50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON A SATURDAYDo you ever feel like you have just got to recharge your batteries? You would think that after I spent last weekend in Georgia and went to the spa for a nice massage that my batteries would be nice and full. Evidently, that is not the case because I came home from work last night and fell asleep until 7:15 pm. I woke up almost in a panic that I didn’t go to the store and we had nothing to eat in the house, PLUS, I didn’t have anything written for the blog. It didn’t take long for my inner “Scarlett” to take over and before I knew it I was saying, “I’ll worry about going to the store tomorrow. We can scrounge tonight.” Lol!!! Poor, Joe.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON A SATURDAYI didn’t feel sorry for him very long before I remembered him poking at me on Thursday. I went live on my Facebook page and he listened to it and started making fun of me. Going live is hard! I panic about what I am going to say and I usually end up saying something wrong. That was the case on Thursday. I meant to say that I was going to make the live post really short so that I didn’t take up everyone’s time. Instead, I said something like I am going to make this really shortly. He just kept rewinding that to hear me say it over and over and over. THEN, he laughed and laughed when I said that I worked full time. Evidently, he doesn’t think that my hours qualify as full time so I went to the IRS website and looked up the description of full time. It says that if you work 30 hours a week or 130 hours per month that you are considered full time. Yes, I put that much time in so I had to rub it in a little that Mr. Perfect was wrong this time. Hahaha!50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON A SATURDAYI know that I just came to you wearing a sweatshirt (here) but this is Saturday and I want a show of hands on how many of you are wearing one today. Saturday is a stay at home and relax kind of day for the most of us and that will sometimes include a sweatshirt. I bet you can’t guess where I bought this. Lol!!! I love picking up a souvenir when I travel. Sometimes it is a coffee mug but when I saw this shirt I went to check it out. When I felt the fabric I liked the softness and the fact that it was lightweight, but it was the color that I fell in love with. All the shirts that I am linking to come in a pretty blue color even if they do not show that in the photo. Be sure to check out the pink one, I LOVE the different design and the wording on that one.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON A SATURDAYToday’s jewelry is the Plunder Posse for this month. The necklace is different than most of the Plunder style jewelry. I love the large crackle looking round stones and the leather tassel but the material band is not the norm for them. I am on the fence about the look, I don’t love it and I don’t hate it. Lol! The earrings, however, I do really like and I can see me getting a lot more wear with them this spring. I like the pastel and softer colors along with the ivory tassel. Both of these items are included in the Posse this month. The bracelet was a Valentine’s special and I had to have it because of its name. This was the EMBRACE bracelet which is my word of the year. Unfortunately, most of the Valentine specials have already sold out. Don’t fret though because Plunder is giving away a free gift with every Plunder purchase from now until February 14th. I am still running my special when you order at least 75.00 (excluding taxes and shipping) you will get ONE additional piece of jewelry from me. But, if you order at least 125.00 (excluding taxes and shipping) then you will get TWO items from me! Several of you have asked about buying more jewelry so for every additional 50.00 you spend after 125.00 I will add another piece of jewelry. January is the month to make your purchases!!! Go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens to place an order and be sure to pick a party with my name on it.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON A SATURDAYSome of you commented yesterday that you would have probably chosen to wear flats if you had been traveling. Here is a pair of my traveling or running around the house type shoes. These little ballet shoes are by Isaac Mizrahi and they are really comfortable. When I first got this pair, however, I wasn’t sure that I was going to like them. It took me wearing them several times before I “broke” them in. I think it was the elastic around the foot opening that bothered me. I like navy shoes but I don’t own many pairs so I end up wearing these quite often.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON A SATURDAYIn the winter I wear a lot of jeans. This pair is the Diana from Kut From The Kloth and they are probably my favorite pair to wear right now. They fit me perfectly and they have just enough stretch to make them really comfortable but not baggy. I am so glad that they have gotten the material where you don’t have baggy knees when you stand up. That was not attractive. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR ON A SATURDAYMy Energizer Bunny Friend came by work yesterday and we got to talking about what I had said on the blog yesterday about R+F. She asked me if I could see if anyone had been interested in the business enough to go and check out the sign on kits. I told her since the first of January I could see that 201 people had looked at the business kits. I thought I was going to have to pick her up off of the floor. Lol!!! “What!” “Then why haven’t they signed up?” So, I told her that just like we did when we first joined, I assumed everyone still had some unanswered questions. I could sit here and expound on all kinds of questions that I normally get but it would be more helpful if you gurls asked me the questions so that anyone else watching might get the answers they are looking for. Everyone who asks a question will be entered into a drawing for a FREE 2-week sample of the Multi-Function eye cream.

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  1. Hi Tania…still waiting for R+F to come to the UK (I keep checking out the business kits!)
    Any news?

    • Tania Reply

      Kim, I haven’t heard anything about UK yet but I can’t imagine that it will be very long before they come to the UK. Their RFX trip (the trip for the highest consultants in the company) was to London. In my heart, I feel like that was a trial run so I am crossing my fingers.

  2. Hi Tania,
    I am one of the 201 that have checked out the kits. My question is this…..
    Do most of sales come from family & friends, or is rhis more of an online business?
    Thank you!

    • Tania Reply

      Debbie, everyone is different and works their business in the way that they want. That is one of the perks, you can work it any way you want. I do not have many friends or family members that buy from me. Most of my family members purchase from my daughter or my sister. I have a few close friends that purchase but most are distant friends, acquaintances or friends from my past, or blog readers. This is mostly an online business in the sense that anyone that has a computer can place an order and you never have to order for them, collect money, or deliver the product. If I had to make deliveries I would be in trouble since a lot of my customers are all over the country. Lol!

  3. I’ll be truthful…I too have looked at the kits but haven’t signed up. If I ordered a kit… how do you get started with out pressuring your friends and family? I don’t know that many people. My friends daughter sells Mary Kay cosmetics. I bought some to be nice but she now blows up my phone. I don’t want to do that to my friends. So any suggestions would be helpful. I would hate to spend alit if money then not be able to sell the product. We are on a budget! Any insight would help. Best… kathy

    • Tania Reply

      Kathy, you have already identified what you DON’T want to do and you do not have to do anything like that. Here is what I would suggest to most people. You, of course, need to let your family and friends know that you sell the products. There is a difference in saying, “Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I am now a R+F consultant and I would love for you to talk to you about my business and their wonderful products” and blowing up someone’s phone constantly. I actually struggle with following up with people who ask questions. I never want to bother anyone but at the same time, I don’t want to let them slip through the cracks when they are interested. I never want to be the person that people turn their head’s from when they see me coming.

    • Tania Reply

      Actually, Mary, the price is one of the easiest objections to address. Let me put it to you this way:

      Most people are used to going to the store and buying 1 product at a time. You can still do that with R+F also, but the regimen bundles are the best value. Let me break it down for you this way. A regimen is 4 products and they will last you for 60 days. (They last me more like 90 days) When purchased as a Preferred Customer (the only way to go) the most expensive regimen (Redefine) is 179.00. Simple math is to divide the 179.00 by the 60 days and you get 2.98 per day. So, for 3.00 a day you get 4 products. Let’s divide the 3.00 by 4 and you can see that your product only costs you .75 each. You use these products 2 times a day so the cost per use is now down to .37.5.

      If you went to McDonald’s and bought a large Coke and they told you that you needed to pay for the Coke in 60-day increments the price would scare most people away. But, because they can purchase one day at a time they never even think about it twice. Lol!

  4. You look great in your casual wear! I’m not a fan of the fabric for this months Posse but I really think it’s unique and have received compliments. I love it with your blue sweatshirt. 😊 I’m styling a very soft sweatshirt today that says Coffee Til Cocktails! That’s how I roll on Saturday. LOL. Have a blessed day!

    • Tania Reply

      I am not that big a fan either but some might love the fabric. Lol!

  5. How much support do you received from your up line? Are the R&F dealers/consultants supportive of one another or is it kind of cut throat?

    I love the earrings too but not the necklace.

    • Tania Reply

      Great question, Angela, and I am really glad that you asked this. You will be shocked at how all the consultants support an help each other. It is not at all what I thought it would be. Not only is my upline or sponsor extremely helpful but her sponsor and her sponsor and her sponsor are all available to me and I talk to them on a fairly regular basis. I could see why that would happen but the thing that really shocked me is the “sideline” consultants and how helpful they are. These are consultants that are nowhere in our teams and can be anywhere in the country. For instance, my Energizer Bunny Friend and I went last Sunday and met up with a group that is 2 hours away to plan an event for next month. None of us stand to make any money from each other but we can all help each other and learn from each other. Also, I have just recently become friends with Dawn. Dawn is the sister or Lory, a blog reader, who found out we both loved R+F. Dawn and I have connected and are “partnering” up to help each other out. If the worry of cut throat is your concern, then let’s get you signed right up because you will be AMAZED how this is not an issue!!!!

    • Tania Reply

      Lol, Connie. I think that a lot of people will think that too.

  6. I looked into the kit and have heard good things about the product. My question is can i make a one time purchase?

    • Tania Reply

      You can make a one-time purchase but you won’t want to, Mary Ann. Lol!!! It took you YEARS to develop the sun damage and the lines and wrinkles. Honestly, they probably won’t disappear in one 60-day use of the products. You will see improvement in your problems however and that is why you will want to continue the use of the products. These were the first products that I had ever tried that actually worked. All of the others have either been given away to a woman’s shelter, thrown away, or still sitting in my closet.

    • Tania Reply

      Julie, I know exactly what you mean. No one wants to bother their friends or feel like they are pressuring them into buying something. When I first signed up as a consultant I don’t think that I told anyone. It was only after my readers started to comment about my face “glowing” that it dawned on me that others might “want” to hear about what I had found and was loving. In fact, I was kind of being selfish in keeping it to myself. Would your friends think you were being pushy if you told them that you just found a new restaurant that you loved and they should check it out? NO! What if you told them about a movie you went and saw, a new shampoo that you just tried, or a new boutique you went shopping at? You and I both know the answer is, NO!!! So, I am not sure how we get in our minds that we are bothering someone by telling them what we joined and that we think they might like the products. You don’t have to message them over and over and over again. You wouldn’t do that about the restaurant. Lol! If you just think of it in this way then I think you can see what I am talking about.

      • “So, I am not sure how we get in our minds that we are bothering someone by telling them what we joined and that we think they might like the products.”

        You can thank Mary Kay, It Works, Xyngular, Beach Body, Jamberry, AmWAY, ETC for that.

        • Tania Reply

          I think the problem comes in when you are constantly telling someone when they tell you that they are not interested. At the same time, I have had people who “thought” they weren’t interested in the products to decide to give them a try and they want to kick themselves in the rear for waiting so long. Lol!

  7. Hi Tania
    I have looked into the products. My question is can i make a one time purchase?

  8. The color of your “ritszy” sweat shirt matches your eyes well. Sweatshirt and jeans are a perfect Saturday outfit. I adore navy shoes of any type. Now about that necklace—NO! It looks like a bad Home Ec crafts project from the 1960’s.

  9. Teresa Spivey Reply

    I don’t care for the necklace, but the jeans, flats and sweatshirt are my Saturday style!
    Blue always looks good on you.

    • Tania Reply

      I think most are in agreement with you, Teresa, about the necklace.

  10. Your Saturday comfort is spot on. I work 14hrs a day 5 days a week. Even hours on weekend. I’m business owner and a single lady. Sweatshirts are my favorite comfy choice. I know another blogger and it is a full time job to make it profitable. I’m new to your blog but am enjoying it. I live in the Pacific Northwest, so your fall outfits here even in the Spring.

    • Tania Reply

      Wow, 14 hours a day!!! Holy crap, that is a LOT of time. You need to rest on the weekends. My daughter is in Alaska so I know what you mean about it being cold way up until the spring.

  11. Good morning Tania!
    Well, as a post menopausal woman, I now have to dress in layers. I can’t wear a long sleeve sweatshirt at all, unless it has a zipper and I can easily take it off. So basically a short sleeve T and my hoodie is my go to for the weekend and any other day I don’t have to go out. I used to have so many cute sweaters but have mostly given them away since don’t see my thermostat is going to change any time soon. Your sweatshirt looks great with your eyes and I like the looser hem. I appreciate your live posts of FB! No judgement here if a mistake is made…you’re human! Thanks for all the info you’ve given us. My question would be how long did you use the products before you bought a consultant kit?

    Have a great weekend!

    • Tania Reply

      My sister tells me all the time that she can’t wear this or that because of hot flashes. She likes layers too so that she can take some off if the flash hits. Lol! As far as when to become a consultant, that is different for everyone. Some people sign up immediately and then use the products. Some like me started with the products and when it came time to reorder they sign up then. There have even been some people who only sign up for a business and have never even used the products. Everyone has the ability to do what works best for them.

  12. Lovely sweatshirt color. No to the necklace. Big ole no. Looks like the ID holder things people wear to conventions, etc. I am going to check out the jeans. Love it when you post each item you’re wearing.

    • Tania Reply

      No, Sue. I am sorry but at this time Plunder does not ship anywhere but the US.

  13. I am a big fan of a soft, casual sweatshirt and jeans on Saturday! Sadly I tend to wear the same old comfy one every weekend … guess it is time to update 🙂

  14. Ramona Puckett Reply

    Thank you, Tania, for all the answers from all the questions. Everyone has asked what I wondered about. Love the Saturday outfit, the necklace, hmm, not so much!

  15. Jennifer Turner Reply

    I recently received the necklace in my Posse and it is a big NO! I was wondering how you’d style it.
    Otherwise, your outfit is great and casual/comfy is my daily choice 🙂

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