50 IS NOT OLD | DIFFERENT SHADES OF GRAYProcrastination should be my middle name. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? Anybody else out there know what I am talking about? If you tell me that I have until March 1st to do something then you can bet that I won’t even start to think about it until February 27th or 28th. This is not a great trait and it is one that I would love to change. So, today, I am starting to make a few tweaks to my thought process.50 IS NOT OLD | DIFFERENT SHADES OF GRAYI read recently that you can make BIG changes by only doing small, easily obtainable changes over a 30 day period of time. Most people set goals that are too large instead of setting small goals that will get them to where they want to be long term. Today I have already started working on my presentation that I will be doing next month. I want to come up with an outline first. One small goal is easy. Then I am going to move on to a draft of my speech. Next I will have to practice, practice, practice until it doesn’t sound like a speech but instead sounds like I just know what I am talking about. The final process will be to set up the display’s and to video the whole thing to see what I need to tweak. That is when I will be asking for you gurls help. My “plan” is to video this either in a private Facebook group so that anyone who wanted to help me could join the page and listen to the video. I am going to try to keep the video fairly short because at the real event there will be 4 other ladies who I will be asking questions and we don’t want the event to be too long. 50 IS NOT OLD | DIFFERENT SHADES OF GRAYLast Sunday when I went to church I had on an outfit, you’ll see that at a later time, and I had this idea that I would show you how to go from dressed up to cozy and comfortable in just a few small steps. BUT, it looks like I am going to be showing you the pictures in the opposite manner so it is going to be cozy and comfortable to all dressed up in a few small steps. Lol! The long gray open front cardigan that I am wearing is by Old Navy. I have several gray cardigans, doesn’t everybody, in different shades of gray. I am cold natured so I will wear a cardigan a lot of the time on Saturday and Sunday, especially if I have on a short sleeve or sleeveless top. This is soft and warm but most of all it is comfortable.

50 IS NOT OLD | DIFFERENT SHADES OF GRAYYes, even when I am at home relaxing you can find me at least wearing a necklace and my Alex and Ani bracelets. Lol! This beautiful cross necklace is the Lizzy. If you look at this necklace on the Plunder website you might notice that mine looks different. The necklace will ship to you with a large cream/yellow material tassel but after I saw my mother take the tassel off I decided to take mine off too. I now wear this cross way more than I ever did before. In some of the pictures, you can see that I have earrings on. I had them on with my church outfit and I took them off midway through my photo session for my comfortable look. I normally don’t put on earrings when I am just laying around on a Saturday or Sunday. 50 IS NOT OLD | DIFFERENT SHADES OF GRAYSince this was my Saturday and Sunday relaxing outfit I put on a pair of houseshoes to wear. My feet FREEZE all the time so I almost always have a pair of shoes on. I thought you would like that I have a pair of leopard print houseshoes, afterall, they need to be stylish also. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | DIFFERENT SHADES OF GRAYThe pull-on knit pants have straight legs and a 29″ inseam and they are by La CeraThe pants are actually part of a set that I received from Anthony’s Ladies Apparel back in November. Go here to see the entire outfit. I don’t mind showing the back of the outfit near as bad when I have a long cardigan on. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | DIFFERENT SHADES OF GRAYThe fact that I have on a sleeveless tank top is why I have a long sleeve cardigan on. I would be frozen and this is not my normal fashion statement. Hahaha! On yesterday’s post, I shared a before and after of my friend Emily. Today, I do not know this person but this is an “official” photo provided by Rodan + Fields. They take great precautions to make sure that the photos they provide have not been altered. Their products work so they do not need to alter pictures to show you results. The lady’s results are visible but they are not extreme. If she was looking in the mirror on a daily basis she might not have even noticed the changes. That is why R+F encourages everyone to take a before picture so that they can do a comparison later. I like the extremely tiny writing at the bottom of the photo. It says that results will vary and I couldn’t agree more. My results might be faster or slower than yours. Do not start these products expecting to be spot free or wrinkle-free in 60-days. You should notice a difference but be realistic also. The sun damage and wrinkles took a long time to occur and they will take a while to be reversed.

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  1. Dear Tania, I think you are a natural to do your presentation. I watched a video you made before on applying makeup I think it was, and you were very relatable and natural. So I believe you will sail through it! I am not on Facebook anymore because of a hacker incident and I found I like being off there after not being on, so I willl wish you well now and congratulate you for stepping out of your comfort zone to do it!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks for the encouragement, Sandy. I am getting much better at talking in front of people. My problem is that my train of thought might go away for a moment and then I get flustered. Hopefully, I will have practiced enough that I will feel comfortable.

  2. I too have cold feet and at home never go without slippers. You have a good solid plan for your presentation. I wish you luck because everyone gets nervous doing those sorts of things. You are so nice and genuine that people will respond to you! I’ll keep you in my prayers though. I love before and after pics and wow do you see a difference. Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a good weekend. Best…Kathy

    • Tania Reply

      My favorite way of warming my feet is to put them on Joe after we get in bed at night. Lol!!! Thanks for thinking about me because I normally get very nervous. I do better if I am prepared versus being put on the spot. I am glad you like the before and afters. I put one of myself on my personal Facebook page this morning.

  3. I love my animal print slippers too! I like the cozy look. Good luck with the presentation. Preparation is everything!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Janet. I think that being prepared will make me more at ease.

  4. My daughter just surprised me with a pair of leopard print flats! A year ago I would not have worn them, but seeing yours makes me excited to give it a shot. You’re an inspiration, don’t forget that while you do your presentation!

    • Tania Reply

      That is a very sweet daughter you have, Mary! You should send me a picture of you wearing your flats.

  5. Hi. Like you I like to look a little put together even when relaxing – minus the jewelry. I’d love to have those pants. Good outfit for a Saturday at home. And my feet freeze too so I’ve always got my slippers on at home. I like the brand Snoozies. They’re inexpensive but cute and so warm and soft. They come in all kinds of colors and prints. I don’t do Facebook either so Good luck with your speech. You’ll do fine. Be yourself and everyone will relate to you. And the before and after pictures yesterday and today were impressive. You’re slowly changing my mind about R & F.

    • Tania Reply

      Johnna, you are the one who sold me. I just went on Amazon and bought me a pair of Snoozies. When I saw this pair, I just had to have them!!! BTW, you need to trust me on the R+F, you’ll be glad that you did.


      • I think you’ll like the Snoozies. They also have grippers on soles so you won’t slip and slide. You’ll have to show us what they look like. 😊

  6. Teresa Spivey Reply

    I like the idea of your post, from dressy to comfy. You will do great on your presentation! Good Luck!

  7. I give 6 hour presentations weekly! I’ll be happy to help with you in anyway I can. Everyone has their own style. It is important to be YOU, even when presenting.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Brenda. I may call you as it gets closer to the time for some tips.

  8. You’ll do fine!! Humor is always a hit, so, if you freeze up, joke about it!! Love gray. When at home, I’m usually in pajama bottoms, or sweats with a big tshirt, add a fluffy robe to that!!! Lol.

  9. Good luck with your presentation! Your impromptu Live presentations on Facebook are so good…you are a natural. With preparation, you’ll rock it.

    I love casual be comfy, especially for the cold winter days on the weekend. You’re stylin’ gurl!! 😁. All the best!

  10. Hi Tania, Comfy and cozy clothes are my favorite. What you have on is perfect. Looking forward to seeing what you wore to church and the took it to comfy.
    I would love to join you for your practice session if you’d like.

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