50 IS NOT OLD | KEEPING YOUR FEET DRY IN THE SNOWSo this morning, out of the clear blue, Joe asks me about a tiny house. I am sitting there looking at him thinking what in the world is he talking about. He then throws the bombshell that he wants to build a tiny house for us and he wants it to be between 400 and 800 square feet. 😱 Does the man not know who he is married too??? I could use a closet that size just by myself. Lol!!! He then starts talking about being minimalistic and downsizing. My idea of downsizing is to get rid of anything that I haven’t worn in three years not limiting myself to three of everything.50 IS NOT OLD | KEEPING YOUR FEET DRY IN THE SNOWHe wants me to start looking for plans and then he came up with a brilliant idea. He wants me to ask YOU gurls. He said there is power in numbers and that surely one of you have a cute tiny house (cabin, over the garage, MIL suite) that you might have a plan for. Finally, I asked him WHERE he intended to build this tiny house. I was trying to figure out if he was wanting to sell everything we own and live in a 20×20 house. I like togetherness but that might be a little excessive. So, I am humoring him for the moment and hoping he gets over this phase, but if you have a good plan or website for one please let me know. I can always use it as another closet. LOL!!!50 IS NOT OLD | KEEPING YOUR FEET DRY IN THE SNOWIf I was going to describe my outfit in one word I would say, colorful. I bought this dark teal cardigan earlier in the fall but I have never worn it. I had it laid out but nothing ever seemed to be what I was looking for. However, I was moving some things around in my closet and I happened upon this wonderfully thick sweater by Louis Dell’Olio. It is a gorgeous color called, Port, but it comes in several other colors. I like the fact that it is a longer version than what I have gotten in the past. I loved the two colors together so I decided to see if I could come up with an outfit. Here is where I wore this sweater the last time and it was one of my favorite looks.
50 IS NOT OLD | KEEPING YOUR FEET DRY IN THE SNOWI started looking through my jewelry first to see if I had some things that would tie the two colors together. The Aspen earrings caught my eye first. These light blue babies are a 2″ drop and they have an antiqued look to them that I really like. I put the Idina bracelet on and took these pictures. But, when I checked out the pictures in the house I went and changed to the Wanda bracelet instead. I didn’t like the Idina colors with this look and the Wanda was just plain silver which went with my collection of Alex and Ani bracelets. 50 IS NOT OLD | KEEPING YOUR FEET DRY IN THE SNOWDid you notice in some of the pictures it looked like I had small bleach stains on my outfit? That was snow flurries that were flying around. It snowed about 3 or 4 inches and I wanted to keep my feet dry. I put on some thick wool socks and then pulled on my gorgeous tiffany blue Hunter Boots. These babies were a Christmas present from Joe one year and he had to look high and low to find them. I, of course, picked out a color that was as rare as hen’s teeth. These boots will probably get a lot of wear once the spring rains start up.

50 IS NOT OLD | KEEPING YOUR FEET DRY IN THE SNOWBack to my cardigan or duster, it was from Cato Fashions but they never keep there clothing up very long. I looked and it is no longer available. I  have actually quit going there because I can’t get it on the blog fast enough for you to be able to purchase the item. I did find some (similar) ones that I will link to below.

In case you are wondering about the scarf, it was a present many many years ago from a young lady who was working at the lumber company. She went on a trip to London and she brought me back this scarf. I love it and I try to wear it at least once or twice a year.

50 IS NOT OLD | KEEPING YOUR FEET DRY IN THE SNOWIt is time for me to start trying to get my “tan” on. We are supposed to go to Orlando the last of this month for a trade show and I hope to get to take Emersyn and Beckham to Disney at least one day. I am so pasty white from the winter that I wouldn’t put on a pair of shorts if you paid me right now. I have been trying to use my body moisturizer with a few drops of the Active Hydration Serum in it on all of my body. The winter has really made my skin even drier than it normally is, which is terrible. As a Valentine gift from me, from now until midnight on February 14th I will be gifting a body moisturizing lotion or a sunless tanner to EVERY order placed as a Preferred Customer. So, if you would like R+F as YOUR valentine present then you need to tell your hubby to get in touch with me. Or, do what I do and order it for yourself and tell the hubby not to worry. Believe it or not, he will be relieved!!! Go to www.tstephens5.myrandf.com and hit the shop button. Once you go to checkout it will prompt you to login or sign up as a Preferred Customer or a Retail Customer. Remember, become a PC and get the free gift mailed to you from me.

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  1. Oh Tania….not a tiny house!! Have you watched any of the tiny house programs on HGTV? I could never do it…like getting up in the night, climb out of your bed that is a mattress in a loft, and climb down the stairs to go to the bathroom? Nothing about them looks comfortable. At our age, who wants to be inconvenienced? Downsizing yes, tiny house no!!

    • Tania Reply

      He isn’t talking about one like that. Lol! That was my first thought too. He is talking more like a small cabin or condo.

  2. Cristina Downey Reply

    😂 i told My husband I needed a Tiny house as a dressing room but only if it is connected to the house with a glass corridor like the ones in Minneapolis in between buildings. What is it with men of a certain age that suddenly become “clutter” crazy?! The other alternative is for them to move to one…by themselves! Love tha sweater by LD and have it in 3 colors…there you go, more clutter! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

    • Tania Reply

      He may be using this as an excuse to get me to clean out some of our rooms. Lol! He knows that I am a clutter queen.

  3. Love the outfit! The scarf ties it altogether. I wanted know where you got the scarf as I have one almost identical to that….My niece brought it from Spain!
    I’m addicted to watching tiny house on TV.. They are so cute and efficient but then reality sets in. Where would I put my clothes, shoes, knitting supplies, much less 4 cats! And it is too much togetherness all the time!

    • Tania Reply

      I know what you mean! It is funny though, we use the same few coffee cups, the same cooking pots and pans, etc. But, I have loads and loads of extras of them both.

  4. I am always trying to convince my husband that we need a huge house! We live in a very small house, 1300 sq. Ft. It is almost always messy, which contributes to my mood! LOL. I don’t even have a closet now because my 8 year old daughter took it over. She “lets” me store a few things in her closet, but my clothes are laying everywhere and hanging everywhere. It is certainly not ideal, but it is what it is these days. I would love 3-4,000 sq. ft., but the hubs is no way. He bought this house New in 1993, and he plans to stay here forever.🤣. Maybe you can convince Joe to put it in your backyard or someplace for a vacation home. Good luck!😊

    • Tania Reply

      Gina, he is talking more like as a getaway for us than a real home. He was thinking in the mountains or at the beach. Just a small cabin/condo style house. When you have small kids around you need space but now that it is just us, we can get by on much less.

  5. Kim Stephenson Reply

    Love the color combination. I’ve been going to Cato’s some. I always like your clothes from them. I’ve got to have some rain boots! I sent my daughter oof to college with a pair a few years ago. You always get me thinking outside my box.

    • Tania Reply

      Kim, I love Cato’s, they have such affordable clothing that is always in style. But, because of people wanting me to style more clothing that they can purchase it is hard to buy from there.

  6. Yikes! I’m all for downsizing but not that small! Mind you, I had thought of my husband living in one on the property. I think that would be a great compromise! You might get your extra closet space in your house then. Love the colours in your outfit today. Every time I see the boots I think wow!

    • Tania Reply

      Janet, I think he just likes to “talk” about it more than actually do it. Lol! I might be surprised though, you never know.

  7. You can be a somewhat minimalist in a larger home . Just get rid of the crap you don’t use . Those tiny houses are ridiculous ! What are you going to do when people come over ? No haha

    • Tania Reply

      Maybe that was his plan, Donna. No room for company. Lol!!!

  8. I absolutely adore the boots! It’s snowing here now so boots are on my mind. The teal color really works in the sweater with your hair and complexion. I don’t have any plans to share…we downsized two years ago but not that drastic! Tell Joe you will miss him but will look forward to his visits!

    • Tania Reply

      Kathy, I had to tell him that! He said, “Not funny!” Hahaha!

  9. I like the outfit. Love the boots. I don’t mind pairing down stuff but I don’t think my hubs would be willing to part with his “stuff”. He has so much he had a garage built with a second floor just for a “man cave”. He has a rule, never sell your toys. After 22years I finally get to park inside!

    • Tania Reply

      Linda, men and their garages. Lol! Joe has a huge one too that he is all the time threatening me with. He doesn’t want me putting my stuff out there. I catch him gone and load it up. Lol!

  10. Jackie Davis Reply

    My husband and I downsized, not as small as Joe wants too tho. It was the best thing we ever done!

    • Tania Reply

      I don’t see us downsizing to live in but he is looking for a getaway place.

  11. Ha-Ha!! I had only read the first sentence of your post when I immediately thought “that would be a closet for you”! For some reason, my husband is obsessed with these tiny homes too. He has shown me many of them on the internet. Then I remind him that we have already downsized twice in the past 12 years and each time is very expensive. I always completely redo the new homes to make them “mine”, meaning that I do expensive bathroom and kitchen remodeling and usually buy all new furniture too. But maybe that is why he wants a tiny home….I couldn’t do these major projects in a tiny home! Some of our friends have gotten RV’s as a tiny home and they are traveling around the country in them. Now, that appeals to me a little more but he HATES that idea. So, I’m really not sure what this obsession is about these tiny homes he keeps showing me.

    • Tania Reply

      Brenda, we are on the same page. Every time we start talking about buying a vacation home we start out small and then as we talk it gets bigger and bigger and bigger. I figure that is what would happen with this too.

  12. I love the idea of a small get-away cabin ! We found one about 10 years ago – an A-frame on a quiet cove at a nearby lake, which we really do enjoy, and the bonus for us is when our ‘kids’ come up with their kids, they always have a place to stay. It is small – maybe 1000 sq. ft – 2 bedrooms, 2 small baths, a tiny kitchen but a comfortably sized tall ceiling living/dining area (remember, it’s an A-frame). But most of our time is outside, where we enjoy a screen porch, a covered gazebo/patio and a covered boat/fishing dock.

    • Tania Reply

      Susan, I think that is kind of what he has in mind. Could you send me a drawing of how it is laid out?

    • I’ll try to send a couple of photos in a private message via facebook. But in case that doesn’t work, see if you can get a mental image from this: You enter the house via a sliding glass door off the screen porch into the living/dining/kitchen area which is all open. The smallest bedroom (houses 2 twin beds & a trundle) is to the left, off a short hall behind the kitchen and the bath is directly behind the kitchen. An open staircase from back of the living room area leads to a sizeable loft which overlooks the living room where the second bathroom is directly above the ground floor bath. That loft area is quite spacious – there is ample room for a queen bed, several chairs and another twin bed in the window seat area. The entire house is quite cozy and comfortable. However, the only decent closet is in the downstairs bedroom, and it’s just a ‘reach-in’ closet, not a walk-in.

  13. We have a large home, with a pool, and we throw around downsizing. Our grandkids are getting older and don’t live close to us so we just don’t utilize all this space like we once did😞
    Hard decisions ahead. Like your look today, colorful and fun.

    • Tania Reply

      We do need to downsize but this is more for like a getaway home.

  14. My advice is rent something that size first and use it the way you’d use your own, like have family visit, friends over, etc. You’ll learn pretty quickly if it makes sense for you…

    • Tania Reply

      As a vacation or getaway is what we are looking at. Even then, I am not sure that I want something so small.

  15. It’s not April, right?
    That was my first thought when I started to read your blog this morning, so that means he’s not fooling. Well…lets just say he’s only fooling himself because we all know that unless he’s planning to keep your existing home as your personal closet he’s going to need a miracle. Here’s my plan for you Joe…plan to let this dream go. 🤣

    • Tania Reply

      I should have asked him if it was April! Lol! He is planning on keeping the existing house. This was going to be a getaway house. We had an RV that we never used and finally sold. I don’t know what makes him think that we would use this.

  16. I like to watch the tiny house show series. They are adorable! Cool storage! Less to clean….but live in it full time? Not sure. So we bought a camper! Fun to pretend!

    • Tania Reply

      We just sold an RV because we weren’t using it. He is wanting something to get away to but not have all the mess and expense.

  17. Oh I love this outfit…do you have trouble getting a thick sweater on under another sweater? Seems I have to tug and straighten til I get the sleeves just right under the other sweater! I like when you style clothes from Cato as that’s a place that I can shop at close to me. Even if they are out of what you have on, it’s still ideas for us to go on. It’s kind of like when you style clothes from boutiques, we can’t get those but it gives us great ideas. I think downsizing for a “get away” place is a nice idea but it’s also another place you have to clean and do up-keep on as my hubby and I have talked about that. We also thought if we were going to invest in another place we would “have” to go there most weekends to utilize it and that would mean not traveling or doing other fun weekend things.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Sandy. I’ll remember that. When I am putting a sweater over a sweater I just hold on to the first sweaters sleeve hem as I pull the other one on over it. Then I adjust the arms to the way I want it to be. After it is on it stays put.

  18. Tell Joe that the Unabomber lived in a tiny house! No way could I live in one!

  19. HotelSister Reply

    I think Joe just likes teasing you! He knew we’d all say no way, lol! Loving your outfit!

  20. Love the color combination on today’s outfit, don’t let Joe talk you into a tiny house, wouldn’t work for you! Lol. Linda

  21. Clarice Main Reply

    Tell him a tiny house would be JUST PERFECT for your beach home as long as you can save the loft for the grands and sleep on the main floor!

  22. Angie Whitley Reply

    I love these colors together and LOVE those boots! The color is sooo pretty! No way to the smaller house (ie smaller closets and storage) but a getaway cabin or something like that would be fun! I am going to Disney World in Orlando in April and have been trying to figure out what to wear… I don’t wear shorts! Any ideas for any cool, casual but cute outfits would be helpful! I’m hoping it’s not too hot at the end of April but I’m sure it will be ‘summer’ weather. Thanks so much!

  23. You said in a comment above that Joe loves his garage. Little bitty houses don’t have garages. If you’re keeping your current house and just adding a getaway, that’s fine. But to live in a small house… Nope! We’re seriously considering upsizing. We have 1700sf, but it’s inefficiently designed with very little storage, no garage, and no usable attic. We can’t enjoy our nice things because we can’t ever get to them because they’re always crammed into or behind or under something else, and believe me, we pared way down when we moved in here. For me, a garage would make a massive difference. Even if it’s a getaway home, be sure it has storage so it’s not always messy! Good luck!!! Oh, and I LOVE those colors together.

  24. Love the boots Tania !!! My sweet hubby bought me two pair one Christmas…..yes, two pair 🙂 I was so excited and have got a lot of wear out of them….great quality and hold up well. I have the classic gloss tall red ones and the short matte black ones. Now, on with the tiny house or get-away home. First of all, I pray about everything. Of course with reading your blog, especially your Sunday blogs, you do too. So, my thoughts are to pray about it first. Sit down and write out your pros and cons, your likes and dislikes, location, etc. Then you can see if the both of you can come up with a “happy medium” first. We have a blended family so our large home is definitely needed because if not, we would be “too close for comfort”. When they are all grown, things could change. Some friends of ours are retired and purchased a home in Florida. My husband talked about purchasing a vacation home one day when the kids are grown. Honesty, I do not want another home. Too me, it is double the upkeep including more cost to purchase all the things that is needed in another home when I want some updates for my present home. I would also feel like I could only travel to the vacation home and not go anywhere else that is on my bucket list. I have heard people say, well you can rent out your home. I really do not want to do that either because I am too picky and it may not get kept up the way I like it. Keep us posted. ~Lisa~

  25. Please don’t stop styling from Cato. That is one of the reasons I love, love, love your blog. They may not have the exact item you style but will have something similar. They have this one tunic style I have purchased many times over the years but in different colors and patterns. You have it too and gave me ideas on how to change it up.
    I had the flu the week after Christmas and got board in my sick bed. I bought over $100 at Plunder. Then you had your offer in Januuary and I had to buy more to get your gift! Instead of being a day late I was 2 days early! LOL

  26. Caroline Ables Spoth Reply

    We purchased a vacation home in Beaufort SC this year. The house is smaller then our home in New York and I love it. It’s freeing not to have so much stuff in it. My husband keeps bringing things to the new house and I keep telling him we need to keep it simple! Even though we have someone who mows and trims he has a mower and all kinds of yard tools there…..the “stuff” is following us! I think this house is his retirement project…….he has more energy than any sane man should have!

  27. Angie Panceroff Reply

    My mom sold her large house and moved to a condo on the beach. After that, she always told me to never downsize like that because she hated it. Everything was crammed together. Later they bought a bigger house and she was happy again. Just saying I would never do it, at least not that small.

  28. Funny post! But I can see a vacation home as a luxury even though you’ll still have some upkeep. Lovely idea! This is a great outfit, by the way. As for me, I feel claustrophobic in turtle necks, but I could do it with a t shirt. Your boots are FUN!
    Have a great day!

  29. Tania, where do you find most of your jeans? I am tee shirting it today, but it fit my mood a lot this morning. Black with silver words on it.(If Only Sarcasm Burned Calories) if that was true I’d need to eat 4000 calories a day to keep me alive.

  30. Teresa Spivey Reply

    He is probably wanting a project. Can he build a shed in back yard or expand garage for a workshop? If you are thinking about a vacation getaway, it is easier to rent something rather than the cost of building, upkeep, taxes, insurance, etc. You could rent it when you are not there, but that has its’ own set of problems! I live in a small house, but I live alone. You do not collect alot of clutter when you live in a small house!!

  31. I LOVE tiny houses & would downsize to one in a heartbeat and then travel all over the U.S. if I could ever convince my husband to get on board! Not likely 🙁 Anyway, to get ideas on floor plans, check out http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com – they are one of the first companies to embrace the minimalist movement with tiny houses. Also, you can always do a google search for “tiny house plans” & then view the images section too….you’ll find plans from many different sources. I also agree with with another commenter to not stop styling from Cato. I’m not as concerned with buying the exact same articles of clothing you are wearing. I use your outfits to either “shop my closet” or try to buy similar items if I need to. Love your inspiration!!!

  32. Hi Tania. I love the Hunter rain boots. Especially the color. My daughter has them in black but I’d like a pair in that color or the berry color you listed as an alternative. With warm socks they’re perfect for winter. Going to start looking. Like the whole color scheme today. The scarf makes it all work and that’s a helpful hint. Have a great day. And a ” tiny house” even as a second vacation home would be way too small in my opinion. I don’t see how anyone lives that way unless your 21 with no kids.

  33. Susan Parisi Reply

    Hunter boots will keep your feet dry, but living in Canada, I can tell you they won’t keep your feet warm.

  34. Robin Staley Reply

    We are thinking about downsizing too. My idea of downsizing is getting rid of the formal dining and formal living room. Everything else stays!!! No tiny house. I would die. Buy a camper instead and use it to drive to the resort!!

  35. Candace McElroy Reply

    No. No. No. To tiny house. Was a fad that has sailed. Many are regretting it. An older friend of mine kinda, sorta tried it on a small, not tiny house, and took me aside one day and advised me to never do it. She said biggest mistake they ever made. Said could down size but not to that extreme.

  36. LOL – my hubby is always talking about a tiny house. I just humor him and say “yes love”, then I crowd him for a few hours and then that thought leaves. I think tiny houses are a cool concept with a main gathering area tying them all together – sort of like a regular house. I love your outfit today!

  37. Tammie Clark Reply

    Hey Tania! I just starting following you today! I’ve seen you pop up on Pinterest before and I love your style I just never took the time to look into who you are. I saw on one of your postings something about your sister’s book that she wrote… by chance is your family Ole Miss fans? We owe a condo in Oxford, love that place! Also, we just finished turning a detached garage in our backyard into a home for my 87 year old mom to occasionally stay in. It’s only 500 sf. and oh so cute!! It really turned out great but I don’t think I could live in it with my hubby! Lol
    I look forward to learning more from you!

    • Tania Reply

      Welcome to my crazy blog, Tammie! I have people tell me all the time that they found me on Pinterest. Lol! No one in my family is an Ole Miss fan as far as I know. We are from Tennessee so we pull for the University of Tennessee.

  38. Hi Tania, We have a 800 sq. ft. getaway condo in Wisconsin. It’s a townhome style condo, but stacked. Our unit is on the 2nd floor, stair walk-up. Inside, our place is two stories. We have a spiral staircase to get up to the 2nd level loft, which is open on both sides. We keep a futon couch up there (Indian themed room), plus it has a several foot long closet for storage, and it houses our water heater. Downstairs, the main floor has an itty bitty living room w/fireplace and a little opening in the wall to see into the kitchen. Plus a bedroom and 1 little bathroom with a barely walk-in closet. The kitchen can fit a mini stackable washer/dryer. But there is no dishwasher. It’s a tiny galley style kitchen.

    We have no garage, although some units have tandem garages, but they are not close to the condo buildings – they are housed in garage buildings a bit of a walk away. Anyway, even though our space is tiny, we see the Wisconsin river from our living room (w/balcony attached)! And the loft/high celing makes our place feel bigger than it is. Plus the condo buildings are set on 61 acres, 1/2 mile of riverfront, with tennis courts, pool, a mini marina for boats, garden area, plus clubhouse. So there is outdoor space. Ha, my husband recently proclaimed he wants to retire there, and I reacted pretty much the same as you did to Joe. Ha, if we had a garage attached, I’d be more likely to agree to it since I love our lil home so much. But talk about downsizing a wardrobe and ‘stuff’. Wowsers. (What is it about guys wanting to live in teeny spaces when they retire??)

  39. I live in 900 sq feet, city apartment in Vienna Austria. I will return to the states to live in a 600 ft condo. But I have lived in a 3000 sq ft house in a previous life. I thought I would hate it, but I love it. You only keep what you love. My clothes are a wardrobe, I cycle summer and winter. The summer are stored under the bed til April. I purge every year and will only return to the states with what I really Love. It has been a positive experience for me. I love the tiny houses, not a hostage to your possessions.

  40. I think a tiny house would be perfect as a vacation place, near a lake, mountain or beach.

  41. Lezlie Gravens Reply

    Tania, I shopped at Cato when we lived in a small town in New Mexico because that was pretty much all there was. When we moved back to Texas I hardly ever went! But when I started following your blog and you wore numerous articles from Cato I went back to the Cato here in our town. It is true that often they sell out with a particular item quickly. The advice I have for people is when they see something they like they should get it! Who hasn’t thought about an item, gone home, and come back only to find it gone? So aggravating. I picked up a darling ruana (navy with great embroidery) that will get a lot of use!

  42. Wendi Reger Reply

    In your photo the sweater does not look teal but blue. But I love the colorful combo! I’d take a tiny house but only to place it on a patch of land overlooking a lake surrounded by white pines. A quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle. Let him build it, you know downsizing “ain’t gonna happen”!

    • Thank you I was thinking that was just my computer or my eyes. It looks more blue than teal to me.

  43. Pamela Hudson Sola Reply

    I always love reading your posts, and I enjoy your outfit inspirations! Your outfit this morning inspired me to pair my navy cardigan with some colors I would not have worn with navy before. But pairing different colors with a scarf can really bring an outfit together. Thanks for getting me out of my “safe” little rut to try something new!

  44. We downsized 8 years ago after our youngest went off to college. Went from a large house on a lake in Montana to a sailboat in the Caribbean. We are in the British Virgins Islands right now! I don’t ever want a big house again. I feel so light and free island hopping, scuba diving, hiking, etc! I very much enjoy reading your blog! Blessings to you and Joe!

  45. I told my husband I could live in a tiny house…..and he could put his tiny house right next to mine🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Charlcy Green Reply

      Girl, that tiny house idea is nuts! But…buy some land in the mountains or near a beach and put a tiny house there! Your wknd getaway! Can’t wait to see your Orlando pics!

  46. Melesa Garrison Reply

    I was startled when you said “Tiny House” I’ve never even met you and I know you better than that! Lol
    I will tell you that about 11 years ago, after John and I got married, we decided we were going to build a house, but needed to get somewhere in the meantime, so we built a big 40×60 shop that John wanted anyway. We built an apartment in it and lived there for 18 months, 4 days and 3 hours. No, seriously, it was my idea to build this. I said I would do this, but I had to have a closet of my own & a utility room with a pantry. It is 650 sq’ We had a huge building to store things though. I like to watch the Tiny House shows, but there is NO way that I could live in one. Some people have to pick up their floor to store things (yUCK) I would go nuts wearing the same three shirts over and over again bc you don’t have space for clothes, forget jewelry or shoes, or anything. Tell Joe, I said NO, NO, NO. If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! Where would you put your precious grandchildren? On the dinner table?

  47. aquamarinastyle Reply

    Love the colors in this outfit. Small house? Hmm. I think your closet idea is the best one. Don’t tell Joe…

  48. Joe is crazy. I think a small house would be a fast track to divorce court. I do not know any women who would be happy with that much togetherness, no matter how much in love. I firmly believe we need places to be separate and pursue our own interests. I love your cardigan although on my iPad it reads a royal blue in your photos but teal in the ones from wherever you got it. Regardless, it looks nice and the scarf is perfect,

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