50 IS NOT OLD | A LONGER CARDIGAN FOR A SLEEKER LOOKHumpday got the best of me. That stinking Camel walked all over me. Lol!!! It was month-end and I was a busy little bee trying to get everything done at work. Joe was really great and he went to the store for me, he went to the pharmacy and picked up my thyroid medicine, and then he volunteered to just eat leftover roast for supper instead of me trying to fix something. When you are young you think “love” is all about is flowers, movies, and gifts but as you get older what you consider acts of love is completely different. ❤️50 IS NOT OLD | A LONGER CARDIGAN FOR A SLEEKER LOOKWhen February rolls around everyone starts to think about Valentine’s Day. I am sure many people look forward to it, some dread it like the plague, and some are just indifferent, they don’t care one way or the other. Joe has never been a “lovey-dovey” kind of guy. He doesn’t care what I buy but he thinks it is silly to buy something for someone just because a date says to. So, if I want a present then I buy it for myself. He is happy and I am happy. I used to buy myself a new purse almost every year but I can’t think of anything I really want this year. #Spoiled. I also think about February being Heart Health Month. On Friday, February 2nd, that is the wear RED for Heart Health Awareness. I think all of us need to be aware of the warning signs of a Heart Attack for both men and women.
50 IS NOT OLD | A LONGER CARDIGAN FOR A SLEEKER LOOKRemember the other day when I wore the snakeskin print sweater that was from Old Navy? I bought this sweater the very same time and it too has been one of my favorites. This print is not one that I would normally like because I am not a big flower print gurl but I like the feel of the sweater and I do like the different shades of blue and the coral together. This sweater is very lightweight, almost to the point of being thin. You all know what I mean, like a t-shirt that is really old and has been washed to death. That is the one we will pull out of the drawer every time because it is so comfortable. That is how these sweaters are so I was bummed when I went back hoping to find more versions only to find that they didn’t even carry them any longer.

50 IS NOT OLD | A LONGER CARDIGAN FOR A SLEEKER LOOKTruthfully, I just wasted my time in wearing this Lexie necklace. It would have looked great against the navy backdrop but the print of the sweater is just too much for it to show. BUT, You can definitely see my Dakota earrings. These leather babies are a real statement! They have a gold sheen and a 4″ drop. Because they are leather they are very lightweight. The Gail “hope” bracelet is adjustable to 8″ and has pearl and crystal accents. I will be addressing all of the packages for those who bought Plunder from me last month and qualified for free jewelry over the weekend and getting them all in the mail next week. WHEW! It will take me a LONG time to get everything addressed, you ladies bought a TON of jewelry! Thank you so very much. I hope you like your purchases, be sure to let me know.50 IS NOT OLD | A LONGER CARDIGAN FOR A SLEEKER LOOKI thought these were the same pants that I wore here but when I looked closer I saw that they were different. They are both by Old Navy and they are both RockStar jeans but the one the other day was like a brushed velour and this one is slick. I found a color name on the inside tag and it said Chocolate Malted. Ummm, sounds good. This color is no longer available but where there is a will there is a way.

50 IS NOT OLD | A LONGER CARDIGAN FOR A SLEEKER LOOKThe navy cardigan is from……yep, Old Navy. Lol!! Everyone needs a navy cardigan, it is an essential item. I like the longer version but I have the short versions also. I wear the shorter ones more often in the spring and summer months.

The navy ballet slippers are by Isaac Mizrahi. They are comfortable and I can wear them easily by slipping them on. I don’t wear flats very often but I do like this pair. They go with shorts, dresses, jeans, etc. I know a lot of you only wear flats and it can be a challenge to find cute and comfortable. BTW, these do match my outfit!!! Lol

50 IS NOT OLD | A LONGER CARDIGAN FOR A SLEEKER LOOKYou can see that my purse is overflowing. Lol! I should have zipped it close so that all of my goodies weren’t falling out. I am excited about the Lash Dash contest that I am hosting. You gurls will eventully get to pick the winner.

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  1. a vanderven Reply

    some time the symptoms for a heart attack may be different for women than men, I should know I had a massive heart attack which put me in hospital for close to 2 weeks, the only symptom I had was a terrible pain in the middle of my back and overwhelming fear nothing else I knew something was very wrong never crossed my mind that it was a heart attack, my husband took me immediately to emergency where they just ignored me, you see I am thin so at first glance not a candidate for a heart attack and only gave me some aspirin, thank God my husband called a friend of ours who is a doctor when he arrived he went ballistic and was shouting to the emergency doctors making them jump to an alert mode, will pass over the details of my stay a t the hospital. So ladies beware of these symptoms.

  2. Omg you look amazing.I love your style and how you were able to show everyone how affordable it is to look your best. I found an awesome way to lose weight and take action now. Its 2018. Let’s do this! I recommend following Tania but I also found another alternative. I’m not fashion trendy and this worked for me. https://tinyurl.com/yctlvflm

  3. Tania, you look great! Love your outfit. Very nice, casual and comfortable looking! Funny, when my husband was alive, he too didn’t think Valentine’s day was a reason to buy something!! If I wanted something, he would say, “go buy it”. (Well within reason) LOL! On another note, I will say to all who are thinking about getting the lash boost, Buy it! It does work! I’m glad I bought it a few months back!

  4. You are right..everyone should be aware of the symptoms of a heart attack and join in promoting that awareness amongst women. Such an important topic. Great outfit! I am shopping old navy more now based on your blog. Does lash boost lengthen only? I was told I needed to use mascara that made my lash line look thicker. I looked back at previous posts but couldn’t find the answer. Thank you. Best…Kathy

  5. Donna Handel Reply

    You look beautiful in this outfit. You must have an amazing closet!

  6. Lisa Dascaloff Reply

    I’m new to your blog and have been enjoying your ootd. Thank you for introducing me to Plunder. I had a great time choosing my purchases, and you show the pieces so well. How do you choose what you will send to the people that purchased through your party last month? Must be tough. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your posts.

  7. Thank you for sharing the very important information about heart attacks. I believe it is the leading killer of women and we need to be more aware of heart health!

    On the topic of long time love, yes the presents are nice but they don’t impress me. Deeds do. My husband does the things Joe does and that is what counts for me. He shows his love all the time! Not bad after 25 years!

    You look great as always Tania!

  8. Susan Stancliff Reply

    I love those earrings! The leather earrings are so nice a light weight. My husband is the same as Joe. We don’t need 1 special day to show each other our love. It’s everyday. Hearth Health is so important to me! I am a survivor. I almost lost my life to a birth defect that was undetected until 12 years ago. We always knew I had a heart murmur but the extent of damage was never detected. So I strongly urge everyone to see a cardiologist for a base line check to determine what is going on. I am so thankful everyday that I survived and I know it was because of all the beautiful grandchildren I have been given since. I needed to be here for them. Have a wonderful day!

    • Susan Stancliff Reply

      I did have open heart surgery to correct my problem. Now I am good as gold!

  9. Clarice Main Reply

    Thanks for the heart post…Something we ALL need! A note about your (cute) outfit: Would your earrings would show better if you put your hair behind your ears? They are so close to the color of your hair (perhaps it’s my computer?) that they fade into it.

  10. It is Red dress time to focusing on Women’s Heart Health. I wear my Red Dress Pin with everything. I agree about age for women like you and me. I’m single and not dating anyone at this time. If I want flowers I will buy them for myself. If I were married, just being able to be together and do something like finger food (veggie plate, hummus) something like that made for us would be Fabulous. Shoot sometimes just letting me have time to myself since my work is 12hrs with kids needing me every minute of those 12hrs. But God has created me to be single I feel. No good man has come into my focus in a long time.

  11. Hi Tania. Your color combo today is spot on. I also am not crazy about florals but that is a nice print. Thanks for reminder of heart attack symptoms & awareness. The chart was helpful.

  12. Sue S (MN) Reply

    Thanks for the heart health info, so good to know! I swear I have a tshirt from Loft that has the exact same floral print on it as your sweater! This makes a good combo. I never thought I would, but I did end up purchasing Plunder stuff over 2 orders. Got first one and love my bracelets, both have aqua/turquoise colors! Second package is on its way. 🙂

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