50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING YOUR HEART ON YOUR CHESTAre you busy? There are days that I don’t think I can do another single thing but I somehow manage to do even more. Yesterday was one of those days when I thought my day was crammed so full that if anyone even spoke to me that I would explode. Here is my typical day, I get up and feed the dog and cat because they will aggravate you to death until they are fed. Lol! Then, I will do a morning devotion while having a cup of hot water with honey and lemon. (I am trying to cut out all caffeine) Next, I am on to the blog to approve comments and answer them and pin my outfit on Pinterest.50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING YOUR HEART ON YOUR CHESTI repeat the same process with FaceBook with trying to answer any comments that have been left. Now it is time to move on to my emails and delete any advertisements and answer all of the others. By then it is time to eat some breakfast and then start the same process all over again. After I do all of that I am off to get dressed. I take the opportunity to listen to training calls while I am putting on my makeup, multi-tasking at its best. Lol! I work and come home around 5:00 most days and then sit down and go through the first process again. Answering all the comments, emails, etc. It is now time to process my pictures and start the blog for the next day, cook supper, etc. Yesterday, I added this to my already packed schedule: lead a team training call, and do the blog post for the next day because I have a corporate event I am attending and won’t be home to write the post. I am willing to put my day up against almost anyone’s. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING YOUR HEART ON YOUR CHESTI am gearing up for the next holiday. Valentine’s Day is just a little over a month away. How did this happen so fast? I have not recovered fully from Christmas and it is time for that little flying cupid to start shooting arrows. Hearts have never been my “thang” for some reason. But, when I saw this sweater last year I just couldn’t resist buying it. Shiny objects happen to be my “thang” so this spoke to me. I saw this online at a boutique and I was thrilled when it came in because it was cute as can be and also really soft. Here is where I wore this last year. Remember, you don’t have to dress in red head-to-toe to still seem festive. This is a much lower-key way to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day, did you get me anything?” Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING YOUR HEART ON YOUR CHESTI ordered some new Valentine jewelry from Plunder but since I just placed the order on Monday it hasn’t arrived yet. But, I did get an email that the jewelry has shipped already so I will be putting it on the blog as soon as I can. I know you like to see the items on me so you can judge how big they are, etc. The earrings I have on are also on the specials tab (that is where the Valentines’ jewelry is also) and they are called the Sariah. These are a pretty flower design with a clear center. The bracelets I have one are magnetic and provide plenty of sparkles. The clear one is the Chalon and it is still available but the red one was a special last year that has been gone for awhile. I hope they bring it back because red jewelry seems to be a big seller. Remember that this month I will be sending everyone who makes a purchase over 75.00 excluding taxes and shipping a extra piece of jewelry. I am going to wait until the month is over and send everyone’s gift out at the same time. When I try to send some here and there I tend to get confused if I have sent something or not. #50isforgetful is what me Energizer Bunny Friend tells me all the time. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING YOUR HEART ON YOUR CHESTThese red suede ankle boots are not for the faint of heart. But, if you can wear these boots with attitude, you will be surprised at the compliments you will get. They never fail to draw attention and comments. These are by Bellini and they run just a tad big. I ordered my normal size and they work but I could have used a 1/2 size smaller. I love all the zipper embellishments even though I didn’t get a good picture of them all. I wore these boots in February of 2016 and it almost makes me crazy to see that picture. Lawsy, it is a mess. 50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING YOUR HEART ON YOUR CHESTThese distressed jeans are a pair of Rockstar jeans from Old Navy. I ordered them in tall so I have them cuffed THREE times. Lol! This pair is also high-waisted which I thought I would hate because I was thinking “mom jeans” but instead I really like them. Because they are high-waisted they hold in a lot of the “muffin” top that can be a problem for lower waisted pants. The GILI black leather purse is so soft and subtle but it is the large tassel that made me make this purchase. This purse is sturdy and great quality.50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING YOUR HEART ON YOUR CHESTTonight I am off to Johnson City, Tennessee to a corporate event for Rodan + Fields. I am excited to attend since this is the closest that corporate has ever come to me and even then I am still 2 hours away. Welcome to my life of living in the hills of Virginia. I would still love for you to come out and meet up with me so send me an email and I will tell you the details. There will probably be around 50 or so ladies there and you are under NO obligation to do anything except having a good time! I plan on meeting a few ladies for a quick drink before the meeting starts and I would love for you to be my guest. This is my unique story. Actual earnings vary significantly: no income is guaranteed. For information regarding typical results, search Rodan + Fields IDS.

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  1. Great weekend outfit. I’m tired all the time and totally agree that one more thing on the plate feels overwhelming. It’s a rich full life however! I try to focus on the fact that I like to be busy and productive! I said before…doing a blog everyday is a full time job! Kudos! You do a great job!!!

    • Tania Reply

      Me too, Kathy!!! When I worked in an accountant’s office I loved tax season. I love being busy and productive!!!!

  2. Cristina Downey Reply

    Love the outfit and would have never thought of putting those yeti colors together but they look great! Have fun in Tennessee!

    • Tania Reply

      Yeti colors??? I am confused. I am guessing it was auto-correct. Lol!!!

  3. love the red boots! such a great look today. I am glad I am not the only one that feels like they pack as much into a day as possible.

    • Tania Reply

      Mary, I love it though! I can’t imagine what I would do if my day was not filled to the rim.

  4. Linda Bunger Reply

    Love the outfit! The colors look great together! You look so slender!

    Have a fun and safe trip!

    • Tania Reply

      Linda, did you say slender??? You are my kind of gurl. Lol!

  5. You look so beautiful !
    Can you share what have you done to your face that look so radiant!!

    • Tania Reply

      Martha, thank you so much! I love that compliment. I promise you that I am not pregnant. Lol!!! It is because I use Rodan + Fields. After I signed up as a consultant I started getting these comments asking about my face, that it was “glowing.”

  6. Besides the great outfit and killer boots, one thing I noticed is your skin. Check out the difference between your February 11, 2017 post and today’s post. Wow, what a difference! Looking great!

  7. Tania what time do you get up in the morning to get all that done before you go in to work? My New Year’s “goal” was to eliminate time on the computer and I’m not doing so well at that. Your top does look so comfy but I still have a hard time wearing tops with pictures/words on them. Wish I could get over that as there are some really cute ones out there. Have a fun trip!

  8. Brenda Noble Reply

    You just won an amazing award trip from Rodan+Fields that makes people envious. This blog post shows how HARD you have worked to develop your business and to connect and support everyone through your blog and FB. So many ladies look forward to reading you blog and I know it is not easy to fit time into your busy schedule to post each day. It is not as easy as it looks! Have fun networking and learning and be safe traveling!

  9. Hi Tania, I love your blog and have been reading it each morning with my cup of Teeccino herbal coffee. I needed to decrease my caffeine & looked for a herbal substitute a few years ago & found Teeccino. I order it online, but Whole Foods usually has one or two flavors. I started out liking the Mayan flavor, but now I like the French roast. I also order the chocolate herbal coffee to drink in the afternoon. There is no caffeine, & it is all natural flavors. It also has a natural energy boost with nutrients, not stimulants. It is a nice alternative if you miss drinking coffee. It can also be mixed with regular coffee to help gradually decrease caffeine, to lessen any withdrawals. If you have a nut or gluten allergy, I believe they have alternatives.

  10. Melesa Garrison Reply

    SASSY! When I saw you in this super cute outfit, I thought, now that’s sassy! Hearts are not my “thang” either, but this sweater is really cute and looks comfy! You are a go-getter! I feel like I’m busy all the time too, but I too like to be busy! Take care and have a great and productive day!

  11. Love the top!! Mostly, I love that like me, you’re over 50 and have fun with fashion!!! And, our ladies church conference is coming up and the speakers topic is a grateful heart. I’m decorating three tables heart themed. None will be red!!! Old Navy has the best jeans!!! Some days busy, some not. That’s how I roll, lol. Think I covered most everything….cute boots!!!

  12. Cute outfit! Your schedule is impressive! I retired very early this past year because after 18 years in my high pressure job I truly burned out. I admire your energy and focus! Thank you for the helpful fashion info! Julie L

  13. Cindy DeBenning Reply

    I’m more of the turtle type – slow and steady. My introvert nature rebels against being a rabbit and running from one activity to another. I love the heart sweater! You do look slender.

  14. Charlcy Green Reply

    Adorable outfit!! Love those boots and that bling sweater together! I don’t know how you keep up w your crazy schedule! You are super organized and super at your life! Hey, I met another R&F Consultant at breakfast today!

  15. You look fabulous darling! I do believe you are aging backward! It is your attitude for sure. Love it, love you. Enjoy your R&F event.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Lory. I messaged Dawn yesterday about R+F! SHe is really doing great!!!

  16. Tania, I am really LOVING your blog! I told you how “fashion challenged” I am, that is true. It seems as if I only wear my classic items (David Yurman, LV, Burberry, Tory Burch etc….with my basic (black, white, gray or pink tops with jeans or black leggings. Well I do have some fun scarves and current tops, I just have no idea how to mix and match my items to look good together. So as I am learning how to make my wardrobe fun and creative with pulling in fun (not classic accessories) that I think I would like. It really helps me when I see where you have mentioned where you got your tops, pants, shoes and purses plus what brands they are and what store or website you can purchase them from. I know I am new to your blog and a lot of posts I am reading are from last year, so chances are the stores no longer have that item in stock or it is no longer available in the stores or online for purchase. So,besides the Plunder jewelry, when you know the brand of the clothes, shoes and purses you are wearing, I would love it if you would add that information in as much as you can. I am the kind of person that when I see an outfit pulled together and I like it, I want to just go and buy “the item” from your look and be happy. I know your blog is to give us ideas and not to copy per se’, but again the tops you wear are exactly what I like!!! They are all so beautiful! So, finding some like yours or even with the same colors takes so much time that I do not have. I hate shopping around for clothes! Clothes are so different than home decor. You can always find china, plates, etc…still around. Overall, I am learning about fashion over 50 and enjoying it. My daughter asked me today how I knew about the brand (UMGEE), I just laughed because she wears their tops. So anything you can add in your blogs would be SO APPRECIATED! You look great! Thank you!

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