50 IS NOT OLD | IS A CARDIGAN SLIMMINGJoe says that I “threw him under the bus” on yesterday’s post. Lol!!! I laughed and laughed at everyone’s comments, they were so entertaining. If you have not read them then you need to go here and have some fun. Just don’t have coffee in your mouth while you read like Stacy and spew it on the table. I told him that the “gurls” have spoken and we are all in agreement that he is crazy! Lol! Now he wants me to plead his case. He said that I didn’t present it to you in the correct way.50 IS NOT OLD | IS A CARDIGAN SLIMMINGHe does not want this to be our “main” house, he said even he was not that crazy. In his mind, he envisions this as a getaway cabin either in the woods somewhere or at the beach. Here is where he is confused. We had a doublewide trailer that was at the lake that is 2 hours away. We had a pontoon and a jet ski there also. Guess what? We NEVER went because he said it was more work for him than fun. Then we had an RV and guess what??? We never took it on one trip. He went with his motorcycle buddies a couple times and once to go fishing in. One more thing, we have an extremely primitive block cabin in the woods that is for hunting. Guess what?? We went once and the mice started walking on the beds and I made us leave in the middle of the night. I DO NOT see a small/tiny house in my future! Hahaha! And, btw, in case you think I am a prima-donna, that just isn’t so. I have camped all my life, even outdoors, but I don’t do mice. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | IS A CARDIGAN SLIMMINGI wore this the other day to church so I had to show this to you. I don’t wear dresses to work very often but I know some of you might have to. This is a Carly by LuLaRoe and I bought it for all the wonderful colors. I love how the pink and burgundy pop off of the black. Even though this dress has short sleeves, I think of it more as a fall and winter dress because of the print. I like a high/low dress but I do hate that the underside shows. You would think that they would carry the print up far enough so that wouldn’t happen.

50 IS NOT OLD | IS A CARDIGAN SLIMMINGI have had the Clarabelle necklace for months but I never wear it. I didn’t think that I liked it but now that I have worn it I realize that I was WRONG. I really like how it looks and I think you will be seeing more of this. It perfectly matches the Esme earrings. They both had rhinestones and pearls in the round disks. The Esme earrings are 1″ in diameter. My ladybug bracelet is not a perfect match because it doesn’t have any rhinestones on it. It doesn’t really matter since I can’t find it on the website anymore. At this time of the year if you see that something is low in stock that usually means that it is soon to be discontinued. Check the website often if there is something that you are wanting but waiting to buy. The website is plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and then pick a party with my name on it. 50 IS NOT OLD | IS A CARDIGAN SLIMMINGFor the record, these are not the shoes that I wanted to wear with this outfit. I asked Joe which he liked the best of several pairs and he insisted upon these black leather knee boots by Bandolino. It was cold and snowy so he said that I needed to keep my legs warm. Awww, wasn’t that sweet of him.

My gorgeous black purse is by G.I.L.I and I LOVE the big tassel. That is probably why I bought it even though I already own a couple black handbags. My weakness is a nice purse, it always has been. I have never been one to buy a lot of shoes but I am almost a purse hoarder. Lol! I am bad to get tired of them really fast and they sit for years before I finally decide to get rid of them. Everydoby needs at least ONE nice black purse. You can carry it year round if you want. All of the purses below come in black but the dang websites won’t let me switch colors to show you. You will have to take my word for it. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | IS A CARDIGAN SLIMMINGFinally, we are left with my cranberry or wine waterfall cardigan. This is at least one year old and I bought it at Cato Fashions. I love the color and I like this style cardigan. I find that they make you look slimmer than you really are. Lol! I remember the first time I talked my mom into trying this style on about 8 or 10 years ago. We were in JC Penny and when I showed her how the style looked on her she was surprised. BTW, she bought the cardigan!!!

50 IS NOT OLD | IS A CARDIGAN SLIMMINGI have people ask me a lot if they would be a good fit for becoming a Rodan + Fields consultant. The truth is that anyone can become a successful R+F consultant, it is all dependant on the person. I know people who are shy and actually tremble and break out in hives when they do training calls but they still do them. I know people who are not great with the computer but they still have a successful business. I know college girls that rock this business and I know a lady that is in her 70’s that is one of the top earners there is in the business. What they all have in common are drive and determination. They didn’t let someone else tell them what they could or couldn’t do. Sometimes circumstances can put us in a hard spot. We can lose our job, we can lose our spouse, or we can just be losing our mind from staying home when we retired. If you are looking for a change then you need to send me an email. What is the worst thing that can happen? The sign on kits also falls under the 60-day money back guarantee!  For information regarding typical results, search Rodan + Fields IDS.

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  1. Delia Newman Reply

    Absolutely love this! Will be finding something similar here in England. Thanks for wearing a dress xxx

  2. Cristina Downey Reply

    Great outfit, love the colors and the boots are perfect! My idea of enjoying the great outdoors is drinking coffee on my front porch. Last I checked neither the trees nor rocks have plugs for my hairdryer so that takes care of that and don’t even get me started on basic plumbing so nature needs it’s space and I need mine and all is in perfect balance😉

  3. Nice outfit…I think the boots work well with it. Love your hair like that.
    I do like the idea of a tiny house for a getaway but then I always wonder why people just don’t buy a RV to be more flexible. But it looks like you have covered all those bases. Hmmm….. think Joe is a seller’s dream….easily swayed by the romanticism of the idea….then reality sets in….at least you use all the clothes and accessories you buy! 😁

  4. I love the colors on you! I never thought of styling my Carly that way! YAY!!! New outfit idea with buying a thing! Happy Wednesday and love the tiny house stories. My first thought was a closet too, but too far away 🙂

  5. Now Tania, there is no harm in Joe building a tiny house. make sure it is on a platform, so it is mobile, he could even blog about the experience. it would sell itself. he could have the fun of doing it and turn a profit at the same time. I have a whole page of them pinned on my pinterest board. You look so great in this outfit, i love the long lines, it is very slimming.

  6. Such a cute outfit and love the colors. I wish I could wear a belt around a dress like that but….oh hum…with tummy issues I’m not comfortable with it making my “little basketball” more noticeable. It sounds like you have tried the small house idea already and I would have left also at the first sign of a mouse…mouse in house, freaks me out.

  7. Tania, I love long cardigans, I feel they cover up some of my problem areas! I like the tiny houses I see on HGTV. Would be fun for a weekend getaway. I like the Tania and Joe stories!!

  8. Love, love, love your outfit today. That sweater is awesome. You look stunning!!

  9. Mary Katherine Graetz Reply

    Wow – I think this is my favorite outfit of yours so far! Love the interplay of colors between dress and cardigan – what a fabulous piece! I have some real treasures I’ve found at Cato over the years (and my next step up, Dress Barn). And I think all that history you referenced is definately working AGAINST Joe’s tiny house…

  10. Donna Iverson Reply

    Hi Tania! I have three Carley’s myself and I love this look. I always shorten mine and take quite a lot off the back so it still drops but not by as much, you can’t see the wrong side of the fabric then. I would love you to post pictures of your closet and how you organize it so you can find everything.

  11. Love your outfit! You look fab! Joe seems to be repeating a pattern with the tiny house concept….not being critical…we all do it. The idea of getting away is appealing and so is downsizing but it ends up being a lot of work! Best…Kathy

  12. Love this outfit and all the colors. Your hair looks beautiful! Have a great day Tania😊

  13. Tania,
    I absolutely love this outfit! It looks great on you and is very slimming! The jewelry is perfect, as well.

    Also, I think you should ditch the tiny house idea. 🙂

  14. Pamela Hudson Sola Reply

    Beautiful outfit. Tell Joe that your wonderful larger-than-life personality can’t be contained in a tiny house!

  15. You look beautiful in this outfit. I want to wear a belt like that but it never looks right on me. Maybe I will try it again. My amazing mom always gave me this advice- “a couple always needs a project- something to do together.” She was married to my dad over 60 years so maybe she had the right idea. Maybe just have the fun of looking at the tiny houses, but never actually pull the trigger. Ahhhh….the things we do in marriage!

  16. My idea of roughing it is staying in a hotel that cost less than a hundred a night! My hubby would be content in the rattiest place in town! I like to think that I elevate his life experience:) Let’s face it, without us women to help our men be civilized, they would all be living in a “mousy” cabin in the woods! lol!

  17. *Crowd cheering* You hit it out of the park today! Not only is it a fabulous outfit, but Tania you’re glowing! Just beautiful…As far as camping goes, I did not grow up camping, not once. My idea of camping is staying in a Motel 6. 😉 Thank you for a great post and have a great day!

  18. Hi Tania. Very pretty outfit. It all works beautifully together. I like the boots with the dress. I enjoyed reading all the comments on the “tiny house”. Some were very funny. By the way you look nice in a dress. And I’ve always thought they were the easiest way to dress. Throw it on and go.

  19. Tania, love your hair today, it looks great ! I had long hair , had it cut and am in the process of doing this style with the height on top. About the tiny house….not for me! I live in the country in SC, have animals , land & enjoy being outside, but I’m not a camper, never have been, so I know a tiny house wouldn’t work. When I go on vaca I love to have room for family too! I think of a tiny home being for a childless couple that wants a residence when they aren’t backpacking or traveling, lol, who else could take it ? 🤣

  20. L H Carter Reply

    You put together a great outfit for any occasion with this one. I love how black tights and black boots click tight together. We all need that workhorse, the cranberry waterfall cardigan, in our closets.

  21. You look beautiful in those colors and your hair is gorgeous today! I agree with you completely on the great outdoors!! I’ve camped all my life – once even so rustic as a Holiday Inn Express – we’re not prima donas. Just sensible southern gurls!!

  22. Charlcy Green Reply

    Oh that is so funny that we all thought Joe was nuts & told you NOT to do it! I think it’s hysterical that what I suggested you have already tried several times and never used! Ha! I’d LOVE to have a cabin/tiny house in the woods near Roswell, NM and be able to escape often. BUT I do hear they are alot of work. That is too funny about the mice walking on the bed! EEEWWW!
    Love your outfit – all of it! The necklace is splendid w/it & so is the purse & boots. Very nice combination & I love that cardigan! Beautiful you,. as always!

  23. I love the outfit. I also love the fluffy hair. The hair color is wonderful and jumps out at me.

  24. Andrea Lingenflter Reply

    Love your whole outfit and especially your hair today. Wish you would do a tutorial and products! I have a Carly I never wore it. I am going to get it out!

  25. Candace McElroy Reply

    Luv luv luv this! The colors are great for you. One sharp outfit. 👍👍👍

  26. You look awesome in this outfit. I am such a fan of yours dear lady.

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