50 IS NOT OLD | EMBROIDERY ON THE CATWALKI am a little on the stressed side tonight. I spent ALL day long working on payroll taxes and W-2’s. That is probably enough said for most of you, I think you can sympathize. Doing reports and W-2s are bad enough normally but remember I got a new software system this year and the kinks haven’t been completely worked out of it yet. These are two of the kinks. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | EMBROIDERY ON THE CATWALKIt took me forever to find some numbers that were off then it took me hours more to figure out how to fix the issue. I was feeling pretty proud of myself until I realized that I still had to now file them online because the State now requires them filed that way. Everyone is going away from paper in every way they can. I almost hit the upload button when I noticed that the “state” information on the W-2 was missing. My new software hadn’t included that in their totals. I figured out all of the numbers myself and uploaded the information to the state and the social security administration. The problem of the software being wrong still exists but I am going to be Scarlett O’Hara and worry about that tomorrow. Hahaha!50 IS NOT OLD | EMBROIDERY ON THE CATWALKBlack again! I am beginning to feel like Johnny Cash instead of Tanya Tucker. (how you pronounce my name) Anyway, I really like this bulky sweater from Woven Heart. This was one of the items in this months Trunk Club shipment. I am wearing a large but because it is on the boxy side I might could have sized down to a medium. This is machine washable and dry flat. It has taken my stylist a while to get used to my taste and style but every shipment I seem to be keeping more and more items. Goodness, I hope she doesn’t get to know me too well or I’ll go broke. Lol! Embroidery is a huge trend at the moment, it has even been on the catwalk at fashion week, and this sweater is super cute. Even though it just came in my shipment, it must already be sold out since I can’t find it on the website. However, this one by the same company is even cuter. Darn! I wish she had sent me that one instead. Which one of the two do you like better?

50 IS NOT OLD | EMBROIDERY ON THE CATWALKI tried to match my jewelry to the crimson tank that I am wearing under the sweater. My Kalani leather earrings are in a teardrop shape. They have a 3.5″ drop but they are very lightweight. The necklace I chose is the Jenna and I could have worn this colorful necklace with almost anything in my closet. Lol! This necklace is 40″ long and I have worn it doubled before and it looks really cute. You have a week left to take advantage of my Plunder special. When you order at least 75.00 (excluding taxes and shipping) you will get ONE additional piece of jewelry from me. But, if you order at least 125.00 (excluding taxes and shipping) then you will get TWO items from me! Several of you have asked about buying more jewelry so for every additional 50.00 you spend after 125.00 I will add another piece of jewelry. January is the month to make your purchases!!! Go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens to place an order and be sure to pick a party with my name on it. 50 IS NOT OLD | EMBROIDERY ON THE CATWALKThis is a semi-back view. Lol!!! I am not sure why I only showed the look from the side, probably to let you see that it was not a high low design. I have on my black velvet leggings since I know that winter won’t be lasting forever I am trying to get in as many wears as I can. Velvet is a huge trend right now and you can find it on coats, sweater, pants, handbags, hats, etc.

The black leather dress boots are by Bandolino. You will go a ton of use from a pair of black boots because you could literally wear them with everything. I really need another pair in a different style because I am constantly grabbing this pair. I hate wearing the same thing over and over and over but when you have an item that is so versatile things like that happen.

50 IS NOT OLD | EMBROIDERY ON THE CATWALKDid you know that people experience a life change almost every 6-months? Sometimes these are wonderful events like a new baby, grandbaby, marriage in the family, a new job, or a new house. Sometimes the changes are not something we want like losing our job, divorce, retirement, or death. I started the blog with the hopes that I would be able to work from anywhere in the world as long as I had wifi. I didn’t realize when I became a R+F consultant that it was exactly the same way. CHECK out what Forbes had to said and if you are intrigued by what “could be” then go to tstephens5.myrandf.biz and check out the business kits that are available for you to start your own journey.
“A side hustle is more than just another stream of income, it’s also the new job security. When you receive paychecks from different sources, it allows you to take more chances in your regular career. More income means more options. More options equal freedom… Some people just make $500, $1,000, or $2,000 per month. It’s not small money, but it’s not huge either. But $500 or $1,000 per month can change someone’s life. Occasionally, something miraculous can happen as well, he says. Some people start side hustles that take on a life of their own, and they end up in some pretty spectacular circumstances where their lives are truly changed.” FORBES

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  1. Tania, really love the embroidery, your outfit is a win today! and I couldn’t help noticing the bracelets. Another win, are they plunder as well?

  2. I would have shot the computer! I hate taxes and math!!!! Icky! I love the sweater, I own it!! The embroidery trend is so sweet!

  3. Teresa Spivey Reply

    I guess the new trend is shorter and boxier? I am always behind on the styles. Thank you for trying to keep us in step with the current trends. I like the look on you, but I do like the long tops that cover my ample booty!! Love the embroidery!! I do prefer the embroidery on the sleeves.

    • Tania Reply

      I am afraid that shorter and boxier is going to be the new trend. I am using my tank tops to give me some extra coverage when I wear this trend for the booty coverage issue. Lol!

  4. Kudos to you, Tania for dealing with all that paperwork. God forbid the “system” ever crashes. Ha, ha. Then we will be even more glad there are people like you who know how to crunch the numbers without a computer. I love the embroidery trend. I used to embroider my own clothes when I was young and it wasn’t even trendy then. Have a great day. – Amy

    • Tania Reply

      You know how it is. Amy, everything comes back into style eventually. I have been seeing a lot of stirrup pants popping up lately. Lol!

  5. Love the outfit! That necklace would go with so many things. Love it!

  6. Your accessories match perfectly. Love the black with the bright colors!

  7. Donna-jane Reply

    Morning Tania don’t you just love fixing a software issue the developer forgot? I didn’t even know there was such a thing as velvet leggings! I agree the sweater with the side embroidery is pretty fly. We have to get Plunder up here in Canada 🇨🇦 for heaven’s sake we are sorely missing out on some awesome deals!

    • Tania Reply

      Donna, you just tell me what you want from Plunder and I’ll get it to you.

  8. Like this sweater better than the other..colors are closer to your face and just seem to brighten your overall look!! 😊

  9. I like the way you paired the sweater with the long tank to give it a completely different look. I think the embroidered sleeve is interesting and fresh as I don’t remember seeing that when embroidered clothing was previously in style. So sorry I gave away my mother’s black embroidered sweater (like yours) with added gemstones and beads. Love the side view, so keep ’em coming!

  10. Good morning, Tania!
    This outfit is great! I don’t currently wear lots of black, but with the embroidery it looks lovely and fun! I like the top you’re wearing better. I prefer the colors in the embroidery. Have a great day!

  11. Tania, I love the sweater! I too, love the embroidery…I’m just catching up on some of last week and this weeks worth of your blogs. I don’t know why I’m not receiving your emails all of a sudden! I’ve “unsubscribed” and then “subscribed” so that I would get the blogs, but I don’t get them! I’ve loved all your outfits and enjoyed hearing about your weekend at the spa!

  12. Tania! You are an inspiration. I love, love this look. Beautiful! I love the jewelry too> It is the joy and confidence. Sorry that you have to pioneer all things like the Numbers! this is my favorite

  13. Andrea Lingenflter Reply

    I love following you Tanya! Love your hairstyle too! Would you ever consider doing a live tutorial and your hair products You Use?

  14. Jeanne Epley Reply

    I really like that sweater, I will have to see where else I can get it!!

  15. Jeni Underwood Reply

    Funny, you ended with life changes, going through one right now, and 6 months ago. My sister and I are closing on our mothers house tomorrow. It’s where we mostly grew up. And it’s because 6 months we helped her into assisted living, due to dementia. It’s been fun and heartbreaking going through all the past treasures. Our father passed 10 years ago, but we know he would be happy with the choices we helped our mother make. Enjoy your posts, and your classy looks.

    • Tania Reply

      Jeni, I understand how it is fun to look at all the past treasures and still mourn the loss of your mother’s health. Dementia is a hard disease to watch your loved ones go through.

  16. Charlcy Green Reply

    Really cute sweater! And I love the velvet pants and boots! Wish I could find a pair! Thanks for always giving us ways to get free stuff! You’re the best!

  17. For myself Tania, I would prefer the embroidery down the sleeve. The sweater looks good on you.I’m 4’11” and I think it would overpower my chest area because I’m short waisted.

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