks on NS & I lost 12 (I had less to lose). Okay, I’ll stop now – I just really believe in this eating program! 😀

  29. Just take baby steps, change portions, eat more veggies, increase your exercise, give it 6 weeks, small changes can be the start. I’m living proof I only started my journey to be more healthy. I just made my first goal it took 8 months. I use the lose it app to keep up with my progress.

  30. I think you look great but if you want some small doable habits and tips for living a healthy lifestyle, come visit me at http://www.foragoodlifeafter50.com. Being healthy is not difficult, it just takes commitment to healthy habits and making some tweaks to what you are doing. You will be amazed at the results you can get just by planning, increasing your water and sleep and getting in some exercise. Have an amazing day!


  31. Melesa Garrison Reply

    The struggle is real! I’ve always had a great metabolism until that dreaded “50” crept up on me! I’m five years into that dreaded number and I need to lose 15 lbs NOW! I have several events coming up in the late spring and summer and I would prefer to not roll in to these events, and I need to be healthy. The health part should come first, but it didn’t come up, did it? Lol
    You are beautiful, but I understand what you are going through. What is your down-fall, Sugar, salt, all the above? I think I’m going to give up sugar for lent…GULP

  32. You always look so cute! I don’t think of you as being overweight. I am 53 and thought I couldn’t loose weight at my age til I joined Weight Watchers online. I needed the accountability. I have lost 17 pounds since Thanksgiving and have changed my eating habits for the better. I enjoy your blog. You seem like a really lovely person.

  33. Charlcy Green Reply

    I love your description of eating more food that tastes like cardboard! My thoughts exactly! Baked ckicken, steamed broccoli and salad does NOT call my name! But I too have to eat lots of salad, green veggies and plain meats w/o sauce. Ugh! I have also recently realized I am gluten intolerant so there goes my favorite food – homemade bread, biscuits, pasta, rolls, etc. (As well as one of my fav pastimes!) Maybe I’ll lose weight not eating that! You, however, always look lovely and chic and never any heavier! Im with you on tge fryer- I hate lots of gadgets on my counter. Here you go…Cancun!
    P.S. HOW do you always remember the names of your Plunder jewelry, or where you bought your clothes??

  34. I feel ya about the weight – so hard to lose the pounds after age 50! I also have a Cancun trip coming up in April and want to lose 10 lbs. The blog “Life on Virginia Street” just had a post today called “20 Air Fryer Recipes to Try”. Everything looked so yummy!!

  35. Tania, I think you always look great but I understand how you feel. I am the same way. I never had a weight problem until I turned a certain age. Now I struggle to lose.

  36. I have been using the air fryer since Jan!!! Best thing ever!!! You can do so much with it!!!!

  37. The struggle is real, I have the same problem. I didn’t realize the weight was creeping up and up and up. My Mom died and I’m caregiver for my Dad and I have gained about 30 pounds in the last 3 years. But, I have lost ten pounds. I told my husband I am tired of being fat, so we went right before Christmas and got a membership to the YMCA. I go about every other day. I “run” 2 miles on the treadmill and am up to 9 miles on the stationery bike. I come home and do different kinds of leg lifts, sit ups and some hand weights. I have changed the way I eat. Our grocery store has these already prepared salads and I stock up so that I can eat one at lunch time every day. I drink more water and I eat a smaller portion at dinner and I try not to snack, but if I feel hungry, I eat yogurt, nuts, fruit, etc. I also have not gone crazy, if I want to eat a cookie or something else, I just limit myself to a small portion and only one. I do have an air fryer and used it like crazy at first. I need to get it back out. Chicken is so easy and good in it. My Dad’s doctor used to tell him, “if it tastes good, spit it out because it isn’t good for you.” That might be true, but some of the salads aren’t bad, and cutting back helps. Good luck Tania. I always think you look great!

  38. I’ve been eating mostly plant-based foods for the past 40 years, primarily due to digestive issues and have dairy and eggs only when there are no other options. My mindset of “good food first before bad food” has helped to keep me from gaining more than 5 lbs., with the exception of 2 pregnancies. I also weigh myself every day to keep myself in check and to immediately reduce my calorie intake until I get back down to my comfortable weight. At the age of 60, I can eat the same foods as always but in less quantities, probably due to a slower metabolism. If I’m still hungry, I try to fill up on vegetables,salad, popcorn, my favorite seasonal fruit and decaf coffee. For me, exercise like cardio, light weights and power walking have helped get me a little more toned but have never done anything with regard to my weight. It seems to be all about calories. By the way, I love the air fryer and use it just about every day. I like it better than the toaster/convection oven.

  39. Oh Tania I can so relate! This is the heaviest I’ve been and not be carrying a baby. I can barely stand it. I did the duken diet and lost 8 pounds but it was quickly regained. I keep tellling myself I won’t look or weigh what I did at 20, 30 or 50 but it’s tough to learn to love your body and be content with just being. You are probably doing the best approach with portion control and mindful eating! Hang in there Best… Kathy

  40. I feel your pain. We can be so hard on ourselves when extra weight is put on. Why so easy to add but a real chore to remove? Yikes.

    I have decided for Lent to faithfully follow the Weight Watcher program. I know it works, having lost a lot but been very bad this past year so need to dust it back off.

    As I write this, I am eating a Cheryl’s frosted cookie my dear (thin) sister sent me – a whole box. So good but I vow to put the rest in the freezer at midnight!

    Love your posts. They are a delight and great way to start each morning.

  41. First off, I just started following you and girl, you look good and if you want to lose weight after 38 or kids you HAVE to exercise. No matter how much you don’t eat or eat food that taste like cardboard your body won’t change. You need to do what me and my friends do and it is the ONLY thing that has worked for me. First off, I HATE going to gym or exercise classes for an hour – who has that time. Do HIIT which is high intensity interval training with all body weight. Look up HIIT on Pinterest and you will get loads of workouts you can do at home in 25 to 30 minutes. Yes it is tough but the pounds melt away bc you are raising your core body temperature and you burn calories for 18 hours after your work out. Orangetheory fitness is based on this principal of workout. Running or any other workout burns calories at a constant level for 10 hours but HIIT keeps on burning calories on an incline for up to 18 hours. I can even send you my workouts from my group. I have had some medical issues and have not been able to work out but start again next week – and really am looking forward to it and really not. You can starve the pounds off when your metabolism sucks- there i said it:). Hope this helps – we also call it “Orange is the New Black” workout bc it is all body weight and it is what prisoners do to get in shape:) no offense to anyone honestly

    • Meant you CAN”T starve the pounds off when your metabolism sucks:)

  42. Appreciating the time and energy you put into your blog and detailed article, Tania! I know your pain with struggling with the weight, wish you good luck!!

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