50 IS NOT OLD | COATED PANTS THAT LOOK LIKE LEATHERI hope all of you are doing everything that you can to prevent getting the flu. It seems like it is really a bad strand and I keep hearing so many people who have come down with it. This flu seems to be particularly dangerous and developing pneumonia is a real issue. People are having strange symptoms that you wouldn’t normally associate with the flu, like having no aches or even a fever. Some of the schools are closing since so many children are missing and also they are trying to keep it from spreading.50 IS NOT OLD | COATED PANTS THAT LOOK LIKE LEATHERWe keep hand sanitizer on the counter at work and I see lots of customers are using it. I am finding some wood to knock on because thankfully no one at work has taken it yet. When you deal with the public and handle money you always run the risk of catching everything that is going around. My poor grandbabies in Tennessee all passed it around to each other including their mom but they are fine now. I bet my son waited on them with a mask and a gallon of sanitizer. I know a lot of people take flu shots, I never have, but it appears that the shots they gave this year didn’t help. Anyway, wash your hands often, keep your distance from people if possible, stay at home and read all of my past blog posts, and take vitamin C.50 IS NOT OLD | COATED PANTS THAT LOOK LIKE LEATHERI have a love/hate relationship with this top. I love the material and the style but I hate the color and the print. For the positives, I love a v-neck because it elongates your neck, I love the stain type material (100% polyester) because it feels and looks dressy but it is easy to care for, (machine washable) and I love the ruffles on the sleeves for the unique details. Negatives are that the color washes me out and the print is too much for me. This was in my last Trunk Club shipment and I sent it back but if had I known that it came in two other colors (see below) I might would have exchanged it. This is a medium that I am wearing and even though it says, “true to size” I think that I might have worn a small.

50 IS NOT OLD | COATED PANTS THAT LOOK LIKE LEATHERI think the little dots of the print on the blouse made me want to pick the Anna Marie necklace and the Esme earrings. This is the jewelry that I refer to as “my ladybug” set. It also has a matching bracelet but it is not on the website right now which makes me think that it is sold out. March will be the month that Plunder will be offering a lot of “sets” for a steeply discounted rate. That is when the items that will no longer be available in the upcoming catalog which usually releases in April. Plunder is giving away a free gift with every Plunder purchase from now until February 14th.I am still running my special when you order at least 75.00 (excluding taxes and shipping) you will get ONE additional piece of jewelry from me. But, if you order at least 125.00 (excluding taxes and shipping) then you will get TWO items from me! Several of you have asked about buying more jewelry so for every additional 50.00 you spend after 125.00 I will add another piece of jewelry. January is the month to make your purchases!!! Go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens to place an order and be sure to pick a party with my name on it.50 IS NOT OLD | COATED PANTS THAT LOOK LIKE LEATHERI really liked this pair of pants by NYDJ that were in my Trunk Club shipment. They are in a deep currant color but it is the material that makes these special. They are “coated” which makes the pants look like leather but they are not heavy or hot. These are machine washable which is something that you can’t do with leather. However, these are a size 12 and I normally wear a 10 and as you can see, these are way too big for me. The funny thing is that they say on the website that they will stretch and you should order a size down. Whoops, I think my stylist messed up on that one. Lol! When I was looking on the website I noticed several brands are carrying the coated jeans, these must be a new trend that is coming.50 IS NOT OLD | COATED PANTS THAT LOOK LIKE LEATHERA good pair of classic black pumps finishes this look. These are by Coach and I can wear them with jeans, dresses, capris, or shorts. Classic pumps will never go out of style so you can splurge on a nice pair.

50 IS NOT OLD | COATED PANTS THAT LOOK LIKE LEATHERI will be mailing out another mini eyecream sample and Sandy is the winner today. I mail out so many samples and gifts that the postman just rolls his eyes when he see me coming. Lol! I have been talking so much since last Friday night about Rodan + Fields that my voice is almost gone. I talked to some ladies in New Jersey Friday night and another bunch Saturday night. Then, I talked with a lady in Pennsylvania on Saturday and one in South Carolina Saturday and again on Sunday. Yesterday, I talked to a lady in Wisconsin and one in Ohio. Joe heard me talking and when I got off the phone he came through and said, “you really love doing that, don’t you?” He said that I just light up when I am talking. Lol! He is right, when you are doing something that you love, it isn’t work. This is my unique story. Actual earnings vary significantly: no income is guaranteed. For information regarding typical results, search Rodan + Fields IDS.

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  1. Debra Cole Reply

    Good Very Early Morning Tania!
    I am here in Nashville, TN. paying some bills & your blog popped up. I thoroughly enjoy your postings & have been following you for 9 months or so. Where is family in TN.? You are spot on with the flu. I was diagnosed with pneumonia 4 days before Christmas. Had my flu shot & was shocked when my doctor said it was pneumonia. Thought maybe bronchitis. I wanted to tell you I ordered & have received the sweatshirt you highlighted a few days ago from Peace Love World. I got the one with the word ‘Love’ on it, in the beautiful pink-lilac. I just “HAD” to have it! The collar is unlike anything I have. Can wear it in a variety of ways. It is so soft & very nice. I shop a lot from QVC & HSN for awhile now. I have many ongoing health problems & lots of abdominal issues inside but mainly outside, so trying on at home is much easier for me. I love your sense of style & appreciate all the different accessories you show along with the clothes. My big NEED is for some nice heels. I have to use a small orthotic to make me even after my left hip surgery dislocated at home during the rehab period & had to have the surgery re-done. My orthopaedic doctor tried to make me ‘even’, but I am about 1/8” off, thus the orthotic. I was wondering about a kitten or a block heel? Do you have any suggestions? I would appreciate it. May the Lord continue to blessing you & your postings.
    Debra Cole

    • Tania Reply

      Debra, I am from a small town in middle Tennessee named Livingston. It is halfway between Nashville and Knoxville. I am glad that you are over pneumonia, it can really be hard on us, especially as we get older. Now you are making ME want that sweatshirt. It looked so cute and you make it sound wonderful. I would suggest looking at Vionic. I know that QVC carries that line and I saw several nice kitten heels on there last night when I was searching for pumps.

  2. Bernie McIntyre Reply

    Hi Tania the coated jeans or “Pleather ” jeans as we call them 😅 have been a huge trend this side of the water for awhile I love them they are a great go to item very flattering they can be worn casual or dressy you can definitely wear a size smaller they are worn like skinny jeans I love the colour combo but maybe a different colour top for your colouring 😁

    • Tania Reply

      Bernie, I have had things that I considered “pleather” before also but they actually tried to really “look” like leather. I am not sure how to describe these, they have a leather look but at the same time, they still look like material. That made no sense, did it? lol!

  3. Are the jeans coated? Have not encountered these before so I’m not sure about how they feel to wear them. They look nice but I’m always funny about the feel of certain materials. I am not sure about the top and I would have returned it as well. A navy hop would have looked nice. Knock on wood…I have not been sick this year!!! I get a flu shot every year. Have a great day! Best…kathy

    • Tania Reply

      Kathy, that is what they call them. They had a slick type finish that gives them a sheen but they are not hard or heavy like a leather pair would be.

  4. I like the top and pants. Too bad they aren’t quite a hit for you but they would be in the right colour/size I’m sure.

    • Tania Reply

      Janet, if the jeans had fit and if the top had been either of the other two colors, they would be hanging in my closet right now.

  5. Bev Dickes Reply

    Good morning Tania, I have been seeing your pins on Pinterest for some time and decided to follow your blog. I’m a little older than 50, but they say 60 is the new 50, right? Anyway, I enjoy reading about your style ideas and would like to know more about you and how you got started writing a blog. I’m a professional seamstress and dress maker and specialize in bridal. So fashion is always on my mind. Even though I have worked from my home for thirty years, I dress work work everyday. That is why I .ove seeing the outfits you put together. Bev

  6. JeaP9DF5JCwCx9yjdBn3fhoG1RJcX8TCFL8GBswU4zE= Reply

    Tania, As a nurse, I must say “shame on you” for not taking the flu shot. Although the effectiveness is only 30% this year, it’s a lot better than zero percent without it. Also, with the flu shot your symptoms can be less severe. We are seeing extreme cases in the baby boomers who are 49-63; VERY detrimental with folks on ventilators and such. Soooo, it’s not too late-go get that flu shot now and at least protect yourself a little bit! Even healthy children are dying from the flu. Stay healthy!

  7. Think I’ll tell my boss Tania said to keep away from people, stay home and read blogs instead. He should be good with that, right?

    I have a pair of black coated pants that I wear all the time, they are great!! Agree with your thoughts on top. Funny how amazing the plain burgundy one looks.

    Stay well😊

    • Tania Reply

      Be sure to tell your boss that. Lol!!! I agree about the plain burgundy top, it looks great!

  8. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Good morning. I love the coated jeans. I have a pair and they can certainly be dressed up. You are right, this outfit is not very flattering. Sorry. We are staying away from the flu even though 1 of my granddaughters had it. I work in the medical field and am very glad it has left me alone so far. Have a great day!

    • Tania Reply

      I know it wasn’t flattering. Even thought the color wasn’t right for me it might look great on someone else. That is why I decided to show it.

  9. Let me tell you how much I love the coated jeans trend, Tania!! The best thing about them?? They don’t collect pet hair!! For someone like me who has 2 cats, it’s a dream come true!!

  10. Luckily I have escaped the flu so far. Of course I did get a flu shot, and I always read your blog! So far so good.

  11. Caroline Ables Spoth Reply

    The first thing I thought of when I saw your blog was……this is definitely a miss! The top and pants overwhelm you and make you look larger than you really are. I am 5’3″ and am frequently caught between petite and regular sizes. I do have a seamstress that will hem my pants/sleeves at a reasonable price! I love the feminine look of the ruffled/bell sleeve but hemming those sleeves aren’t an option. I have to say I’ve purchased a few pieces since I started following your blog…..my cheetah booties and Lottie necklace are my favorites! I’m always worried I’m dressing too young…..any advice on knowing where the line is? I’m 57 yo. Thank you!

    • Tania Reply

      I knew that this was not the outfit for me, Caroline. But, for someone with a darker complexion it might look great on. Don’t worry about dressing too young. If you like it, then wear it.

  12. Hi Tania. I like the “coated” pants & the color but they are too big on you. A size down & they’d be perfect. The top just not my style but a navy sweater or blouse would work nicely with that color pant. My husband had the flu a few weeks ago. He got Tamiflu and it helped shorten the length & severity of the flu but he was still pretty sick for over a week. Luckily I didn’t get it. If you think you might have it go to doctor as soon as you can and get the Tamiflu. We’ve heard of young, healthy people dying from the flu this year. Scary!

  13. Cindy DeBenning Reply

    I think I’m the only who who likes the print and color of the top. I just think it’s too big on you.

    • I love the top and the print as well. Soo sad you sent it back Tania..

  14. I love pattern, but I have to agree with you on this one. Something about it just doesn’t work, even though the color is gorgeous. The pants are super cute!

  15. I also love the style, color and print of the shirt—but echo that the size of the pants and top as a little too big! Still a really attractive outfit! Look forward to what you bring to us each week Tania! Blessings!!!

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