• 50 IS NOT OLD | CAN YOU WEAR SLEEVELESS TOPS IN THE WINTERIt SNOWED!!! I am one of those people who gets giddy when it snows. I even went on Facebook and did a “live” video of me and Lucy (my mixed breed Yorkie) out enjoying it while the snow was still falling. Even though we only got 3 or 4 inches of snow it still made me a happy camper. Lol! Joe, on the other hand, is not as big of a fan. He told me this afternoon that he was ready for the snow to go. I said that it just snowed last night but he said that was long enough. Hahaha! BTW, this is NOT what I wore when it snowed. I would probably have snow getting in my boots if I had worn this. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | CAN YOU WEAR SLEEVELESS TOPS IN THE WINTERWe quickly sold out of snow sleds today at work since all of the kids wanted to take advantage of the snow and the day off from school. It is funny how in our county there will be huge variations in the depth of snow depending on where you live. I live in the area that gets the LEAST amount of snow. If I get snow then the rest of the county is covered! I talked to my Energizer Bunny Friend this morning, she lives up a holler, and she said they had a lot of snow. She left her car at the bottom of her driveway so that she could get out to go to work this morning. Most of the time the State doesn’t send plows or salt trucks up these hollers so they have to wait until the sun melts the snow. The problem can be that the sun might not shine on these roads (because of the steep mountains) for days. I am glad that I am a “main road” kind of gurl. Lol! #Spoiled #MainRoad 50 IS NOT OLD | CAN YOU WEAR SLEEVELESS TOPS IN THE WINTEREven though it snowed today I am already starting to think about spring. Am I the only one??? The top that I have on is an older top but I wanted to wear it because of the colors. The yellow brightened my day and in the spring I might have worn white with the top. Since it is still winter, I decided to play up the gray and the burgundy colors in the print. The attached bow scarf adds a little bit of interest and also makes it more feminine looking. Even though it may not be spring yet I can still summon up a little spring with my look. This top is by Bisou Bisou and I bought it at JC Penny.

    50 IS NOT OLD | CAN YOU WEAR SLEEVELESS TOPS IN THE WINTERI went with some gunmetal accessories in my jewelry. The filigree Judy earrings are really lightweight, super cute, and ridiculously affordable. They are only 8.00!!! I would suggest these as an add-on to an order but I wouldn’t order them by themselves because of the shipping charges. The marcasite style bracelet is the Ophelia. This is on an elastic band so it is really easy to put on and take off. This is especially if you have arthritis or if you have trouble putting on bracelets with a clasp. Plunder is giving away a free gift with every Plunder purchase from now until February 14th.Today is the last day of my special. When you order at least 75.00 (excluding taxes and shipping) you will get ONE additional piece of jewelry from me. But, if you order at least 125.00 (excluding taxes and shipping) then you will get TWO items from me! Several of you have asked about buying more jewelry so for every additional 50.00 you spend after 125.00 I will add another piece of jewelry. January is the month to make your purchases!!! Go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens to place an order and be sure to pick a party with my name on it.50 IS NOT OLD | CAN YOU WEAR SLEEVELESS TOPS IN THE WINTERI carried this handbag the other day and someone mentioned that I forgot to tell the brand. This gray handbag has fun gold zippers and leather tassels are attached to the zipper pulls. This is by Aimee Kestenberg and I would call this a medium size. Even though it is not as big as some purses that I carry it does have plenty of room and lots of pockets. The wine colored suede booties are by Isaac Mizrahi. They have a large buckle on the side that is a great unique detail. Both of these items came from QVC. I was fortunate enough to get them from my overstock outlet.

    50 IS NOT OLD | CAN YOU WEAR SLEEVELESS TOPS IN THE WINTERThis top is sleeveless so I added the open front cardigan from Old Navy to give me some added warmth. I probably have three or four different cardigans in shades of gray. Gray is such a great neutral and you can wear it much easier than you can black. It is not as harsh as black against most people’s skin. I held up a lighter gray cardigan with this top and even though the lighter gray matched the top it just didn’t look as good. The dark of the gray made the yellow pop.50 IS NOT OLD | CAN YOU WEAR SLEEVELESS TOPS IN THE WINTERWant to play a game? Want to be entered to win a Free Lash Boost? I am looking for 5 people have never tried Lash Boost.
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  1. I usually love the outfits you wear but today the colors of your pants and shoes do not match at all!

    • Tania Reply

      That is weird, Nancy. I like the boots with the pants. They are not the SAME color but they are in the same color family.

      • I didn’t think they blended at all, screamed a miss to me. I hate to say this because Tanya is so cute and almost always spot on.

  2. You look very spring-y! Love the colours! From someone who gets giddy when it doesn’t snow…

    • Tania Reply

      As long as we are getting giddy I guess it all works.

  3. Good morning Tania. I have to agree with Nancy. The colors just don’t go together. Maybe it’s just the photo but jeans or dark grey pants & booties would have looked better. In the photo the sweater looks lavender. But I get the vibe you’re trying to get across and sleeveless shirts under jackets or cardigans are good for the cooler days. Especially for those of us who have a hot flash or two. Lol! Otherwise you look cute as ever.

    • Tania Reply

      See, we must be different because I liked the boots with the pants. Lol!

  4. Well, considering where I live, the way I wear sleeveless tops in the winter, is to layer a long sleeve one under everything else you’re wearing!! LOL! Just call me the layering fool!!

  5. Looks like a color crash to me. I do agree with layering and a sleeveless top takes away from the bulk in my arms. Love the yellow top because of the v-neck. We have some big snow coming in for the weekend and sounds like hot chocolate time. Enjoy the day.

  6. Teresa Spivey Reply

    I like the outfit. Brings a little sunshine to winter days! I have been wearing long underwear under my outfits. Feel like a short, fat bear, but a warm bear!

  7. Caroline Spoth Reply

    I like the color scheme! The boots and pants don’t “match” but do go together well. I love that you put so many colors together. I tend to dress in shades of the same color and play it safe. Time to break out of my box!

    • Tania Reply

      That is what I thought too, Caroline. I dress in different shade of the same colors a lot.

  8. We live in the desert southwest but at a pretty high altitude and we’ve only had a pinch of snow. Everything is SO dry. Our lawn is actually crunchy. Yikes! We need snow, rain, whatever we can get! I like the spring outfit, but I think my monitor colors are off from the actual colors since the shoes clash with the pants. Enjoy your snow covered mountain. 🙂

    • Your headline reminded me of college days back in the late 60’s. We wore sleeveless dresses all the time. (we weren’t allowed to wear pants to class then.) This was before the energy crisis in the 70’s and buildings were warm. People often wore bermuda shorts at home all winter. And if you watch the news stations, those gals often go sleeveless. It’s not comfortable for me any more. Guess I’ve gotten used to my sweaters.

  9. I like the outfit. It’s a combination that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. I also must tell you that you’re costing me money–lol! I finally took the plunge and bought some of your jewelry after admiring yours so much. Then to add onto it, I signed up for the Trunk Club because I loved the items you were getting from them! Enjoy your snowy weather.

    • Tania Reply

      I am so sorry that I am costing you money. Lol! Maybe that is why my emails stop coming to women. Their husbands go in and delete them. Lol!!!

  10. I think the outfit works because it isn’t matchy matchy. As long as it is on the same family of plots it makes sense to me. I like the subdued yellow. It’s like the first crocus you see. I would love to send you our snow!!

  11. I’m not thinking too much about spring because we haven’t had winter here in Roswell, NM. Today was in the mid 70’s! We have had no snow nor rain for over 3months! We really need moisture! I would get excited about a little snow!

  12. I like it all, but I see a purple sweater and purse not gray. I love the booties with
    the pants. Actually think I would love them with anything and everything.

  13. I love ya Tania but have to agree with some of the others. The first thing I thought was those boots don’t match the pants!

  14. Its all cute to me! I like your look today. I love that sweater.

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