50 IS NOT OLD | MIXING DIFFERENT PRICE POINTSSo, I’ve been playing some over the weekend with the blog. I feel like I have been kind of stuck in a rut because it was easy. I knew that it was time for a change and a facelift but I hate the learning curve associated with learning a new theme. This all started because I decided to change the colors on the website. As you can see, even though I changed the theme I still have the same colors. LOL! I think it has something to do with being set in my ways. 50 IS NOT OLD | MIXING DIFFERENT PRICE POINTSI am not one that HATES change but I am one that is unsure what changes to make. I know in my mind the direction I want to head but I can’t get it out of my head and on to the screen. I get frustrated when it takes me longer to get something done right so I will settle for “good enough.” I don’t want my blog website to only be good enough, I want it to be perfect. And if it can’t be perfect, then I want it to be practically perfect in every way. Lol! I am just too impatient when it comes to change. I want the result without the wait. I am pretty sure that I am not alone in this boat. It is like going into a store and just wanting the outfit that is on the mannequin instead of having to pick out all of the pieces individually. Can I see a show of hands???

50 IS NOT OLD | MIXING DIFFERENT PRICE POINTSYesterday was Super Bowl Sunday. Yes, I did watch most of the game. When I get bored I just pull out my laptop and work. What do you wear to watch a football game? In my case, it was jeans, a t-shirt, and a gift from my Energizer Bunny Friend which was nice, warm, and snuggly. This cowlneck sweater jacket is by Danskin and she purchased it at our local Walmart. Then she took it and had it embroidered for me. I love it!!! This is a great gift and one that didn’t break the bank. This comes in 4 different colors, she had one on when we were in Georgia that was in the tan color. A sweater/jacket like this is perfect for when you would like some extra warmth but you don’t need a heavy coat. 
50 IS NOT OLD | MIXING DIFFERENT PRICE POINTSI am wearing all of my Valentine Day jewelry that I purchased from Plunder. I LOVE the red earrings!!! I know both of my DIL’s will love these so I bought extras so that I could give them each one. I hope that you bought the Valentine jewelry when it was available because I just looked at it is all SOLD OUT!. I am not surprised, it was so cute and it was so affordable! Be sure to check the “Specials” when you are on the Plunder website. They post new items all the time. My Plunder website is plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and then you pick a party from the drop-down menu.

Are there any of you who like pearls??? Then you are going to LOVE this months Plunder PosseThe Plunder Posse is a subscription service that is 25.00 monthly. It is free to join and there is no penalty for canceling. Each month (on the date of your first order) they will send you that current months Posse. If you see the jewelry but you do not wish to purchase that months look then you simply cancel and then re-enroll the next time you see a set that you like. BUT, before you sign up under me, Plunder is looking for new stylists and they are offering you a deal that is very hard to refuse. Join Plunder in February and receive an extra 12 pieces of jewelry!!! Oh, My Goodness! That is truly an amazing deal! The cost to become a stylist is 99.00 and you simply click here to join.

50 IS NOT OLD | MIXING DIFFERENT PRICE POINTSI don’t think you have to dress all from one store, style, or price point. The sweater/jacket is from Walmart and my espadrille shoes are by Chanel. Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum!!! The great thing is that BOTH of them were a gift to me so either was they cost me ZERO dollars. Hahaha!!! It might be a different story if I was trying to sell one of them. I know which one I would choose. Unless you want to pay over 1,000.00 for a pair of shoes I am not going to bother finding a link for these. (You can email me if you want a link) However, you can easily recreate this look and I will link to some options below.

50 IS NOT OLD | MIXING DIFFERENT PRICE POINTSHere is the back view. I wanted to show you that the sweater/jacket dips down in the back to cover your behind. The Rockstar jeans have been a favorite of mine for some time, I wear them quite often. I ordered these in tall so they are really long. I can roll up the hem when I want to make them shorter either once or twice. They are perfect for making the HUGE cuff that you sometimes see.50 IS NOT OLD | MIXING DIFFERENT PRICE POINTSI appreciate everyone commenting a telling your stories of heart issues. I am glad that you survived to tell all of us the symptoms. There is not one thing to be on the lookout for, there were multiple issues. The bottom line is if it doesn’t feel right then have it checked out. If it is not a heart attack then the worst you did was get a doctors bill. The winner of the Valentine HEART bracelet is Laura Tuck. Congratulations!!!50 IS NOT OLD | MIXING DIFFERENT PRICE POINTSI haven’t decided what Joe is going to get me yet for Valentine’s Day. Lol!!! I’ll be sure to let you know when I finally decide. If you would like R+F as YOUR valentine present then you need to tell your hubby to get in touch with me. As a Valentine gift from me, from now until midnight on February 14th I will be gifting a body moisturizing lotion or a sunless tanner to EVERY order placed as a Preferred Customer.

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  1. Marcia Albrecht Reply

    You look so comfy!! The only thing is the shoes are throwing it off for me….not sure why as I know that you have worn them before. Might just be my preference😊

    • Tania Reply

      Marcia, as usual, it is my shoes that I struggle with. I have never been a big “shoe” person and I struggle with that finishing touch.

  2. I like the jacket and the ear rings. Wet comfy! Patience is nit always my virtue either but I am a work in progress!

  3. I enjoy your blog each day. I think you’re as cute as a button. Probably my favorite characteristic though is that you are so real. You style a good variety of fashions for ordinary women like me who can’t always afford high priced designer items. Keep it coming!!!!! 😊

    • Tania Reply

      Denise, I am that “ordinary” woman you mentioned. I am not a jet-setter, I don’t have a yacht, but I like looking as nice as possible at the most affordable prices.

  4. Heather Van Ryn Reply

    Love the new look for the blog, Tania! I enjoy mixing price points with my outfits too. Someone once called it a denim and diamonds look! So much more interesting and realistic!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Heather, for noticing the different look. It is a work in progress.

  5. Susan Stancliff Reply

    I do love the outfit but those shoes are not the best. Not sure what it is about them I don’t like. Your blog is awesome and I love the new look.

  6. Tania, you are a generally real person, I totally agree! I like the channel Escadrille, but in my opinion if you just wore jeans and a t-shirt, the shoes are fine. I think it’s the jacket that’s throwing it off with the shoes! We are all works in progress when it comes to trying on/buying clothes. Love your blog!!

  7. I love mixing price points. I call it my Target/Talbots look. I do it all the time!
    Looking forward to,seeing more.

  8. Hi. No this is an outfit for me. I love your shoes. Seems like you could where them with just about anything. Cute, Cute Cute. And the new look of the blog gets a thumbs up.

    • I meant to say that “Now” this is an outfit for me. sorry about that.

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